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SOP sample for Undergraduates

SOP sample for Undergraduates

SOP for undergraduates is a mandatory document where you demonstrate your skills and interests in a particular course and college. SOP is necessary for getting admission into the top Universities in the USA, UK, Canada, etc. In this article, we have given you a few SOP sample for Undergraduates to guide you in your SOP drafting.

University often asks students to write an SOP explaining the reason behind pursuing higher education. So, SOP must be written very carefully which decides your next step in academics. Here we will be discussing the SOP for undergraduates, its format, SOP requirements for various universities, SOP sample for undergraduates, tips to write a perfect SOP, etc.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A Statement of Purpose is an 800-1000 words long essay, written in 1 to 2 pages with a 12-point font and double-spaced between the lines. It is a letter of intent that talks about your professional and personal details, your future goals, and your interest in choosing the course. Statement of Purpose for Undergraduates plays a vital role in the university admission process. It is useful as a deciding factor for the admission panel to select a suitable candidate for the course. A statement of purpose for undergraduates is the best way to express their achievements and connect them with their future goals. 

The main sections to be covered and explained while writing SOP for Undergraduates is 

  • Introduction
  • Academic experience
  • Program interest 
  • Academic achievements and goals

Importance of SOP for Undergraduates:

  • Statement of Purpose for Undergraduates submitted to the admission panel is very important as it gives the clarity you have towards your career. 
  • SOP is the first point of contact with the admission panel which helps you to seek the committee's attention. It substitutes the candidate's physical appearance.
  • It is a source to the admission committee that speaks about your academic background, accomplishments, and insights about your interest in the course and college.
  • SOP  showcases the communications skills you hold and also projects your long-term and short-term goals you have to the committee which acts as a deciding factor as well. 
  • SOP for undergraduates submitted to the admissions panel decides how your personality/talent suits best for the course.
  • It reflects the commitment you have towards your passion in selecting this course, college, and country which will be an added advantage.
  • A perfect SOP will give an insight into the path to achieving the career destination which you have planned/dreamed of.

SOP format for Undergraduate: 


Students who are planning to pursue higher studies abroad must have a perfect SOP that will give a complete insight into your academic and professional background.  With the help of this SOP format for undergraduates, you can create your own SOP, presenting your skills in an impressive way to the admission panel. 

Below are the sections to be covered while writing an SOP format.

Let’s discuss the key points to be kept in mind while writing these sections.

1. Reason for choosing the course

Mention the specific reason for your interest in that particular course which should attract the admission department. In your SOP, you must share details about your expectations and career plan.

  • Your Expectations from the Course

Give a brief explanation about the expectations you have regarding the course like training methodologies, course curriculum, skills and knowledge you will acquire from this course, etc.  

  • Career Plan after Course Completion

 Explain the intentions in choosing this course and the career plan you are going to build after your graduation. You can also discuss the various job opportunities you will be taking up after the course completion. 

2. Program Choice

In this section, you will be discussing the various reasons for choosing the particular course. 

  • Reason behind the choice of Country

Express your interest in choosing the country by giving insights about the education system, its technological development, research activities, climate, living cost, etc. 

  • Reason for choosing the University

Here you will be discussing the factors that will support your decision in choosing that particular university by highlighting key points like infrastructure, pedagogical system, support services they are providing, faculties, etc.

3. Experience

SOP is an informative essay, where you will be discussing your professional experiences. This may include your internships, work experience, projects, etc. You can also add a note about your academic achievements to make your application stand out from the crowd. Mention your experience in a precise manner. 

4. Personal Information

In the SOP, you have to share your personal information and showcase your unique talents like sports, extracurricular activities, etc.  Also, specify the reason why this course suits you the best.

  • Unique skills/talents

Present your various skills and talents in the SOP that marks you as special, from the rest of the applicants. It can be any extracurricular activities like sports, hobbies, academics, etc.

  • What makes you the best fit for the course?

Specify the personality/talent that suits best for the course. Express your ideas, goals, and future plans you have after completion of the course.

SOP samples for Undergraduates

After explaining all the key points to be considered while writing an SOP, now here we are providing a few SOP samples for Undergraduates which might be helpful while drafting your own SOP. You can consider these samples as your references while writing.

