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Education System In Canada

Education System In Canada

Due to its high level of living standards with excellent infrastructure, a world-class education system, a health care system, and effective government, Canada is ranked by UNO as one of the best five countries in the world to live. In addition to this, Canada is ranked among the top in per capita income.

It has become one of the preferred education centers for international students from around the world. Colleges in Canada offer international students from different parts of the world a wide variety of courses and programs on graduate and postgraduate levels.

Why study in Canada?

Every year around 1, 80, 000 international visit Canada for higher studies. Enrolling in graduate and postgraduate courses is a path for international students that lead to the realization of a dream career in their field of interest.

The Canadian education system is one of the most valued teaching systems in the world. Students prefer to study there for its quality and affordability. Excellent student life is one of the features that make students choose Canada education from various other options to study abroad. A Canada education degree will add value to a student when they begin their career there.

Any aspiring students who wish to apply for higher studies abroad can look into the following comprehensive guide on Canada Education for higher studies.

Study And Work In Canada

Canada is enriched with great educational institutions providing world-class education. International students come to the country with a dream of pursuing study and work in Canada simultaneously. Scholarships In Canada There are several scholarships in Canada for higher education on offer. Eligible overseas students under various programs organized by the government or private parties can apply for suitable scholarships in Canada. There are also university-specific scholarships in Canada for higher education offering international students to experience the meritorious Canadian education system.

Career/ Technical/ Private

Colleges Privately owned and operated, their primary objective is preparing you for the job market after a short period of instruction. The emphasis at Career College is on practical skills. Post Study Work Option depends on the institution.

Types of Certifications


This qualification is awarded upon one year of the program.


This qualification is awarded upon one or two years of the program.

Advanced Diploma

A three-year program, it may lead to a Bachelors Program.

Bachelor’s Degree

A four-year full-time study program is awarded by universities, university colleges, and community colleges, which can lead to graduate-level studies.

Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate

A specialized applied course, it leads to either a Certificate or a Diploma. The duration of the program is between 8–12 months and is often preferred by students when compared to Master’s programs. These programs have in them, work terms which offer you full-time opportunities to attain practical skills along with theory. The duration of the work term in the course is between 12–17 weeks. To make an application in the said program three or four years of Bachelor’s degree is required.

Masters Degree

If you look to further learn, research, or broaden your career possibilities, the Master’s Degree is your best bet. A two-year degree can be pursued either after 4 years of Bachelors's or 3 years of Bachelor along with a 1 year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada.

Tuition Fees

Diploma and Certificate Program: C$13000-C$16000 Bachelors Program: C$13000-C$18000 Masters Program: C$17000-C$25000 Once you visit Canada, you will never feel like leaving the place. Students who pursue their education in Canada are most likely to stay back in Canada and settle in this blissful land.

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