IELTS Coaching in Yamunanagar

Want to take IELTS coaching in Yamunanagar to study abroad? Kanan International is one of the leading coaching institutes and study abroad consultancy, have helped more than 1 lakh students to get their dream. As IELTS is an English proficiency test conducted by the British Council, IDP, Cambridge, to crack the exam with high band score you need to have an experts by your side.

Kanan International conducts IELTS coaching in Yamunanagar keeping in mind the students’ concern, convenient timing, skillset, ability and the purpose of taking IELTS. At our institute we not only take classes for IELTS, but also other study abroad exams such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. We are the one-stop destination for students who want their study abroad journey smoother. Reach us now!

ielts coaching in yamunanagar

What is the syllabus for the IELTS course in Yamunanagar?

The syllabus we follow at our IELTS course in Yamunanagar is the updated version that is suggested by the British Council. We follow the IELTS exam pattern while taking classes for each section of the IELTS. Check the below IELTS syllabus for academic test:

IELTS Listening test

In the IELTS listening test you will have to listen to four recordings on the academic and everyday context. The audio contains the conversations of the people. Conversation 1 and 2 will be based on the social context. Conversations 3 and 4 are based on academic and educational basis. First conversation will be between two people and the second one is a monologue speech. Third conversation is between four people and the fourth conversation is a monologue speech based on academic context. It carries 40 questions conducted for 30 minutes. It contains question types such as multiple choice questions, Sentence completion, Matching questions, Plan, map, diagram labelling, table, flow chart, and summary completion.


IELTS Reading test

The IELTS reading test varies for both academic and general training. In the reading section you will be given three passages where you need to read and answer the questions. There are 14 question types involved in the reading section such as Multiple Choice Questions, Short-answer questions, Matching information, Matching headings, Matching features, Identifying information, Identifying writer’s views/claims, Sentence completion, Matching Sentence Endings, Diagram label completion, Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion. There will be a total of 40 questions that need to be answered in the 60 minutes.


IELTS Writing test

In the IELTS writing test there will be a difference in both academic writing and general writing. IELTS writing involves two tasks, writing task 1 and task 2. In the writing task 1, you need to write a 150 word essay by analysing the given graph, chart, map, and diagram. In the writing task 2, you need to write a 250 word essay by expressing your viewpoint, ideas and opinion. IELTS writing task 2 involves question types such as agree/disagree, problem and solution/cause and solution, advantages and disadvantages, discuss both views, double questions, and two part questions. In the IELTS general writing test there will be three types which are formal, semi-formal and informal letter type. The duration of the writing test is 60 minutes.


IELTS Speaking test

The IELTS speaking test involves three parts where you’ll be assessed with the criteria of Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy and Pronunciation. Speaking part 1 is an introduction round where you will be asked personal questions based on the topics such as family, hobbies, art, etc. IELTS speaking part 2 is a cue card round in which you will be asked a question on the topic and part 3 will be a follow up question for that discussed topic. The total duration of the speaking test is 11-14 minutes.


Our IELTS course in Yamunanagar will help you to understand your ability in the initial stage, give study resources, conduct classes, frequent tests, sessions to clear your doubts and make you achieve a high band score.

What are the upcoming batches, schedules, timings, duration, course fees of the best IELTS coaching center in Yamunanagar?

Kanan International IELTS coaching center in Yamunanagar conducts batches such as weekday, weekend, online, offline, fast-track. Our classes are taken with all the facilities and convenience that students expect with a much affordable price range. To know the details check below.


IELTS Batch in Yamunanagar Batch starts onTimingDuration of the courseAvailability
Weekdays regular28 Nov 2022Flexible Timing between 9.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays morning29 Nov 20229.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays evening2 Dec 20229.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekends5 Dec 20229.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Online batch7 Dec 20229.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Fast-track batch7 Dec 20229.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Many students preferred to join our IELTS coaching center in Yamunanagar at a convenient time. We offer students’ to choose the class timing according to their schedule. Reach our counsellors and get your preferable timing to attend our coaching classes.

Who will Train You ?

What is the Coach / Trainer Profile of IELTS classes in Yamunanagar?

Experienced and certified IELTS trainers who have been in the education field for 5+ years and tutoring the students who take the study abroad exams will take coaching for the IELTS test.
To score a high band score in the IELTS exam, you need to take our IELTS classes in Yamunanagar. We have trainers who have been taking IELTS coaching for 5+ years and have made thousands of students’ communication better.
Our trainers have started their career and become expertise by working at British Council, Cambridge, IDP institutes.
DELTA, TESOL, TOEFL, TEFL, CELTA, IELTS certified professionals are conducting IELTS classes in Yamunanagar.
Personalised, one-on-one training is taken by our coaching institute as we know from years of experience that different individuals have different abilities. Hence, we pay special attention to the students at the beginner level.
Each year our students are in the list of IELTS top scorers. Our trainers created a record of making them achieve the top score in the first attempt itself.
We have trainers who are proficient in the English language and make students improve their communication and language skills.
We have friendly, experienced, certified personnel who handle the IELTS classes, study abroad process to make the students achieve their dream.

