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SOP for Australia: How to write, samples & Format

SOP for Australia: How to write, samples & Format

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Planning to pursue higher education in Australia? Then you need to submit a SOP for Australia, seeking admission and a student visa. Statement of purpose is mainly required for Australian student visa application and for college admissions to assess your background, passion and how best you fit in the course.

A perfect SOP fulfils your aspirations and ultimately lands you in a country with a proper admission. Expressing your details, intentions, goals etc. in a proper format will seize the committee’s attention to get the admission smoothly. The different sections covered in this article SOP for Australia will provide you with the tips/pattern to be followed while writing for the visa admission process.

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How SOP for Australia differs from other countries' SOP

Australian SOP highlights more on presenting evidence and facts however the other countries expect you to focus on narrative or a good story telling. Universities of Australia expect zeal from students towards the course to bring a transformational change in their field. 
The main differences between the SOP for different countries and Australian SOP is given below.

  1. Statement of purpose for student visa is important in Australia whereas for other countries like USA, SOP for master’s degree plays a major role.
  2. Some countries prefer video essays along with SOP but in Australia applicants should submit SOP in written format.
  3. Australian SOP is more structured compared to other countries like Canada, UK, USA  etc.

Country-wise SOP

Format of SOP for Australia student Visa

Statement of purpose is a mandatory document in the Australian student visa process. Major applicants are called for an interview based on this letter. SOPs are mostly written in a paragraph format mentioning your purpose of stay, academics as well as professional background.

Here we have given the format to be followed for a perfect SOP


Paragraph 1: Introduction

Introduction is the primary part of SOP that catches the reader’s attention. Introduce yourself and personal background in a systematic manner.

Paragraph 2: Academic background

Specify your academic background in a chronological order to ease the committee. Also include your accomplishments, recognitions you received etc. that add values to your document.

Paragraph 3: Professional experience

Talk about your work experience. Mention how it helped you to improve yourself better professionally. Highlight the knowledge gained in your profession. 

Paragraph 4: Reason for choosing the course

After writing about your details, now discuss the specific reason that made you choose the course.You can also mention the knowledge you will gain after pursuing this course and how it will benefit you. Express it in a precise way to reach the reader’s thought to get admission.

Paragraph 5: Career goals

Here describe your future goals and connect it with the course you are planning to do and how it creates a path to reach. Explain it in a convincing way to confirm the admission.

Paragraph 6: Reason for choosing the university

Express your interest behind selecting a particular university by highlighting their positives like course curriculum, facilities, faculty, etc. You can also specify reasons for selecting this country by giving insights about it like its educational system, amenities they are offering to the international students etc.

Paragraph 7: Conclusion

Conclusion should be the summary of all the paragraphs. Pinpoint the advantage you have after pursuing a course like this and how it will help you professionally/personally.

How to write an SOP for Australia?

Your chances of visa approval depends on the way you present your SOP. Avoid plagiarism while writing SOP and ensure that the information provided should be backed up with supporting evidence. 

Follow the below steps while writing to create an impressive SOP for Australia to hook the committee's attention.


Step 1: Plan your SOP

Structure your SOP properly and decide the details you are planning to incorporate in your document. Create a rough outline document that helps you to analyse better. This will help you to clear the ideas floating in the mind and ultimately will progress your work smoothly.

Step 2: Start collecting the details

A good start in the SOP makes the reader stick to your document. Once the planning is done now start collecting the supporting documents of information you are providing. Make sure to present the genuine data to avoid rejections.

Step 3: Formulate the content

Arrange the content in a systematic way to make SOP look presentable. Include your academic journey, accomplishments, motivations, your prior work experience etc. to unveil your capabilities. Also focus on non academic interests like extra curricular activities that can give you an edge over other applicants. Show the committee your interest in the course and the university by explaining how it benefits you. 

Step 4: Conclude

Ending must be appropriate to create a long lasting impression. Conclude your SOP emphasising your ambitions and determination that creates a positive impact. Proofread the document before submitting.

