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Jobs in Canada for Indians

Jobs in Canada for Indians

As Canada’s young working population is decreasing, it largely relies on immigrants. In 2023, this country plans to allow 465,000 new permanent residents. Globally, Canada ranks at the top in the standard of living, which is a major reason for immigrants choosing it. Canada has the best healthcare system and the cost of living is 7.5% lower than in the US. Being the safest country, it also has a quality education. The average salary in Canada falls under the range of 30,200 CAD to 534,000 CAD.

Over 1.4 million Indians are residing in Canada. Indians have several benefits by choosing Canada as their place of living such as a higher employment rate, better working conditions, low living costs, fulltime and part-time job opportunities. We have listed out the 11 best jobs in Canada for Indians, including structural engineers, Indian cuisine cooks, and registered nurses. And, how to get a job in Canada as an Indian.

Table of Contents:

11 Best Jobs in Canada for Indians


Below, you will find the 11 in-demand jobs in Canada for Indians. It contains job roles, job descriptions, academic qualifications, average salary, etc. 

1. Structural Engineer

Structural Engineers are responsible for designing buildings, roads, and other types of structures. To become a structural engineer, primarily, one needs to complete a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or structural engineering. It requires a minimum of 4 - 5 years of work experience and is registered as a professional engineer in the respective province. The average annual salary of structural engineers in Canada is CAD 78,251. 

2. Indian Cuisine Cook

Indian Cuisine Cooks have expertise in Indian foods, which is useful in Canada since it has a large amount of Indian population. Having formal training and experience in Indian cuisine can help you to attain a job in Canada. The annual salary of Indian cuisine cooks in Canada, on average, is around CAD 34,125. Some restaurants require a University Diploma to appoint them as a chef.

3. Registered Nurse (RN)

Nursing is a popular job field for Indians in Canada due to the broad healthcare system. Registered nurses are responsible for providing psychological and physical support to patients during the treatment and recovery phase. On average, registered nurses can earn CAD 81,856 per year. A university degree and a good amount of experience in nursing are the requirements to become an RN in Canada.

4. Business Development Executive

The business development executive is responsible for developing new ideas to promote the brand's image and business growth. Completing a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field with some hands-on experience and a good portfolio helps you to get a job. The average annual salary of a business development executive is $56,120 in Canada.

5. Accounting Technician and Bookkeeper

Accounting Technician and Bookkeeper prepares monthly reconciliations, investments, and record revenues, handling tax reports and other tasks. You can get this job by completing the college program in accounting, or related fields and with relevant work experience. The average annual salary of this job is CAD 49,060.

6. Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst is responsible for examining financial data and tracking the financial performance of a company. You can get this job easily with a CFA qualification and having an experience in this field is an added advantage. The average salary of this job is CAD 69,909 per year. Coming to skills, you need to have knowledge of economic theories and principles and analytic methods including simulation and forecasting techniques.

7. Agriculture Research Assistant

As Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in Canada, you have huge advantages. Their responsibility is to support agriculture research scientists in their research on crop fields, sustainability and quality of crops. On average, the annual salary of this job ranges from $42,640 to $72,852. To get this job, you need to maintain and harvest agronomic research experiments and be able to do physical tasks in various work environments.

8. Secondary School English Teacher

If you have excellent English speaking skills, you can opt for a teaching profession in Canada. To be eligible for this job, you need to get a TESL/ TELF/ TESOL Certification and Territorial Teaching Certificate from the federation. The average salary of this job is about CAD 43,875 per year with 35 - 40 hours per week. The major duty is to prepare subject materials according to curriculum and be able to teach students systematically. 

9. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for designing and building websites. Getting a bachelor's degree in computer science, and having good experience and a portfolio can help you to get a job. The average salary for the job is $74426 per annum. They are mostly employed in software development firms and information technology consulting firms.

10. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers research, design, and build machinery and systems for heating, transportation and various purposes. To be eligible for this job is to get a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related field. A Master's degree or doctoral degree in a related engineering discipline might be required. The average salary for this job is about  $74507 per annum.

11. Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers design, construct and deploy electrical systems. To get a job, you need to obtain a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or in an appropriate engineering discipline. A Master's degree in a relevant field may be required. Annually, one can get a salary of $83,210 on average.

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Best Fields in Canada for Indians

Take a look at the fields where you can find better jobs in Canada other than what we have listed.

  • Information technology 
  • Cyber security
  • Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply chain management
  • Healthcare

4 Steps to Get a Job in Canada from India


We have laid out the four steps to follow to get a job in Canada from India. It will increase your chances of getting a position in Canadian Organisations.

 Step 1: Have the required documents

Make sure you have the following documents, which are necessary for getting a job in Canada,

  • The cover letter supports your job application.
  • Documents from previous employers such as employment reference letters.
  • Payslips for proof of salary.
  • Identification documents such as passports.
  • Work permit/ Visa
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Professional Resume

Step 2: Create a Professional CV

In Canada, companies use Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter out job applications. It scans all the CVs and filters out the applications based on keywords, alignments, profile photos, formats, etc. It replaces the manual task of choosing the best CV. So, focusing on a good CV can take you a long way. A good professional CV contains education, work experience, a list of skills, the correct length, etc.

Step 3: Choose the right sources or job sites

You can directly contact the job consultants and ask for a job offer from Canada. You can take a multi-channel approach by using online job portals such as Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, Google for Jobs and Individual company websites. You can also utilize Canadian Newspapers to explore job vacancies. 

Step 4: Get Canada PR

If you have good education and work experience, you can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). PR will increase your probability of getting the job since employers look for candidates with the right to work in Canada.


We hope you found a suitable job by using our information. Follow the steps we have given in the article to get your desired job in Canada. Enhance your skills and capabilities that accord with your chosen profession to level up your career. 


Can Indians directly get a job in Canada?

Yes, Indians can get a job in Canada. They require a work permit in the country. Work permits have to be applied, for individually. In several cases, they can apply for an open work permit which enables them to apply for any job with any employer. 

How can I get a job in Canada with an Indian degree?

You have to get a 67-point score on Canada’s Express Entry (immigration system) and apply for a visa online to get a job in Canada. You can work anywhere with the help of a visa. 

How much does an Indian fresher earn in a job in Canada?

In Canada, the average salary for Freshers, including Indian graduates is $57,176

How much money do I need to settle from India to Canada?

In General, an individual applicant needs approximately $15,500 CAD to immigrate to Canada. Couples require the amount of  $21,000 CAD. And, families with children will need between $25,000 to $30,000 CAD. 

What are some of the high-demanding jobs in Canada?

There are several high-demanding jobs you can find in Canada: Accountants, Councilors, Nurses, psychologists, Construction managers, Social workers, Software developers, Technicians, and Financial Managers.

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