10 reasons why you should enroll for IELTS training in Yamunanagar at Kanan International

Joining the right IELTS training in Yamunanagar is essential, as it will help you to achieve the band score you desire and also help you with the study abroad journey to make your dream come true. Kanan International is the top coaching institute, check out the below points to know why you need to enroll in our coaching institute.

  1. We conduct batches such as weekend, weekday, online, offline, fast-track to make all students reach their aim without any struggles. Students can ask for their convenient timing to take our IELTS coaching.
  2. Each of our students will get the complete support from our trainers and counsellors to get clarified all your enquiries and doubts even after working hours.
  3. Our trainers are experienced teachers, study abroad mentors, English language experts and certified professionals.
  4. We have partnered with 600+ universities across the countries to make the students’ admission process smoother.
  5. There will be separate trainers for both IELTS academic and IELTS general training as they know your purpose of training and take class accordingly.
  6. We not only have specialists for the IELTS exam, we conduct training for exams such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, PTE, etc.
  7. Students need not be worried about their Canada immigration process as we hold the ICCRC licence to handle the process.
  8. Other than our classes and strategies, our frequent mock and practice tests for each section only make the students perform well in the IELTS exam.
  9. Not only classes, we conduct discussions regarding international education and the study destination, sessions like doubt clearance.
  10. We offer books, class recordings, online prep portal access to do the IELTS preparation with ease and to achieve a high band score.

These are some of the major highlights that make Kanan International unique and make students prefer our IELTS coaching institute in Yamunanagar. Take our IELTS training in Yamunanagar today.


What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the test that is conducted to analyse the English proficiency of the people who want to study, work or immigrate to the abroad countries. Skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing are evaluated. The IELTS test involves two types, academic and general training. The IELTS test is conducted for 2 hours 45 minutes.


Format of the IELTS test

There are two types of the IELTS test, IELTS academic and IELTS general training.The IELTS academic test is for students who want to study abroad. The IELTS general training test is for people who want to work or migrate to abroad countries. Both tests carry sections such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. But, the test pattern of reading and writing is different for both the academic and general training tests.


Who can do this IELTS course in Yamunanagar?

Students who want to get a high band score in the test and get admission in the top universities of their preferred study destination can take our IELTS course in Yamunanagar. We give training for students based on their ability. Our exceptional training will make the students achieve high band scores with ease. 


What is the eligibility or prerequisite to joining our IELTS coaching classes in Yamunanagar?

There are some specific eligibility requirements that are in place for the IELTS test, which need to be aware of before joining our IELTS institute in Yamunanagar.


    • The minimum age limit to take the IELTS test is 18 years. The age limit is not specifically denoted by the conducting bodies however many abroad countries and universities have these criteria.
    • The qualification required to take the IELTS test is a minimum of 10th and 12th or an equivalent education.
    • There are two types of IELTS exams. Applying for the test that serves your purpose is essential.
    • Updated proof of identification, valid passport, registration card, and marksheets are the most basic documents that are required for the IELTS test.
    • Following the instructions of our trainers and performing the mock test to showcase your performance is needed at our coaching institute.

Before joining our IELTS institute in Yamunanagar you need to be aware of the above mentioned requirements. If you’re struggling with any of the study abroad process, don’t hesitate to contact us.


IELTS training with Spoken English classes

Aspirants planning to study abroad education or to work take IELTS test to prove their English ability. The test will only help you to get a score and admission in the universities. But to travel, study and stay in abroad countries, communication is one of the key skills that students need to master. That’s why Kanan International offers IELTS training with spoken English classes for students who want to improve their language skills to converse better in English.


Batch size for IELTS training in Yamunanagar

  • To take our IELTS training in Yamunanagar you have to enroll in any of the batches such as weekend, weekdays regular and evening, online, offline and fast track.
  • We also conduct one to one training sessions for students who want the specialised coaching at our all batch timings.
  • We conduct multiple batches with limited students to make all of our students get the right attention and receive the training we provide.
  • There is a customised timing option available at our IELTS training in Yamunanagar where you can suggest your preferred timing and get coaching from our experts.
  • Kanan prep portal access, free study materials will be offered to all of our batch students where they can prepare for the test after class hours.

