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Bonafide Certificate: Format, Samples, and Application Letters

Bonafide Certificate: Format, Samples, and Application Letters

A bonafide certificate is a document that acts as a proof of identity and certificate of evidence of one's membership in an organisation or an educational institute. It is usually issued by schools, colleges, universities or organisations to certify the status and validation of the individual. This type of certificate holds a great significance in various areas and serves multiple purposes, such as when applying for student concessions with public transportation organisations, passport applications, visa applications, educational loans and availing benefits from government schemes.

The ‘bonafide’ is derived from the Latin word, which means ‘in good faith’. The bonafide certificate for students is typically used for several reasons such as when applying for an Aadhaar Card; opening bank accounts; applying for passport; enrollment into classes and availing scholarship benefits. It can also be obtained from schools in order to get an internship letter or any other formal document.

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The Purpose of a Bonafide Certificate

A bonafide certificate is a document attesting to a person's identity, academic status, and place of study. It is required for many purposes such as,

  • applying for admissions in other schools, colleges and universities.
  • availing scholarship.
  • obtaining student concessions from public transportation organisations.
  • applying for a passport or visa.
  • accessing low-interest loans from certain lending organisations.
  • applying for a driver’s license.

Most schools/academic institutions can issue the certificate within a time period of 10-15 days.

Format of a Bonafide Certificate

Creating a bonafide certificate requires attention to detail, with every college or company having its own distinct format. On the certificate, you'll see the institution's name printed on the company letterhead or the organisation's logo or seal. Additionally, there will usually be an issued date and student information listed. Lastly, it must include a signature from the head of the institution or certified personnel to validate authenticity. If there are any additional criteria needed, then these should also be included to adhere to all legal standards.

Types of Bonafide Certificates

Bonafide certificates are documents issued by an authorised organisation as proof of an individual's identity, status or qualification. These types of documentation are often requested by employers, educational institutions and other organisations who need to verify information about a person’s background. There are two main types of bonafide certificates: temporary and permanent.

Temporary Bonafide Certificate

It is usually issued on a short-term basis, such as for temporary residential status, part time studies or non-paid training programs. This type of certificate is valid only for the duration specified in the document and it does not guarantee permanent residence rights in any country.

Permanent Bonafide Certificate

It is issued for a longer period of time, such as for a working visa, student exchange program or long-term residence permit. This type of certificate provides confirmation that the holder has acquired certain qualifications and can exercise their rights for an indefinite period.

Bonafide Certificate for Students

When applying for university admission or internships, students may be required to produce their bonafide certificate in order to prove their educational accomplishments or academic qualifications.

Bonafide Certificate for Employees

Employers may require bonafide certificates from job applicants in order to verify their employment history, professional qualifications or past work experience detailed on their resume or CV.
In both cases, issued bonafide certificates can also include information regarding nationality, date of birth and contact details depending on the country's civil registration legislation that applies to each case

Bonafide Certificate - Sample Formats

Sample Bonafide Certificate For School Students

A bonafide certificate for students is a document that establishes a student's information and the academic institute's recognition of him/her. It serves as an official record of a student's identity, date of admission, current status in studies and the courses attended by them.

It is important to understand the purpose of getting a bonafide certificate. This would help institutions issue it promptly while making sure that all required information is documented properly in one form. The particulars of the bona fide certificate should include basic details including student’s name, age, school/college name and period of attendance among other items which vary depending on the purpose mentioned in application form of bonafide certificate.


Bonafide Certificate for College Students Sample


Sample Bonafide Certificate for Employees

Each company or organisation has their own format for the bonafide certificate. It will contain particulars such as company name printed on the letterhead, date of issue, employee details for whom the certificate is issued, and company seal. Following is the sample for a Bonafide certificate for Employees.


Bonafide Certificate - Application Format

Bonafide Certificate Application for Students

School or College students should write a request application or letter to the head of the institute in order to obtain a bonafide certificate from the institution. The request letter must contain the clear reason for what bonafide certificate is required. The required documents that should be given along with the request letter are Photocopy of ID card, Fee receipt, Admission receipt, Marksheet. 



Bonafide Certificate Application For Employees

Employees may require a Bonafide Certificate for various reasons, such as requiring an employment letter to apply for a loan or receiving visa documents. Bonafide Certificates are documents issued by employers attesting to the fact that an employee is employed at their organization and the details of the post held.

In order to obtain a Bonafide Certificate, employees should submit a written application to their employer, outlining the specific purpose of requiring the certificate and providing proof, if necessary.

The document will be prepared by the employer after due verification and approval from the necessary departments. Once processed and approved, the employer will send it to the applicant who can then collect it physically or via email.

Along with submitting a bonafide certificate application, employees may also need to provide valid ID proof, passport size photograph and other relevant documents when requesting this certificate. Careful attention must be paid when filling out these forms in order to ensure accuracy and timely processing of the request.



Application for Bonafide Certificate for Availing of a Loan



Bonafide Application for Passport

There are several important things to keep in mind while writing an application for a bonafide certificate for a passport: First you'll need to draft an application using the prescribed format. Make sure it's clear and legible and that all the necessary information is included. Also, address it to the head of your department. Finally, remember to include all pertinent documents as supporting evidence like student ID card, mark sheets and certificates of achievements.


Bonafide Application for Aadhar Card

With this letter, you'll provide important details such as your name, age, contact information and mention that you need the certificate to apply for an Aadhaar card--assuming you have all other required documents. Your letter should also have information on why you are applying for Aadhaar.



1. Explain the similarities and differences between a bona fide and study certificate.

A bona fide certificate is an official document issued by an education institution or recognized authority verifying the purpose of the individual's stay in the area, such as for educational purposes or research. A study certificate lists out the full details of a student’s name, course name, institution and marks obtained and must be endorsed by a signing authority to be considered valid. The main difference between these two documents lies in their purpose – while bona fides attest to why someone is in that place, study certificates record academic achievements.

2. What is the validity of a bonafide certificate?

When it comes to bonafide certificates, the validity of them depends on their purpose and the company/institution that issued it. A temporary bonafide certificate will have a validity period between six months and one year. If you've been given a permanent certificate by your school or employer, then it will be valid for as long as you're an active student/employee.

3. How and why is a bonafide certificate used for scholarship?

A bonafide certificate is needed by the institute or authority granting a scholarship to ensure that the student is actually studying for the course for which they are applying. The bonafide certificate serves as proof that a student is enrolled in a specific program of study at an approved institution.

4. What are the requirements to be granted a bonafide certificate?

For students, the requirements may include a photocopy of the school ID card, Application Form, Fee Receipt, Passport size photo, Admission Receipt and Marksheet.

On the other hand, if you are an employee then it's mandatory for you to provide proof of your employment by submitting an identity card of your company/employer along with a Pay slip and PAN card. Once all these documents are verified, a bonafide certificate will be granted to you.

5. Can I get a bonafide certificate even after I’ve graduated from the institute?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a bonafide certificate even after graduating from the institute. The certificate can be issued for various purposes, including employment or higher education. To acquire the certificate, a written application must be submitted to the head of the institution or organization.

6. Are the convocation certificate a degree certificate and a bonafide certificate the same?

It is commonly believed that convocation certificates, degree certificates, and bonafide certificates are the same thing, but this is not entirely accurate. A convocation certificate is a temporary certification given to students by a college or university after successfully completing their degree program. On the other hand, a degree certificate is the official document that proves a student's successful completion of their specific degree program. A bonafide certificate, on the other hand, is a confirmation of a student's attendance and enrolment in the institution.

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