Statement of Purpose sample for undergraduate- Interior Design

Being from an Indian family that is filled with culture, festivals, and traditions, I always used to have a keen interest in designing/decorating houses in a creative way for every occasion. This hobby has created so much impact on me, which unearthed my passion for interior design.
After completing my 12th standard  I researched more about the interior design courses offered all across the globe and also did a basic certification which helped me to understand more. During my schooling, I have also participated in science exhibition fairs where we have to create and build up more innovative ideas that helped me to grow my passion further.
After a lot of my groundwork, I strongly believe pursuing a degree from this university under the guidance of your excellent faculty will help me a lot to reach my long-term goal. Post this course I dream of pursuing a Master’s in the same University and acquiring more knowledge and technical skills which will groom me as an innovative/creative interior designer.
As humans need food to survive, my dream to become an interior designer needs proper guidance and support, which I strongly believe that is the right place to acquire. I hope you will consider my application and create a path for me to achieve my goals.

Statement of purpose sample for undergraduate- Interior Design PDF

SOP Sample for undergraduates- Computer Science Engineering


The birth of the latest Technologies in the world has made life better with many conveniences. Information Technology is very crucial because it deals with many dynamic things around the world. 
My keen interest in the area of technology developed because of the utilization of the latest gadgets and my parents coming from an IT background has made me pursue computer science engineering. From secondary school, I developed a lot of interest in knowing about the latest technologies, and emerging trends in software development, gaming, etc. 
I strongly believe that in the coming generations latest technologies like artificial intelligence, etc. will change the face of the world and many issues can be solved using science and technology. This created a huge impact on me and created a passion to learn new technologies and implement the same with ease of access to all. I am glad to know that this University is offering the course with the latest curriculum which will be dealt with by renowned scholars. 
I hope to get an opportunity to study at this prestigious university under the guidance of esteemed faculty which helps me to acquire knowledge to create new things to make me stand out of the crowd. 

SOP sample for undergraduates- Computer Science Engineering PDF

SOP for undergraduate sample in Cinematography

Cinema is said to be a reflection of society and helps us to come face to face with the actuality of what’s happening in society. Apart from that, It is also a way of showing a new world from the perspective of the director, thus inspiring other people to broaden their thinking and imagination. Different cultures of the world can be portrayed to us using cinema and teaches a lot about practical life. Being an Indian I have grown to see a lot of movies directed and acted by legendary people which created more impact on my inside thoughts to become a cinematographer and be one among the successful persons. This led me to think about my hidden talent to improve further and carry ahead in life.
During my schooling without disturbing my academic education, I even participated in various events like drama, photography, storytelling activities.. etc.. which increased my interest further. Nowadays the film industry is quite elaborate with various subdivisions like short films, blogs, etc.. where we can explore and try our capabilities. These activities played a prominent role in making correct decisions regarding the career.

 After pursuing my 12th standard during the summer holidays I worked as an intern at XYZ film arts banner where I learned a lot about the basics of cinematography and their thought process. This internship experience helped me to identify my skills in photography, movie making, etc. also created an initial path for my future career.

The way the film industry enriches human lives is always a fascinating aspect for me which in fact initiated a great interest in me in this field. To have hands-on experience related to the latest technologies emerging in Film making USA will be the perfect choice to pursue my higher education.

The University has a good number of students from other countries and also has various features like accommodation, food, transport facilities, etc. to make the students comfortable in a new place. Apart from all these the career placements of the alumni students were excellent which interested me more. Thus I have concluded to do my bachelor's degree in this prestigious organization to gain more knowledge and technical skills from the esteemed faculty.

In today’s scenario, it is always necessary to upgrade the skills and utilize the same using the latest technologies. The program from this XYZ university will help me in understanding the international aspect of the course and its emerging trends. This university will help me in shaping my career completely. After the completion of my program, I wanted to return back to my home country and work here to bring a new perspective change in an enhanced way.
It’s a privilege and a great joy to apply to the program. I am requesting you consider my application for the film school which will give me an opportunity to learn many new things related to filmmaking and implement the same with fresh thoughts to bring a new change in the film industry and society.

I strongly believe that I have chosen the right path and the right place to enlighten my career and reach the goal which I have dreamed of.

SOP for undergraduate sample in Cinematography PDF

Sample SOP for Undergraduates in Medical school

Saving people’s lives is one of the greatest things a person can do. Growing up in an Indian family that comes from a medical background I always aspired to become a doctor. Doctors all over the world were given status next to God. This is because they are live savers who relentlessly work for mankind.