Coaching modes for IELTS preparation batches

  • IELTS online classes in Yamunanagar: Our IELTS classes are conducted in online mode where you can get the complete guidance from the experts by sitting in your comfort. Daily classes, complete study resources, class recordings and prep portal access which you can utilise to take the practice test anytime.
  • IELTS offline classes in Yamunanagar: Kanan International has multiple branches in all major cities in India. You can easily commute to our Yamunanagar institute to get the live classes, frequent tests, clarify your doubts from the trainers, get study abroad process guidance from the counsellors and a lot more.
ielts classes in yamunanagar
Have queries regarding IELTS dates in Yamunanagar or IELTS Yamunanagar centre or IELTS fees in Yamunanagar or IELTS coaching classes in Yamunanagar?

As a study abroad aspirant it was quite usual to have a lot of questions regarding the process, exams, application, accommodation, travel and others. That’s why Kanan International offers free counselling for students to understand every step in the study abroad process. Reach us to get clarified with all your queries.


Kanan International offers a way for students to reach us via any of the social media platforms. We make your struggles simpler, you can use our hashtags #IELTSClassesinYamunanagar or #IELTSprepwithkanan to get the instant answer from our experts.



Our students who are proud of their achievements, eventually become our brand ambassadors. We’re indebted to them.

Shruti Sonera

Shruti Sonera

Fanshawe College - Intake Sep 2021

"Kanan International assisted me throughout the entire visa application process, from IELTS preparation to visa stamping. I'm pleased I went with Kanan Consultants. They gave me the finest advice and assisted me with any problem I had. Thank you, Kanan."


Hinal Amin

Lambton College - Intake Jan 2021

"It was pleasant to work with Kanan International. Counsellors provided helpfuladvice and up-to-date information. Fast, efficient service was provided. Legitimate companies are becoming more difficult to find. It has been really beneficial to work with their counsellors. I am very grateful to them."

kenali trivedi

Kenali Trivedi

Georgian College - Intake Sep 2021

"Kanan International will help you through the entire process of studying abroad. Counselling, IELTS tutoring, university applications, visas, and much more are all available. Also, I'd want to express my gratitude to everyone who assisted us during the process."

Shruti Sonera

Shruti Sonera

Fanshawe College - Intake Sep 2021

"Kanan International assisted me throughout the entire visa application process, from IELTS preparation to visa stamping. I'm pleased I went with Kanan Consultants. They gave me the finest advice and assisted me with any problem I had. Thank you, Kanan."


Hinal Amin

Lambton College - Intake Jan 2021

"It was pleasant to work with Kanan International. Counsellors provided helpfuladvice and up-to-date information. Fast, efficient service was provided. Legitimate companies are becoming more difficult to find. It has been really beneficial to work with their counsellors. I am very grateful to them."


It’s not that usual to get a course completion certificate for the study abroad exams like IELTS. Kanan International not only values your desires but also your career. That’s why we offer certifications for the students taking IELTS training from us. To receive the certificate, you need to clear the initial mock test, attend all our classes, and take our practice and mock test to get the band score.



IELTS general training in Yamunanagar

Our IELTS general training in Yamunanagar is curated by keeping in mind the purpose of the individuals’ English language ability. We conduct a mock test to identify the ability of the individual and give a study plan accordingly. Our classes are limited with students, so students can clarify all their doubts then and there with the trainers. The exam pattern for reading and writing is different for general than academic, hence we have seperate trainers for each test type.

IELTS Academic course in Yamunanagar

If you’re wishing to study UG, Masters, or any other you need to do our IELTS academic training in Yamunanagar. We have experts who have years of experience in this field who will provide you the techniques and shortcuts to ace the exam. They are the trainers who have been taking IELTS for 5+ years hence they know how to train the students with different abilities and the difficulty in the test. Enroll at Kanan!

Top scores from our IELTS coaching in Yamunanagar

Score high in the IELTS exam by joining our IELTS coaching in Yamunanagar. We created a record of achieving a high band score in the first attempt every year. 70% of our students are top scorers in the IELTS exam and in each section. In the first attempt itself most of our students have gained the minimum score that is required for admissions.



no of students in last 5 years


score above 6.5 band


score 7 band

Top IELTS Listening Preparation Tips

    • Understand the structure of the IELTS listening and the question types involved and create the study and test plan.
    • Visit the official conducting bodies site and check the available previous test papers to understand the format.
    • You’ll have to listen to the recordings to answer the question, but it will be played once. Focus on the words that are relevant to the questions.
    • Practise transferring answers effectively within the given 10 minutes.
  • Read the questions and the key points, so that it will be easier for you to answer the questions as you have only focused on the relevant words.
  • Avoid the unnecessary speeches that you hear in the recordings, as those are the distractions that are given for you.
  • While practising itself you need to plan the listening section as similar to the exam format. You can take the mock test in the kanan prep portal where you have trainers help to assess your performance.

