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PTE classes in Navsari

Are you looking for PTE coaching in Navsari ? Then you are in the right place. Kanan International is one of the leading PTE coaching in Navsari offering unique training for PTE aspirants. With 25 years of experience, we have trained over 20,000 students and 150+ strategic tie-ups with American and Canadian universities. You can register with us today to get your dream scores.


Kanan is the leading institute offering peculiar classroom and online prep solutions for study abroad entrance exams like PTE and other exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. Get a free demo class for the PTE coaching in Navsari to achieve a 7+ band in the first attempt.


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What is the syllabus for the PTE course in Navsari ?

As PTE is a new English proficiency test, our experts have precisely analyzed the curriculum to create our PTE coaching syllabus. We make sure to cover the entire syllabus to help the aspirants gain a complete understanding of the exam. Our PTE course in Navsari emphasizes imparting adequate knowledge to the students using advanced training methodology. The syllabus covered in our PTE preparatory program is given below.

Speaking and Writing

Speaking and Writing

The first session of the PTE test is used to test your speaking and writing skills. This is the longest part of the test and is conducted for 54-67 minutes. Kanan trainers prepare you to answer all seven question types within the time limit. The question types used to test your skills are,

  • Personal Introduction (1 question) - After 25 seconds of preparation time, you will read a prompt and record your personal details in 30 seconds.
  • Read aloud (6-7 tasks) - You must read a transcript of 60 words aloud in 30-40 seconds. If you wait more than 3 seconds your recording will stop.
  • Repeat the sentence (10-12 tasks) - You will be listening to the played audio and repeat the same within 15 seconds.
  • Describe image (6-7 tasks) - Go through the given image for 25 seconds and describe the image in your own words.
  • Re-tell Lecture (3-4 tasks) - You will listen to a 90-second lecture, summarize for 10 seconds and say your answer in 40 seconds.
  • Answer short answer questions (10-12 tasks) - Listen to an 8-9 second audio and answer the question using single or multiple words in 10 seconds.
  • Summarize written text (2-3 tasks) - Read a text prompt of 300 words and summarize the same in 75 words in 10 minutes.
  • Essay (1-2 tasks) - Read a prompt of 2-3 sentences and write an essay in 200 to 300 words explaining them in 20 minutes.

Thus 28-36 questions need to be answered in 54-67 minutes. The PTE training in Kanan gives you adequate coaching to clear all these task types. The practice tests improve your timing skill and answering strategy.



The PTE reading session is an integrated skill test where your reading, as well as your writing skills, will be evaluated using 5 question types. The test duration is 32 - 41 minutes. Kanan PTE curriculum offers special training to complete these sections. The questions are briefed segment-wise to give you a clear understanding.

  • Multiple choice, choose single answer (2-3 questions) - Read a 300-word text and fill in the given blanks with single words.
  • Multiple choice, choose multiple answers (2-3 questions) - Read a 300-word text and choose multiple answers to fill in the blanks.
  • Re-order paragraphs (2-3 questions) - Read a 150-word paragraph and re-order the given sentences to form coherently correct paragraphs.
  • Reading fill-in-the-blanks (4-5 questions)- Read an 80-word text and fill in the blanks with the correct answer from the drop-down box.
  • Reading & writing fill in the blanks (5-6 questions) - Read a 300-word text and fill in the blanks with the appropriate answers.

The in-depth training offered by highly skilled trainers aid you in answering all these questions within the stipulated time limit. Pay attention to all the question types as sectional scores contribute to the overall PTE scores.



Your ability to understand spoken English is evaluated using the listening test. Here you will answer 8 segments in 30 to 43 minutes. You will be listening to the audio and using the content to answer the questions. The segments and their time limits are given below.

  • Summarize spoken text (2-3 tasks)- You will listen to a 60-90 second audio, and write it in 50- 60 words in 10 minutes.
  • Multiple choice, Multiple answers (2-3 tasks)- Listen to a 40- 90 second prompt and choose multiple correct answers.
  • Fill in the blanks (2-3 tasks) - Listen to a 30-60 second prompt and complete the sentence with the exact phrase used in the transcript.
  • Highlight the correct summary (2-3 tasks) - hear the 30-90 transcript and choose the correct summary of the content.
  • Multiple choice, Single answer (2-3 tasks) - Choose a single answer to fill in the blanks after listening to a 30-90 seconds prompt.
  • Select missing words (2-3 tasks) - Find the missing word by listening to an audio of 20-70 seconds.
  • Highlight incorrect answers (2-3 tasks) - Listen to a 15-50 second audio and mark the incorrect words used in the sentence.
  • Write from dictation (3-4 words) - listen to the dictated word and write it using the correct spelling in 3-5 seconds.

