SOP for Canada

SOP for Canada

Nearly 450,000 new international students got admissions in Canada last year. If you’re an aspiring student who wants to study in Canada, you need to submit an SOP for Canada. While applying for the admissions in top universities, the statement of purpose is one of the important requirements. 

The statement of purpose or SOP for Canada is a mandatory document containing 1000-1500 words that students should submit to study in Canada. It is a 2 page long essay carries 6 to 7 sections which is essential to apply for a student visa and to get admission in the universities & programs of your choice.

The statement of purpose is not only required by universities, but also for visa application required by the visa officer where you need to submit a seperate SOP for Canada student visa. In this article, you’ll figure out how to write a SOP, know the SOP format for Canada, and get a sample Canada SOP for student visa for your reference.

What is SOP? 

The statement of purpose is a document that students need to submit while applying for admissions in universities abroad. The SOP needs to be written in a long form essay with the details of your academic and professional background, career path, reasons for choosing the course, country, university, study abroad.

The SOP provided to the universities are evaluated by the admission committee members and the SOP for visa is validated by the visa officer. They analyse whether the applicants are capable of joining the university, whether they continue the curriculum, and the interest and passion towards the field from their SOP.

Sample SOP for Canada student visa 

Refer the SOP Canada sample given here to get admission in the university and the program you want to study. You can utilise the below sample to write the SOP for pg diploma in Canada and SOP for MBA in Canada.

Sample SOP for Canada student visa

Statement of purpose for Canada student visa sample

The Visa officer,
Canadian High Commission,

Subject: Statement of purpose for Canada student visa application

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am NAME, an Indian student aspiring to improve my career in the global environment. I have applied to UNIVERSITY NAME in Canada and have been accepted to pursue the DEGREE AND COURSE NAME. I hereby provide my statement of purpose for Canada student visa application.

My Personal background

I am situated in PLACE with my family. My father is a DESIGNATION working in the ORGANISATION NAME and my mother is a HOMEMAKER. I have two siblings. My SIBLINGS were WORKING in the ORGANISATION NAME as a JOB ROLE

My Academic Background

I have done my secondary education in the DISCIPLINE at  INSTITUTE in the YEAR. I have made my first career step by successfully completing the DEGREE AND COURSE NAME in the INSTITUTE NAME with the GRADES. To demonstrate my English language proficiency I have appeared for the IELTS examination and secured a BAND SCORE.

Professional Background

As I have gained the basic technical knowledge in my bachelors degree, I decided to figure out the interests in the particular field. Thus I have joined the ORGANISATION NAME as a JOB ROLE. My roles and responsibilities in the organisation was ____________________. I have worked on the projects such as ___________________ and acquired the technical and soft skills such as ______________. The achievements I have made in the organisation were ________________. In this job I have gained the core knowledge such as _______________.

Reason for choosing the COURSE NAME in Canada

I have got interest in the field by looking into the technical aspects and the evolution of the industry. That made me choose my career path in the field, as a foundation I have learned the base concepts in my bachelors program. To explore my specific area of interest and my capabilities, I have gained practical knowledge related to ___________ in my workplace. There, I realised that I need to further improve my core knowledge. Thus, I decided to pursue my graduate studies in Canada.

The suggestion of the study destination I have got to pursue the masters program in COURSE NAME from my senior personnels is Canada. The education offered by Canadian universities in the FIELD will have the great scope to explore the diverse areas and job opportunities. The technological advancements, popular universities, and increase of international students attracted me to pursue the course in Canada.


UNIVERSITY NAME ranked among the top ranking universities in the world and in Canada. The infrastructure, research and library facilities, study resources, community, career development program and _______________ made me choose the UNIVERSITY NAME as my place to pursue the COURSE NAME.

Financial Details

The financial expenditure for my studies, accommodation, travel and living expenses will be partly taken care of by my parents and by the education loan which I have acquired by the BANK NAME to study in Canada.


The course I’m going to study in the UNIVERSITY NAME will be a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge and further develop my career. To lead my career in the right path, I request you to grant my visa application to pursue my degree in Canada.


Get the sample SOP for Canada student visa pdf

SOP format for Canada student visa

The common SOP format for Canada student visa is a 2 page long essay with 1000 words that need to be written in 5 paragraphs in a font size of 12 with double spacing. The format may vary depending on the universities.

How to write SOP for Canada student visa?

To write the SOP for Canada, applicants need to pre-plan the details which they're going to include in the SOP. The following steps are the key details which you need to include in your Canada SOP.

how to write sop for canada

Step 1: Start with a introduction 

The SOP introduction paragraph you write makes your admission committee clear about your interest about the subject and the field. Start with an impressive opening statement with famous quotes or the data of the industry. You need to explain the reason why you choose this as a career path in your Canada SOP.

Step 2: Explain your academic background

Give details about the academic qualifications and the discipline you’ve taken in your school with marks. If you’re applying for a masters' degree, mention your bachelor degree, institute name and your grades. State the core knowledge you’ve gained in your academics. Also, you can mention your academic achievements and other achievements, volunteerships in the Canada SOP.

Step 3: Provide your professional experience 

You can go deep into your work experiences, projects you’ve handled, results it produces, accomplishments you’ve made, ideas and solutions you’ve given, and skills you acquired. If you haven’t worked for an organisation, you can give your internship experience, projects done in your bachelors’ program, certifications and courses you’ve learned in your SOP.