During my schooling, I used to have a lot of interest in science and even participated in science fairs where I used to explain the functioning of human parts, tips to take care of our health, etc. This interest has grown gradually  and in order to explore more related to science I even opted for Biology as the main subject in 12th standard. After completing my course to decide on my career further I worked as an intern to know more about the environment, domains to explore, latest technologies in the medical field etc.

This internship has taught me many things and in fact helped me to identify my strengths, capabilities to overcome situations and also created a path for the future. In Fact, this medical internship practice helped me to deep dive a lot about the medical practices we are following in these modern days which made me think of choosing a particular field to improve my progress.

Although much progress has been made in this area in the past years, I still feel there is a tendency in medicine to treat diseases the same way no matter who the patient is. During the covid-19 pandemic, all the doctors including my parents worked 24x7 selflessly to save the people. This inspired me a lot and gave me the courage to do something for society. My parents are my biggest inspiration for taking up this career.

My personal goal is to become a cardiologist and I completely believe that this University will guide me to acquire the skills to become a perfect cardiologist. After a lot of research, I have decided that this is the best university to pursue medicine under the guidance of esteemed scholars/surgeons.

The University holds a great reputation as well as the best alumni doctors. The study curriculum of this university and the medical intern practice that they are offering to the students is a great thought which helps the students to gain practical knowledge and also will have the opportunity to rotate through different wards to understand the interplay between them and the different medical techniques they are following.

My future plan is to continue my education up to a Master’s and upon the completion of the course I would like to return back to my hometown and start a medical practice as a cardiologist and bring new medical research methodologies to my homeland to cure diseases.

My experience in medical school will give me a strong foundation upon which to build my future and career. I request you to consider my application and help me in being a part of this prestigious medical school to learn more in order to reach the heights of success.

Sample SOP for undergraduates in Medical school PDF

Soft skills to be included in your SOP for undergraduates


Besides presenting only about your professional and academic experience, it is always beneficial if you add your soft skills which might impress the admission panel 

  • Language skills
  • Intercultural skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility/Adaptability you have
  • Showcase the confidence/knowledge you hold.
  • Leadership skills you hold
  • showcase your creative thinking skills 

Most preferred undergraduate universities and their SOP criteria

The SOP criteria for undergraduates vary for each university. Mostly the variation comes in the expectations they hold for each student. Let's have a look at the SOP criteria that the universities are preferring in detail.

SOP for undergraduates at Oxford university

While composing SOP for undergraduates at Oxford University, you need to follow a few basic points like

  • Explain the reason behind taking this stream of career.
  • Speak about what inspired you most to choose this course.
  • Ability to absorb new ideas.
  • Present clearly how your personality fits for this course. 
  • Maintain a word count of 1000 to 1200 words.

SOP for Undergraduates at Stanford University

The points to be considered while writing SOP for undergraduates at Stanford University is 

  • Mainly focus on the key point why you are writing this sop.
  • Share the information related to academics, any internship or research experiences you hold.
  • As a part of extracurricular activities specify your hobbies, interests you have

SOP for Undergraduates at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Key Points which have to be taken into consideration while writing SOP for undergraduates at Massachusetts institute of technology are given below.

  • At the beginning of sop distinguish yourself from the other candidates.
  • Highlight your leadership skills that convey your strengths.
  • Show the committee how you are a great match for the course.
  • Explain why you are applying for this program and your career goals.
  • Your SOP should be no more than 2 pages.

SOP for Undergraduates at Harvard University

The basic points to be considered while writing SOP are: 

  • Your SOP should be focused and informative
  • Convey your research interest and the qualifications you hold
  • Describe your reasons and motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in a specific discipline.
  • Your statement should not exceed 1000 words

SOP for Undergraduates at University of California--Berkeley.

  • Pay attention to the purpose of writing the SOP
  • Summarise your academic career in a detailed way
  • Convey your personality and the intellectual abilities you hold
  • Mention your interest in this particular course and why you have chosen this university.
  • Do not exceed 2 pages single-spaced.

Undergraduate SOP for popular countries

The Statement of purpose for undergraduates is different based on the country of your choice. Though the format is similar, we need to focus on a few points like page limit, other details etc. In this article, we shared with you the points to be considered while preparing your SOP for undergraduates.

Undergraduate SOP for US

  • The SOP for undergraduates in USA universities must have a word limit of 1000 to 1200 words.
  • The space between each sentence should be a single space long. Some universities may prefer double spacing
  • Explain your personal details and also describe any academic experience you hold.
  • Main focus of the SOP should be on the program which you opted for.