Good listening and grasping skill is required to accomplish the listening tasks. At Kanan, we train the students through numerous practice tests and mock tests to make them familiar with the question types.

Kanan International's PTE course in Navsari is one of the student's choices due to its professional guidance, and industry experience. By enrolling in the PTE course, you will be able to know the fundamentals of the exam with expert training.

What are the upcoming batches, schedules, timings, duration, course fees of the best PTE coaching center in Navsari ?

We understand the importance of your PTE scores as it is a basic requirement for your international admission and visa process. Thus we are offering flexible training batches in our PTE coaching center in Navsari . Aspirants can take a look at the following table to learn more about our upcoming PTE batches, dates, and course fee.

PTE Batch in NavsariBatch starts onTimingPTE course fees in NavsariDuration of the courseAvailability
Weekdays regular6 Feb 2023Flexible Timing between 9.30 AM - 8.30 PMINR 14,00060 hours
Weekdays morning7 Feb 20237.30 AM - 9.30 AMINR 14,00060 hours
Weekdays evening10 Feb 20235.00 AM - 6.30 PMINR 14,00060 hours
Weekends13 Feb 202310.00 AM - 1.00 PMINR 11,50040 hours
Online batch15 Feb 20237.00 AM - 8.30 PMINR 12,50060 hours
Fast-track batch15 Feb 20233.00 AM - 4.30 AMINR 16,00040 hours

PTE masterclasses with advanced strategy training can be taken in both online and offline mode. If you are not able to attend the regular batches, you can contact our expert team and register for the customized batches. The training cost in our PTE coaching center in Navsari is very affordable and can be paid in EMI also.

Who will Train You?

What is the Coach / Trainer Profile of PTE classes in Navsari ?

Certified trainers who are analytically strong with good command over the language will be training you. The tutors in our PTE classes in Navsari will help in improving the overall linguistic skills of non-native speakers.

  • Our PTE trainers hold ‘Pearson Certified Instructor’ Certificates for basic and advanced levels. They also possess other English proficiency certificates like EFSET, Duolingo, BEC, ISE, etc.
  • Experienced and dedicated PTE faculties are available in our PTE classes in Navsari to aid the students in their preparation. They have more than 8 years of teaching experience.
  • You can get personalized PTE training from the subject matter expert. We have separate trainers for PTE Academic and PTE general tests. These proficient trainers will help in improving your answering strategy.
  • The trainers in our PTE classes have real-time experience in taking the PTE exam. They have excelled in scoring above 80. This guides them in imparting quality training to our students.
  • The trainers are trained to handle both online and offline classes. A similar training methodology will be adopted in both coaching modes.
  • Our trainers are bi or multi-lingual. Thus will find it easy to communicate with the faculties and get your doubts cleared on time.
  • Real-time test experts who are passionate about training students for high PTE scores are present in our PTE classes in Navsari . These trainers offer constructive feedbacks that will enhance your language skills.

10 reasons why you should enroll for PTE training in Navsari at Kanan International

Amidst a number of classes offering PTE training in Navsari , Kanan international is a standout. We thrive to offer the best training to the students along with a number of facilities. A few top reasons which make us the best PTE coaching institute in Navsari are mentioned below for your reference.

  1. Kanan is one of the leading PTE training institutes in Navsari, with 26 years of experience in coaching students for technical competence and proficiency tests. With 50+ branches across the country, we have trained more than 1 lakh students to get placed in their dream universities.
  2. At Kanan, you get trained by the best faculty team, who are qualified to take the PTE classes. These trainers hold an average experience of more than 7 years in lecturing students.
  3. Whether you need to study abroad, seeking an international job, or planning to migrate to a foreign country, you can register with Kanan for the language courses. Our dedicated team of trainers will guide you through the entire preparation process.
  4. You can choose to take the PTE coaching online or offline mode. We offer the best study environment for the students in both coaching modes.
  5. Study materials prepared and reviewed by subject-matter experts will be provided to you at the time of registration. These materials will cover the entire syllabus as per the official exam board updates.
  6. You can access our Kananprep portal for your preparation. There you can find study resources, test series, explanatory videos, problem-solving strategies, and topic-wise preparation lessons.
  7. We are one of the top educational consultants in the city offering complete support for students starting from, country and university selection, application filling, documentation, visa processing, and travel guidance.
  8. As you enroll for the PTE training, you will be constantly evaluated for your skills. The trainers will offer you the necessary feedbacks that will help in enhancing your skills. We give personalized training based on your skill level.
  9. Spoken English classes, doubt clearance sessions, coaching discussion time, and English proficiency training are some of the extra benefits you can enjoy by joining our PTE classes.
  10. We have a fully equipped library, comprehensive study materials, innovative study approach, customized training schedule, etc are the points that make us the best training institute in Navsari.

