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Data Scientist Salary in US

Data Scientist Salary in US

The average data scientist salary in US is $124,693 per year or $53.41 per hour or $8,828/month. The additional cash compensation for a data scientist in the US is $13,796. Over the past few years, the demand for data science professionals increased enormously. Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data scientists market is expected to grow by 36% by the year 2030. 

A Data scientist salary in US can vary by region as well as by work experience and company. This article shares updated information about the highest pay received by data scientists in different cities, states within the United States of America (USA).

How much does a Data Scientist earn? 

Data scientists in the USA make an average salary of $124,693 per year. The best pay ranges $202,762, while the lowest pay ranges $76,772.


Scope of Data Scientist in US

Companies across the world including the US are highly dependent on data science experts for their smart usage of big data to drive business decisions. Data Scientist professionals are highly in demand in industries like finance, engineering, healthcare etc. Increasing demand for Data Scientists is creating enticing career opportunities for students and also experienced professionals. A data scientist's salary depends on several factors like education/technical skills, work experience, Place of stay/company etc.

List of states in US that offer best salary for Data scientists

The places in the United States of America that offer a very good pay for Data Scientists are California, New York, Washington, Delaware and New Jersey. The annual salary range for Data scientist professionals in these states are given below

  • California- $133,110
  • New York- $135,824
  • Washington- $133,900
  • Delaware- $127,810
  • New Jersey- $120,240

All these annual average salary figures are factoring on average number of years of experience. Let’s now look into the metropolitan cities in the US that are offering the highest pay to data scientists.

Highest paying cities for Data scientists in US 


City Name Average Salary per year ($)
San Francisco, CA $139,757 
New York, NY $135,824
Palo Alto, CA $156,923
Seattle, WA $136,392
Boston, MA $135,691
Redmond, WA $135,646
Austin, TX $119,410
Chicago, IL $118,499
Irvine, CA $114,881

Data Scientists salary in US by experience

Years of experience play an important role in earning high salaries. Latest salary range of a data scientist based on experience in United States is given below

  • Entry level data scientist salary: For early career professionals, the data scientist average salary for freshers with less than 1 year of experience is expected to earn $98,650.Data scientist in his early career stage holding 1-3 years of experience can earn on an average of $109,364.
  • Mid level data scientist salary: The average annual salary of a data scientist with 3-5 years of experience earns is $122,421. A mid-career data scientist with 5-7 years of experience earns an average salary of $130,242.
  • Experienced Data scientist Salary: The median salary of a 7+ years experienced data scientist can be up to $147,874 on an average. However, for manager level professionals the average salary is expected to be considerably higher around $2,50,000.

Desired skills for a Data Scientist in US

Along with the technical skills, having scientific curiosity, strong leadership skills and linguistic experience have a great impact on Data scientist salary in US.The major technical  skills required for a data scientist includes,

  • Knowledge of Programming languages such as Python, SQL, JAVA, perl, C/C++
  • Understanding data analytical tools to extract valuable information from an organised data set. Expertise in data analytical tools like SAAS, Handoop, Spark, Hive etc. is required.
  • Knowledge of the latest emerging technology is necessary to stay updated. Proficiency in Cloud architecture, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Probability and Statistics, Deep learning are essential to become a professional Data scientist.

Data Scientist Salary vs Other Similar Professions Salary

There are many professions that are similar to or overlap the role of data scientist. Positions like data analyst, Big data engineer, Machine learning engineer etc.are closely related to data scientist. Variation with respect to pay is displayed below




Some of the top companies in the US like Microsoft, Apple, Twitter etc. are hiring professional data scientists with good pay. The “Data Scientist salary in US” are higher in the regions of California and New York. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How much data scientist make in usa?

The average data scientist salary in USA is $124,693 per year or $53.41 per hour. As per the latest update, For entry level positions, the salary starts around $98,650 per year, while the most experienced can earn up to $147,874 per year on average. 

2. Is data scientist a good career in USA?

With the help of advanced technology, data scientists get insights from the large amount of data they collect which will improve the business growth rate. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 35.8% employment growth between 2021 to 2031.

3. What is the highest salary of a data scientist?

As per the latest report 2023, The average highest salary of a data scientist ranges between $239,722 and $295,629. 

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