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SOP For International Business Management

SOP For International Business Management

Let Our Experts Write SOP To Win Your Admission

To study MBA, MS or MSc in International Business Management, a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is crucial. The university admissions committee in the UK or Canada reviews your SOP for International Business Management to know about your academics, work experience and positive influence on why you want to study there. To catch the committee’s attention, learn how to write an SOP using our samples, tips, etc., and write a perfect SOP.

SOP For International Business Management - Sample 1

Considering the ever-expanding globalisation and allied financial needs, a Master’s degree in International Business Management would be a great opportunity for me to tap into the financial prospects across the globe. 

The present business model demands individuals who have qualified in banking, finance, business management, marketing, and international trade to tackle crises and provide sustainable solutions. It involves detailed planning, forecasting, delegation, decision-making, and other management skills. In order to meet global standards and deliver the best output possible, I have decided to prepare myself with adequate knowledge and capabilities. The MSc in International Business Management program offered by the University of Manchester, UK, comprises topics related to global business, strategy development for the contemporary world, corporate social responsibility, working with renowned researchers, and so on. It would help me handle millions-worth projects and eventually mould me into a successful business leader.

The MSc in International Business Management course is curated in such a way that it allows students to develop critical thinking abilities and analyse the work across boundaries. Students gain research experience for building strategies and decision-making under increasing complexity. It focuses on current issues the world faces in different sectors. By the end of the first semester, the students must have covered the International Business Environment, Business Research Methodology, Global Policy and Planning, International Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and finally, International Leadership. These much-needed topics will prepare me for the world of international business management and operating in the global markets. Above all, the practical experience will give deep insight into micro and macro businesses and help me understand how to conduct business globally irrespective of different cultures, institutions, laws and business practices.  

My academic background includes two Master’s degrees. One in Public Administration and the other in Economics from the University of Delhi. During this period, I published three research papers on international conferences organised by the London School of Business and Finance and was awarded the “Best Paper of the Year.” So far, I have gained knowledge about banking, e-commerce, and financial management in both undergraduate and postgraduate. In Public Administration, I learned how to run an organisation and how to enable employees to reach their highest potential. However, I must admit that I lack in areas that lead to combining all these fields and applying them in the present-day context.  

If I join this international business management program, I will gain progression of skills, including business-oriented thinking and problem-solving. Since the course description strongly emphasises international challenges and contemporary issues, I will also acquire that knowledge from various practitioners. Moreover, it will enhance my other skills like presentation, report writing, IT-related, and verbal communication. And it will help me gain an advanced level of business knowledge and skills. On the other hand, it will allow me to do teamwork and team leadership, improve negotiation skills, and learn new technologies and technical suits like Microsoft office, design and writing. 

Overall, the MSc program in International Business Management leverages one of the best study materials and resources for students. The comprehensive teaching and learning will lay a strong foundation for deserving students like me. Thus, this newer branch of knowledge and experience will make me more enthusiastic and engaged throughout the course. With that being said, I am confident that I can carry a distinct approach toward learning and adding value to the discipline, university and society at large.  

SOP For International Business Management - Sample 2

In this fast-moving world, business is taking many twists and turns, contradicting traditional theories and ideas. To keep pace with this rapidly changing environment, I consider equipping myself with adequate knowledge and experience from academicians, researchers and practitioners. 

Many young graduates from business schools specialise in business management, marketing, financial services, banking, etc., yet lack the necessary skills to think and analyse real-time problems and not be able to make quick decisions. Despite their great academic records, they stumble when it comes to business. Unlike other professions, an international business expert requires deep research, planning, risk management and so on. So I have decided to prepare myself with the much-needed knowledge & expertise and achieve international standards. The Two Year Post Graduate program in International Business Management offered by the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning reflects current international business conditions, obstacles and regulations. It includes supplementary programs like networking and industry connections to hone the students’ report writing and presentation skills. Thus, I’m sure it will help me to understand overall business marketing better and deliver the best tangible solutions.    

The MS in International Business Management course is designed exclusively to make students research and analyse emerging financial markets and how to lead a sustainable business out of it. On top of that, students must have studied the International Business Market, Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Global Business Model, Leadership, Planning and Policy Making by the end of the first academic year. This varied range of topics will provide me with a strong foundation in micro and macro enterprises and help me elevate my skills to the next level. Hence, irrespective of any country, ideology, culture, laws, rules and regulations, this postgraduate course will enable me to shine successfully.  

