SAT Coaching in Valsad

Kanan International is one of the best training centers for SAT coaching in Valsad. Through many years of experience in the coaching industry, we help students in all facets of SAT learning. Our SAT trainers in our academy are experts to tutor the students and will help them to get good marks on the SAT exam. The SAT is written for getting UG admissions to universities abroad in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. The exam is conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service).

Along with the SAT coaching in Valsad, we also conduct classes for other exams like GRE, GMAT, and IELTS. They provide quality study material to students that are highly reliable to score high on SAT exams. Please note that in the SAT test, mathematics is included. Keeping the students in mind, our SAT experts involved themselves in spending time and energy to prepare the study materials to help the SAT students' knowledge. At Kanan International, we periodically conduct practice tests to improve confidence among our students.

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What is the syllabus for the SAT course in Valsad?

Students may have doubts about the latest SAT syllabus prescribed by the ETS. But, you can get a clear picture about the updated SAT syllabus from our institute. The SAT trainers at Kanan International will follow the latest SAT syllabus and teach the students based on it. The College Board will set the SAT exam pattern every year. You can find below the latest syllabus followed by the SAT course in Valsad.

Mathematics section:

Most of the Mathematics questions come with MCQs to choose from. However, the remaining questions are grid-ins. Out of a total of 58 questions, 38 questions can be solved using a calculator. In this, 30 are MCQs and 8 questions are grid-ins. The Mathematics SAT test contains 20 questions that should be solved without a calculator. 5 questions are grid-ins and 15 questions are MCQs.

Reading section:

Total of 5 reading passages will be given. One from American or World Fiction, one from Global or American Documents, one from sociology or psychology or economics and 2 from Science Works. At Kanan International, students get the opportunity to study for the SAT using the AI powered prep portal.

Writing and Language Section:

The 4 passages can be expected from career, history, science, and social science. You should read and make changes to the passage. The writing passage can be in narrative mode or explanatory mode. Students will get regular practice tests to improve their language skills and will be trained to complete the exam with full preparation.

Essay section:

The essay section is an optional section that can be attempted based on the candidate's interest. For the essay section, you will get 50 minutes time at the end of the exam and it will be an unscored section. You can also get coaching to attempt this section also.

From our SAT course in Valsad, you will learn to crack all these sections of the SAT test effortlessly. After the coaching, you can crack the exam well within the time limit. Our SAT classes in Valsad have been offered to students for more than 25 years and have coached 1 lakh+ students to get admission abroad.

What are the upcoming batches, schedules, timings, duration, course fees of the best SAT coaching centre in Valsad?

Kanan International conducts different training batches at different times. We offer flexibility for our SAT learners. The fee structure at our SAT coaching center in Valsad is also affordable to all. The coaching fee for SAT is just INR 25,000.

SAT Batch in ValsadBatch starts onTimingDuration of the courseAvailability
Weekdays regular6 Feb 2023Flexible Timing between 9.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays morning7 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays evening10 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekends13 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Online batch15 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Fast-track batch15 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
The SAT coaching center in Valsad offers flexible training sessions for aspirants. The candidates can opt for the customized branches by discussing with our expert team if they are not comfortable with the fixed timing.

Who will Train You?

What is the Coach / Trainer Profile of SAT classes in Valsad?

If you practice the SAT according to the latest pattern you can score better. SAT tutors in Kanan international will guide the students to attempt the previous year SAT exam patterns. By doing so, you can easily finish the SAT exam successfully within the given time.
The SAT trainers at Kanan are dedicated, well experienced, and certified to teach for the SAT exam.
The SAT trainers in our academy have a friendly approach to all students. So, you can ask doubts and clarify them with ease. We conduct doubt-clearing sessions which are highly beneficial for all SAT takers.
For attempting the maths section in the SAT test, you need to practice more on calculations, algebra, analytics, etc. Our SAT instructors will guide you to understand these concepts.
We have trainers to teach vocabulary. Our SAT classes in Valsad hold the best classes for teaching English vocabulary. Through this, you can clear the SAT reading section easily.
The trainers will not limit themselves by just taking the SAT classes in Valsad. They also provide personal attention to all SAT takers.
Our trainers have a perfect study plan for the students. Trainers teach the SAT syllabus using simple, clear methods.
Our trainers will identify the areas where you need improvement. Some students may find maths difficult and for some, the reading section SAT exam would be difficult.

10 reasons why you should enrol for SAT training in Valsad at Kanan International

With many SAT coaching institutes in the city, our SAT training in Valsad is one of the leading institutes to provide SAT coaching. The reasons for being the top institute are listed below.

