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Jobs in Ireland for Indians – Top Companies, High Paying Jobs

Jobs in Ireland for Indians – Top Companies, High Paying Jobs

We will be looking at various Jobs in Ireland for Indians, in this blog. Ireland is a favourite destination for Indian job-seekers. There are many students who go to Ireland to study and then stay back to work. Students studying there can get part-time jobs. Ireland has an excellent education system with many disciplines and job opportunities. It is easy to work in Ireland as it is an English-speaking country. 

Many companies in Ireland are hiring qualified migrant workers from India. The migrant workers contribute €4 billion to the economy annually. Ireland has a two-year stay back option for students who complete their masters. Workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) need to have an employment permit to work in Ireland. If you have good spoken and written English skills you can find full-time jobs in technology, science, finance, HR, and health areas easily.

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Job Opportunities for Indians in Ireland

Job Opportunities for Indians in Ireland

The demand for skilled workers in Ireland and the number of Indians moving to Ireland are increasing. Employment opportunities are rising in the technology and software development industries. There are also great career opportunities in Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, and Pharmaceuticals. Ireland is facing a skill and labour shortage which makes it easier for foreigners to find jobs in Ireland. You will find the most number of jobs in cities like Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, and Waterford. Now, let's look deep into some of the Jobs in Ireland for Indians.

Business Analytics Jobs

Business analytics refers to analysing and processing historical business data to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. It helps to make effective decisions and increase financial performance. You can find jobs such as data scientist, business analyst, operations analyst, financial analyst, data analyst, statistician, quantitative analyst, and marketing analyst. These jobs are available across finance, banking, insurance, telecoms, utilities, software services, government, IT, e-commerce sectors, healthcare, and retail sectors.

Educational Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in business analytics, data science, statistics, computer science, engineering, or related fields.

Average Annual Salary: €60,000 to €100,000

Job Responsibilities: Analyse data models, derive logical conclusions, develop innovative solutions and changes, budgeting and forecasting.

Skills Required: Analytical and problem-solving skills, knowledge of data analysis and visualisation tools like SQL, Python, R, Tableau. Knowledge of business operations.

Data Science Jobs

Data science jobs involve collecting information from different sources and analysing it to get a clear understanding of how an organisation performs. Using analytical and statistical tools they automate specific processes and develop solutions to problems. Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Engineer, Big Data Engineer, and Quantitative Analyst are popular jobs in this field. There is a huge demand for these jobs in the finance, healthcare, technology, retail, and marketing industries. 

Educational Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Data Science.

Average Annual Salary: €50,000

Job Responsibilities: Collect and analyse large data using various tools and extract insights to improve business decisions. Develop predictive models to forecast trends in data. Communicate data findings to stakeholders. Design and implement data-driven solutions to business problems. Improve data quality, data collection, and data analysis processes.

Skills Required: Python, R, SQL, and Java, statistical analysis, data mining, and machine learning, Hadoop, Spark, and Hive, communication skills.

Investment Banking and Finance Jobs

Investment banking and finance jobs help individuals, corporations, and governments to make financial transactions and raise capital. They also involve in making decisions related to mergers and acquisitions. Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Risk Manager, Equity Research Analyst, Asset Manager and Financial Advisor are some of the jobs in this sector. These jobs are in high demand in Dublin, where many international financial institutions operate. Mostly banking, asset management, private equity, venture capital, and accounting firms hire investment bankers and finance professionals.

Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, accounting, business, Master's degree in business administration, Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Accountant

Average Annual Salary: €73,000

Job Responsibilities: Analyse financial data, conduct market research, create financial models, develop investment strategy, provide financial advice to clients, manage investment portfolios.

Skills Required: Analytical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, knowledge of financial softwares and tools, understanding of financial markets and regulations.

Pharmaceutical Science Jobs

Pharmaceutical science uses scientific methods to make new medicines and treatments. They do research and experiments to develop new medications. Formulation Scientist, Analytical Chemist, Quality Control Analyst, Research Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Specialist are some of the top pharmaceutical science jobs in Ireland. You can get such jobs in large pharmaceutical companies.

Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical science, chemistry, biochemistry.

Average Annual Salary: €48,000

Job Responsibilities: Develop, test, and produce drugs and medical devices. Design and conduct experiments, analyse data, develop new products, ensure quality control.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, communication skills, ability to work in a team, knowledge about regulatory requirements.

