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TOEFL Exam Fee

TOEFL Exam Fee

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an English Proficiency test which measures the English language skills of the test takers such as reading, writing, and speaking. It is conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services), which helps students and job seekers to get into their preferred country. The TOEFL exam fee varies from $195 to $290 ( INR 16,125.72 - INR 23,981.84), depending on the test location. You can choose the date of your convenience since multiple dates are available throughout the year. 

TOEFL comprises two different types of tests - TOEFL iBT (Internet-based test) and TOEFL Essentials. In TOEFL iBT, you can take the test at the test center, home or in the form of a paper edition. The overall duration of the TOEFL iBT test is 3 hours, while TOEFL Essentials is 1.5 hours. In this article, you can learn about different types of TOEFL exam fee, country-wise TOEFL exam fees, and Payment forms for the TOEFL exam. 

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TOEFL Exam Fee In India

The TOEFL iBT exam fee in India for 2023 is US$195 or INR 16,125.72 (US $1 = INR 82.69). Candidates have to pay the cost of US$120 or INR 9928.62 to undertake the TOEFL Essentials test. As already mentioned, the TOEFL application fee will be changed from country to country depending on the currency exchange rate, local market conditions, etc. And, there will be additional charges if you reschedule the exam, late registration fees, additional score reports, etc.

Other TOEFL Fees - An Overview

Types of TOEFL Fees Fees (USD) Fees (INR)
Late Registration US$40 INR 3304.02
Rescheduling US$60 INR 4956.03
Reinstatement of Cancelled Scores US$20 INR 1652.01
Additional score reports (per institution or agency) US$20 INR 1652.01
Speaking or Writing Section review US$80 INR 6608.04
Speaking and Writing Section review US$160 INR 13216.08
Returned Payment US$30 INR 2478.02

TOEFL Retaking fee

Candidates might not be satisfied with the scores they got and want to retake. In that case, they can retake the TOEFL exam. TOEFL retaking fee will be the same cost of TOEFL application fee. Indian students have to pay US$195 (INR 16,125.72) to retake the exam.

TOEFL Late Registration Fee

Candidates should be aware TOEFL online registration will be closed 7 days before the test date. And, late registration will be closed 2 days before the test date. The cost of TOEFL late registration is US$40 (INR 3312.24).

TOEFL Rescheduling Fee

If the TOEFL test is rescheduled by ETS, students can select a different test without any additional fee. But, in some cases, students want to change the test date. They have to pay the rescheduling fee of US$60 (INR 4970.19) four days before the test date. Students can reschedule the test either by phone or online. They cannot reschedule by mail, email, or at the test center.  

TOEFL Reinstatement of Cancelled Scores

Students can reinstate the score by paying US$20 (INR 1655.92) if they accidentally cancel the scores. Reinstatement can be requested in two ways, either by an ETS account or completing and returning the request form. It must be requested later than 60 days from the date of the test. It only applies to the students who cancelled the scores on a test day at the end of the test. 

TOEFL Additional Score Reports Fee

Students get four free official TOEFL score reports, which will be sent to institutions or agencies, or other recipients.  The validity of the TOEFL score report is 2 years. To get additional score reports, students must pay US$20 (INR 1656.90) for each recipient. Score reports can be ordered through the ETS account, fax or mail. 

TOEFL Speaking and/or Writing Score Review

Students can request a score review for speaking and writing sections through the ETS score review process. It must be requested up to 30 days after your test date. Students can pay US$80 (INR 6626.92) to review the scores of either speaking or writing sections. They can also request both of the sections, for which they have to pay US$160 (INR 13253.84).

TOEFL Fees Reduction

Fees Reduction service is not available for Indian students. It can be used by high school seniors in the USA who are having financial needs. The fee reduction voucher will cover 50% of the actual test fee. Eleventh grade students and foreign exchange students are not eligible for fee reduction vouchers.

Country-wise TOEFL Exam Fee

The TOEFL iBT test is conducted in major cities around the world, apart from India. In the table below, you can find the TOEFL exam fee in both USD and Indian rupees for other countries.

Country TOEFL Exam Fee (USD) TOEFL Exam Fee (INR)
United States $255 INR 21124.80
United Kingdom $245 INR 20296.38
Australia $273 INR 22615.96
Canada $240 INR 19882.16
New Zealand $275 INR 22781.65
Ireland $240 INR 19882.16
Mexico $225 INR 18639.53

Payment Methods of TOEFL Exam

Students need to know about the acceptable and unacceptable forms of payment. So, they can pay the exam fees in an appropriate manner. It is important to pay the full test fee to avoid inconvenience. Refunds for the test will be made in U.S Dollars only.

Acceptable Payment Methods

Students can register for the TOEFL exam through an ETS account, mail or phone. They can pay the exam fee using a credit or debit card, Electronic check, Paypal, Paper check or money order, depending on the mode of payment.

  • Credit/Debit Card: Students can use a Credit or Debit Card to pay TOEFL exam fee if their chosen mode of payment is an ETS account or phone, or mail. 
  • Electronic check: If students decide to pay through an ETS account or phone, they can use the Electronic check (e-check).
  • Paypal: If students are comfortable with paying registration fees using Paypal, then they have to pay through an ETS account.
  • Paycheck/ Money order: Students can pay money by paycheck or money through the mail. 

Unacceptable Payment Methods

TOEFL specifies several payment methods which students should not use to pay their registration fees. Those are followed by,

  • Post-dated checks
  • Demand drafts or cash
  • UNESCO Coupons
  • Western Union
  • Receipts for bank checks
  • Any currency other than U.S dollars (for payments not made using credit/debit cards)

We hope you learned about the varied TOEFL exam fees. Each one has a specific purpose, which students can use for their own benefit. Also, pay your exam fee only through acceptable modes of payment. Make sure to know the payment policies or other important information apart from the TOEFL exam fee on the official website.


How many days does it take to get TOEFL results?

If the scores are available, you will get an email and you can access it in your account online. If you requested a score report in the form of a paper copy before the test, it will be mailed to you 11-15 days after the test date. 

Is TOEFL better than IELTS?

Most commonly, TOEFL score is accepted by American institutions and IELTS score is accepted overseas. But, most of the schools accept both exam scores. Still, it is worth checking out your chosen school which test they prefer.

Is 500 a good TOEFL score ?

An average TOEFL score is 90. Any score above 100 is considered to be a good TOEFL score. Students should be determined to achieve a score which enables them to get acceptance from their universities. 

Which countries accept TOEFL?

TOEFL is one of the most popular English proficiency tests, accepted by over 11,000 universities and institutions across Europe and Asia.

Which country has the highest TOEFL score?

Canada has the highest TOEFL requirements compared to other countries. Canadian Universities demand a minimum of 90 score for TOEFL internet-based test. And, the minimum TOEFL score required by USA universities is 68.

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