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Canada Spouse Visa | Eligibility Requirements, Application Process, Cost and Processing time

Canada Spouse Visa | Eligibility Requirements, Application Process, Cost and Processing time

Canada is one of the best countries to live in since it has the best job opportunities, free healthcare, various immigration programs, etc. With its lenient immigration policies, it is easier to become a permanent resident in Canada. Those who settled in Canada permanently can use the spouse sponsorship program, if they want to bring their spouse. The variety of requirements must be fulfilled to get a spouse visa such as age, marital status, etc. In this blog, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the Canada spouse visa program.

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What is a Canadian Spouse Visa ?

The Spouse sponsorship program enables the Canadian citizen or Canada PR visa holders to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner as Canada permanent residents. After the respective partner receives sponsorship, they can live, work, or settle permanently in Canada. All the immigration matters in Canada are handled by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

The spousal sponsorship visa can be categorized into two types:

  • Inland sponsorship: It allows the Canada citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their spouse, if both living together in Canada legally.
  • Outland sponsorship: It allows the Canada citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their spouse who resides outside the Canada border.

Apart from Spouse or common-law partner, you can sponsor other relations using the dependent visa,

  • Conjugal partner
  • Dependent children below the age of 22
  • Dependent parents or grandparents
  • A child adopted outside the canada while you are having Canadian citizenship or PR
  • Your family members like brother, niece, nephew, sister, uncle, aunt, ot other close relative

Eligibility requirements to sponsor a spouse or dependent

  • You must be above the age of 18 to participate in.
  • You have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of the country or a person (Indian) registered in Canada under the Canadian Indian act.
  • You should prove that you are not getting social assistance, except for your disability.
  • You must be in the low-income category.
  • You should be legally married to your spouse.
  • Your relationship with the dependents must be genuine.
  • You are able to provide basic financial needs for the person you want to sponsor.
  • Your child must be under the age of 22 in order to sponsor them.

Documents required to submit for sponsorship application

If you are applying to sponsor a spouse, you are expected to provide the following documents.

  • Filled out application forms
  • Your proof of status in Canada
  • Documents which verifies your identity
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police certificates or clearance certificates from the countries where your spouse lived for six months or lived longer from the age of 18. 
  • Medical certificate of your spouse
  • Payment proof for applicable government fees.
  • Digital Photo
  • Wedding invitations and photos
  • Birth certificates or adoption documents for the children you and your spouse have together
  • Marriage registration authorized by government

You need to provide at least two of the following documents, to demonstrate your relationship,

  • Proof about the property that you and your spouse own together.
  • Shared bank accounts.
  • Utility bills printed both of your names.
  • Copies of Government issued IDs. 
  • Car Insurance.
  • Pay stubs or tax forms which show you live at the same address.

How to Apply for a Spouse Visa in Canada ?


You need to consider two applications in order to sponsor your spouse, partner, or child. First, you need to apply to become a sponsor. Second, Your spouse, partner, or child has to apply for permanent residence (PR). Follow the given 4 steps to sponsor your spouse, partner, or child.

1. Apply to become a sponsor

  • The sponsor needs to download and complete the PDF forms in the application package. Also, the sponsor needs to sign digitally along with the person you are sponsoring.
  • The principal applicant (the person you are sponsoring) will upload those forms in their online application. And, sign electronically the entire application.
  • The application package contains - document checklists for the sponsor and the person who are being sponsored, forms sponsor and the person who are being sponsored have to be filled out, and instruction guides to fill the forms correctly.

Note: The sponsorship application fee to process the application will not be refunded.

2. Apply to be sponsored (permanent residence)

  • First, you need to sign in or create permanent residence online application portal account
  • You have to fill out the following digital forms online
  • Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) 
  • Schedule A – Background/Declaration (IMM 5669)
  • Additional Family Information (IMM 5406)
  • Supplementary Information - Your travels (IMM 5562)
  • You need to have one photo for each person on your application. Follow the given instructions online to scan and upload both sides of the photo.
  • If you are struggling with technical difficulties when applying for, use the web form. Choose technical difficulties from the drop down menu of type of application/ enquiry. In the text box, you need to specify the program you are applying to. And, you have to upload screenshots of the pages you are having problems with and the error messages you got. 

Note: Application needs to be fully completed. If the application is incomplete, then IRCC will return it without processing the application.

