SAT Coaching in Ambala

Students who want to join and study undergraduate programs abroad, especially in the US and Canadian colleges and universities can undertake the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam. Kanan International conducts SAT coaching in Ambala which is facilitated with excellent study materials and experienced SAT trainers. SAT evaluates the applicants language and mathematical reasoning skills. We designed our SAT course to improve the appropriate skills for our students to crack the SAT exam. 

Similar to our effective SAT coaching in Ambala, we are also coaching for other courses such as IELTS, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and GMAT. In each course, Kanan International provides prerequisite skills and proficiency tests. Our cutting-edge test engine, KananPREP prepares students to perform well in their chosen test. Also, our trainers give proper feedback that rectifies their mistakes and errors.

sat coaching in ambala

What is the syllabus for SAT course in Ambala

Our syllabus is constructed based on the updated SAT syllabus done by the College Board. Our SAT trainers only follow the updated 2022 syllabus in our SAT course in Ambala which covers sections including reading, writing, language test, maths. The Scholastic assessment test measures the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the test takers. There are 20 SAT Subject tests which are classified into five subject areas: Mathematics, History, Science, English and Languages. 

SAT Reading Test

SAT Reading test assesses your ability of  reading and interpreting the concepts provided in the given passages. The duration of the reading test is 65 minutes and consists of 52 multiple-choice questions based on the five passages. Three types of questions will be given: factual, rhetoric or synthetic. Varied subjects are covered in the questions of the SAT reading test. 


SAT Writing Test

In the SAT writing test, test takers need to have a skill to analyze the passage and rectify the mistakes. Writing test will be conducted in about 35 minutes and it has 44 multiple-choice questions based on four passages. Each passage has a word count of 400 - 450 and the difficulty level will vary from passage to passage. SAT candidates have to be knowledgeable in grammar, spellings and other various aspects of writing. 


SAT Mathematics Test

Your mathematical skills with and without a calculator will be tested in the SAT mathematics test. You will be asked 58 questions to complete it in 80 minutes. Your problem solving, strategic use of tools and modelling have to be used to solve the questions. In Kanan, our teachers train the mathematical skills to complete the SAT mathematics test in a timely manner. 


SAT Essay Test

Though the College board opted to discontinue the SAT essay test, still students of some states and school districts have an access to. It has to be completed in 50 minutes. You have to be well read in order to answer the questions quickly. 


Kanan International in their SAT course in Ambala developed a wide range of materials to make our students in all of the four sections of the test. Your dedication and commitment to cracking the SAT test is important for us to translate your study abroad dreams into reality.

What are the upcoming batches, schedules, timings, duration, course fees of the best SAT coaching center in Ambala?

We know that students who want to join the SAT coaching center in Ambala could have different preferences about time schedules. We offer batchers on various times weekdays, weekends, fast-track and online. These are all you can get an affordable coaching fee of INR 25,000 only. 


Upcoming BatchesBatch starts onTimingDuration of the course Availability
Weekdays regular5 Jun 2023Flexible Timing between 9.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays morning6 Jun 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays evening9 Jun 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekends12 Jun 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Online batch14 Jun 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Fast-track batch14 Jun 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Even if you are not comfortable with batch details of the SAT coaching center in Ambala. You can call our counsellors or fill the form, you can get customised SAT coaching. Call out to enjoy the benefits.

Who will Train You?

What is the Coach / Trainer Profile of SAT classes in Ambala ?

Our SAT trainers prepared hundreds of students who got cleared SAT exam with the flying colours. They are not only knowledgeable in SAT but also they are subject matter experts and have good expertise in mathematics and english.
Our trainers are well competent and have a good understanding of the SAT exam’s syllabus.
Our trainers have required credentials to teach the SAT curriculum in a standardised way.
With the guidance of our trainers, approximately 20,000 students achieved their study abroad dream.
Trainers in our SAT classes in Ambala are lifelong learners who always sharpen their language and mathematical skills.
Our trainers are well read persons who have a knowledge on a wide variety of subjects such as science, social studies and humanities.
Our trainers have a lot of experience in their field and also they got certification for SAT training.
Most importantly, trainers in our SAT classes in Ambala have the passion for teaching and positive, it enables the students to study and learn in a better way.

10 reasons why you should enroll for SAT training in Ambala at Kanan International

You should choose SAT training in Ambala conducted by Kanan International as we are giving individualized attention and giving proper feedback. Our 10 year experienced trainers will give you excellent training that improves your language and mathematical reasoning skills. 


  1. You can join our SAT coaching with an affordable fee.
  2. Our team contains experienced trainers who can help with your SAT preparation enormously.
  3. You can get a variety of excellent SAT preparation and practice materials.
  4. Our study materials are based on the updated 2022 SAT syllabus.
  5. We cover reading, writing and maths in our SAT coaching syllabus.
  6. You can also get visa guidance and travel assistance.
  7. We are conducting a large number of batches at various times which ensures that we give individual attention and feedback.
  8. In our mock tests, we have covered all the SAT exam components and the optional essay section.
  9. We have 150+ tie ups with the recognized colleges, universities and institutes in the U.S and Canada.
  10. In our SAT coaching, you will get the best study materials and good preparatory mock tests and practice tests.

