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Jobs in New Zealand for Indians

Jobs in New Zealand for Indians

Every year, the number of jobs in New Zealand for Indians rises. As of May 2023, there are 290,300 new vacancies open for both Indian freshers and experienced candidates. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) states that the country needs 40,000 new workers annually in Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Finance, and Engineering. This blog provides information about the top NZ employers offering high-salary jobs for Indians and the work visa process.

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Job Opportunities in New Zealand for Indians

The New Zealand workforce is nearing retirement, facing a skill and labour shortage. Thus, the New Zealand government encourages many Indians and foreigners to migrate and work in NZ. Meanwhile, job hunters equip themselves with professional courses, and certificates and get high-salaried jobs in major cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Now, let us see some of the best job opportunities for Indians across various sectors in New Zealand.

Healthcare Jobs 

Healthcare jobs in New Zealand are medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and midwives. To become a medical doctor, a long academic procedure is required, which includes formal training and 11 years of education to become a General Practitioner (GP). A physiotherapist needs to prove their skills. Similarly, nursing requires registration with the Nursing Council of New Zealand. Since Midwifery comes under Immigration New Zealand’s regional skill shortage list, the government encourages skilled midwives from overseas.   

The other healthcare jobs include Health Care Assistant, Senior Registered Nurse, Medical Administrator, Surgeon, Forensic Expert, Psychiatrist, Anaesthetic Technician, and Clinical Practitioner. The educational requirements are a Level 5 Diploma in Health, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, a Master of Nursing Science, etc. Healthcare employees earn an average annual salary of NZ$40K - NZ$85K (Rs. 2024815 - Rs. 4302733) per year. And to be successful in this field, the workers must have positive psychology, technical and mechanical abilities and patient preparation.

Education Jobs

Among OECD countries, New Zealand offers an amazing education system to work in. However, the nation faces a shortage of teachers at all academic levels. Many NZ employers recruit teachers, educators, creative artists, etc., and familiarise themselves with the NZ curriculum and NZ Qualifications framework. To apply, visit the Ministry of Education and follow the process. Here, you must note that some education jobs offer a fixed-term position, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 12.00 pm (12 hours a week), except for school holidays. So watch out!

The other education-related jobs are English Teacher, Early Learning Educator, Team Leader, Infant Primary Caregiver, Teaching Assistant, Teacher Aide, Learning Assistant, Online Tutor, Counsellor, and Lecturer. To work in the education field, the minimum educational requirements are Bachelor’s degree or Master's in Education, University Graduate with Teacher’s Licence. The average annual salary is NZ$35000 - NZ$75000 (1771713 INR - 3796529 INR) per annum. To reach the senior level, one must have verbal and written communication, interpersonal skills, creative thinking, time management, leadership and Microsoft Office.

Software Jobs

When it comes to Software jobs, New Zealand offers a plethora of opportunities ranging from Junior Web Developer to Full Stack Developer. Tech companies in NZ are known for flexibility and good work-life balance. They offer remote, work-from-home and hybrid options for their employees. IT Recruitment firms receive hundreds of applicants every day. So they refer to job seekers as “headhunters.” They recommend full-time and part-time jobs for applicants based on their skills, such as technical, communication, problem-solving, etc.

The software jobs are Software Engineer, Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer for Test Automation, Fullstack Web Developer, Intermediate Software Developer, Software Test Engineer and Software Developer (Front End/Back End). To get hired, the educational qualifications are a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (BSc), a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (B.Tech), and a Master in Computer Applications (MCA). An ideal software engineer can earn an average annual salary of NZ$85K - NZ$145K (₹4302733 - ₹7357246) per annum. Finally, the minimum skill requirements are Java, Spring Boot, Maven, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Testing and Coding.

Cooking Jobs

Cooking jobs are highly in-demand in Hospitality and Tourism industries. Many Indian chefs move to New Zealand as Cook Assistants and gradually become the Head Chef of a star hotel. Through this process, they gain experience in cooking different food ingredients, regional recipes and maintaining dishes. Interestingly, if a chef knows how to cook veg and non-veg cuisines, they’re hired easily. 

