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Montreal: Why Study in the 6th most desirable global city for the students?

  • By Kanan Team
  • Mon Oct 05 2020

Montreal: Why Study in the 6th most desirable global city for the students?

Are you planning to study abroad but confused while choosing the perfect destination..??

According to a survey by QS Study Rankings in 2019, Canada's Montreal, situated in its Quebec province, was ranked among the 'Top 10 Best Student Cities in the world'.

Ranked at 6th place, here are some interesting facts about Montreal that make it one of the hot favourite global study destinations for the aspirants planning to study abroad.


Located in the heart of Canada's biggest province Quebec, Montreal is blessed with the prime location which allows quick access to several major U.S. and Canadian cities (e.g.: Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., Toronto, and Ottawa).

The key features which make Montreal as the most chosen study destination in Canada by international students are :

World-Class Learning Institution

The Universities in the city enjoy an excellent reputation, with more than 200,000 students, including 42,000 international students. With 11 Universities, 60 Colleges (Private and Public), and 7 school boards, Greater Montreal offers a wide array of disciplines to study in, whether at the University, College, or vocational level.

Affordable Cost of Living

You would need around 1,318.57C$ in Toronto to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 1,000.00C$ in Montreal (Assuming you rent in both cities). Rent Prices in Toronto are 77.00% higher than in Montreal, whereas groceries' prices in Toronto are 0.10% higher than in Montreal. The low cost of living in the city makes Montreal one of the most chosen academic destinations in the world.


A Multi-Cultural City

For any Indian student, who is planning to study in Montreal, it's not easy to get bored. With some 120 festivals a year, Montreal always stands out as a real, dynamic cultural hub, the same as you enjoy in India. Whether its music, sport, plays, or nature, a good number of activities and events are organized year-round in the city.

A Secured Job Market

Montreal fairs a little better when it comes to the job market, with the unemployment rate currently at 4.7%, whereas the rate in Toronto is 6.2% higher than the national average of 5.5%.

This is a great news for the students who are willing to study in Montreal as you are more likely to find a job quicker here as compared to many other cities.

A Safe Environment

Not only for the job and cultural activities, but Montreal is also leading the race when it comes to the safety of international students. Montreal is reported as one of the safest cities in Canada and the world as well, which make it the most preferred city by the students planning to study in Canada.

Thank you, for reading with us. We believe to bring more such facts and flash on different interesting topics which may help you choose your perfect study destination abroad.








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