Requirements for SOP for Australian Student Visa

  • SOP can be maximum of 2 to 3 pages long, maintaining a word limit of 800-1000 unless specified by the university.
  • While applying for an Australian student visa you need a Genuine Temporary entrant (GTE) statement along with a proof of enrolment and a valid passport, visa application fee.
  • Your academic and work experience documents, passport size photographs are mandatory.
  • Apart from this evidence of your english proficiency skills, financial ability, health insurance policy are needed. Additional visa rules and advice are available on the official immigration website.

SOP sample for Australia

The rapid growth of the medical and health sector drew interest towards it to become a part of this development. I was always curious about learning various features that benefit mankind. 

I did my schooling in CBSE affiliated school in Andhra Pradesh.During my high school I was an active member in the science club and even organised many activities. Holding this interest further after pursuing my intermediate I appeared for JEE entrance exam and secured an all India rank top rank.

Driven to enter the world of medical sector, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at XYZ university with a good academic performance. This study helped me to obtain knowledge on how to apply engineering and design principles to solve the medical problems that welfare the people to fight with various health issues. Apart from this I was very active in sports and won medals in inter-college tournaments in badminton.This extracurricular activities improved my physical fitness to stay active physically and mentally.   

After my bachelors I got an opportunity to enter into the corporate world that aided me to gain practical knowledge in the field of biomedical sector. I was selected as a junior researcher at XYX laboratories in the year 2019 through campus placements. It allowed me to interact and work under the guidance of senior scientists to gain knowledge about many clinical trials conducted in the scientific laboratory to improve human health from pandemic diseases like covid etc.

Working 3 long years helped me to gain knowledge about basic principles but I would like to explore more into this by upgrading my skills further that adds advantage to my profession. I believe pursuing a master's degree will help me to gain a deeper understanding in the field of biomechanics that involves simulating medical problems. 

While exploring for various opportunities regarding higher studies I decided that Australia is a best place to continue my research further because of its international standards for excellence in education. Studies taken in Australia will be an absolute asset to my portfolio and also gives the confidence to compete for jobs locally and internationally. 

The ABC university is my first choice to pursue my masters due to its premium training facilities, outstanding lecturers with their immense knowledge, well structured course curriculum which will provide insights about latest emerging trends and technology. Pursuing higher education from this university will guide me in establishing myself in the field of biomedical technology marking me as one among the best scientists. 

SOP sample for Australia PDF

Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa

I am (NAME) a resident of (CITY,COUNTRY) drafting a statement of purpose seeking an Australian Student visa to pursue higher studies abroad. My father is into farming and I am a single child of my parents. Coming from an agricultural background I was always curious to learn new techniques to yield better results. The scope of education and the practical exposure made me choose this field as a career option.

I have done my schooling and intermediate from the ABC group of schools affiliated by the state government of (STATE NAME) with a good CGPA score. Thereafter to pursue higher studies I appeared for ICAR all India entrance exam and secured a good score to get admission to undergraduate.

I pursued my graduation with agricultural science honours from BHU University with a good academic performance.During my undergraduate years, I participated in extracurricular activities like volleyball that helped me to improve my fitness, leadership and team coordination skills. I played for the XXX State Sports Authority and our team stood as runners up in the finale. This graduation study has exposed me to various aspects that are interconnected with this stream and taught basic principles to be followed for a healthy agriculture.     

Holding a graduation with a good CGPA score of 7.5 I applied for internships to various companies to excel my skills further. I did my internship at XYZ research institute under the guidance of agricultural scientists. The knowledge and experience obtained after doing this internship has contributed to both my personal and professional learning. It worked as a catalyst in deciding further to polish my proficiency and expertise. 

With a keen interest in becoming part of the agricultural industry I believe pursuing masters  is the best way to chase my passion and aspiration. This course will equip me with necessary knowledge and skills required in building my career internationally.

Globally reputed organisations, incredible nature, top class infrastructure attracted me towards the country for pursuing higher studies.The universities in Australia are eminent and Master’s in agricultural science is the one of the finest courses offered. The country’s warm welcoming nature to the international students made me choose it first on my priority list.

After a thorough research I decided to study at XYX University under the guidance of esteemed faculty holding industrial experience for more than a decade. On top of that the provision of industry based learnings, internship opportunities along with professional development workshops to make them industry ready.

