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USA being the most popular study destination for candidates aspiring for international education, Kanan International is offering the best consultancy services and being the leading US education consultants in Yamunanagar since 1996. We provide multifarious consultancy services to the students and guide them through the entire process. 

Kanan is associated with more than 150+ leading universities in the US and thus we are able to source you the perfect course and university according to your profile. Being a study abroad consultant our service starts with the training for the entrance exams, choosing the university and course, visa processing, document preparation, currency exchange, loan assistance, scholarship explanation, admission assistance and so on. 

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10 reasons to choose our education consultants in Yamunanagar for US

As an education consultants in Yamunanagar for the US, we are shaping the educational dream of the candidates and guiding them in reaching their study destination. The top ten reasons for being the lead US education consultant in Yamunanagar are mentioned below.


  • 25+ years of experience: Our education consultancy has been offering incredible service for the past 25 years and has helped more than 1 lakhs students to get admissions in the top US universities.
  • 2
  • Strategic university tie-ups: Being in the field for a long period, we have formed tie-ups with the leading universities in the USA and are updating ourselves with the latest education policies to support the students in the admission process.
  • 3
  • Expert team: Our consultancy services are carried out by a team of experienced and certified professionals. The members are friendly and have good interaction with the students to find out their interest and their capabilities to guide them accurately.
  • 4
  • Regular update: Our expert team members always keep themselves updated about the latest education trend and the policies of the universities. They also share information regarding the important dates and will be guiding the candidates in the right path.
  • 5
  • Candidate evaluation: Once candidates approach us for the consultancy services, we evaluate them completely and analyse their interest and source the possible universities for them. We provide them with a number of options so that the student will be able to choose on their own.
  • 6
  • Exam preparation: When students plan to get international admissions, they are required to compete for the entrance exams. Here at Kanan we offer complete training for the students to prepare for their exams like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, etc. and score high in their first attempt.
  • 7
  • AI prep portal: Kanan is one of the few institutions that have an AI web portal for exam preparations. The online sessions will be saved and the preparatory test materials can be accessed by the students at any time.
  • 8
  • Visa processing: When it comes to travelling abroad, the most crucial process is getting the visas cleared. Here we have a team of experts who will be guiding you to prepare yourself for the visa process and in document preparation thus making the process simple.
  • 9
  • Affordable cost: Though we offer a number of services, everything can be acquired at a very reasonable price starting from INR 10,000. The students can enjoy the complete benefit for the amount paid by them.
  • 10
  • Assured service: The services provided by us are upto the mark and the students get an overall end-to-end service at one place. We have quality guidance and will assure to place the student in the best university possible.

With these points the aspirants would have got a clear idea about the key role we play in their international education path. Thus our education consultants in Yamunanagar for the US are maintaining its standardized service and are guiding more than 1000 of students every year.  

Reviews and testimonials about our US study consultancy in Yamunanagar

Our successful journey as the best US study consultancy in Yamunanagar will be explained by our proud alumni who had believed us and got placed in the top US universities.

testimonial 1

Abhishek Bahuguna

St. Clair College, Ontario

Today. I got my Canada student visa approved for St.Clair College, Ontario for the profile of Data Analyst for Business. I would like to thank Kanan International who did an excellent job of helping with my application.

testimonial 1

Asmita Kaushik

Northern College, Toronto

I'm going to Canada to pursue a two-year Business Analytics and IBM program from Northern College, Toronto. For all the services I want to thank Sagar sir and the staff who were very supportive throughout the lengthy process, and the journey was really exciting.

testimonial 1

Kandhav Tripathi

Conestoga College

I made a very good decision of joining Kanan International. I got accepted to Conestoga College, which is my dream college. I want to thank Kanan International who've helped me throughout the whole process. Sagar sir, Manoj sir, Aravind sir and Aashray sir helped me a lot in accomplishing this achievement.

You can talk to our experts in US study consultancy in Yamunanagar for more questions regarding the service provided by us. You can also know about us by visiting our official website


Achieve your global education dream with the best US education consultants in Yamunanagar

Applying for an International University is a complex process which involves, course selection, documentation process, visa processing, financial assistance, carreer support, etc. Kanan International is the best USA education consultants in Yamunanagar & helping the students in reaching their dreams by offering consultancy services to all the courses including engineering, medical, arts, nursing, science etc. If you are in search of the best US education consultants in Yamunanagar, then it's your time to visit our office located in Yamunanagar and enroll for the education service with us.

Why do you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Yamunanagar?