The other in-demand cooking jobs are Waiter, Kitchen Hand, Barista and Cook, Cook Assistant, Indian Cook, Chinese Chef, Fast Food/Restaurant Cook and Cafe Worker. To get into the cooking industry, the educational qualifications are Diploma or Degree in Cooking, Undergraduate / Postgraduate in Hotel Management. Their average annual salary is NZ$50,234 (INR 2548601)  per year or NZ$27 (INR 1369) per hour. The sought-after skill requirements are Food preparation, Discipline, Patience, Knowledge of Nutrition, Leadership and Management, Culinary Expertise, Roasting, Blanching, Sauteing, Cleanliness and Physical Fitness.

Construction Jobs

Construction is the fifth largest sector in New Zealand, where 1000+ construction jobs are emerging every year, irrespective of permanent, temporary or contractual basis. Government sources reveal that the majority of jobs will be in residential buildings. For applying, New Kiwis is the leading recruitment service linking NZ employers with skilled migrants (offshore and onshore) for construction and manufacturing jobs.   

The other construction jobs are Civil Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Operations Manager, Estimator, Working Foreperson, Site Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Asphalt Foreman, Supervisor, Builder, Electrician and Farm Worker. The minimum educational qualifications are Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, EEE, CSC, High School Diploma in Civil Construction, BSc in Mathematics, and other Safety Protection Certification Courses. Generally, their average annual salary is NZ$11000 per year or NZ$30 per hour (Rs. 557653 per year or Rs. 1520 per hour). Some of the skill requirements are Wielding, Wood Cutting, Problem-solving, Critical-thinking, Physical Endurance, Self-Starter, Time Management, Math and Communication.

Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing industries in New Zealand are technology-driven. They use 3D printing, Nanotechnology, etc., for plastics, metals and concrete production. To get a job in the manufacturing industry, you must be knowledgeable in cutting-edge technology along with excellent communication skills. To ensure safety and maintenance, the manufacturing industry follows different shift timings and procedures.  

The other manufacturing jobs include Production Operator, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Computer Engineer, Manufacturing Assistant, Machine Operator, Factory Worker and Inventory Assistant. To get a manufacturing job, the educational qualifications are any UG or PG degree in Science, Technology, Mathematics or Engineering. Their average annual salary ranges between NZ$50000 - NZ$70000 a year (2536194 INR - 3550671 INR a year). Lastly, the important skill requirements are Project Management, Metal Fabrication, Digital Printing, Laser-cutting, Big Data Analytics, Lean Manufacturing, Welding Technology, Robotics, Team Work, Machining and Quality Management Systems.

Engineering Jobs

From web design to aerospace technology, there are numerous engineering jobs offered by Kiwi (NZ) employers. Mostly students do internships while pursuing Engineering courses and get placed. Some of the high-paying sectors are automobiles, mining, metallurgy, power generation, and IT. After graduation, many Indian freshers get engineering jobs in New Zealand. 

The other important engineering jobs are Chemical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Materials Engineer and Marine Engineer. The educational qualifications are Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a related field. An engineer’s average annual salary is NZ$75000 - NZ$110000 per year (3801690 INR - 5575812 INR per year). Then, to become an engineer in New Zealand, the skill requirements are Technology and Computer Science, Communication, Management, Problem-Solving, Critical-Thinking, Leadership, Research and Business Operations.

Other Unskilled Jobs

Surprisingly, it is easier to get an unskilled job than a skilled job in New Zealand. You must register on the NZ government website, submit proof and documents, apply for unskilled jobs and then start working upon a successful match. Many Indians seek unskilled jobs to earn extra money. 

The other unskilled jobs are construction Worker, Bartender, Brewery Worker, WWOOFer (working for accommodation), Housekeeper, Au Pair, Farming Hand, Packer, and Janitor. Their educational qualifications are A minimum of 10th or 12th pass. And the skill requirement is English communication (written and spoken). The average annual salary for unskilled jobs is NZ$7500 per annum (₹380265 per annum).

Top Organisations/Recruiters in New Zealand

Below is the list of top organisations/recruiters in New Zealand. Indians can visit their official website and start applying for suitable positions.

  • Fonterra
  • Spark New Zealand
  • Xero
  • Fletcher Building
  • Fisher & Paykel HealthCare
  • Kiwibank
  • Genesis Energy Limited
  • Air New Zealand
  • Contact Energy
  • Mercury NZ
  • Ebos Group
  • Skycity Entertainment Group
  • Delegat
  • Synlait Milk
  • Chorus
  • Port of Tauranga
  • Pushpay Holdings
  • Kiwi Property
  • Summerset Holdings
  • Precinct Properties

How to get a job in New Zealand for Indians?

