SAT Coaching in Ambala

Students who want to join and study undergraduate programs abroad, especially in the US and Canadian colleges and universities can undertake the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam. Kanan International conducts SAT coaching in Ambala which is facilitated with excellent study materials and experienced SAT trainers. SAT evaluates the applicants language and mathematical reasoning skills. We designed our SAT course to improve the appropriate skills for our students to crack the SAT exam. 

Similar to our effective SAT coaching in Ambala, we are also coaching for other courses such as IELTS, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and GMAT. In each course, Kanan International provides prerequisite skills and proficiency tests. Our cutting-edge test engine, KananPREP prepares students to perform well in their chosen test. Also, our trainers give proper feedback that rectifies their mistakes and errors.

sat coaching in ambala

SAT general training in Ambala

In our SAT general training in Ambala, you will get a detailed study plan to get through the entire SAT preparation. Our trainers regularly assess your performance by conducting several tests. You will also get a detailed study report which exposes the weak areas of your skills. So, you can work on enhancing your skill level to an advanced level. Doubt clearing sessions conducted regularly to resolve your doubt as early as possible. Additional will also be given for students who need more clarity on certain topics. 


SAT subject training in Ambala

SAT subject training in Ambala is for the students who decided to pursue some specific fields. Your choses university could ask for a SAT subject score. Our trainers are also skilled in subjects involved in the SAT exam. We also have the subject experts in the fields such as Mathematics, Science, English and Language. Our trainers give complete end-to-end support. Also, you also get diverse materials, books and test materials. 


Top scores from our SAT coaching in Ambala

Students have to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, consistent practice, getting proper feedback from trainers and much more practice needs to be done to complete the SAT exam successfully. At Kanan International, we train the students according to their current skill level and capabilities so that we are able to make our students score high in the first attempt itself. 60% of our students are able to achieve a score of 1400 and above; and about 80% of our students achieved more than 1200 score. 



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