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IELTS Online classes - India's #1 IELTS preparation full course

ielts online classes india's 1 ielts preparation full course

IELTS is the standard English language test that all study abroad aspirants must take for admissions.The countries that accept IELTS scores from international students are the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Qualifying IELTS with a good band is considered to be a major criterion based on which your English skills are gauged. With Kanan International’s IELTS online classes, you’ve the advantage to boost your performance and test-taking ability. 

IELTS online classes offered by Kanan’s trainers are well known for its in-depth teaching technique, up-to-date study materials, one-on-one assistance, and flexible learning opportunities. At Kanan, we keep things simple. We deliver a comprehensive learning method, which helps students from all backgrounds understand the nuances of English. Our batches are flexible, which is an advantage for many, especially for working professionals. 

Besides the regular IELTS online live coaching, you’ll find plenty of mock tests at Kanan. The mock tests are designed by experts and are assessed by them to gauge your progress. We also set up additional doubt clearing sessions to help our students understand where they lag behind. The easy access of study materials and flexible batch timings are what attract the students most about our IELTS online classes. 

Major features of IELTS online coaching at Kanan

Kanan Inernational’s IELTS online coaching is unique in many ways. Almost anyone can sign up for such classes - be a study abroad student, working professional or homemaker. Our trainers carry many years of experience and are experts in their domain. They train you to become more confident to score an 8+ band in the first attempt. The trainers understand what each student’s needs are. Thus, it’s easier for them to offer tailored solutions to the challenges that each of the test-takers face. 

Following are the major features of the IELTS online coaching offered by Kanan:

  • You’ll be trained by British Council and IDP certified trainers with more than 10 years of experience as IELTS specialists.
  • Compared to other IELTS coaching institutes, we offer plenty of online mocks to help you improve your level of English.
  • We focus on improving your English standards and basics of the language. All these are done one-on-one by professional experts at Kanan. 
  • We’re an ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) Licensed IELTS training center in Chennai.
  • With over 250 strategic tie-ups and academic partnerships with Canadian and American universities, it becomes easy for you to find your best matching institutions abroad based on your IELTS scores.
  • You are free to sign up for both IELTS Academic and IELTS general tests
  • Our online classes cover all major areas of IELTS exams including Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.
  • Our online classes are affordable, with various modes of payment being accepted.
  • Flexible test prep batches are available for learners across various backgrounds.
  • One-on-one mentoring and individual support. We guarantee an 8+ score band in the first attempt of the IELTS exam.
  • We help you understand and follow a strategy to ace your IELTS. All these and much more from the comfort of your own home. 

Syllabus of our IELTS training online 

The syllabus of our IELTS online training is regularly updated and we strictly follow British council and IDP standards. You can find our detailed IELTS syllabus here. In short we cover the following 4 modules or components. 

Module1 : Reading 

You’ll find 3 texts of general interest in this module, dealing with issues that are appropriate for candidates entering postgraduate or undergraduate course programmes abroad. Both reading modules consist of three passages or sections with 40 questions. The total time given  is 30 minutes. Question types include multiple-choice, sentence, or summary completion, identifying data for short-answer questions, matching lists or phrases, and identifying writers’ views/attitudes.

Module2 : Writing 

IELTS writing lasts for 60 minutes, and it’s divided into 2 tasks -

  • Task 1 - you will be presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram. Here you must describe, summarise or explain the information given in the task, in your own words.  You’re also asked to describe the stages of a process, how something works or describe an object or event, or explain a given data. 
  • Task 2 -  here your task is to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem. The essay must be of 250 words. And you must be rational and precise in your presentation of ideas. 

Module3 : Listening

The listening module comprises 4 sections. The first 2 are about conversations on social needs, while the last 2 are on topics related to education. The conversations could be both monologues and dialogues. These conversations are played for the test-taker once only. A variety of questions are asked, like multiple-choice, short-answer questions, note completion, sentence completion, labeling a diagram, etc. 
Total no. of questions: 40+
Total time: 30 minutes

Module4 : Speaking 

The IELTS speaking test lasts for 11 to 14 minutes. The exams is divided into 3 parts -

Part 1 - you’re asked general questions about yourself and a range of familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies and interests. This part lasts between four and five minutes.