Our US overseas education consultants in Yamunanagar provide expert solutions for the candidates who get stuck up in their process to their international education dream. There are areas where you may require expert guidance, few such stages are explained below for your reference.
  • The admission process for every country and the university is keeping on changing with time making it difficult for a common man to understand. This is where admission experts are required to share the necessary information.
  • The admission process is a long process and the time limit for you to complete the entire process is very less. Thus you need to rush up the process but clear all the steps without surpassing. Being in the field for long years we will be able to explain to you the complete process and get it done in time.
  • Preparing for the competitive exams may be seen neverending as the syllabus is covering a vast number of topics. In that case you will need a professional to guide and monitor your exam preparation process, so that you can crack the exam in the first attempt.
  • There are a number of leading universities accepting international students but we need to know the best in them to get a fruitful future. Then you have to go through the complete information about the universities and find the best out of them which is a confusing process.
  • Abroad education may involve a lot of financial assistance as there will be variations in the currency and the fee procedures. We offer exclusive services to assist the students in getting their loans approved and guide them through the scholarship policies to aid them financially.
  • Filling the university application is very crucial as a small mistake in the application may account for your admission denial. Thus utmost care is to be taken during the application filling and the documents preparations process.
  • Universities require entrance examinations for their admission process. Some require skill tests like SAT, GRE, etc. and others language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. So the students must find out the correct test required for the university of their choice and prepare for the same.
  • Visa is one of the crucial steps which is hard to pass because of its complex procedures. But our experience with international education is guiding the students in getting their process done in a shorter duration.
  • Traveling to the study destination does not end with getting admission, the student must be able to get accustomed with the basic culture and the lifestyle of the destination to have a comfortable stay. Thus our experts will be helping you in understanding the country’s living conditions.
  • The overall journey towards your education abroad dream involves a lot of complex steps where you may require expert guidance to complete the entire process in time and get admission in the dream university of your choice.

Thus you would have understood why you will require an US overseas education consultant in Yamunanagar to assist you during the international university admission process. You can visit us to know more about our consultancy services by visiting our office in Yamunanagar. 

Only study in US consultants in Yamunanagar to provide entrance exam coaching

It is necessary for a student to clear their entrance examination like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, etc. to get admission in the leading US universities. Kanan, apart from being a study in US consultancy in Yamunanagar is also conducting training sessions for the students to guide them in scoring high in their entrance exams. The training sessions conducted by the study in US consultancy in Yamunanagar is paramount in sharing the candidates with information regarding the exams as well guide them in attaining admissions. Thus the students can benefit from the entire consultancy services by enrolling in with us today.

Fees for overseas education consultants in Yamunanagar for US

Affordable and quality service is offered at our overseas education consultants in Yamunanagar for the US. The basic service fee starts from INR 10,000 and the fee can vary depending on the university, course and the service choice chosen at our overseas education consultants in Yamunanagar for US.

10 facts to know before taking services of US study consultancy in Yamunanagar

The age limit for a candidate aspiring to study in the US depends on the course they are preferring. In case of graduation, the candidate should be of at least 16 years old. There is no maximum age limit set for entering the US.
If the students prefers to travel for post graduation education, they must have completed their graduation form an recognized university and if migrating for graduation, the student must have successfully done their high school education.
The student must have good English proficiency, in order to stay and study in an English speaking country. The students are required to produce their proficiency test scores at the time of admissions.
The candidates must be ready to bear the education costs incurred and must prove their financial stability through the fund statement at the time of admissions.
The candidate must be aware of the entrance exam required to get admissions in the particular universities of their choice. They must start their preparation, once they decide to travel abroad for educational purposes.
The candidate must have the basic knowledge about the job opportunities available after their graduation. The course selection must be made perfectly to have a better job scope.
You should make sure you will be able to produce all the required documents including the passport, identification cards, fund statement, degree certificates, citizen proof, no criminal records notice, proficiency test cards,and so on whenever required.
If you wish to continue your job in the same study destination after your graduation, then you must know about the PR opportunity available for the particular country.
Before deciding the country of your choice, you must know the native language of the country and the medium of instruction in the universities. It is important to check whether you will be able to excel in the language skills.
The admission seasons vary between the countries and the candidate must be aware of the duration and visit the consultants well prior to the end time so that they will have ample time to prepare for their study destination.