In the New Zealand job market, almost 250,000 new jobs are coming each year across various industries. To get a new job in New Zealand, professional networks and recruitment agencies are the easiest way for Indians. Recruitment and HR consulting firms serve as a bridge between job seekers and employers. They identify the registered skilled migrant workers overseas and suggest suitable jobs. Also, they help employers find the right person for the right job. 

Some of the best recruitment agencies are:

  • EchoGlobal
  • Staff Nash
  • Talent ID Recruitment Ltd
  • RobLawMax Recruitment
  • FRENZ Recruitment and Immigration
  • DNA325
  • HR Connect Limited
  • Alpha Recruitment
  • Emergent NZ
  • Human Connections Group
  • Personnel Resources
  • Automotive Employment NZ Limited
  • Robyn Young HR

If you’re searching for online job portals, numerous opportunities are available. All you must do is register your email address and mobile number. Upload your updated CV/resume. Do a job hunt based on your qualifications, experience and skills. If you find one, apply immediately.  

The following online job portals will post the recent job openings and vacancies from different sectors:

Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand for Indians

Multinational companies (MNCs) like Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland Airport, etc., offer the highest paying jobs in New Zealand. It is in addition to perks and privileges like performance bonuses, insurance, work-life balance, and many more. The following table contains the latest highest-paying jobs in New Zealand for Indians.

Job Avg. Annual Salary (approx.) in NZD Avg. Annual Salary (approx.) in INR
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) $560,000 Rs. 28,552,996 Per Year
Judge $415,000 Rs. 21,159,810 Per Year
Radiation Oncologist $382,500 Rs. 19,502,716 Per Year
Chief Financial Officer $252,000 Rs. 12,848,848 Per Year
Chief Technology Officer $245,000 Rs. 12,491,936 Per Year
Surgeon $210,000 Rs. 10,707,373 Per Year
Physician $187,000 Rs. 9,534,661 Per Year
Health Services Manager $185,000 Rs. 9,432,686 Per Year
College Professor $174,000 Rs. 8,871,823 Per Year
Pilot $145,000 Rs. 7,393,186 Per Year

Work Visa in New Zealand

As per New Zealand Immigration, 44 types of work visas are available for Indians. All working visas are temporary in nature with different periods. There’s no permanent work permit in New Zealand. Applicants must check the “Essential Skills in Demand (ESID),” updated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment for individuals to be aware of new high-demand skills.  

To apply for a work visa from India, you need an offer letter, IELTS score for New Zealand, followed by personal and professional information. Some of the important work visas are:

  • Essential Skills Work Visa (permanently closed on 4 July 2022)
  • Work to Residence Visa
  • Skilled Migrant Category Residence Visa
  • Accredited Employer Work Visa
  • Partner of a Student Work Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Post Study Work Visa
  • Global Impact Work Visa


1. Can I get a job in New Zealand from India?

Yes. You can get a job in New Zealand from India if you have an offer letter from a NZ-based company, good communication skills, educational & professional information, and medical fitness certificates. You can search for job openings via online portals, company websites, and recruitment agencies.

2. Which job is easy to get in New Zealand?

Farming Hand jobs are easy to get in New Zealand. Because it doesn’t need educational qualifications or experience.

3. How to get a job in New Zealand with an Indian degree?

To get a job in New Zealand (public/private sector) with an Indian degree, you must:

  • Update your CV and register with various websites and recruitment agencies.
  • Search and apply for suitable jobs.
  • Prepare for interviews and technical rounds.
  • Attend job interviews and get a job offer.
  • Apply for the New Zealand work visa and start working.

4. How much is the salary in New Zealand?

The average salary in New Zealand is NZ$35.00 (1785 INR) per hour or NZ$65000 (3315138 INR) per annum. Please note that there is no minimum wage for apprenticeship and casual work.

5. Is a New Zealand visa easy for Indians?

Yes. Indians can get a New Zealand visa easily. Since India is not on the list of visa waiver countries and territories, Indian citizens need to apply for a New Zealand visa based on their purpose of visit.


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