The specialised skills and knowledge developed through studying will enable safe practices in the industry promoting sustainable growth. Taking all my documents into consideration, if given a chance granting my visa that would enhance my career in the right path to achieve the goal I dreamed of.

Sample SOP for Australian student Visa PDF

Sample SOP for Master’s in Australia

Marine resources like oceans, rivers are the life support systems on the planet. From childhood I was fond of travelling in oceans and developed a keen interest in finding the hidden secrets inside it. 

After my class12 our family planned a summer vacation to Sri Lanka through a cruise ship. That journey was pleasant and revived my thoughts regarding upcoming education. I appeared for the IMU-CET entrance exam and secured a seat in bachelor’s in marine engineering.

This graduation study taught me primarily on the development and production of internal systems boats, ships, submarines. It focussed on the subject related to design, innovation, construction and maintenance of seagoing vessels and navigation equipment in a theoretical and practical ways. Along with the academics, my extra curricular achievements in the field of badminton, interior home design shaped my personality as an innovator and leader.

 With this academic performance and skills I got placed as second engineer at XYZ shipping company. This exposed me to the industry further to learn more and implement theoretical knowledge practically. After working for 4 long years, I realised that upgrading of skills is necessary to drive a sustainable future.

Upon a lot of research on the internet and visiting the website I came to know that Australia is marked as best in academics, employment to potential employees etc. Apart from this it is the safest country providing a good quality of living to the international people.

The XYZ university in this country is best suited for this course due to its excellent course structure that perfectly matches my requirement. The industry visits, workshops and the internship opportunities provided by them to the students to learn hands-on experience has reflected their excellency in creating future engineers. The scope of placements to the students without any racism marked them as best worldwide. 

Studying higher education at your university will uplift my credentials in the job market and pinpoint me as an important resource. I hope my declaration statement has mentioned to you all the relevant information required for the admission.Hoping your acceptance that aids me to step ahead professionally.

Sample SOP for Master’s in Australia PDF

Why Australia is the best place for a master's program?

Australia is the third most popular international student destination because of its quality education, world class student facilities and multicultural society. International students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week and full time during semester breaks that aids to manage budget expenses like food, fees, living etc.. In addition to earning a living the country offers employment opportunities across many disciplines like digital marketing, aeronautics, IT industry etc. through a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485).

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Writing a best SOP for Australia is necessary to step into the country. Model your SOP based on the samples given and follow the tips provided in this blog to reach your career destination hassle free.

FAQ on SOP for Australia

1. How many words should SOP for Australia be?

The word limit to be maintained for SOP for Australia is 1000-1500 unless specified by the university. The word count may vary depending on the university and the course you applied to. Make it plagiarism free to avoid document rejection.

2. What is SOP for Australia?

SOP is an essential document in the Australian student visa application process, particularly for the students intending to pursue higher studies at Australian universities. It plays a crucial role, as your visa can get accepted or rejected based on the SOP you shared.

3. Is SOP and GTE are same?

A genuine temporary entrant (GTE) statement is considered as a broader/elaborate version of statement of purpose. Both the statements serve as a written declaration of intention to study in Australia. 

4. Does an Australian student visa get rejected?

There is a chance of visa rejection based on the misdeeds you have done in the past for example, if you ever tried to enter the country without having any real plans to study in university your act will be on record. Australian authorities can access this information and reject the application based on the past misconduct you have done.

5. Is there any interview for an Australian student visa?

Student visa applicants are referred by a case officer for GTE assessment. This will be in the form of an interview where the applicants will be asked sample questions like the purpose of the trip, plans after course completion, self financing details etc.

6. How many months of bank statements are needed for an Australian student visa?

Applicants should maintain the funds genuinely to pay course fees, bear travel and living expenses and accompanying family members while staying in Australia. Students should demonstrate their financial capability by providing evidence of funds for the first 12 months of their study.

7. How long does student visa approval take for Australia?

Generally the student visa Australia is processed within a month however the maximum time it could take is 3 months. Due to its simplified student visa framework (SSVF) the standard time maintained is 4-6 weeks depending on the educational institution, documents required by visa officers etc. It is always advisable to apply for a visa at least 12 weeks prior to the date of orientation in your applied university to avoid hurdles.






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