Part 2  - you’re given a card. The task here is to talk on a specific topic. You get 1 minute to prepare before speaking. You should speak for nearly 2 minutes. The examiner then asks questions on the same topic.

Part 3 - you will be asked further questions about the topic in Part 2. This part of the exam generally extends for about 4 to 5 minutes.

Apart from offering the latest syllabus for IELTS training online, we regularly conduct mock test to track students' performance. 

Trainer profile for our IELTS online course 

  • Our English language specialists have over 7 years of experience teaching English language at prestigious institutions like the British Council and IDP. 
  • All our trainers for the IELTS online course are passionate about what they do, and they believe in educating others.
    Our trainers are e-moderation, CELTYL, DELTA, and CELTA certified. (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Certificate in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Certificate in English Language Teaching for Young Learners). These certifications indicate the highest credentials that one can have in their domain. 
  • Besides teaching for IELTS, all our trainers regularly conduct workshops on Business English and general English. These skills are much needed for every type of generation of working professionals. 
  • Our trainers not only teach you the basics, but also give you essential tips and suggestions on how to ace the exam in an easiest way. 
  • Our trainers ensure you’re practicing enough. Thus, they also regularly organise for mock tests to gauge your progress. 
  • Aside from conducting tests, they give you regular feedback on your performance.
  • They can help fine tune your test-taking strategy so that you achieve an 8+ band in your very first attempt.
  • We have specialized trainers to teach all the four modules (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking). When we say specialized, we mean that each of them knows what goes into the various sections of IELTS and how you can develop yourself better in those areas. 
  • Our trainers for IELTS online course handle fast-track batches as well. They can assist students who appear for last-minute training. They are equally competent to manage rolling batches of students. 
  • Our experts train students for both academic and general modules of the IELTS exam. So when you sign up with us, you must tell us what you’re looking for. 

10 reasons why you should enroll in our online IELTS coaching classes 

  1. IELTS Certification is a necessary recognized credential for abroad education or for work visas in certain countries overseas. At Kanan, you’ll find all the details about IELTS requirements in various study abroad destinations. 
  2. Our online IELTS coaching classes are tailored to making you proficient in all the IELTS modules, that is Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. 
  3. You can be sure of achieving a high score in the exam in the very first attempt. But just in case you need to retake the exam, our support is guaranteed.  
  4. Our trainers have put years of experience in creating training modules for you. They also assess you based on mock exams. All mock exams are designed by the trainers. 
  5. Through our online assessments, you get to know the areas you’re weak at and where you excel. 
  6. Our simulated learning environment has helped many students excel, and achieve a band of 8 and above in IELTS.
  7. Our online IELTS coaching classes provide the necessary practical knowledge and skills, which you would even otherwise receive in a normal classroom setting. There’s hardly any difference between the two. 
  8. The IELTS trainers at Kanan International are British Council and IDP certified English language experts with an average experience of 7 years.
  9. Our trainers have experience training all categories of learners, including IELTS academic and general test-takers. 
  10. Kanan’s online IELTS classes are flexible and open to all categories of learners. We have rolling batches as well as fixed batches based on students’ preferences. 

IELTS live classes

Kanan international has its very own online tool called KPrep. It’s meant for preparing students for exams that they need to qualify to study overseas. There are dedicated trainers who can take you through each of the course specifications. They also teach you how to crack those exams easily and secure high scores. 

You can sign up for the online classes using the tool, from any part of the country. The easy accessibility of the tool makes it much easier for students to interact with peers and trainers one-on-one. They also get a chance to monitor their performance and track their progress. 

Our online Live classes also include recorded sessions, which you can access for free. We also share study materials and plenty of reference materials. Kanan’s IELTS Live classes are aimed at creating a seamless study environment, bridging the gap of learning from a comfort zone. 

