6 Best Places to study in Canada for International Students in 2024

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6 Best Places to study in Canada for International Students in 2024

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As per the QS Ranking 2024, the best places to study in Canada are Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec city and Calgary. These best cities in Canada have the most reputable universities offering high quality education for students and also provide various part-time job opportunities to manage expenses.

All the best places in Canada offer a good quality of life. For International students, residing in one of the best cities in Canada will aid to gather student community support available in their proximity. If you are exploring the best place to study in Canada, stick to this article till the end as it features all major factors that will help you to choose your suitable Canadian city.
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6 Best Cities to Study in Canada for International Students

the top cities to study in canada for international students

The 6 best cities to study in Canada for international students are:

  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Vancouver
  4. Ottawa
  5. Quebec City
  6. Calgary

Let us discuss more in detail about why they are popular among international students.

1. Montreal

best place to styudy in canada montreal

Montreal is ranked among the top student cities in the world. Montreal gets its name from a three-peak hill called Mount Royal, situated in the middle of the city. It is the primary centre for major sectors like education, commerce, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, tourism, entertainment industry. This city plays a prominent role in the science & technology sector especially in Aeronautics and information technology.

QS world Ranking 2024 14
Location east of the national capital city of Ottawa and south-west of the provincial capital, Quebec City.
  • Winter months are January and February as the temperature drops to -20°C or below
  • Spring starts in early April
  • Hot and humid summers begin in late May, with daily temperatures well above 20°C-30°C.
  • Autumn season begins in late August, and the entire city is filled with orange and brown leaves which looks spectacular
Cost of living 9,700- 12,700 CAD
Top Universities in Montreal
  • McGill University- Well known for its MBA, Philosophy and Art programs.
  • Universite de Montreal- Well known for its Applied Science and Literature programs.
  • Concordia University- Well known for its MBA, Art, Journalism and Engineering programs.
  • Polytechnique Montreal -  Well known for its Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering programs.
  • HEC Montreal
Transportation Most preferred metro system operated by Société de transport de Montréal (STM). A monthly travel pass can cost you around 52 CAD.
City overview Distinct seasons, the affordable housing market, and transit. Vibrant nightlife, low tuition fees, excellent school system and post secondary education, low crime rate, museums, and proximity to the famous Mount Royal

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada and wish to study in the city of Montreal, you should consider the following factors.

Reasons Why Montreal is best place in Canada to Study:

  • With popularity among students, high employer activity, affordability, desirability Montreal is not only one of the sought after places to study in Canada, but also globally popular. 
  • The major factors like affordable study cost and cost of living, vibrant culture make it very popular among international students.
  • Very strong international community, including Indian ethnicity, makes Montreal an ideal location for students from the subcontinent. 
  • With many global MNCs, Montreal is a top study destination  for some courses like Marine biology, electronics, IT, psychology, Mechanical Engineering, etc with very good placements.

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2. Toronto

best place to study in canada toronto

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and is one of the most preferred location for study immigrants. It is the best place to study courses related to Business, Arts, science and various disciplines. Toronto is a bustling city with huge skyscrapers and metros.The city has a large population, which comprises around 6.2 million individuals who live in its metropolitan area.

QS world Ranking 2024 15
Location province of Ontario
Weather In winter temperature ranges 0°C-20°C 
In summer temperature goes up to 10°C-30°C
In spring and autumn season the temperature stays around 10°C-12°C
Cost of living 31,000 CAD
Top Universities in Toronto
  • University of Toronto - Well known for its MBA, Engineering, and Arts programs.
  • Ryerson University - Well known for its MSC programs.
  • Humber College - Well known for its Business Management and Computer Science programs.
  • York University - Well known for its Mass Media, Humanities, Diploma and Art programs.
  • Trent University - Well known for its MSC  and Sociology programs.
  • Centennial College
Transportation The transit system in Toronto is highly efficient.  There are various other public transports like buses which operate at a high frequency as well. Toronto's public transit can cost you around CAD 140 per month.
City overview Vast, vibrant city, tourist location with aboriginal sites where you can do many fun activities and have many new experiences, job opportunities in multiple sectors with a high wage

Reasons Why Toronto is best place in Canada to Study

  • Plenty of opportunities for international students in Toronto to support themselves in the form of part-time jobs, scholarships, teaching assistantships, etc.
  • students tend to get a good internship and placement opportunities in the city of Toronto due to availability of  leading industries, offices and companies.
  • Top business schools like Rotman School of Management, Schulich School of Business are located in the city that delivers top notch education with affordable tuition fees.
  • Toronto stands in the lead for various psychology courses. Apart from the quality of education, it is one of Canada's best places for immigrants to study and work, considering tourist attractions, transportation, and cost of living. 

