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How to Calculate Percentage of Marks?

How to Calculate Percentage of Marks?

As school students, we have worried about the marks we get in all our subjects. We have always wanted to score a good overall percentage in our 10th and 12th classes as it is very important for our further studies. But have you wondered how the percentage of marks is calculated? The percentage is a way to represent a number in terms of fractions of 100. In this blog, we will take you through the step-by-step process of calculating the percentage of marks.

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What is Percentage?

A percentage is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100. The symbol "%" is used to denote percentage. "pct.", "pct" or "pc" can be used as an abbreviation of percentage. It has no unit of measurement and is dimensionless. It comes from the Latin word centum which means "by a hundred". Percentage can be used to express relative change between two numbers.

How to Calculate the Percentage of Marks using Formula?


By using the formula given below, you can easily calculate the percentage of marks.

Percentage (%) = Marks obtained x 100 / Total Marks

Example 1

Calculate the percentage of marks of 7 subjects. Maths 92, Physics 88, Chemistry 76, Hindi 72, Biology 83, computer science 85, social science 77.


Total marks scored - 92+88+76+72+83+85+77 = 573
Maximum marks = 700
Percentage of marks - (573/700)x100 = 81.85%

Example 2

Jaya got 47 out of 50 in an exam. Calculate the percentage of marks that she received.


Mark = 47/50
Percentage = (47/50)x100 = 94%

Example 3

Sen scored a total of 515 marks out of 600 in the 6 subjects in the midterm exam. Calculate the percentage of marks he got in the exams.


Total marks score = 515
Maximum marks = 600
Percentage of marks - (515/600)x100 = 85.83%

Calculate Percentage Increase

Percentage Increase is the increase in the final value with respect to the initial value, expressed in the form of percentage. The relative change can be calculated using the following formula:

Percentage Increase (% Increase) = (Increase in Quantity x 100)/ Initial value

Here, increase in quantity = Final value - initial value.

Calculate the Percentage Decrease

Percentage decrease is the decrease in the final value with respect to the initial value, expressed in the form of percentage. The relative change here can be calculated using the following formula:

Percentage Decrease (% Decrease) = (Decrease in Quantity x 100)/ Initial value

Here, decrease in quantity = Initial value - final value.

How to calculate the Percentage of Any Number?

You can calculate the percentage of any number using these two methods. The first method is called fraction form. If you get a number in a fraction form, you can first convert it into decimal and then multiply the result by 100. For example, if you want to convert 46/50 into percentage, you will get 0.92 as the result. When you multiply it by 100, you get the answer which is 92%.

The second method is called decimal form. If you have a number in decimal form you just have to multiply it by hundred. If the number is 0.863, then the answer will be 0.863 x 100 = 86.3%.

Conversion Procedure Conversion Procedure

Fraction to Percentage

Reduce the number into decimal and multiply the fraction with 100

Percentage into fraction

Divide the percentage by 100 and reduce.

Decimal to Percentage

Multiply the decimal with 100

Percentage into Decimal

Divide percentage by 100 & reduce the fraction into a decimal.


Ratio to Percentage

Express the number as a fraction
Multiply the fraction by 100

Percentage into Ratio

Divide percentage by 100. Convert fraction into a ratio.

Natural number to percentage

Express the number as a fraction
Multiply the fraction with 100
Percentage into a natural number  Divide the percentage by 100 and reduce.
If the denominator is one then the result is a natural number.

Difference Between Percentage and Percentile

People often get confused by the terms percentage and percentile. In the table below you can learn the differences between them.

Percentage Percentile

Percentages are expressed as a number out of 100.

Percentile is not an integer between 0 and 100.

Can be indicated as a ratio or as a proportion.

Cannot be shown as ratios or proportions.

Percentage is determined by multiplying the ratio of two values by 100.

Percentile is the percentage of values found below a certain value.

Not based on ranking It is calculated by ranking numbers
It is denoted by %. It is denoted by xth
Based on a single case A case is compared to another.
Not based on the normal distribution. Based on the normal distribution.

Difference Between Percentage and Fraction

Percentage is a  number that is expressed as a fraction of 100, but a fraction is represented as a part of a whole (eg. 1/4). 100 is the whole amount in percentage, whereas, in fraction, the denominator is the entire amount.

Practice Problems to Calculate Percentage of Marks in 10th and 12th class

  1. Rakesh got 43, 35, 48, 41, and 46 in 5 subjects in his 12th class quarterly exam which was out of 50 marks. Find the total percentage he scored.
  2. Arvind got 60 marks out of 100 on a test. On the second test, he scored 20% more marks than on the previous test. Calculate the marks he scored on the second test.
  3. A student scored 80 marks on test 1 and 90 marks on test 2. What is the percentage increase in the marks he scored?
  4. In a yearly exam a student got 490 marks out of 600. Calculate the percentage of marks he scored.
  5. If you get 81, 77, 68, 75, 92, and x in 6 subjects conducted out of 100, and your percentage is 80, then find the value of x.

Tips and Tricks to Calculate Percentage of Marks

  • If you want to find 50 percent of a number, you can divide the number by two. For example, 50% of 30 is 30/2 = 15.
  • To find 10% of a number you can divide the number by 10 or move the decimal one point to the left.
  • Suppose you want to calculate a percentage more than 100, like 150% of 50, then the answer is (150/100)x50, which is 75.
  • To calculate 25% of a number, simply divide that number by 4.

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1. How to calculate percentage of 12th class marks?

Suppose your marks are 76, 59, 84, 92, and 82 in 5 subjects in your 12th class. You have to first calculate the sum of all these numbers (393). Then divide the result by the total marks attainable which is 500 (393/500=0.786). The last step is multiplying this by 100 which gives your percentage (78.6%).

2. How do you calculate percentage in Class 10?

Suppose your scores are 94, 84, 75, 81, 98, and 78 in 6 subjects in class 10. Calculate the sum (94 + 84 + 75 + 81 + 98 + 78 = 510) and divide it by the total achievable marks (510/600 = 0.85). When you multiply the result by 100 you get your percentage which is 85.

3. What is 40% of 70 marks?

40% of 70 is (70x40)/100 = 28.

4. What is the percentage of 80 marks?

If you got 80 marks out of 100 in a subject, then the percentage is 80%.

5. How to calculate average percentage of marks?

You can calculate the average percentage of marks by dividing the sum of all marks you received by the total score of the exam and multiplying by 100.

6. How to calculate percentage of marks of 6 subjects?

First find the sum of marks in all 6 subjects. Divide this by the total marks achievable in all subjects and then multiply the result by 100.

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