These are the reasons why candidates are preferring for our PTE training in Navsari. So, if you are aspiring for a good PTE score with academic training then Kanan International’s, PTE coaching institute in Navsari is the best choice.

What is PTE?

PTE is a standardized test used to assess and validate the language proficiency of non-native speakers. Candidates who have English as their Second language need to appear for a proficiency test if they are seeking abroad education or a job. PTE is a computer-based single-session test evaluating your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The exam is conducted for 3 hours and the score ranges between 10-90 in increments of 1. The score is valid for 2 years for 3000+ courses in countries like Australia, the UK, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, etc. PTE is the most flexible language competency exam because you can register for the exam 24 hours before the exam date and receive the result in 5 business days.

test format in Navsari

Format of the PTE test

You can appear for the PTE exam of your choice.

  • PTE Academic is the most preferred exam, taken for admission and immigration process. The test will be assessing your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  • PTE general test is conducted to analyze your language proficiency. The five levels of the test are Foundation A1, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.
  • PTE UKVI is a standardized test approved by the UK Home office to offer UK visas and admissions. The scores are accepted by nearly 98% of UK universities
  • PTE young learners is a fun English assessment conducted for students of age groups 6 to 13. The different levels in this test are Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch, and Breakthrough.
  • PTE Home is a pass-fail speaking and listening test which can be taken online. Clearing this test indicates that your English competency meets the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1, A2, and B1.

Who can do this PTE course in Navsari?

If you are looking for reliable PTE coaching in Navsari to test your language skills, then Kanan International is the best choice. Our technically sound faculties offer a strategic learning process that will guide you in enhancing your overall exam skills.

What is the eligibility or pre-requisite to join our PTE institute in Navsari?

As a top PTE institute in Navsari we ensure a high PTE score on your first attempt. Here we analyze the students and schedule their coaching plans as per their strengths and weaknesses. The eligibility criteria for joining our PTE classes in Navsari are as follows,

  • Students aspiring to pursue their higher education in international universities and abroad job seekers can take the PTE exam.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to appear for the PTE academic exam. If you are attending the PTE Young Learners exam, you can write the PTE at 6 to 13 years.
  • There is no basic education qualification set for the PTE exam. It is used only to access your fluency and expertise in the language.
  • If your dream study destination is Australia, Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. you can appear for the PTE exam. In these countries, the scores are accepted for the admission process and immigration process.
  • You must have a valid passport as an ID card irrespective of your nationality.

Now it's your time to join one of the leading PTE coaching institutes in Navsari. Reach out to our expert team to be a part of our advanced training program to achieve your target PTE scores.

Training classes in Navsari

PTE training with Spoken English classes

To finish your PTE test with exceptional scores, you must have strong English speaking skills. To refine your speaking skills, you can enroll in our exclusive spoken English class. Get an end-to-end speaking skill development program from native speakers. They guide and support you in improving your entire language fluency, pronunciation, expressions, voice tone, accent, etc. With this specialized training, you will be able to speak confidently in your study destination.

Batch size for PTE training in Navsari

    batchsize for PTE training in Navsari
  • The batch size for PTE training in Navsari is kept limited. A maximum of 10 students make a batch.
  • Faculties and counselors for every batch ensure the student's preparation process with completed assistance throughout the training.
  • Every student is individually assessed and evaluated to analyze their performance. Based on these results the student's PTE training program will be designed.
  • You can choose PTE training in Navsari based on your availability. There are various batch options like weekdays, weekends, evening batches, morning classes, and online and offline programs.
  • Get the right guidance for a perfect PTE score with our training as it includes time management classes, mock tests, preparatory videos, exclusive E-learning materials, portal access, and unlimited test series.