My academic background comprises a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Delhi and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies from the University of Mumbai. During this period, I have actively participated in international conferences organised by the University of British Columbia and published a research paper regarding “The impact of the US-China trade war on international business.” As I embarked on similar conferences, lectures and programs, I came to know the importance of International Business Management and its untapped potential. It led to discovering the best courses across the world. The course offered at Sheridan college is considered one of the best as it includes a co-op experience for (international) students to indulge in valuable contributions. This training program allows students to apply what they have learned in class and explore different career opportunities.        

So far, I have gained extensive knowledge about banking, marketing, and financial literacy in both undergraduate and postgraduate. In Business Administration, I understood how to run an organisation and how to manage different business prospects. Besides, I must admit that I lack knowledge and skills in combining all these fields and applying them to the contemporary business environment. 

On the whole, the MS program in International Business Management is one of the sought-after courses in Canada. The professors who teach Sheridan’s International Business courses are supportive in terms of guiding students like me to various fields. Thus, this new branch of knowledge and experience will make a difference in my career and allow me to accelerate to new heights. And yet, I am confident that after pursuing this course, I can add value to the institute and the business world. 

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How to Write the Best SOP for International Business Management


Now, you will learn how to write the best SOP for International Business Management. As preparatory work, you must brainstorm, collect information, and organise your thoughts. 


In a statement of purpose (SOP), the introduction must describe your initial urge to choose an international business management course and the reason behind it. For instance, you're an employee or pursuing a degree course or just reading a news article. Suddenly, how you thought that a degree in International Business Management is relevant and essential to improving your abilities? How will it help you elevate to the next level? And how it transformed into a passion for acquiring knowledge about International Business.  

  • Start your introduction with an interesting experience that led you to get into the field.
  • Or give a problem statement that you might want to understand in your Master in International Business Management and address in the future.
  • Or give factual information about the present business model or economic situation and say how the International Business Management program will help you explore the various business prospects.
  • The introduction must persuade the admission committee to know more about you and your academic and professional background.
Example: According to the recent IMF report, an international business environment involves different aspects - cultural diversities, political bias, foreign exchange risks etc. To move in tandem with this environment, I consider equipping myself with the required knowledge and experience from academicians and practitioners. 

Second Paragraph

After pitching a good introduction, briefly discuss your academic and life experiences. Explain how each of these experiences created curiosity and turned you into this field. Give one or two examples to illustrate your interest in global business. 

  • First, talk about your experience in school and college through which you developed a certain interest like studying History and Geography helped you to understand ancient trade and the industrial revolution. 
  • Discuss your participation in various conferences, seminars and open talks about marketing, international trade, banking and finance, etc. 
  • Elaborate your project work or research carried out during the course. Ensure your experiences match your interest in the International Business Management program. 

Example: My academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Calcutta. During this period, I have actively participated in various international conferences. Also published a research paper regarding “Decoding the new legislation on International Trade between India and the US.” As I embarked on similar programs, I realised the significance of International Business Management and its scope.

Third Paragraph

In the third paragraph, mention your setbacks or challenges that moulded you into a better individual. This is to supplement your experiences but not mandatory in your SOP.  

  • Discuss the unique setbacks or obstacles that challenged you and how you overcame them successfully.
  • Highlight the lessons learned from those experiences. 
  • If possible, tell about the change of mindset that led to a positive curve and reaped good results.
Example: As a consultant, I produced the targeted results. However, the project manager wasn't satisfied. He wanted to show more output to the management and wanted me to work more without any additional remuneration. To maintain this relationship, I worked extra and gave him the deliverables promptly. I took it as a challenge and responded professionally. In a way, it helped me to still be in touch with that company. 

Fourth Paragraph

The fourth paragraph must talk about your extracurricular activities. Since universities look beyond your academics and professional life to know your interests, you must discuss them and your hobbies.

  • Share the interests that align with the course.
  • If you don’t have a hobby, then discuss how you will spend your leisure time.

Example: During my leisure time, I'd use it to explore Psychology and understand how humans respond to a given situation. It's astonishing to know that humans haven't reached their highest potential. This excites me to dig deep into it. 

Fifth Paragraph

Here comes your work experience. In the fifth paragraph, explain your job description, roles and responsibilities. If you have made a notable achievement, highlight it and tell the committee how you achieved it. Also talk about your future plans. 

  • Briefly discuss your roles and responsibilities and move on to the work experience.
  • If you didn’t work, discuss your role in the school, college or local community. 
  • Talk about the skills acquired, anecdotes, challenges, takeaways, etc. 
  • Discuss how it helps you to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Example: As a Project Manager, I had to ensure the consignments reached the customers and they were satisfied. Since it's a daily task, I scheduled my work accordingly and set tight deadlines. Eventually, positive feedback came across from different customers, and I was awarded the "Top Performer of the Quarter." 


The conclusion is as important as your introduction. You must mention how this International Business Management course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. 

  • Discuss the capabilities that enable you to make a valuable contribution to the university.
  • Mention the activities, clubs, sports, student associations, groups, etc., that you are looking forward to.
  • Finally, conclude with your expectations and how you look forward to receiving them at the university. 

Example: Overall, the MBA program in International Business Management offered by Centennial college is one of a kind. The professors and supporting staff guide students to excel in their fields. Other activities like seminars, cultural, sports, etc., will create opportunities to showcase talents. Thus, this new branch of knowledge and experience will make a difference in my career and allow me to accelerate to new heights. And yet, I am confident that through this course, I can add value to the institute, the business world and the society at large.

Top 7 Tips to Make Your SOP Perfect:

To make your SOP crisp and clear, follow these tips given by English experts. It’s tried and tested.

  1. Tell why you choose this educational institute (university/college). 
  2. If you’re an international student, tell why you choose this country.
  3. Talk about your plans and aspirations for your career.
  4. Maintain a formal conversational tone throughout your SOP.
  5. Use a standard font like Times New Roman, Arial etc., with 12 points size. Word count is 800 - 1500. The number of paragraphs should be between 5 and 7, each having 150 - 250 words. Do not use fancy or bolded text.
  6. If you need guidance to structure your writing, follow an SOP format
  7. Finally, edit and proofread your SOP multiple times until it becomes perfect.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in your SOP for International Business Management:

Since SOP is a game-changer in university admissions, you can not afford to make mistakes. To make your SOP for International Business Management convincing, truthful, and engaging, avoid the common mistakes given below.  

  • Informal Words and Sentences - Do not write an SOP in informal language or a friendly tone. As the admissions committee comprises experienced professors, they do not encourage informal words, phrases or sentences.
  • Poor Structure and Formatting - Poor structure and formatting in an SOP will annoy the committee members while reading your SOP. So ensure your SOP is well structured and formatted. 
  • Spelling and Grammar Errors - Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It will lead to the rejection of your application right away. Use Grammarly or any online (AI) tools. 
  • Lack of Coherence - If your writing does not make sense and is unable to produce meaning, it lacks coherence. So seek an expert’s guidance to improve your writing.
  • Exceeding the Word Limit - Do not exceed the word limit prescribed by the university. If you exceed the word limit, your SOP might be rejected. 
  • Extravagant Writing - If you write too many extravagant words or writing styles, it may lose its purpose. So write only simple sentences that are crisp and concise. 
  • Giving Misinformation - Always do not give false or inaccurate information. If you’re not sure about a particular topic, do not give misinformation. It will destroy your character and integrity. 

SOPs for Course-Wise:

If you want to refer to other SOP samples, check out the links below. 

SOPs for Country-Wise:

If you’re looking for SOP samples for different countries, refer to the links below.


A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a prerequisite to studying abroad at a top university. As a part of the admissions process, the committee members (AdCom) review every SOP and look for the candidate's academic and professional background. If you follow our samples, tips, etc., you can write a good "SOP for International Business Management" on your own and get selected at your dream institute. Start writing your SOP and visit our FAQs if you have doubts. All the best!


1. How to write an SOP for International Business Management?

An SOP for International Business Management must contain your academic, and professional background, skills, achievements (rewards and recognitions), plans (short-term and long-term goals), why this university is, and how it will help you to reach your goals. The SOP must have a word count of 800 - 1500. A standard font with 12 points size. The number of paragraphs should be between 5 and 7, each having 150 - 250 words.

2. How do I write an SOP for a management course?

For management courses, you must write an SOP that contains your past experience aligned with your interest. It must talk about your skill set, capabilities, challenges, achievements, etc. 

3. What are the skills needed to be included in an SOP for International Business Management?

The following skills needed to be included in an SOP for International Business Management.

  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-Making
  • Adaptive Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership 
  • Management Skills 
  • Knowledge of Business Specialisation (applying for)
  • Creativity
  • Experiential Mindset
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Skills

4. What should be the length of my SOP for MS in International Business Management?

An SOP for MS in International Business Management should be between 800 and 1500 words. If the university follows a prescribed word limit, you must adhere to it.  

5. What are the points I should add to my statement of purpose for MS in International Business Management?

In your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MS in International Business Management, you must include:

  • Reasons to choose this course, institute and the country
  • Your expectations from the course.
  • How this course will enhance your personal and professional development
  • Your future plans. 

Other than these, you must add your academic records, work experience, skills, achievements, and goals.

6. How do I write an SOP for International Business Management in Canada?

You must go through the guidelines laid by Canadian universities to write an SOP for International Business Management. Research the college or university, students’ life, extracurricular activities, campus placement, etc., and then start writing your SOP. 


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