There are much more benefits you can get if you take our SAT training in Ambala. Just contact our counsellor and join our SAT coaching institute in Ambala. We will do required practices and training to help you to achieve your study abroad dreams. 


What is the SAT exam?

Scholastic Assessment Test, commonly known as SAT, is a standardized test that assesses the students' capability to pursue undergraduate programs in English speaking countries especially U.S and Canada. SAT is administered by the College Board. It has been accepted by over 3700 colleges, universities and institutes across the world.  It measures the reading, writing and mathematical skills of the candidates. 


Format of the SAT test

The SAT test comprises two types: SAT General and SAT Subject. Your reading, writing and mathematics skills will be tested in the SAT General test. It is more generic. SAT Subject tests your knowledge and understanding in specific areas such as English, Maths, Biology, History, etc. The duration of the SAT test is 3 hours. If you are including the SAT essay test, then it will be 3 hours and 50 minutes. 


Who can do this SAT course in Ambala ?

If you are a high school student and have a desire to study undergraduate courses in abroad countries, then you can opt for the SAT test. A recognized institute, Kanan International gives proper guidance, effective training, individualized attention and feedback to help you reach your study abroad dreams. Join our SAT course in Ambala now itself to start your training. 


What is the eligibility or pre-requisite to join our SAT institute in Ambala

You have to know several important things before joining SAT Institute in Ambala, eligibility requirements is one of things that you need to consider before taking the SAT exam. Make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements before starting your SAT preparation. 


    • When it comes to age, there is no maximum or minimum limit. But, most of the students who appear for the SAT exam fall between 17 - 18 age.
    • Education qualification is an essential requirement for taking the SAT exam. You should have completed high school education in order to qualify for the SAT test.
    • Have a valid ID issued by the government, acceptable photo ID and valid passport are some of the documents you need to have to take the SAT exam.
    • You should have an updated copy of your admission ticket to appear for the SAT exam.
    • English language proficiency and mathematical skills is required to complete the SAT exam successfully. We can train your skills further to bring out the potential to clear the SAT exam.

These are the common requirements to undertake the SAT exam. Our counsellors also help with your preparation, flexible classes and documentation process. Our SAT institute in Ambala gives you enough preparation and practice to crack the SAT exam with ease. 


SAT training with Spoken English classes

If you are planning to study in any country, you have to know the appropriate language to survive and connect with people. Thus, as you are going to pursue your undergraduate courses in English speaking countries, you have to know how to communicate in English perfectly. We offer Spoken English classes accompanied with SAT coaching to clear the SAT exam with good English proficiency in terms of speaking. 


Batch size for SAT training in Ambala

  • In our SAT training in Ambala, you choose from a variety of batch options , such as weekdays, weekends, fast-track and online.
  • Our trainers give one-on-one attention to students which ensures that their preparation will be in better position.
  • In SAT training in Ambala, in all of our batches we are providing latest and advanced study materials for our students.
  • As our batch count is limited, our trainers are able to give individualised attention and feedback.
  • In all the batches, free refresher classes are provided for students who are reappearing for their SAT exam.

Coaching modes for SAT preparation batches

  • SAT Online Coaching in Ambala: If you don’t want to attend the classes in our training centre, then you can opt for online coaching consisting of online live classes and webinars. One of the key benefits in joining Kanan International Institute is that you have access to an e-library where you can get all the effective study materials.
  • SAT Offline coaching in Ambala: You can be trained by our experienced SAT trainers in real time and we are having excellent classes and infrastructure. In our computer lab, you can practice as many mock tests as you want. You also have the freedom to choose preferred batches.
sat classes in ambala
Have queries regarding SAT dates in Ambala or SAT Ambala centre or SAT fees in Ambala or SAT coaching classes in Ambala ?

We are getting hundreds of queries from students. Those questions are getting clear quickly. Thanks to our counsellors. If you have any questions regarding SAT coaching classes in Ambala or other details about the SAT exam, you can contact our dedicated counsellors. It will be cleared as soon as possible so you can start your SAT preparation with us. 



You can also ask your doubts on our social media platform with hashtags #SATclassesinambala and #SATprepwithkanan. Our counsellors will always be available to solve your queries regarding anything related to the SAT exam. 



Our students who are proud of their achievements, eventually become our brand ambassadors. We’re indebted to them. 


We set a goal for each student with a desired score and prepare them in a better way to achieve that goal. We will give certificates, if they have attained their goal successfully. Students who attend all training sessions, classes and practice tests can get a completion certificate. Certification indicates that you prepared well for the SAT exam and it shows your readiness to appear in the exam. It also boosts your confidence and self esteem which help you to attend the SAT exam without worries. 



