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Best MBA Colleges in the World - QS Global MBA Rankings 2023

Best MBA Colleges in the World - QS Global MBA Rankings 2023

MBA degrees can accelerate your career and open new doors to opportunity all while expanding and enriching your education, giving you the skills and insight to be a head of any business. The right MBA program can entirely redefine your professional and personal goals, which is why it’s essential to pick the right college.

QS Global MBA Rankings 2023 have released their ultimate ranking of the 25 best MBA colleges in the world. Whether you are looking for a reliable service provider or just want an overview of the world's best MBA programs, these results will provide you with crucial decision-making insights.

In this article, we look at the leading b-schools and explain why each one stands out from its competitors. We also include ratings from QS Global and what their criteria was when making this list.

Methodology Used in the Ranking MBA Colleges

QS Global MBA Rankings 2023 uses a carefully crafted methodology to evaluate the performance of business schools. It is based on five core indicators that prioritize employability, alumni results, return on investment and thought leadership.

  • The key areas that comprise 'employability' have 35% weightage drawn from the QS Global Employer Survey. Additionally, 5% each is derived from the employment rate three months post-graduation and entrepreneurship while 10% comes from alumni outcomes.
  • For 'return on investment', 15% has been assigned through an elaborate 10-year return on investment calculation alongside data from the time taken to pay back the cost.
  • Essentially, thought leadership holds 10% weightage from an academic reputation survey along with 2.5% each for research impact followed by percentage of faculty with PhDs respectively. 
  • Lastly, for 'class & faculty diversity' factors like the percentage of female students and faculty plus recent graduates are considered in sync with the international mix of students and faculty.

To guarantee accurate and reliable data, all sources were compared against external ones using verify checks which adds authenticity to these rankings altogether.

The Top 25 MBA Colleges in the World: Business School Rankings, Specializations and Overall Score

QS Global MBA Rankings 2023 B-School/University Overall score
1 Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford (CA), United States 93.6
2 Harvard Business School
Boston (MA), United States
3 Penn (Wharton)
Philadelphia (PA), United States
4 HEC Paris
Jouy en Josas, France
5 London Business School
@ London, United Kingdom
6 MIT (Sloan)
@ Cambridge (MA), United States
7 IE Business School
@ Madrid, Spain
8 Columbia Business School
@ New York (NY), United States
© Paris, Singapore, France
10 IESE Business School
@ Barcelona, Spain
11 UC Berkeley (Haas)
@ Berkeley (CA), United States
12 Cambridge (Judge)
@ Cambridge, United Kingdom
13 Chicago (Booth)
@ Chicago (IL), United Kingdom
14 Northwestern (Kellogg)
@ Evanston (IL), United States
15 UCLA (Anderson)
@ Los Angeles (CA), United States
16 Oxford (Said)
@ Oxford. United Kingdom
17 Esade Business School
@ Barcelona, Spain
18 Yale School of Management
@ New Haven (CT), United States
19 NYU (Stern)
© New York (NY), United States
20 Michigan (Ross)
@ Ann Arbor (MI), United States
21 Imperial College Business School
@ London, United Kingdom
22 SDA Bocconi
@ Milan, Italy
23 Duke (Fuqua)
@ Durham (NC), United States
24 Copenhagen Business School
@ Copenhagen, Denmark
25 IMD
@ Lausanne, Switzerland


Getting an MBA from one of the best colleges in the world is a great accomplishment and will open up new doors for your future. Whether you want to gain higher education or carve out a career as a manager of an important company, you need to find the right school that will best suit your needs. Hopefully, this list of top 25 MBA Colleges has helped you narrow down your search and make the process of finding the perfect one easier. Whichever college you decide to enroll in, make sure it's the best choice for helping reach your professional goals.


What are some of the top MBA colleges in the world?

Some of the top MBA colleges in the world include Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, The Wharton School and INSEAD.

Which is the No 1 MBA college in world?

According to QS Global Rankings 2023, Stanford Graduate School of Business is the topmost MBA college in the world. 

Which MBA is best in the world?

Some of the best MBA specializations are finance, marketing, operations, HR, and entrepreneurship. 

What should I consider when selecting an MBA program?

When selecting an MBA program, consider factors such as the reputation and ranking of the school, the quality of faculty, curriculum, and student support services, and whether it meets your professional goals and interests. You should consider your ability to finance an MBA program.

What questions should I expect during an MBA admission interview?

Common questions asked during an MBA admission interview include "Tell me something about yourself?", "Why do you want to pursue an MBA from our business school?", "What are your strengths?", "What are your weaknesses?", and "What are your career goals immediately after completing your MBA?".

How to speak with MBA admissions representatives?

At's study fairs, MBA college representatives come from around the world to present their schools. Knowing how to effectively communicate with these representatives is key in getting the most out of each fair. Please register to an upcoming event and speak to a college official.

Which MBA college offers the best employability in the world?

When it comes to getting the best employment opportunities, there are some nations and business schools that really stand out from the crowd. According to the QS Global MBA Rankings for 2023, London Business School in London, United Kingdom tops the list of the Top 25 Best MBA Colleges Worldwide for offering the best employability.
The University prides itself on creating future leaders through its exceptional research-driven environment delivery of teaching. The London Business School also offers a range of supporting services to increase degree holders chances of success after graduation, including career advice and guidance services available during each term they are studying with them.

Which country is best for MBA programs?

When it comes to studying for an MBA abroad, the United States is at the top of the list. With some of the world's top-ranked universities offering MBA programs, the US is an ideal destination for aspiring business leaders. However, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and France are also excellent destinations for MBA study. Each country offers its own unique advantages such as their respective business cultures and access to leading research facilities.

Which MBA pays the highest salary in the world?

If you are looking for the highest paying MBA in the world, look no further than United States. With an average base salary of US$228,084, an MBA from Stanford tops the list of salaries. 

Which field has the most scope in MBA?

With MBA specializations such as finance, marketing, data analytics, digital marketing and information technology, students have a range of opportunities to explore. Of these specializations, finance and marketing have the highest scope due to their broad applications across various industries. 

Which country is cheapest for MBA?

For those looking to pursue an MBA abroad, Portugal is one of the most affordable countries to do so. With low tuition fees for international students enrolled in eligible universities, Portugal offers a great value for money option. Germany is also a great choice with the government bearing all financial costs of public universities. Sweden also has low tuition fees at around 8,342 USD and China has many globally ranked universities as well as an affordable cost of study.

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