Coaching modes for PTE preparation batches

  • Offline (Classroom) PTE coaching: Prepare for the exam in the PTE coaching centers near you. These classroom sessions will give you face-to-face engagement and direct mentor support. Visit our PTE center near you and get enrolled today for a reliable training program.
  • Online PTE coaching: Associate with our online PTE coaching to get live video interaction classes. Our 100% result-oriented classes ensure a real-classroom feel. You can access our web portal for the lessons and study materials to assist in your preparation.
Have queries regarding PTE dates in Navsari or PTE Navsari center or PTE fees in Navsari or PTE coaching classes in Navsari?

Enhance your skills to achieve your desired score with the best PTE program. If confused about the admission procedures or batches, you can visit your nearby Kanan PTE coaching center. Our executive team will guide you through the entire process and clear all your doubts regarding the PTE class.

You can also reach out to us through social media using the links #PTEcoachinginNavsari and #PTEprepwithkanan. With a deep understanding of the course, our team thrives a give the right solution for all the students registered with us.


Our students who are proud of their achievements, eventually become our brand ambassadors. We’re indebted to them.

Shruti Sonera

Fanshawe College - Intake Sep 2021

"Kanan International assisted me throughout the entire visa application process, from IELTS, preparation to visa stamping. I'm pleased I went with Kanan Consultants. They gave me the finest advice and assisted me with any problem I had. Thank you, Kanan"

Hinal Amin

Lambton College - Intake Jan 2021

"It was pleasant to work with Kanan International. Counsellors provided helpfuladvice and up-to-date information. Fast, efficient service was provided. Legitimate companies are becoming more difficult to find. It has been really beneficial to work with their counsellors. I am very grateful to them."

Kenali Trivedi

Georgian College - Intake Sep 2021

"Kanan International will help you through the entire process of studying abroad. Counselling, IELTS tutoring, university applications, visas, and much more are all available. Also, I'd want to express mygratitude to everyone who assisted us during the process."

Shruti Sonera

Fanshawe College - Intake Sep 2021

"Kanan International assisted me throughout the entire visa application process, from IELTS, preparation to visa stamping. I'm pleased I went with Kanan Consultants. They gave me the finest advice and assisted me with any problem I had. Thank you, Kanan"

Hinal Amin

Lambton College - Intake Jan 2021

"It was pleasant to work with Kanan International. Counsellors provided helpfuladvice and up-to-date information. Fast, efficient service was provided. Legitimate companies are becoming more difficult to find. It has been really beneficial to work with their counsellors. I am very grateful to them."


certification in Navsari

Master in the PTE academic with the best faculties in the city. Our PTE training is a comprehensive and informative course offering overall development for test takers. After the successful completion of the test, you will be offered a course completion certificate. This certificate indicates your compatibility with taking the PTE test. It cannot be officially used for the admission process or visa clearance.

PTE general training in Navsari

Get trained from the reputed PTE coaching class in Navsari for your general test. The general test is designed for non-native English speakers, who want to exhibit their language proficiency. At Kanan, you can get trained to appear for all the test levels from intermediate to advanced level. Regardless of your skill level, you will be instructed to clear both the test sections namely writing and speaking.

PTE academic training in Navsari

Our PTE academic training in Navsari will assist you in clearing your first step towards your education dream. Here you will be given complete support to clear all 4 sections in a timely manner. The specialized preparation strategies and advanced learning procedures will equip you to crack all the parts of the exam easily. We have the best PTE curriculum that will cover the entire syllabus for a guaranteed score.

Top scores from our PTE coaching in Navsari

Our student's achievements are setting up the success stories for our PTE coaching in Navsari. With a splendid PTE training experience of more than a decade, we have trained more than 1 lakh students across the country. More than 86% of our students have scored above 65 and 69% of our students have secured above 75 on their first attempt.


no of students in last 5 years


score above 6.5 band


score 7 band

English Coaching for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, PTE, and IELTS

Our extensive course curriculum is designed to offer premium coaching to the aspirants that will aid them in clearing the test. Your expertise in the English Language plays an important role in your survival. You must be able to communicate, understand and respond to native speakers. Thus we are conducting the English coaching class that will help in clearing your competitive exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE, etc. With this class, you can improve your usage of words, cohesion, grammar, etc.

Online PTE Academic Training in Navsari

Learn PTE academics from experienced and qualified tutors online with our Online PTE Academic training in Navsari. Our online classes are crafted to offer an innovative study approach that will facilitate you to take the PTE classes from home. These online sessions are live interaction sessions, where you can easily communicate with the trainers. The sessions will be shared with you for your future reference. You get to access our unlimited preparatory materials, time-bound mock tests, full-length tests, sectional study materials, etc.

