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SOP for Mechanical Engineering

SOP for Mechanical Engineering

Let Our Experts Write SOP To Win Your Admission

SOP for mechanical engineering is needed if you plan to pursue the course in abroad universities. Many students face difficulty on how to approach while writing a statement of purpose. In this article we have given you a few SOP samples to guide you in your drafting.

The idea of composing the SOP is to describe your motivation towards the particular course at your desired university. Utilise the SOP format, tips and sample SOP for mechanical engineering for reference to create the one which makes you get admission in no time. Always maintain the uniqueness of the document while writing.

This blog includes:

How to structure SOP for Mechanical engineering ?

SOP for Mechanical engineering is an essay written describing the purpose of your application to a particular course and the reason behind choosing a specific college, country. It must help the university to assess your capabilities and how you can be a valuable asset. In simple terms it must speak about your personal/professional details in a powerful manner.

Follow this structure while writing that will aid you to captivate the committee’s attention for admission.


A good introduction hooks the reader’s attention towards your SOP. So plan to start with a quote or phrase that admires you most.

First Paragraph

Here state the reason behind choosing your career in this stream. You can support your point with a life incident or experience that has paved the way for your course choice.

Second paragraph

Describe your academic background, achievements and any internships you hold. You can also add your points describing how they shaped your career path.

Third Paragraph

Explain your short term and long term goals related to the course and mention the reason behind choosing this college. Incorporate your extra curricular activities that projects your leadership skills etc.


You should add your points stating how passionate you are in pursuing this degree and benefits you achieve after the course completion from the university. Take extra care while writing this section because you will be telling about your aspirations and the career goals.


Ideal format of SOP for Mechanical engineering



Sample SOP for Mechanical Engineering

Discoveries of latest technologies and their utilisation is rapidly increasing day by day. From childhood I was very fond of creating new things that will comfort my requirements. 
During my highschool I visited Visvesvaraya museum, which happens to be a treasure trove of machines and aircrafts related to science & technology. This is a place that shows us how we are completely connected with the industrial and technical world. This has fascinated me to choose my career in Btech Mechanical engineering to learn more and explore things further.
Holding my passion, dedication and hardwork I have secured a good rank in engineering entrance exam AIEEE and secured a seat in the mechanical department at IIT Bombay. This bachelors degree has helped me to understand the wide variety of concepts like fluid mechanics, machine design, strength of materials etc. theoretically and practically. During academics, I have attended many national conferences, workshops and even participated in many extracurricular activities that improved my skills further.
In the final semester as a part of my project work I designed a robotic vehicle using RF technology and wireless camera that will be helpful in the warfields for the purpose of spying. This study marked a great impact on me to pursue my education further to research more related to robotics. After my graduation I worked as a research intern at XYZ company where I learned about the upcoming methodologies / technologies we are incorporating to advance our lives. Even career enhancing certifications like autocad designs, solidworks, unigraphics etc. given a scope to implement and learn something new.
To upgrade my knowledge further I have decided to pursue a masters degree and started exploring for the best universities. The reason for choosing this university is because of its learning methodologies, world class ranking, advanced research programs and their real life applications that makes students gain practical knowledge to create new products. 
While searching the internet about this university I got to know about the excellence of the faculty and their guidance to each student to reach their prospective goals. Apart from this good ambience and the facilities like scholarships, hostels etc. provided to the students to make them comfortable and hassle free. The project internships they had to make every student face the real life challenges/ tasks to improve their skills further is very unique.
Considering all these criteria I personally feel that pursuing a masters degree from the ABC university will help me to upgrade my knowledge by learning new principles that advances the technology. And their industry tie ups will make me land in a good position which I dreamed of. I am eagerly awaiting for your reply that marks it as a first step to achieve my passion.  

Sample SOP for mechanical engineering PDF

Sample SOP for MS in mechanical engineering

The combination of creativity, knowledge and analytical tools to complete a difficult task of shaping our ideas into reality that ranges from macro to micro level like cars, satellites, sensors, switches etc. will progress our growth towards advanced technology. This fascinated me to pursue a mechanical engineering course to bring up something new for the welfare of the society. 
I draw my inspiration of choosing this stream from my parents who work for DRDO, India. My frequent visits and participation in the workshop conducted by DRDO to the school students regarding assembling of satellites, machinery equipment etc. triggered me to know more about the technical process. Considering this interest, knowledge and passion I prepared for the national entrance exam and secured a seat to pursue bachelor’s degree in the department of mechanical engineering at IISC holding a good score.  
This undergraduation course has exposed me to various fields that are incorporated in this stream and taught me new concepts like computational mechanism, thermodynamics, automation techniques etc. University offered many industrial visits to the top companies to gain practical knowledge. I learned career enhancing certifications like Autocad, Catia, Pro-e to develop skills in design aspects.
My project work submitted in the last semester is related to automobile surveillance using communication technology to provide additional security and minimise the theft. For this project I worked as an intern in a prestigious automobile company for about 6 months and gained an industrial exposure that developed my skills further. My fresh thoughts and sincere efforts for the application of new concepts were appreciated by the management.
Considering my academic performance, internship I got placed as a junior technical engineer at XYZ company through campus placements. Working together with the seniors helped me to get familiarised with the latest machinery equipment and also got a scope to apply basic engineering techniques which were taught earlier. Soon after a year I got promoted and was given responsibility to run a team of 10 technical trainees that enhanced my working pattern and leadership skills.
Now after reaching a level of expertise I feel that it is necessary to upgrade myself to face the latest advanced challenges. After visiting the university website I was very much impressed with the course curriculum that meets the demand of latest industry advances and also with the accomplishments achieved by the esteemed faculty members who hold almost more than 20 years of industrial experience. I came to a conclusion that the Master’s degree from this XYZ university was excellently framed to match the industry requirements equipped with good facilities and world-class faculty will help me to move my research further by learning new principles and implementing new techniques to bring changes in the corporate sector.
I am very much confident that I have capability to face the challenges and contribute intelligence, dedication towards the course and university. I am eagerly waiting for your acceptance in my desired course to reach the heights in life.      