Undergraduate SOP for UK

  • The SOP must have a specific introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • The SOP for undergraduates should be plagiarism free. There should not be any grammar mistakes.
  • SOP should have a perfect conclusion that delivers their reason for opting particular university in the UK as an academic destination.
  • The SOP for undergraduates in the UK should maintain a word count of 1000-1200 characters and can go a maximum up to 4000 characters.

Undergraduate SOP for Australia

  • The maximum number of words to be used while writing SOP to Australia is 1000 words
  • SOP should be written 2 pages long with 12-point font, double-spaced.
  • Ensure that your future goals are included in the SOP 
  • Justify your choice of selecting a college and the country.
  • All the details mentioned in the SOP must be supported by documents.

Undergraduate SOP for Canada

  • SOP submitted to Canadian universities has to maintain a range of 1000-1500 word limit.
  • Reflect on your interest in the course and college that you have chosen by presenting about the organization, professors, facilities they provide, etc.
  • SOP for Canada must be written highlighting your information related to academics, your achievements etc.
  • Always concentrate on the choice of your course and your SOP must be plagiarism free.

Undergraduate SOP for Germany

  • The SOP for undergraduates in German universities should maintain a word limit of 500-800 explaining your interest to study
  • The SOP must be 1 or 2 pages long, maintaining a font size of 11 or 12.
  • Use a standard script like Times New Roman or Arial and maintain a line spacing of 1.5 for each word.
  • You should demonstrate convincingly why you are the best candidate for this course.

Undergraduate SOP for Switzerland

  • While writing SOP for undergraduates to Switzerland universities you must maintain a word limit of 800-1000 words, 1 or 2 pages long.
  • Specify your interest in the course and reason for choosing the country
  • Explain your  short-term and long-term goals post-completion of the program.
  • Present details related to your academics like internships, academic projects, etc.
  • SOP should be written in simple English to avoid plagiarism.

Difference between the SOP, Personal letter and motivation letter

A statement of purpose, personal letter, and a Motivation letter are the three things that universities often require of students. In this article, we have provided you with basic information about the differences that vary between SOP and personal letters. We have also specified the variation that exists between SOP & Motivation letters.

SOP Vs Personal letter

SOP mainly discusses how you have  prepared a layout plan to reach/achieve your goals whereas a personal letter focuses on your accomplishments, academic achievements, and unique qualities. In spite of this difference, both statements serve for the same purpose of showing the admission committee how you suit best for the course.

SOP Vs motivation letter

The main difference between SOP and Motivation letter is that an SOP contains information related to your overall academic and professional experience, whereas a motivation letter contains information about your personality, interest, and motive to apply for the course. SOP contains more generalized documents to present whereas motivation letters contain relatively specific statements.

SOP shares about the inherent skills you have and your future plans, whereas the Motivation letter talks about the research learnings you will be bringing to the program with your skills and studies, internships etc. and how this will be helpful further.

Other Useful links

This article might have helped you in understanding the points to be considered while writing an SOP for Undergraduates. Refer to these sample SOPs and follow the tips accordingly while writing your own SOP for undergraduates. The main point to be kept in mind while writing SOP is that it should be unique and honest. 

FAQ on the SOP for Undergraduate

1. How long should the SOP be?

The Standard format to be followed while writing an SOP is  500-1000 words. SOP should not be more than 2 pages long. While writing the SOP candidates should not use any colorful text or images. Use only black color text.

2. Is the title necessary for a statement of purpose?

No title is required for SOP. Normally the admission panel expects that the SOP itself should speak about the applicant. Avoid using the titles and labels altogether until the admission panel directs you.

3. What is the best font for the statement of purpose? 

The best font for an SOP is Times New Roman (or) Arial. Use a font size of 12 for Times New Roman and 11 for Arial and maintaining a double spacing between the words is preferable. 

4. What should you avoid in a Statement of Purpose?

Always avoid using the informal style of writing, dull introduction, being over complimentary, and also not exceeding the required word limit. Do not mention the scores of your IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. These are your application components.

5. Does the statement of purpose need to be signed?

Generally, the statement of purpose is submitted online with other application documents. So, a Signature is not mandatory on SOP.

6. How do you end a Statement of Purpose?

The SOP ending should summarise the key points which were discussed in the essay. The ending must be in a convincing manner which must answer all the questions that the admission panel has.

7. What should be included in an SOP?

Your SOP should always focus on the purpose of your study. It should contain the choice of your study and the reason behind choosing it and how it suits you the best.

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