Step 4: Write the reasons behind your choice of course, university and Canada

Clearly state the interest to choose the field, technical aspects which make you choose the course, relate the skills that you’ve with the reason to choose the course. Explain the reason for choosing the university and Canada by specifying the highlights. You can include that Canada offers an excellent quality education in a much affordable price range.

Step 5: Conclude shortly 

Write a conclusion by explaining how important it is to study the course at the university in Canada, how the knowledge you’re going to acquire by the course that supports your career and helps you achieve the goals. Finally end it with a note that you’re looking forward to joining their university.

SOP for Canada study visa 

The objective of the SOP for Canada visa varies from the SOP that is required by the Canadian universities. You need to clearly provide each detail in your visa SOP for Canada with its respective headers. The SOP word limit for Canada study visa needs to be 1000-1500 and the characters would be 8000. Ensure, you address the following questions in your Canada SOP:

  • What made you choose Canada as your study destination?
  • What is the reason behind choosing the particular university?
  • How do you handle the finances to study in Canada?
  • Are you clear with the requirements that are specified for international students in Canada?
  • What interests you to choose the program?
  • Why do you want to pursue the program in the particular university?

Importance of SOP for Canada

The SOP for Canada study visa is one of the deciding factors that visa officers grant you to pursue the course you want to study in Canada. Your statement of purpose for Canada student visa is the document which shows your command of language, interest towards the course and the field, reason for choosing the particular country and university and how passionate you are regarding the career. Write your own SOP and proofread it to minimise the spelling and grammatical mistakes to avoid denial.

SOP for Canada study visa after refusal

If your SOP got refused by the visa officers, you can change the entire SOP with the relevant information. Find out what are the elements you’ve to include in your SOP for Canada study visa after refusal. Follow the given sample of SOP for Canada to draft the perfect SOP. Also, if you have changed the course or university after refusal, you need to submit the SOP for Canada visa. You can apply for a Canada study visa any time after refusal.

SOP for Canada student visa after 12th

The SOP for Canada student visa after 12th will be included with the details of your knowledge of core subjects, the base of the project, presentations, seminar, workshop, certifications and internships if any. The other information you’re going to include in your SOP is the same for bachelor, post-graduate, diploma and MBA programs.

Check out the other Canada study visa requirements

How is the SOP for Canada student visa different from other countries? 

The basic difference of SOP for Canada student visa from other countries is the reasons students explain why they prefer Canada as their study destination and what makes them choose Canada over other countries. Canadian universities also have their own requirements for SOP.

Also, know the difference between SDS and Non SDS visa applications

SOP samples for Canada student visa

Are you looking for the best SOP samples for Canada student visa? Here we've listed the sop for Canada sample for courses like data science and MBA. 

Check the sample SOP for Canada pdf - Data Science

Also check: SOP for MBA in Canada

What is the difference between SOP for Visa and SOP for Universities in Canada?

The difference between SOP for visa and SOP for universities in Canada is that a visa focuses on the reason behind the choice of country whereas universities focus on the reason for the course in that country. The SOP for visa is evaluated by immigration authorities and visa officers whereas the SOP for universities is evaluated by the admission committee. Visa SOP for Canada needs to justify why they need to issue the visa for you whereas University SOP needs to justify why they need to give admission for you.

SOP for Canada Universities 

Each of the Canada universities have certain requirements when it comes to SOP. Check out the following requirements of statement of purpose for Canada universities:

sop for canada universities 


University of Toronto 

The masters’ program SOP you’re going to write for the University of Toronto need to be addressed the following questions:

  • What experiences have you had that make you want to pursue your chosen career path? (250 characters max) 
  • How have you been pursuing your interest in this field, i.e. education, experience, volunteer work? (250 characters max) 
  • What insights have you gained from these experiences? (250 characters max)
  • What is your intended career goal? Type a brief response (250 characters max).
  • What research area do you hope to explore and why? (250 characters max).

McGill University

Follow the below guidelines to write the SOP for McGill University:

  • The SOP needs to be in an essay format with a maximum of 750 words.
  • Showcase your motivations, background, reasons for your interest in the program and personality.
  • Your personal statement establishes your writing style, your ability to present your ideas in English and/or French, your maturity and judgement.
  • The admission committee looks into your SOP, why you want to study the program, why you are interested in McGill in particular, and what you will bring to the community.
  • Don’t repeat the information that is specified in other documents.

University of British Columbia 

For undergraduate programs, you need to write your personal profile. The statement of interest or statement of purpose for the graduate program of University of British Columbia need be with the details of:

  • Academic interest in specific area
  • Past educational experiences and others which have prepared you for the graduate program.
  • Plan to gain the graduate degree
  • Why this particular program at UBC
  • Mention your skills and technical knowledge
  • Specify the presentations, conferences, publications you’ve involved.

University of Alberta

The guidelines of SOP for University of Alberta is:

  • The statement of intent should be written within two pages.
  • Don’t include details that are already given in your resume/CV.
  • Include the reason for choosing the university
  • Describe your interest towards the program.
  • Outline of your academic knowledge and experiences you have need to be included.


Following are the key points that you need to include in the SOP for McMaster:

  • Specify what motivated you to pursue the area of study
  • Describe the experiences that made you choose the program
  • State your career goals and relate it to the program
  • Skills that you have which will make you successful in the program
  • What do you intend to gain within the program?

Check other details to apply for any of the Universities in Canada.

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Drafting the “SOP for Canada” without knowing the basic information might be difficult. I hope this blog will help you with every detail you need to know to write the best SOP for Canadian universities and for Canada student visa.

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