Sample SOP for MS in mechanical engineering PDF

SOP Sample for MS in mechanical engineering

Every product in modern life has been touched virtually by a mechanical engineer to improvise it for mankind to solve today's problems and future solutions. This widens the scope of learning and research in the different streams. I have been fascinated by the idea of inventing new things that benefits and comforts our work in various ways. This stream mainly centres on creating technologies to meet human needs.
Coming to my educational qualification I have done my bachelors degree in the department of mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Pursuing this course helped me to gain immense knowledge required to sustain as a perfect mechanical engineer. The computer aided design courses and the drawings that were learned during my bachelors degree made me aware of new methodologies available in this stream. I even participated in the workshops and national conferences conducted by the other universities as well that raised my technical skills in both theoretical and practical ways.
Owing to my interest in the concepts pertaining to fluid dynamics, heat transfer, combustion and propulsion I submitted my final project on aerodynamic modelling of wind turbines applying computational fluid dynamic tools. The objective of this project is to develop a high accuracy computer modelling tool in supporting wind turbine design. The breadth of mechanical engineering allows a variety of career options beyond the industries like automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy conservation etc. 
To refine my skills further I worked as an intern in XYZ turbine design and manufacturing company for 6 months that aided me to explore the industrial field. During my internship I closely observed and learned the sustainable ways to deal with the wind turbine components and recycle them.
My passion, knowledge and academic performance helped me to  secure a good rank in GATE examination and got placed as Junior engineer at India’s prestigious company Hindustan aeronautics private limited (HAL). Working alongside the senior scientists helped me to come across and learn the practical application of the advanced tools to discover unknown things around the space. After 2 years I was designated as a project head that increased my responsibilities towards the company and enhanced my leadership skills as well.    
After reaching this level of competence a further research is required to upgrade the skills. I feel getting a master’s degree will help in attaining deeper knowledge and good command on analytical skills that improves the proficiency in discovering and implementing new methodologies. What added to this is the fact that your university has the best in-course curriculum that merges theoretical and practical application of latest advances and also the guidance of the esteemed faculty with industrial experience more than two decades. Apart from this the amenities you are providing to the international students to ensure hassle-free in various aspects marks your university as best among top universities.
I believe that a master's degree from ABC university will definitely excel my career for the upcoming change. The analytical techniques and methodologies taught during the course will be guiding me in facing the new challenges in the real world. My dedication and your university commitments towards the students together will help me to peak my passion and profession to be one among the famous scientists. 

SOP sample for MS in mechanical engineering PDF 

Do’s and Don'ts for a mechanical engineering SOP 

In this section we have given you the tips to form a perfect SOP. Follow these do’s and don'ts while writing that will aid you to grab the admission.

Do's Don'ts
Introduce yourself in a short, crisp way and move on to next paragraph  Avoid mentioning your name in the SOP
Arrange your academic background in  chronological order Avoid using copied information, repetition and content picked from websites
Maintain the correlation from beginning to the end that makes your SOP perfect. Do not exceed the word limit.
Prefer writing in an active voice and ensure to convey information properly that reflects your positive mindset and passion Avoid mentioning irrelevant information like your personal family details, IELTS, GRE, TOEFL or any other score cards etc.
Speak about the purpose of choosing the course and connect them with your future goals. Never portray any wrong facts or hide any information that risks you later.

Top universities Admission criteria offering Mechanical engineering course

The SOP criteria for mechanical engineering courses varies for each university. The dissimilarities in the course curriculum and the industrial tie-ups/ job placements offered by them are the reasons behind plotting their own statement of purpose format. 

So we have listed you the SOP criteria points which the universities are preferring in detail.

MIT school of management (USA)

The basic points to be considered while writing the SOP for mechanical engineering are as follows

  • Distinguish yourself from the other candidates mentioning who you are, your ambitions etc.
  • Focus on the experiences related to the program you opted and show the committee how you fits for the course
  • Explain your research interest towards the program and the reason behind choosing this university.
  • Highlight your skills and extracurricular activities that conveys your strengths to the committee. Present your career goals and plans you had after pursuing this course.
  • Your SOP should be no more than 2 pages.