  1. You can get personal attention and customized classes at Kanan International. Each student has different areas which they find difficult. Some need special attention to improve their vocabulary whereas others may struggle in a different area. So, our SAT training center in Valsad provides coaching to the students accordingly.
  2. Learn SAT in a motivational environment where many other students (like you) are getting trained.
  3. This is one of the best opportunities to enter good colleges abroad, though you didn’t pursue a good score in high school. Enroll with us and learn SAT professionally.
  4. We have certified SAT trainers to give you complete guidance and train students for the exam.
  5. Our coaching fee is affordable. EMI payment option is also available.
  6. Get access to high-quality study materials, expert SAT coaching, the best classroom environment, technical tips, and doubt-clearing sessions at our SAT course in Valsad.
  7. If you have already attempted the SAT and if you didn’t score well, you will definitely score better next time after taking our coaching.
  8. We also provide college admissions assistance through tie-ups that we have with many universities abroad.
  9. Similarly, we also provide visa application assistance. Apart from helping students to get good SAT scores, we also extend our help in further study abroad procedures.
  10. Our tutors have a teaching plan and they conduct mock tests regularly. So students get the confidence to face the SAT exam.

These points prove why we are the best SAT coaching institute in Valsad. Join us now and get exclusive SAT training in Valsad and start your abroad education journey with us.

What is SAT?

As competition is growing rapidly for admissions to colleges abroad, the entrance test is compulsory. SAT is a standardized test through which the colleges can know about your readiness to join them. If you have a good SAT score then you have so many choices for college admissions and also college fee reduction if you score well. Kanan International is providing complete SAT coaching for students who are aspiring for getting seats in international universities.

Format of the SAT test

The SAT general exam is divided into 3 mandatory sections and 1 optional section. The compulsory sections are mathematics, reading, and writing. The essay section is optional. The maths section has 58 questions that have to be solved within 80 minutes. The reading section has 52 questions which you will get 65 minutes to complete. Finally, the writing section has 44 questions and you will get 35 minutes to complete them. Our SAT training ensures that the complete syllabus is covered in our coaching.

Who can do this SAT course in Valsad?

Students wanting to study in the international universities can write the SAT exam as it is one of the filtering criteria set by many universities. Register with Kanan today to get admission in universities abroad.

What is the eligibility or prerequisite to joining our SAT institute in Valsad?

SAT coaching is offered to assist students to get clear the exam in the first attempt. As we are the best SAT institute in Valsad, we do have some criteria for the students to enrol in our coaching classes.

    • To write the SAT you need to be at least 16-18 years old, as it is needed to undertake your undergraduate course.
    • To join an undergraduate course abroad you should have completed your high school education.
    • To register and write the SAT test you need to have a valid and suggested photo identity.
    • You should have a valid passport.
    • It’s required to show your admission ticket to do your SAT exam.

Don't wait, join our SAT institutes in Valsad. Our SAT classes come with more pros like spoken English class, English vocabulary improvement, admission guidance, etc. You can join us today and achieve your target SAT score. 

SAT training with Spoken English classes

The normal English conversation and the English that is taught in our classrooms have a huge difference. For the SAT exam, conversational English is important. Through our SAT spoken English classes, you can learn the language through conversation. Kanan International provides SAT coaching along with Spoken English class for improving the confidence of students while talking with the native speakers.

Batch size for SAT training in Valsad

  • At Kanan, SAT coaching is conducted in multiple batches at different timings.
  • In our SAT training in Valsad, the batch size is very small. The more interactive classes, the more you can learn the subject.
  • We admit only a limited number of students per batch and give individual attention to the students.
  • We also conduct coaching during weekend and weekday coaching.
  • If you have less time to prepare and still want the best coaching in a short time then we have fast-track SAT training in Valsad.

Coaching modes for SAT preparation batches

  • Online SAT coaching mode: If you live far away from our institute, you can join our SAT online classes. These classes will be helpful for the students to improve their knowledge needed to face the SAT exam.
  • Offline SAT coaching (Classroom) mode: The conventional classroom coaching is also given for the students who want to prepare for the SAT under expert guidance. Our tutors offer the best training for all the students at Kanan.
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Have queries regarding SAT dates in Valsad or SAT Valsad centre or SAT fees in Valsad or SAT coaching classes in Valsad?

Do you want to enroll in our SAT coaching class? Or do you want help with the procedures that need to be completed during the exam preparation and the application? Then please contact our team of experts and get your queries clarified. Kindly contact our expert team by filling out the enquiry form.

Use hashtags #PrepwithKanan and #SATcoachinginValsad to get in touch with our experts through social media. Kanan International guides the students in their admission procedures, visa process, application filling, travelling procedures, etc.


Our students who are proud of their achievements, eventually become our brand ambassadors. We’re indebted to them.


Students enrolled with Kanan International for the SAT coaching get a course completion certificate after successfully completing the course. The College Board will set the SAT exam paper each year. So you can score better if you practice the SAT according to the latest syllabus. At Kanan, the SAT tutors will teach students using the previous year's SAT exam paper.


SAT General course in Valsad:

The SAT General exam is included in college admissions, as the SAT marks are needed by some colleges. The SAT exam tests reading & writing skills along with your Mathematical knowledge. At Kanan International, the course is designed in such a way that it helps the students score well on the first attempt. Our study materials cover the whole SAT syllabus of the ETS and will be updated regularly. 