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3. Vancouver

best place to study in canada vancouver

Vancouver city is well known for its ethnic and linguistic diversity as 52% of its residents are non native English speakers, 48.9% are native speakers who neither speak English nor French, and 50.6% of residents belong to minority communities. The city offers breathtaking views of nature as it has a picturesque West Coast location, which is surrounded by mountains and beaches, making it a popular filming location. Vancouver also has a thriving art, theatre, and music scene. Courses like Digital Marketing, Engineering, IT are a great choice for students planning to pursue in Vancouver.

QS world Ranking 2024 20
Location West coast seaport, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, just 50 Km north of the U.S. border.
Weather mildest winters with lesser snow
high rainfall in Canada as the average temperature rarely falls below 0°C
Dry summer with temperature between 20°C-30°C
Cost of living 2500 - 3500 CAD
Top Universities in Vancouver
  • University of British Columbia - Well known for its Science and Technology, Engineering and Psychology programs.
  • Simon Fraser University - Well known for its Applied Science, Political Science and Art programs.
  • University Canada West - Well known for its MBA, B.Com, Applied Science and Art programs.
  • Vancouver Island University - Well known for its Business Technology, Tourism management, and Art, Science and Engineering programs.
  • Columbia College
  • Langara College
Transportation transit trains, commuter trains, a fleet of buses with a high frequency, and sea ferries.
City overview diversified population, more job opportunities, less cold, and snowfall in winter. Sunny and dry summer. Picturesque views of mountains and beaches. It is ranked in the world's top 10 livable cities.

Reasons Why Vancouver is best place in Canada to Study

  • Highly recommended location for students considering its vibrant immigrant communities. More than 50% of residents of this city are from minority communities and recent immigrants.

  • Having presence in Vancouver benefits international Students with  internship and placement opportunities in the top companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc.

  • Besides reasonable tuition fees, universities offer attractive scholarships, teaching assistantships, etc., for students to pursue higher education and support themselves

  • Vancouver has one of the best employer activity rankings in the world. So, for Indian students looking for greener pastures, Vancouver is one of the best places in Canada to Study and work. 

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4. Ottawa

best city to study in canada ottawa

Canada’s Capital Ottawa is considered as the political hub and has Parliament Hill. Ottawa has over 1 million individuals residing in its metropolitan area and has the most educated population among Canadian cities. It also boasts numerous cultural, post-secondary and best research institutions that help many STEM students to have a direct industry exposure.

QS world Ranking 2024 53
Location East of southern Ontario, near Montréal and the U.S. border. Sitting on the Ottawa River. It is about 400 Km from Toronto and 200 Km from Montreal.
Weather Hot and Humid summers temperature exceed over 30°C
In winter with strong gusts of wind temperature drops lower than 20°C
Cost of living CAD2000-CAD 2500
Top Universities in Ottawa University of Ottawa - Well known for its MBA, MSC, and Psychology programs.
Carleton University - Well known for its Aerospace, Applied Science and Engineering programs.
Algonquin College - Well known for its Architecture and Tourism management programs.
St. Paul University - Well known for its Theology and Human relation programs.
Dominican University College
Augustine College
Transportation Transit system with a fleet of buses, trains and roads have bike lanes for cyclists to enjoy traffic free rides. A monthly travel pass price range is CAD 100 per month
City overview Historical locations and reputed schools and colleges, affordable housing market, High income, low crime rate, cultural, sports and outdoor activities.