Stanford university

Key points to be considered while composing SOP for mechanical engineering are 

  • SOP should not exceed 2 pages in length and single spaced.
  • Brief the primary motivation for taking up the stream relate it to your career ambitions
  • Describe your academic and other activities that you initiated and were involved in and share the learnings you have gained.
  • Discuss the intentions you had regarding the program and connect it with your future goals.
  • Mention the reason behind choosing this university.

University of Cambridge

The points to be kept in mind while writing are 

  • Focus on the key points why you are interested in this course
  • Describe your academic interests and the passion you have for the program.
  • Explain how your profile perfectly matches for this course
  • Maintain a word limit of 500-1000.

Oxford university

Important points to be considered while drafting your sop for mechanical engineering are

  • Express your motivation, enthusiasm and a clear reason for applying to this particular university course.
  • Tell about your academic background and other experiences that shaped your decision to pursue this course
  • Mention your profile suitability for this program and future goals connected.
  • A short closing paragraph focussing on your extracurricular skills and aspirations.

Harvard University

Major points to be addressed while drafting your SOP for mechanical engineering are

  • Your statement should be focussed and informative
  • Convey your research interests and qualifications you hold
  • Mention the reason what motivated you to take up this program in a precise way
  • Write about your past work, internships etc. that shaped your research ambitions and the future plans connected to it.
  • SOP should not exceed 1000 words.

Imperial College of University

The criteria points to be applied while writing SOP for mechanical engineering is given below

  • Your SOP must demonstrate your interest in this line of study and ability to take up this course
  • Show your motivations like what exactly appeals to you about the course
  • Explain your past work experience thereby connecting how the program fits in your career path.
  • Project your extracurricular activities and interests that mirrors your leadership skills, teamwork etc.
  • State the reason for choosing this university and the future career plans you have after completion.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)

While writing your SOP for mechanical engineering, admission committee look for the following points

  • Give an insight about your background and how it shaped your personality.
  • Your interest in the course choice and the country
  • Speak about your goals and aspirations related to the course
  • Include both your academic and professional experience you had.
  • Brief your expectations from the course and how it benefits your career.

SOP for Mechanical Engineering Checklist 

Apart from the rules and regulations that are needed to be followed, You should make your own checklist to know how unique your SOP is. Make sure you prepare the checklist 2 or 3 days before the date of submission.

Here are some of the questions that you need to add to your checklist:

  1. Does my SOP give a positive approach while reading?
  2. Did I add all the information regarding internships and additional courses?
  3. Does it mention how I really want this course?
  4. Did I mention all the academic experience in my SOP?
  5. Did I mention my interests in this field?
  6. Does it say how the course is going to help my career?

Make sure you are able to tick all the boxes before submitting your SOP to the respective institution. Your SOP is ready when you are able to answer yes to all the above-mentioned questions. A checklist like this gives you a secure feeling before the submission.

Other course wise SOP’s:


Drafting a best SOP for Mechanical engineering is necessary to lock your admission in your dream university. Go through all the important topics in this blog such as tips, format to be followed, criteria for different universities, SOP samples given etc. which will help you in creating your own flawless SOP. 

FAQ on SOP for mechanical engineering

1. How do you introduce yourself in the SOP ?
In the first paragraph introduce yourself by briefing your family background and stating the current goal or objective in the thesis. It should be relevant to the specific program or course you are applying for.

2. How do I write a SOP for masters in mechanical engineering?
Follow the guidelines given by the university which you are applying for. Your SOP should explain about your academic background, work experience, ambitions, goals and why the university and course etc. Make sure that it is in simple language and plagiarism free.

3. Does SOP matter in a visa?

It is considered as extremely important by the visa officers as it gives a summary of applicant’s strong points and desire regarding the applied course. Submitting an SOP along with a study visa application in Canada is necessary just as you would with any other paperwork.

4. What is the best format for SOP?

Unless specified, SOP format is ideally 2 pages long with 12 point font of times new roman or arial and is double spaced in normal margins. Word limit is 800-1000. Usage of colour texts or images is restricted. SOP is mandatory to seek admission in the international universities to pursue graduation, MS, MBA, Phd etc. 

5. How do universities assess SOP?

Universities look at the comprehensive profile of the candidate. Your academic and other details mentioned in the SOP need to match with the documents you have submitted. If the admission committee doesn’t find any sync then they mark it as rejected. So, always mention facts with the supported documents.

6. What is best avoided while writing the SOP?

Your sentences should be concise, crisp and clear. Avoid using slang, abbreviations and informal language that creates a negative impression to the reader. Instead use words and phrases you are familiar with. Do not write lofty words to enhance your writing.

7. How do I end my SOP?

The ending of SOP should summarise the key points discussed in the essay. Highlight your strong motivation and passion one more time and finally end the arguments on why you are the best candidate for this program.


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