Duolingo English Test Pattern 2024

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Duolingo English Test Pattern 2024

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The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an online, computer-based standardised test that measures English proficiency for non-native speakers. Duolingo released the test in 2016 and is accepted by more than 4000 universities and educational institutions in over 50 countries, including Ireland's student visa program. The test is adaptive, and its difficulty level adjusts to the test-taker’s ability level.

The test can be taken from any location with an internet connection. DET is scored on a scale of 10-160. A score above 120 is considered proficient. The results are delivered within 48 hours. It is convenient, accessible, and affordable compared to other tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Duolingo English Test consists of an introduction and onboarding section, an adaptive test, and a video interview to assess your writing and speaking skills.

Table of Contents

Highlights of Duolingo English Exam Pattern

Test Duolingo English Test
Test Pattern
  • Introduction and onboarding (5 minutes)
  • Adaptive test (45 minutes)
  • Writing Sample and Speaking Sample (10 minutes)
Duration 1 hour
Mode Online
Sections 2
Question Types Objective, Descriptive

Duolingo English Test Pattern

The Duolingo English Test is a 1-hour test that consists of two sections: adaptive testing and video interview. Adaptive testing is 45 minutes long in which one's English skills are evaluated using a series of questions. The video interview consists of a 10-minute writing and speaking test. The adaptive test comprises questions that assess the test-taker's analytical thinking and versatility. The questions are divided into four key skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The test is based on computer-adaptive technology, which means that the difficulty level of the questions changes based on the participant's performance. The Duolingo English Test is well designed using advanced technology like Data Forensics and Artificial Intelligence to ensure clarity and accuracy. Here is a quick overview of the Duolingo exam pattern:

Section Duration Description
Introduction and onboarding 5 minutes
  • Ensure proper functioning of your computer’s camera, speakers, and microphone.
  • Submit your government-issued photo ID.
  • Understand the test rules and requirements.
Adaptive test (Graded) 45 minutes
  • Your English skills are measured through a series of different question types.
  • Question difficulty changes based on your performance.
Video Interview - Writing and speaking sample (Ungraded) 10 minutes
  • You have to respond to a given prompt.
  • Your response should be 1–3 minutes long for the Speaking sample and 3–5 minutes for the Writing sample.
  • You can review the responses after the test. Institutions receiving your results will also get these samples.

Here is a detailed walkthrough of the Duolingo exam pattern.

Introduction and Onboarding (ungraded)

Duolingo provides a 5-minute introduction section that takes the test taker through the test rules and requirements. The test taker must submit a valid government ID for verification and the system will check the functioning of the computer setup, internet access, camera, microphone, and speaker. Candidates should follow the rules and guidelines strictly while taking the test, or else their test can be cancelled, or may even be permanently banned from taking the Duolingo English Test.

Adaptive Test (Graded)

The Adaptive test is a 45-minute section that is the most important part of the test. This section contains various types of questions that are designed to assess the candidate's English skills. The questions are short, and the difficulty level changes based on the test taker's performance. The Adaptive test section of the Duolingo English test determines the candidate's knowledge of the English language by analysing their answers to the questions. The number of questions in the test is not fixed, and the AI determines when the test is complete. The AI calculates the candidate's score based on the subscores set by the test, such as literacy, comprehension, conversation, and production.

The section grades the candidate's reading, speaking, writing, and listening abilities. The Duolingo adaptive test scores are assigned separately by the test provider, and it is crucial to follow the rules and regulations of the test to avoid disqualification. The adaptive test has questions in the following pattern:

  • Read and Complete
  • Read and Select
  • Listen and Select
  • Listen and Type
  • Read Aloud
  • Write About the Photo
  • Speak About the Photo
  • Read, Then Write
  • Read, Then Speak
  • Listen, Then Speak

Writing and Speaking Sample (Ungraded)

The video interview is the final section of the test and requires the test taker to record their responses to open-ended questions. This 10-minute section includes writing and speaking samples. They may be asked to describe an image, talk about a given situation, or speak on any topic for a few minutes. Test takers must have a front-facing camera, microphone, speakers, and a fast internet connection to take this section of the test. They will be given 30 seconds to choose one of the two prompts. The speaking sample should be answered in 1 to 3 minutes. The candidate will get 3 to 5 minutes to complete the writing sample.

This ungraded section will analyse the test taker's fluency in writing and speaking in the English language. Before submission, they will get time to review their video samples and write their answers to the prompts. The test taker's answers will be shared with institutions with their score.

What you need for the Duolingo English Test

  • Application fee of 49 USD.
  • A computer with a functioning microphone, speakers, and camera
  • Good internet connectivity
  • Original and Valid Identification (Passport, Driver's License, government-issued photo ID)

Why take Duolingo English Test?

  • Duolingo English proficiency test is widely accepted across the world.
  • DET is easier than IELTS and TOEFL.
  • It is cost-effective and convenient for test takers.
  • You can practise a free Duolingo test sample before the exam.
  • The score is received within 48 hours.

The duration of DET is just 60 minutes which is less than that of IELTS and TOEFL. Duolingo English Test is cheaper than other standardised English proficiency tests. There are no eligibility criteria for DET.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the pattern of Duolingo test?

Duolingo English Test has two sections: adaptive testing and video interview. The 60-minute test allocates 5 minutes for the introduction and onboarding process, 45 minutes for adaptive testing, and 10 minutes for the video interview.

2. Is 75 a good score on Duolingo English Test?

A score above 110 on the Duolingo English test is considered good. If you score above 120 it is an excellent score.

3. Is the Duolingo test hard?

Duolingo is a challenging test where the candidates will get questions according to their skill level. You get harder questions as you give the right answers and vice versa.

4. What are the Duolingo English Test eligibility criteria?

Anyone can take the Duolingo English test. There are no specific age or educational requirements. Students applying for higher education in foreign countries can take the test.

5. What happens after taking the Duolingo English test?

After completing the Duolingo exam, invigilators receive the score and candidates receive an email with their score within 48 hours.

6. Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

Yes, Duolingo is easier than IELTS. The skills tested and the test duration is lesser in Duolingo compared to IELTS. Duolingo tests basic English language skills whereas IELTS is a more comprehensive test.

7. Which top UK universities accept the Duolingo English Test?

Top Universities in the UK that accept the Duolingo test -

  • Kingston University
  • University of Southampton
  • Middlesex University
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • University of Exeter
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

8. What is the pass mark for Duolingo English Test?

There is no passing score for the Duolingo English test. The minimum score is 10 and the maximum score is 160 and is scored in 5-point increments, i.e.15, 20, 25, etc.

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