IELTS online coaching fees in India 

At Kanan International, the IELTS online coaching fees range from 11,000 to 15,000 per batch. The fees vary depending on which type of batch you enroll for. We offer weekdays regular, evening, and morning  watches as well as weekend and fast-track batches. Our students come from various backgrounds and some of them even opt for last-minute training. 

IELTS online learning vs. IELTS classroom learning

Here’s a comparison of the online and classroom IELTS coaching offered by Kanan International. 

Comparsion IELTS online  IELTS classroom
Syllabus Reading, listening, speaking, writing  Reading, listening, speaking, writing 
Fees 11,000 to 15,000 11,000 to 15,000
Mocks Yes  Yes 
Method of teaching Same as offline  Same as online 



IELTS online

IELTS classroom


Reading listening speaking, writing

Reading, listenting, speaking, writing


11,000 to 15,000

11,000 to 15,000





Any part of the country - you just need good Internet connectivity

Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Navsari, Dehradun, Bardoli, Vapi, etc. 




IELTS general training online

IELTS general online training is for people who are looking at settling in a country abroad for professional and personal reasons. These people are not international students. 

In general IELTS, the English topics are more based on general interests of individuals. IELTS general has 4 sections, similar to academic IELTS. Here, the speaking test remains the same. The IELTS general Reading test has 3 sections, wherein you’ll find shorter texts in Section1, and then 2 texts in section2, and finally a long text in section 3. Most of the content is from official handbooks and newspapers. 

In the writing test for general IELTS, you need to complete 2 tasks, that is write a letter and a short essay. Each of them should be 150 words and 250 words. The listening test remains the same as that of the academic IELTS. You have 10 questions in each of the 4 sections to complete, with varying complexity levels. 

IELTS academic training online 

On the other hand, academic IELTS online training is for those who are purely looking for study opportunities abroad. They need a student visa to move to a country where they can study for a maximum period of 4 or 5 years or longer. 

Academic IELTS covers topics that are more suitable for admissions into universities and other institutions overseas. 

In IELTS academic, the speaking and listening tests are the same as those of IELTS general. The difference is in the reading and writing tests. You’ll find 3 long texts in IELTS academic reading, while you have to describe a table, chart or a diagram in the writing task. The other task is to write an essay of 250 words. 

Also Read: Difference between IELTS academic and IELTS general.

Best Online IELTS preparation course

  1. Kanan’s online IELTS prep course is a 360 degree training course provided to help you understand the nuances of cracking the exam.
  2. We give you a detailed IELTS prep timetable and help you step-by-step through the process.
  3. We support you in every possible way - with study materials from credible sources.
  4. We organise doubt clearing sessions based on every test-taker. 
  5. Our online classes also include plenty of mocks to boost your skills further.
  6. Group discussion is an integral part of our online coaching. 
  7. Our trainers assure that you receive the best learning facility, from the comfort of your home. 

IELTS speaking classes online 

  • The trainers let you practise speaking with a partner - could be a friend or anyone in the class. 
  • You’re asked to read out loud and read good quality materials.
  • They train you to speak with a neutral accent.
  • You’re also taught to speak without using any fillers. 

IELTS writing classes online 

  • Our trainers generally advise you to write every day and write well.
  • You’re asked to read on general topics and practice writing a summary of each of those materials. 
  • The trainers also teach you how to make it a habit to edit and proofread your work after you write. 
  • Making sense of what you write is an important aspect of the craft, which is something that you learn in our online class.

IELTS reading classes online 

  • Our trainers give you world-class study materials.
  • They train you to read in neutral English.
  • You’re also asked to record yourself and listen to your voice to check for grammatical errors.
  • You’re trained to focus on your pronunciation. 

IELTS listening classes online 

  • You’re made to listen to a lot of English language audio series, such as book recordings, plays, English news, podcasts, etc.
  • You’re taught the various nuances of American and British accents, and also the basic differences between American and British English. 
  • You’re placed inside an environment that mimics the actual IELTS listening test setup. 
  • You’re allowed to time yourself. 
  • Our trainers help you understand what’s being spoken over an audio. 
 IELTS online prep course codes 
  1. Course code for ielts online academic classes is Acad 101 & 
  2. Course code for ielts online general classes is Gen 101
    Note: Please mention the course code when you register for our classes. 

