Spoken English Classes Chennai

Kanan’s Spoken English Course in Chennai is recognized as the top institute in Chennai which focuses on developing the communication skills, fluency, and English proficiency of students and professionals. Kanan stands out for providing top-notch Spoken English Classes in Chennai which aim to build a strong foundation in vocabulary and grammar. Our course module includes foundational elements like vocabulary improvement, pronunciation, grammar, and progress to reading and writing comprehension. Our British Council-certified trainers deliver comprehensive training to participants, focusing on language skills such as listening, reading, and writing to enhance speaking ability.


Our English training program extends to advanced proficiency in Business Communication and Etiquette, utilizing audio and video sessions alongside speaking assignments. Our training includes an advanced curriculum, modern techniques, hands-on learning with projects, free resources, and various assessments. The emphasis on perfecting pronunciation, accent reduction, articulation, voice modulation, and intonation makes our students develop excellent communication skills. With instructor-led live classes, participants of our Spoken English Classes in Chennai benefit from an in-depth understanding of the English language, enhancing their personal and professional growth capabilities.

Spoken English Classes in Chennai

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In today's globalized world, an increasing number of individuals are dedicating time to learning English as a second language. Proficiency in English holds significant importance, contributing to personal and professional development. Whether pursuing career opportunities or preparing for international travel, a command of English allows individuals to compete effectively in the global job market, enhance career competencies, and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.