SAT Subject course in Valsad:

SAT 2 (SAT subject exam) consists of subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, U.S History, World History, literature, Maths, and foreign languages. Some colleges require the score of the SAT subject test for the college admission process. For the SAT subject test training in Valsad, we have trainers who are subject experts who conduct coaching classes for hundreds of students. You can be part of this growing SAT institute in Valsad by joining us.

Top scores from our SAT coaching in Valsad

Kanan’s SAT coaching in Valsad is known for its advanced coaching classes that use an AI prep portal. Our team has taught more than 50,000 students successfully to clear their SAT exams required for international college admissions. More than 80% of our students have scored above 1100 and nearly 75% of candidates have scored above 1300. Sign up with us now and get ready for your studies abroad.


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      English Coaching for TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, GRE, PTE and IELTS

      For clearing all the competitive exams you require strong English knowledge to get admission to International universities. Taking this point into account, Kanan International is offering TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, GRE, PTE and IELTS coaching with English language classes. These classes will help to improve the candidates’ vocabulary and their proficiency in English.

      Online SAT Training in Valsad

      Understanding the requirements of the students who are unable to attend the offline classes, we are conducting online SAT training in Valsad.  As you now know, the SAT exam consists of 3 compulsory sections - English reading, English Writing, and mathematics. All these sections will be taught during the coaching and the trainers are well experienced in handling the online classes. In our online coaching, we offer live interactive sessions where the students will be able to communicate with the faculties like a regular class.


      SAT Coaching for Beginners, Intermediates and advanced levels

      The tutorials for SAT in Valsad are easy to follow and practice. You should practice solving the maths problems from the study material given to you for getting high scores on the SAT. Our tutorials for SAT in Valsad also contain recorded videos, pdfs, and guides to help you to write the SAT exam within the time limit. You can be new to SAT but still, you can clear the SAT exam easily with assistance from Kanan International.

      SAT Coaching for Study Abroad - General and Subject training

      SAT is an important abroad education entrance exam for doing undergraduate studies in countries like USA & Canada. Apart from the coaching, we assist you through study abroad consulting and visa consulting for students wishing to study undergraduate courses in the USA and Canada. We have tied up with more than 150+ US and Canadian universities.

      SAT doubt clearing sessions and Coaching Discussions in Valsad

      At Kanan International, trainers give time for weekly discussions. So you can clear your doubts on the subject that is taken by the SAT tutors that week. Our goal is that every SAT taker should get the best scores. After every class, you can ask questions to trainers to clarify your doubts. There are also weekly doubt-clearing sessions.

      Everything You Need to Know About SAT Coaching in Valsad
        • Students of any age and educational background can attend the SAT exam to join the university abroad.
        • The SAT exam fee in India is $101. This excludes the optional essay section. If you want to write the essay section then the exam fee will be $117.
        • Choose the exam date correctly. Later If you need to change the SAT exam date then you have to pay extra.
      • After completing the SAT exam, you can check your results after 20 days of writing the SAT exam. You can see it on the College Board website.
      • The SAT prep materials that we gave are updated frequently according to the changes made in the SAT exam syllabus and pattern. So you can use these materials to prepare for the SAT exam.
      Tips to Score high in the first attempt
      • Plan in advance to book your date for the SAT exam. It is good if you register by yourself instead of taking others' help. That is because you need to fill in your name, DOB, and other niche information about yourself correctly.
      • You can fill in the questions that ask for your personal information yourself. Even if it takes time, the process is worth it to get into a university abroad.
      • Be careful while selecting the location of the SAT test centers. Check whether the location is near you.
      • Many think that GRE and SAT are for the same purpose which is wrong. SAT is taken for getting undergraduate admission to universities abroad. The GRE exam is for getting admission to graduate courses.
      • You can get many SAT study materials online too. But those may not be from a trustable source. So you may not cover several topics while studying using the online materials. However, our SAT study materials are fully structured and cover all the topics of the SAT exam.
      • Improve your reading skills to save time during the final exam.
      • Evaluate yourself to see your progress from the beginning. This will help you find the topics that you are behind so you can put more effort into those areas to improve your score.
      • Prepare well in advance so that you can cover the full syllabus and there will be enough time to focus on the areas that require more focus. You should be aware of the syllabus and have to prepare based on it.
      • Focus more on the mock tests and attempt as many tests as possible.
      • Join Kanan International’s SAT coaching in Valsad for guidance from our experts. We are sure that you will score high marks on the first attempt itself. We also provide complete guidance for your admission procedures.

      Reach our SAT coaching Center in Valsad

      Address of our SAT Coaching Center in Valsad

      17,118,120, 1st floor,

      Sai Leela Mall, Abrama-Dharampur Rd,

      Abrama Village,

      Valsad, Gujarat 396001

      Working hours : 9:15am – 6:30pm

      Email ID :

      Mobile No : +91 63570 12000

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