English Coaching for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and IELTS

Taking IELTS coaching will only improve your language ability based on the test format. To develop your communication to interact with the native speakers, you need to take our English coaching that is specifically conducted for study abroad aspirants who take exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. Join Kanan and stop worrying about the language and the communication you make at abroad countries.


Online IELTS Academic Training in Yamunanagar

There are many perks that our online IELTS academic training in Yamunanagar offers you like study resources, plan, books, portal access to take the mock test for the IELTS preparation. We have Cambridge certified trainers who are experienced in handling students with different abilities and make you score high in the exam. Join our online coaching and reach your study destination without hassles.


IELTS Coaching for Beginners, Intermediates and advanced levels

At our institute, we analyse the different stages of the students ability and give training accordingly. We have made students get the overall band score of 7.5 within 15 days. We understand the students’ ability and give special attention. Our trainers will be available for the students after class hours to clear all your doubts and make your preparation wiser. We give students a customised study plan according to their skillset and preferable timing. Reach us today!


IELTS Coaching for Canada PR and Study Abroad - General and Academic training

We are the immigration consultancy services who have the licence ICCRC - Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. We are the certified consultancy services that send thousands of students to Canada each year. We not only provide IELTS coaching but also offer study abroad services like visa, application, admission, accommodation, travel and much more.


IELTS doubt clearing sessions and Coaching Discussions in Yamunanagar

Our doubt clearing sessions are the most important training factor that makes our students understand the pattern and improve them. The sessions also help our trainers to analyse the students’ skills and conduct the classes accordingly. Along with the doubt clarification session we conduct during daily classes, our trainers are also available for the students after classes. The main doubt clearing sessions were conducted after every practice and mock test we held at Kanan International.


Everything You Need to Know About IELTS Coaching in Yamunanagar
    • Eligibility of IELTS: The common eligibility requirement to take the IELTS exam is to fulfill the age of 18 years and have the qualification of 10th or 12th grade.
    • IELTS coaching fees: IELTS coaching fee at Kanan International is Rs. 15,000. Fees may vary based on the coaching mode you prefer.
    • Types of IELTS: There are two types of IELTS test conducted which is IELTS academic and IELTS general.
  • Retaking the IELTS: Students can retake the IELTS test any number of times as there is no limit allotted by conducting bodies.
  • IELTS exam duration: The overall duration of the IELTS exam is 2 hours 45 minutes which includes all the four sections.
  • Rescheduling IELTS: Reschedule the IELTS exam with a gap of 15 days from the allocated exam date.
Tips for Scoring 8 Band in the first attempt
  • The first step of our IELTS training is conducting a mock test by which we can identify our students’ skillset and provide the guidance accordingly. Likewise, if you’re preparing at home take a mock test and start your preparation.
  • Practice is the one simple mantra we suggest students to score high in the exam. The more you practise the more you can understand the complete exam pattern.
  • Time allocation is essential for the preparation. Schedule a separate timing for each section of the IELTS so that you are able to improve all of these skills.
  • Choose the right study material for the preparation. The study resource you choose needs to be in the updated syllabus pattern. Kanan International offers books for each student who takes our IELTS training.
  • Vocabulary is one of the important band descriptors that examiners look into in the listening and speaking section. Learn new words daily so that you can perform the test with not so common words.
  • You can have a practice plan by not only focusing on the IELTS exam pattern but also target to improve each of your language skills.
  • While practising itself make sure you write the essay within the limited words, so that you can identify how you can’t exceed the word count in the writing task 1 and task 2.
  • Take the mock test by considering the overall IELTS test duration and also the duration that is fixed for each section.
  • Starting with a plan will make your IELTS preparation easier. You have to plan for the studies, tests, and revision for each section.
  • If you want expert guidance and some clarification regarding IELTS or any of the study abroad process, reach Kanan International without hesitation.

Reach our IELTS Coaching Center in Yamunanagar

We are conveniently located in Yamunanagar. Our IELTS training center can be reached easily from areas like- Bauth, Tijora, Kaurari, Balrai, Nagala, Guraiya, Parana, Sarupur, Badaura, Nagaria, Tijora, etc.

Address of our IELTS Coaching Center in Yamunanagar

SCO -106, Sector 17, Huda, Jagadhri,

Yamunanagar, Haryana-135002, India

Working hours : 09:00 am – 09:30 pm

Emial ID :

Mobile No : +91 82210 60020

FAQ - IELTS Coaching in Yamunanagar

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