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PTE to IELTS Score Conversion and Comparison

PTE to IELTS Score Conversion and Comparison

IELTS and PTE tests assess the English language proficiency of candidates for university admissions or immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK. Many universities prefer IELTS or PTE or PTE to IELTS score conversions based on their policies. This conversion score is applicable for PTE test takers who couldn’t take IELTS or did not qualify.

PTE and IELTS have different scoring methodology, PTE Academic (PTE-A) is scored against ‘Global scale of English-a granular score scale range from 10 to 90, while IELTS score band range is from 1 to 9. The overall score is the average of individual subskills scores (listening, speaking, reading & writing). 

The following is a simplified IELTS to PTE score conversion. Check here for section-wise full conversion table

PTE-A 40.8 45.4 51.6 58.5 66.3 74.6 82.3 88.1
IELTS 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5

Why PTE to IELTS Score Conversion?

Universities and Test Organisations accepted PTE to IELTS converted scores to help students who had invested significant time, effort and resources in preparing for one type of exam. