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How to convert SGPA to CGPA?

How to convert SGPA to CGPA?

Convert SGPA to CGPA Calculator

The important scoring components used by schools and universities to measure the student's performance are SGPA and CGPA. Though these two are comparable marking schemes, their calculation methods are different. You must know how to convert SGPA to CGPA as this calculation is considered complex. 

The SGPA, CGPA, and GPA indicate the weighted marks secured by the students. Grade calculation is an important aspect of your education journey. These grades are used as a tool for getting admission to your desired colleges and institutions. As SGPA contributed to the CGPA, learn more about the SGPA to CGPA calculation, the difference between the terms, and how to calculate CGPA from SGPA for different universities here.

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SGPA to CGPA calculator

The free SGPA to CGPA calculator is given here to make your grade calculation easy. Enter the sum of all the SGPAs obtained and the total number of semesters in the SGPA to CGPA calculator to receive the overall CGPA.

How to calculate CGPA from SGPA? 

The weightage of the marks obtained by the students in their academic tenure is expressed using CGPA. The aggregate sum of the SGPA in each semester gives the CGPA.  Calculating CGPA from SGPA follows the following steps,

  • Identify the SGPA for all the semesters. This will be the average score of all the subjects.
  • Add the resulting SGPA for all the semesters.
  • Then find the total number of semesters.
  • To calculate CGPA from SGPA, divide the total SGPA by the number of sessions or semesters. 
CGPA = (Sum of all the SGPA) / (total number of semesters)

The calculation can be explained with the help of a sample. 

For instance, if the SGPA of a student in 4 semesters is, 

  • Semester 1 - 8
  • Semester 2 - 7
  • Semester 3 - 7.9
  • Semester 4 - 6.9 

The CGPA calculation will be as 

CGPA = (Sum of all the SGPA) / (Total number of semesters)

            = (8+7+7.9+6.9) / (4)
CGPA = 7.45

SGPA to percentage calculator

The Semester Grade Point Average of the student can be expressed in percentage. To convert SGPA to percentage, you have multiplied the obtained SGPA by 10 and then subtract the answer with 7.5. 

Percentage = (SGPA*10) - 7.5 

For example, 
If your SGPA is 7.6, then your percentage can be calculated as follows.

Percentage = (SGPA*10) - 7.5 
    = (7.6*10) - 7.5
    = 68.5%

To calculate the percentage from SGPA accurately, you can use our free SGPA to Percentage calculator.

SGPA to CGPA calculator KTU 

KTU uses SGPA and CGPA to calculate the student's performance. This degree system utilizes a 10-point scale to mark their skills. Here SGPA will be calculated by taking the weighted average grade point multiplied by the credit point. 

SGPA - Σ (Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Ci - credit points 
GPi - Grade points 

Whereas the CGPA for APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University from SGPA, will be calculated by taking the average of SGPA scored upto the current semester. 

The SGPA to CGPA calculator for KTU uses the following formula

CGPA = (ΣSGPA)/ (total number of semesters)


SGPA to CGPA SPPU calculation 

Savitribai Phule Pune University uses a degree system that utilizes CGPA, SGPA, and GPA to score students. The SGPA to CGPA SPPU calculation is done using the credit points and grade points of the individual subjects.

SGPA = (C1G1 + C2G2 + C3G4 + C4G4 + C5G5+ C6G6)/ (C1 + C2 +C3 + C4 + C5+ C6)

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 is the credit points for each subjects
G1, G2, G3. G4, G5, G6 are the grade points obtained in each subject 

The SGPA to CGPA SPPU calculation is as follows.
CGPA - (SGPA 1 + SGPA 2+ SGPA 3)/ (3)

SGPA 1, SGPA 2, SGPA 3 - is the SGPA obtained in 3 semesters. 

SGPA to CGPA calculator VTU 

Visvesvaraya Technological University uses the most common grading system to score the student's potential. The average value of the SGPA obtained in each semester gives the CGPA. The SGPA can be calculated as follows, 

SGPA - Σ (Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Ci - credit points awarded for each subject
GPi - Grade points obtained in that subject. 

Once the SGPA is calculated for all the semesters, you can take its average to obtain the Cumulative Grade Point Average. 

How to convert SGPA to CGPA in BPUT? 

The Biju Patnaik University of Technology uses the grading system and scores the students on a 10-point scale. To convert the SGPA to CGPA in BPUT, you need to add all the SGPA and divide the resultant value by the total number of semesters taken by the student, 

CGPA = Σ Si/number of semesters or sessions 

Si refers to the SGPA obtained in each semester. 

SGPA to CGPA convertor MAKAUT

The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology in West Bengal releases its result using the grade format. The MAKAUT marking system uses, SGPA, YGPA, CGPA, and DGPA to express their student's scores. The grading system followed by the university is given below for your reference. 

Grade Classification Score out of 100 Points
O Outstanding 100 to 90 10
E Excellent 89 to 80 9
A Very Good 79-70 8
B Good 69 to 60 7
C Fair 59 to 50 6
D Below Average 49 to 40 5
F Failed Below 40 ----
I Incomplete ----- ----


To calculate the CGPA from SGPA, the students will be adding all their SGPA and divide the sum with the number of semesters. 

The obtained CGPA can be converted to a percentage by multiplying the CGPA by 0.95

Percentage of marks = CGPA *0.95

SGPA to CGPA to percentage 

Though the scores are expressed using grades, competitive exams, and few university applications require a percentage of scoring in their respective degree. In that case, you can use the CGPA to percentage formula to convert your grades into percentages. 