PTE Coaching for Beginners, Intermediates, and advanced levels

Get started with our PTE training irrespective of your skill level. No prior knowledge is required as our training starts from the scratch. If you have already taken the test and wanted to just enrich your subject knowledge, you will be scheduled for a class structure that will meet your needs. At the time of enrollment, we run evaluation tests, and based on the performance the classes and the time slots will be allotted. In case of a rush for your exam, you can register for our fast-track course and get the syllabus covered in a short duration.

PTE Coaching for Australian PR and Study Abroad - General and Academic training

PTE Academic test is an Australian Government-approved test for the university admission and visa process. PTE UKVI and PTE Home tests are approved by the UK government. Thus if your dream is to obtain a permanent residency in any English-speaking country, you can join Kanan International for PTE coaching. The PTE scores are also used for availing scholarships in the universities. We also have a team of talented educational consultants who will guide you in getting through the entire abroad education process and visa clearance.

PTE doubt clearing sessions and Coaching Discussions in Navsari

Our PTE training is well known for its effective and simplified training methodologies. The unique feature that makes us stand out is the doubt clearance session. After every single class, the students are given sufficient time to get their doubts cleared regarding the topic discussed. They can also utilize this time to discuss with the mentors the latest education trends, exam updates, registration process, etc. This will be an interactive session, where the students can communicate with the faculties at ease.

Everything You Need to Know About PTE Coaching in Navsari
    • Eligibility: PTE academic test can be taken by any individual who is above 16 years of age having a valid passport. There is no educational requirement for this test.
    • Types of PTE exam: PTE test types are PTE Academic test, PTE General test, PTE UKVI, PTE Home, and PTE Young Learners test.
    • Exam duration: The exam duration for PTE Academic test is 3 hours and the PTE General test is 2 hours.
    • Registration fee: The PTE registration fee is INR 14,700.
    • Rescheduling process: You can reschedule the exam date at least 7 days before the test date. 25% of the registration fee is considered as the rescheduling fee. 50% of the registration cost will be refunded if you want to cancel the exam.
    • Retaking PTE: You can retake the PTE exam any number of times by paying the full exam fee. However, you can retake the exam only after you receive the previous exam scores.
    • PTE band score validity: The PTE score is valid for 2 years.
Tips for Scoring above 80 on the first attempt
  • Decide your target score and understand your language skill level before starting your preparation. This will guide you in setting up a reliable preparatory schedule for reaching your goal.
  • Pay equal attention to all the sections covered in the test. If you find yourself lacking in any particular skill you need to put extra effort to accomplish them before the test.
  • Understand the test format, its syllabus, and the sections to be covered. Familiarizing yourself with the test structure means, you must know about the question types, number of tasks, time limit, instructions, and the ways to answer them.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the test scores. Know the basis of the score, marks rewarded per question, and the marking criteria. In PTE formal aspects and the quality of the answers are considered vital.
  • Use selective and standardized preparation resources that will cover the entire syllabus prescribed by the Pearson exam board. While choosing the study material it is easy for you to follow the instructions provided in the book.
  • Attend numerous practice tests and full-length tests to evaluate your preparation. These tests will improve your answering strategy and time management.
  • Start observing and listening to the native speaker's videos and audio. This will help in making you familiar with the vocabulary and the language.
  • It is important to have sufficient time to prepare for the exam. Start your preparation well ahead of your exam date.
  • Get a personal evaluation to get an insight into your areas of improvement. As you will receive a skill report along with your score, you must excel in all the skills equally.
  • If you feel expert guidance is required, you can always reach out to your nearby Kanan’s PTE coaching center and get enrolled. Our trainers make your PTE preparation simple and guide you till you achieve your targeted score.

Reach Our PTE Coaching centre in Navsari

We are conveniently located in Navsari. Our PTE training centre can be reached easily from areas like Dharagiri, Nasilpor, Amadpore, Viraval, Eroo.

Address of our PTE Coaching Center in Navsari

B-01, Bai Ratanji Bamji Building,

Opp. Lunsikui Cricket Ground,

Navsari, Gujarat-396445, India

Working hours:09:30 am - 06:30 pm

Mail ID :

Landline No : 02637- 234053

Mobile No : +91 78744 30005

FAQ - PTE Coaching in Navsari

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