Reasons Why Ottawa is best place in Canada to Study

  • Ottawa is home to some of the leading universities in Canada for foreign students cutting across popular disciplines. Its research output and courseworks were excellent. 
  • With excellent transport facilities, cheap housing rentals, part-time jobs, scholarships, teaching assistantships, research facilities, industry presence, Ottawa is one of the best places to study in Canada.
  • Excellent information and transparent admission process followed by Ottawa universities through virtual information sessions for international students.
  • With a vibrant Indian community, Ottawa is an excellent study destination for Indian students in 2024. 

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5. Quebec City

best city to study in canada quebec city

Quebec city is called the French land of Canada where you will come across both Canadian and French Culture. The winter carnival is the largest festival in the city with various activities. This city is the best study destination for international students looking out for an affordable cost of living and colleges.

QS world Ranking 2024 106
Location It is located on the north bank of the Saint Lawrence River, where it narrows and meets the mouth of the Saint-Charles River.
Weather Climate is continental with very cold winters and warm summers
On hottest days temperature reach up to 30°C
-32°C. On coldest days temperature drops -30°C or even below
Cost of living CAD 1500- CAD 1800
Top Universities in Quebec city
  • Laval University
  • Bishop’s university
Transportation Buses, taxis, ferries, two- wheelers etc. It is the second largest metropolitan area after Montreal.
City overview Architecture and European feel, low crime rate, Winter carnival, Art laboratories, sports grounds, multi purpose halls and affordable education

Reasons Why Quebec City is best place in Canada to Study

  • People in Quebec city are quite friendly and have the lowest unemployment rate among all the cities in Canada.
  • Though it is a french speaking city, the medium of teaching is mostly English in many universities.
  • Universities provide exceptional education at an affordable price and have plenty of career opportunities.
  • The city is an extremely safest place and is the second largest metropolitan area, attracting a good percentage of foreign students.

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6. Calgary

best city to study in canada calgary

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city with 1.6 million individuals and is  referred to as the centre of Canada’s oil industry. The province is also home to Canada’s best wind, solar, bioenergy, and geothermal resources. To pursue STEM courses with the latest innovations and technologies, Calgary is the right place for international students.

QS world Ranking 2024 242
Location located in the western Canadian province of Alberta.
Weather In hot summers temperature rarely exceeds  30°C
In winters temperature may go lower than -30°C
Cost of living CAD 1800- CAD 2000
Top Universities in Calgary city
  • University of Calgary - Well known for its Genetics, Molecular Biology, Psychology, and Nursing programs.
  • St. Mary's University College – Well known for its Liberal Arts, and Science programs.
  • Simon Fraser University – Well known for its Science, and Engineering programs.
  • Bow Valley University
  • Mount Royal University
  • The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Transportation Transit system including C-trains and fleet of buses. Monthly public transportation pass costs around $100.
City overview The sunny climate and proximity to the Rocky Mountains. The positives of studying in Calgary are Lower tax rates and gas prices, low crime rate and affordable housing markets.

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Hence, As per the QS Best cities Ranking 2024, these are the best cities in Canada for international students and working professionals who want to excel in a progressive environment. 

Due to the smooth immigration process, natural scenery and latest innovations, Canada is always a people’s top priority choice. After graduation is done, you can even continue your stay by getting a post study work visa.  So, if you are an aspiring candidate, choose the best place to study in Canada and plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which city is best in Canada for Indian Students?

The best cities in Canada for International students are

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa 
  • Quebec city 

As per QS Ranking 2024, these 5 cities are top ranked places in the world for international students.

2. Where is the cheapest place to study in Canada?

The places in Canada that are affordable for undergraduate studies are Newfoundland and Labrador, Newbrunswick, Manitoba, Novascotia, Saskatchewan.

3. What is the nicest city in Canada?

Quebec City located on the Saint Lawrence River is one of the best cities to visit in Canada. Dating back to the 16th century, this is another historical city in the country that has the most beautiful sites to see and is the nicest city in Canada.

4. Which province in Canada is best for Indian students?

The four best provinces in Canada for new immigrants are Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta.

5. Which city is better to study in Canada?

Montreal is ranked best among top student cities in Canada. Every year around 3,50,000 students reach Montreal for higher education. This city is a home for many reputed universities like McGill University that has a world ranking of 24. Montreal is well known for its festivals, education, entertainment and rich cultural spectacle.

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