Percentage = CGPA*9.5 

The below table shows the percentage value to their corresponding CGPA value

CGPA Equivalent Percentage (%) CGPA Equivalent Percentage (%)
10 95 6.5 61.75
9.5 90.25 6 57
9 85.5 5.5 52.25
8.5 80.75 5 47.5
8 76 4.5 42.75
7.5 71.25 4 38
7 66.5    

What is SGPA? 

SGPA is the weighted average of all the subject's grade points earned by a student in a semester. Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is a performance measure score awarded to the students at the end of all semesters. It is a 10-point scale system with 0.1 increments. 

SGPA is calculated by taking an average of all the grade points obtained in one particular semester or over an academic time period. The academic performance of the student over the entire semester is marked using the SGPA. A good SGPA is required as it contributes to a good CGPA which in turn plays an important role in your college admissions. 

What is CGPA?

The overall academic performance of the students throughout their education tenure in school or college is measured using CGPA. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average grade points obtained by the students at the end of their academic program. It can be calculated by dividing the sum of all grade points obtained by the sum of credit points. i.e,

CGPA = (SGPA) / (number of semesters)


CGPA = (Sum of the (grade points * credit point) for each subject )/ (sum of the credit points) 

The CGPA is expressed on a 10-point scale range and categorized into letter grades such as O, A, B, C, D, and F.  Every institute has its own grading average and the most commonly used CGPA calculation based on the marks obtained is given below for your reference. 

Marks Obtained Numerical Grade Letter Grade Category
≥90 10 O Outstanding
<90 ≥80 9 A+ Excellent
<80 ≥70 8 A Very Good
<70 ≥60 7 B+ Good
<60 ≥50 6 B Above Average
<50 ≥45 5 C Average
<45 ≥40 4 D Pass
<40 0 F Fail


Most of the top-notch universities in India uses terms like SGPA, CGPA, and GPA to measure their student's academic performance. Thus you need to have a clear understanding of these terms and know to differentiate them correctly to fill in the application for further higher education. 

  • GPA is the average of the grade points obtained in one semester. SGPA is the grade point average calculated over a time period like a year or a semester. The CGPA is the overall grade point obtained during your entire course program.
  • The GPA is mostly scaled on a 10-point scale whereas some universities used a 4-point scale range. The CGPA and SGPA 10-point scale to measure students' performance. 
  • Universities in India and abroad, use both GPA and CGPA as the main marking scheme. Most of the universities abroad prefer GPA for their admission process. Some institutions may prefer to have the marks in percentage.
  • As CGPA is calculated based on the SGPA and GPA, the students must score well every semester to have a good overall percentage. 

How to calculate SGPA? 

As SGPA reflects on your performance over a period of time like a year or a semester, you must know how to calculate the SGPA from obtained marks. The SGPA is calculated based on the grades and credit points obtained. The steps to calculate SGPA are as follows,

  1. Step 1: Note the individual credit points of all the subjects you appeared in that particular semester.
  2. Step 2: Multiply the grade points obtained in each subject with their corresponding credit points.
  3. Step 3: Now add all the resulting answers
  4. Step 4: Add the credit point and find its total sum.
  5. Step 5: Divide the sum of the grade points obtained by the sum of the credit points.
  6. Step 6: The result obtained will be your SGPA. 

For a better understanding, we have given you a sample SGPA calculation. 

Let's say, the grades and the credit points of the 4 subjects in a semester are as follows. 

Subject Grade point  Credit points 
Subject 1 8 3
Subject 2 9 4
Subject 3 6 3
Subject 4 7 4

Thus the SGPA can be calculated as, 

SGPA - (Sum of the grade points * Credit points ) /  (Sum of credit points)

    = ((8*3)+ (9*4) + (6*3) + (7*4))/ (3+4+3+4)

    = 106/14 = 7.57
SGPA = 7.57

To calculate the percentage from SGPA, multiply SGPA by 10 and subtract it by 7.5. 
SGPA to percentage = (SGPA*10)- 7.5
= (7.57*10) - 7.5 
        = 68.2%

Key takeaways
  • Semester Grade Point Average and Cumulative Grade Point Average both indicate the weightage of marks secured by a student during their course program. These grades are used to secure admissions for their further higher studies.
  • You can easily convert SGPA to CGPA by adding all the SGPAs and dividing them by the total number of semesters. 


What is the CGPA of 7.5 SGPA? 

CGPA for 7.5 SGPA will be 7.5. This is because, if you are calculating the CGPA for one semester then the SGPA will be your CGPA. 

How to calculate CGPA?

The CGPA is the Cumulative grade points obtained by the students throughout their education tenure. To calculate the CGPA, you can take the weighted average of the SGPAs obtained during the particular course duration. 

How is CGPA calculated from SGPA? 

CGPA is calculated from SGPA using the following formula. 

CGPA = (Sum of all the SGPA) / (total number of semesters)

Is SGPA and CGPA the same? 

No, SGPA and CGPA are different. SGPA is the score obtained by the student in a semester, whereas CGPA is the cumulative score secured by the students during their entire education program. 

What is the difference between SGPA and CGPA in college? 

CGPA is the overall grade point that gives the student performance throughout their course. SGPA is the grade point average that is used to calculate the student's performance for a particular session or semester. The weighted average of SGPA for all the semesters gives the CGPA. 

Which is more important, SGPA or CGPA?

CGPA is considered to be more important than SGPA because most universities and institutions use CGPA for their admission process. However, as SGPA is an integral part of the CGPA, a good semester score is necessary for overall performance. 




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