Prerequisites set by our ielts coaching centre online 

  1. There’s no age bar - almost anyone with an enthusiasm to improve their English skills can join.
  2. If you are willing to study overseas, you must tell us what your weak areas are. It could be either of the 4 - reading, writing, speaking, or listening. 
  3. You must give us sufficient time to work with you and help you improve. 
  4. You should be open to feedback and improvising yourself. 

FAQs on Kanan’s online IELTS coaching classes in India 

1. Will any educational credential be awarded after the online IELTS classes? 

Yes, a course completion certificate will be provided to you once you finish all your modules and complete the training. 

2. What’s the course mode?

The course delivery mode is online. We have our very own online test prep engine to support any test-taker from any part of the country. You can sign up with us @kanan.co

3. Why is a good IELTS score required?

A good IELTS band score, preferably in the range of 6 and 8, validates your level of English skills and your understanding of complex ideas and topics. It proves how good you are at communicating. For instance, a band of 6 will indicate that you’re a moderate level communicator of English, whereas a band of 8 and above will indicate you’re an exceptional communicator. 

4. Why are internal assessment practice tests for IELTS important? 

Please note that only after you show satisfactory performance in your internal assessments, which we organise, you can be sure of getting a good band in the actual exam. Therefore mocks tests are important because they mimic the original test patterns. If you know what to do in mocks, you know what to do on the test day. 

5. What’s the eligibility for a course completion certificate? 

A minimum of 6.0 in at least two internal assessments on all modules is mandatory for you to get the course completion certificate from Kanan. 

6. What is the use of this IELTS online course? 

  • You know exactly what your English standards are, and thus you can assess your progress.
  • Our online course comes with mocks that help you enhance your skills.
  • You can monitor your progress and share your doubts with us, from anywhere in the country.
  • You save time commuting to any IELTS training centre.
  • The online course offers a platform for you to engage with learners and exchange knowledge. 

7. What are the different types of learning resources and study materials given to students who enroll with us? 

Well-known IELTS books, guides, recorded video lectures, previous years’ question papers, and other references are available at our IELTS online coaching centre. 

8. What else is taught in this course?

Apart from the 4 modules of IELTS, our trainers take you through the basic spoken English skills. They train you on your everyday English usage as well. 

In addition, you get access to the basic study abroad information, such as about student visas, countries abroad, culture and languages abroad, courses and programmes to choose from, etc.  

About Kanan

Kanan International has been helping study abroad aspirants for the last 25 years. We at Kanan make the journey of overseas education possible for every individual, regardless of which strata of the society they come from. We understand the importance of seeking higher education abroad. We also understand what each student’s needs are. Therefore, we strive to create a balance between the two and offer choices that are a best match for everyone. 

When you enroll with us @kanan.co, you sign up for the best support you can ever have. We train you for various exams needed to study abroad. And also offer you a range of services pertaining to student visas, accommodation, application management, course shortlisting, and so on. 

Our awards and achievements  

Kanan International is a proud member of the AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) and ICCRC (# R509505) (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). We are a SAAS-based agency wherein all overseas admissions procedures are taken care of. We have a technologically sound team who believe in the blend of education and technology for a better future. Our founders believe in the idea of creating a transparent ecosystem for everyone. We have over 250 tie-ups with various American and Canadian universities and colleges. Over 50,000 students have received admissions through us in globally recognized institutions abroad. 

Online  support from Kanan  

Kanan’s online classes are meant to ease your study abroad process. We give you plenty of recorded lectures to listen to, study materials, curated content from professional trainers, and our very own in-house IELTS preparation tips and tricks. 

You’ll be given a username and password, which comes with validity, for your online learning. Our trainers ensure that you are not left out when you have questions. They reach out to you to help you with doubts and measure your progress. All these happen online from the comfort of your home. 

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