SAT general training in Ambala

In our SAT general training in Ambala, you will get a detailed study plan to get through the entire SAT preparation. Our trainers regularly assess your performance by conducting several tests. You will also get a detailed study report which exposes the weak areas of your skills. So, you can work on enhancing your skill level to an advanced level. Doubt clearing sessions conducted regularly to resolve your doubt as early as possible. Additional will also be given for students who need more clarity on certain topics. 


SAT subject training in Ambala

SAT subject training in Ambala is for the students who decided to pursue some specific fields. Your choses university could ask for a SAT subject score. Our trainers are also skilled in subjects involved in the SAT exam. We also have the subject experts in the fields such as Mathematics, Science, English and Language. Our trainers give complete end-to-end support. Also, you also get diverse materials, books and test materials. 


Top scores from our SAT coaching in Ambala

Students have to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, consistent practice, getting proper feedback from trainers and much more practice needs to be done to complete the SAT exam successfully. At Kanan International, we train the students according to their current skill level and capabilities so that we are able to make our students score high in the first attempt itself. 60% of our students are able to achieve a score of 1400 and above; and about 80% of our students achieved more than 1200 score. 



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score 7 band

English Coaching for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, PTE, and IELTS

Students who want to pursue their studies abroad need to converse with others using the English language to survive in their chosen country. SAT exams deal with written form and multiple choice questions. So, at Kanan, we give English coaching combined with other standardized tests such as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, PTE, and IELTS to ensure that our students are able to communicate effectively in English. 


Online SAT Training in Ambala

Though you are not able to reach our training centre, you can take up our online SAT training in Ambala. It will be the same as offline training, you will get live online classes, webinars, excellent study materials, individualized training and detailed reports on your performance.  


SAT Coaching for Beginners , Intermediates and advanced levels

We don’t blindly conduct our SAT training in Ambala. We assess our students, understand their skill level and do our training in accordance with the skill level of the students. They could fall under the category of different difficulty levels such as easy, medium and difficult. We design our coaching in a way to ensure that all our students are satisfied with their performance.


SAT Coaching for Study Abroad

Kanan International has 24+ years of experience in coaching and consulting the students.  We not only offer SAT coaching but also help with your VISA guidance and admission process. We successfully placed 20,000+ students in over 150+ universities across Europe, US, Canada and Australia. 


SAT doubt clearing sessions and Coaching Discussions in Ambala

We do doubt clearing sessions to enhance the performance of the students. We conduct discussions and doubt clearing sessions after the class is completed. You will get archived lectures to go through and understand the problems and errors in their learning. You can clear any doubts regarding the course material covered to our trainers. 


Everything You Need to Know About SAT Coaching in Ambala
    • Eligibility: There is no fixed age limit to take the SAT exam or to attend SAT coaching in Ambala. Generally, the age limit of the students who appear for the SAT exam is between 17-18 years old.
    • SAT test consists of two types: SAT General test and SAT Subject test.
    • The duration of the SAT exam is 3 hours but 50 hours will be added if you take the optional essay section.
  • You can retake the SAT exam as many times you want. It is conducted every year in the months of March, May, June, August, October, November, and December.
  • To reschedule the exam, you have to make changes in registration fees which are chargeable. Know and understand what changes can be made.
  • You can register for the SAT exam by going to or registering by mail.
Tips for Scoring 8 Band in the first attempt
  • Generally, the candidates who want to clear the SAT exam have to be well read and possess a good amount of vocabulary.
  • Create a separate sheet with formulas, equations and concepts notes since SAT exam tests your mathematical skills
  • Practice is the key to learning any subject. Try to do mock tests and practice tests as much as possible to get feedback about your answering process and other related skills.
  • Design a basic study plan which covers all the basic grammar, mathematical concepts, formulae and rules.
  • Make use of experienced SAT trainers and subject experts in Kanan International. They will guide your SAT preparation.
  • Sharpen your reading skills by reading as much as possible. Read books and newspapers and use a variety of skills such as skimming, scanning and other reading techniques.
  • Analyze the written materials and recognize the sentence structures and learn new vocabularies which will improve your English language skills. It helps you in the SAT writing test.
  • While answering, prioritize your questions and answer accordingly. Try to answer the easy questions so you devote more time on difficult questions.
  • Answer all the questions even if you find it difficult since there are no negative scores for incorrect answers.
  • Ask your performance feedback from SAT trainers to ensure that you are going in the right direction.

Reach our SAT Coaching Center in Ambala

We are conveniently located in Ambala. Kanan International SAT institute in Ambala from places such as Jalalpore, Amroli, Sachin, Bardoli, Chiklhi, Olpad, etc.

Address of our SAT Coaching Center in Ambala

Building name - INCO CBD,

Plot number 1, Third floor, Model Town,

Ambala City, Haryana - 134003

Working hours : 09:00 am - 08:00 pm

Email ID :

Mobile No : 7419874598 , 7419998100.8

FAQ - SAT Coaching in Ambala

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