3. Paying your application fees

You need to pay fees which includes,

  • Processing fee for you, the person you want to sponsor and their dependants
  • Fee for the right of permanent residence
  • The biometric fee

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Based on your situation, you need to pay third-party fees, which includes

  • For Medical exam
  • Police certificate

4. Send Additional Information during processing

You need to submit the following documents of the person you are sponsoring,

  • Medical exam
  • Police certificate
  • Biometrics: Your spouse or family member has 30 days to give their biometrics at their closest collection point. 

If IRCC needs any further information, they could ask for an in-person interview at any time. And, you must tell IRCC if there is any change in circumstances, such as birth or adoption of children, marriage/ divorce/ separation, death of an applicant or dependent. 

Note: Before submitting the application, check and make sure you answered all the questions, signed electronically, included a processing fee receipt, and uploaded all the supporting documents.

Reasons for sponsorship application refusal/termination

There are several factors that can prevent you to get from sponsoring your spouse,

  • If your age is below 18 or getting to married with somebody at the time of the marriage to a sponsored applicant
  • If you not provided a financial evidence to support your previous sponsorship
  • If you and your spouse live separately and either of you are involved in a conjugal or common-law relationship with a third person. 
  • Not examined by CIC, but admitted to Canada

Importantly, you need to prove that your relationship is legitimate to be eligible for spousal sponsorship. Immigration officers will take different factors to determine your relationship is genuine. Some involve you providing wedding photos where your family are present. If your marriage is not conventional, you need to provide additional evidence as proof of your genuineness of relationship. Letters of explanation are needed to explain why your marriage does not have all the elements which exist in the marriage from the cultural background.

Application Processing Time for Canadian Spouse Visa

The application processing time for a spouse visa depends on the application type and other conditions. As per family application type, if you are sponsoring a spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada, 14 months will take to process. On the other hand, if you are sponsoring a spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada, 16 months will be the processing time. 

The processing time include:

  • the time required for providing your biometric information.
  • the time required to assess the sponsor and the person being sponsored.
  • the time period required for verifying your eligibility requirements.

Cost of Canada Spouse Visa

We are providing the government processing fees to get a dependent visa for spouse and other relations. A spouse sponsorship fees have to be paid through online. And, payment receipt must be included with the sponsorship application. 

Fees Total amount in CAN ($)

Sponsor your spouse or partner

  • Sponsorship fee ($75)
  • Principal applicant processing fee ($490)
  • Right of permanent residence fee ($515)

Sponsor your spouse or partner (without right of permanent residence fee)

  • Sponsorship fee ($75)
  • Principal applicant fee ($490)

Sponsor a dependent child

  • Sponsorship fee ($75)
  • Processing fee ($75)
$150 (per child)

Include any dependent child

Including dependent child on an application with your spouse or partner
Processing fee ($155)

$155 (per child)

Biometrics fee

  • Biometrics - per person
  • Biometrics - per family (two or more people)
  • Biometrics - per group ( 3 or more performing artists


Changes in Spouse Immigration to Canada 2023

The Liberal Government of Canada declared a number of important changes in the family sponsorship immigration process.

  • Processing time becomes faster.
  • Same application for the candidates inside and outside in Canada.
  • Relationship questionnaire has been simplified (fewer questions).
  • Medical exams are no longer required to be completed upfront. 
  • Police certificates are only required from the current country you are residing in and country where you lived most of your adult’s life. 
  • Can access the real-time information online regarding the Spouse visa.


1. How long does it take to get a spouse visa for Canada?

Typically, the processing time for a Canadian spouse visa is between 10 -12 months. It will take longer than usual, if the application is complicated.

2. What are the requirements for a spouse visa in Canada?

You have to be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a work permit to sponsor your spouse. Your relationship with your spouse must be genuine. The relationship duration of yours must be at least a year old.

3. Can I take my wife to Canada on a dependent visa ?

Yes, you can bring your spouse, common-law partner and dependent children with the help of a dependent visa.

4. Can I bring my spouse to Canada with me?

Yes, you can bring your spouse with you to Canada if they are processed as permanent residents as your dependents.

5. What is the success rate of spouse visas in Canada?

The TRV approval rate for applicants who want to come to Canada to visit a spouse is under 50%. And, the approval rate for spousal sponsorship applications exceeds 90%.

6. Is IELTS required for a Canadian spouse visa?

No, IELTS is not required for Canadian spouse visa applicants. But, the partner will receive additional points if they provide an IELTS score, when they apply for a visa under the express entry system.


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