Construction Jobs

Construction jobs are an important part of infrastructure development as they create buildings, bridges, roads etc. It contributes heavily to the economic growth of the country. The most in-demand jobs in construction are Construction Project Manager, Construction Site Manager, Construction Engineer, Quantity Surveyor. They are required in civil engineering and infrastructure companies.

Educational Requirements: Bachelors in civil engineering, diploma or trade certification in construction, master's in civil engineering.

Average Annual Salary: €40,000 to €50,000

Job Responsibilities: Planning and organising construction projects, supervising workers, ensuring on-time project completion within the budget. Manage resources, follow health and safety compliance.

Skills Required: Technical skills, knowledge of building codes and regulations, communication and leadership skills, problem-solving skills.

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Top Organisations/Recruiters in Ireland

These are some of the top companies in Ireland where you can get a job.

  • Accenture
  • Medtronic
  • CRH plc
  • Johnson Controls
  • DCC plc
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Aptiv
  • Trane Technologies
  • Aon
  • Seagate Technology
  • Smurfit Kappa Group
  • Flutter Entertainment
  • Kerry Group
  • Kingspan Group
  • Experian
  • Bank of Ireland
  • ICON
  • AerCap
  • Steris
  • Allied Irish Banks

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How to get Job in Ireland from India

Recruitment agencies are the first option for Indian students in Ireland to find jobs. It may be challenging to find jobs in certain sectors. But when you sign up with a recruiting agency, they do the job search and bring the jobs that are apt for you faster. The agencies help you get in touch with potential employers. They also give you knowledge about the statistics of the Irish job market. You can also take the assistance of a recruiting agency to create your resume. They have large networks and connections with various companies in Ireland. Check some of the recruitment agencies here.

  • Action Recruitment
  • Allen Recruitment
  • Approach People Recruitment
  • Clark Recruitment
  • Life Science Recruitment
  • Robert Walters Group
  • Sigmar Recruitment
  • Sonas Recruitment
  • The People Group
  • Ward Personnel

If you are residing in India, online portals will be helpful for finding a job. After COVID, many companies have started advertising job vacancies on these online portals. Students and job-seekers can utilise these platforms to browse for jobs. These online job portals can help you find and apply for jobs easily.

Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland

The job market in Ireland is growing and so is the development in the country. According to the 2022 data, Ireland’s GDP per capita has crossed USD 100,000. This is a reflection of the salaries earned by the people. Many multinational companies are operating from Ireland which has opened up many high-paying jobs. As per Jobted data, the average annual salary in Ireland is above €44,202. Look at some of the highest-paying jobs in Ireland for Indians.

Job Avg. Annual Salary (approx.)
Professors €118,000 
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) €116,000
Doctor €108,000
HR Director €87,000
Chief Technology Officer €79,000
Marketing Director €77,000 
Actuary €77,000
Automation Engineers €73,000
Legal Counsel €64,000
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer €61,000
Software Engineers €56,000
Chief Executive Officer €55,000
Senior Sales Manager €51,000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to apply for job in Ireland from India?

You can follow these steps to apply for a job in Ireland from India: 
1. You can find potential employers and jobs on online job search websites like Indeed or LinkedIn or by registering with recruitment companies. You can also check the websites of the companies directly for vacancies.
2. Look for the job description and ensure that you have the required qualifications.
3. Create a good resume/CV to submit to the recruiter.
4. Send them the documents as per their requirements.
5. Check back with your employer to know the status of your job application.

2. Can I get job offer in Ireland from India?

You can get a job offer in Ireland if you have the necessary educational qualification and the skills to work there. You must also satisfy the legal requirements to work in Ireland.

3. Which jobs are in demand in Ireland?

According to CPL, Finance Analyst, Quantity Surveyor, Privacy Lawyer, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Recruitment Consultant, Digital Marketing Manager, Customer Services, Cloud Architect and Supply Chain Manager have high demand in Ireland.

4. Is it difficult to get a job in Ireland?

Even though you have to take visas and work permits, it is relatively easy to get a job in Ireland compared to other countries in the EU.

5. Do Indians Get PR in Ireland?

Indians who live in Ireland for at least 5 years (60 months) are eligible to apply for a PR.

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