Kanan International’s US study consultancy in Yamunanagar will be acting as your personalized guide as they understand your basic requirements and will be giving you the best possible service. 

us study visa consultants in dehradun

Attend virtual fairs for US admissions through one of the best US study visa consultants in Yamunanagar

US education consultants in Dehradun for MS

US education consultants in Dehradun for MS are having tie-ups with more than 100’s of universities across the US and are able to support the candidates in acquiring admissions in any of the specializations including CS, Mechanical, electronics, Civil, Chemical, etc. Kanan International is well known for its guaranteed consultancy services and is located at numerous places across the country. The US education consultants in Dehradun for MS education are guiding 1000’s of students every year and making their dream come true. 

US education consultants in Dehradun for MBA

US is a popular destination for pursuing the MBA degree and thus we have our dedicated US education consultants in Dehradun for MBA. Our specialist team members work along with the students and guide them in acquiring the specialisations like Finance, HR, Marketing, etc. of their choice. Our service at the US education consultants in Dehradun for MBA is a guaranteed service and we provide the best possible options available for the students.

US education consultants in Dehradun for BE

Travelling for an Engineering graduation education may require a complex process, for which you can get assistance form our US education consultants in Dehradun for BE. Here we have special team members who are trained to consult with the students and help them in choosing the best specialization as per their profile. Our US education consultants in Dehradun for BE will be the one stop solution for all your needs regarding the immigration process.

US education consultants in Dehradun for Arts

Many US universities are ranking on the top of the board for their arts degrees, thus we are offering exclusive service at our US education consultants in Dehradun for Arts degree. The students can approach us for expert guidance and can get assured admission assistance for their arts education. We are one of the leading US education consultants in Dehradun for Arts providing standardized service to all the candidates aspiring for the arts education in the US universities. 

US education consultants in Dehradun for Nurse & Medical

Nursing and other medical courses can be done in the USA from the best universities by consulting with the Kanan’s US education consultants in Dehradun for Nursing courses. Being in the field for more than 25 years, we are able to provide admission guidance for the students in the top universities. The US education consultant in Dehradun for Nursing and medical courses is one of the unique consultancy that is offering entrance exam training sessions to the students. 

US education consultants in Dehradun for MBBS

US universities are well known for their medical education as  their quality of the education there is really high, similar to that our US education consultants in Dehradun for MBBS is also offering High end service to the candidates. If you wish to pursue your medical education in any of the top medical universities in the USA, then it's a wise decision to make a visit to our US education consultants in Dehradun for MBBS.  

Roles & responsibilities of our US student visa consultants in Yamunanagar

  • Admission guidance
  • Assistance in selection of courses
  • Loan assistance
  • Scholarship availability notification
  • SOP/Resume Writing
  • Accommodations aiding
  • SIM Card assistance
  • Visa Processing
  • Ticketing process
  • Travel Insurance arrangement
  • Currency exchange support
  • Score prediction via our AI powered portal
  • Personal Guidance
  • Virtual guidance fairs

10 reasons to study in US

  1. World class education: Most of the universities in the US are well known and will be ranking high in the top universities of the globe. The education system followed by the US universities is accepted and recognized all over the world.
  2. Flexible education system: The education system followed by the university is very lenient and student friendly. The students are given the freedom to choose their major courses and pursue their degree according to their preferences.
  3. Support for international students: the US universities are always open for the international students and always have programs that will help the international students to fit in with the new lifestyle. The native people are also very friendly towards the international students.
  4. Cultural diversity: The main essence of studying in the US is that you will be studying along with students from all over the world. Here you will be meeting people from different languages and lifestyles and thus you can experience the blend of cultures here.
  5. Innovative learning: The learning experience in US universities will be innovative as more emphasis will be given for the student research. The students will be encouraged to have practical learning and thus motivating them into research activities.
  6. Campus life: US university campuses are always lively and cheerful filled with talents. Apart from education equal importance is given for the student talent improvement and students can enjoy a variety of cultural fests and club activities in their college days.
  7. Technology usage: US is generally ahead in their technology inventions and the universities also keep themselves updated with the latest technology and offer the best education environment for the students. The students are also given the opportunity to practice with advanced technological inventions.
  8. Scholarship activities: To provide financial assistance to the international students studying their universities, there are various scholarships available for the students. The students can avail for them if they meet the eligibility criterias.
  9. Job opportunities: The job opportunities for the students studying in the US universities are immense. They are easily placed anywhere in the world and can earn more than expected. Even while studying if they wish to do part time jobs, they are given an option to do it also.
  10. Safe campus life: The campuses in the US are really safe and the students are bestowed with complete freedom to pursue their activity without any fear. The number of casualties in the campuses are low compared to other places.

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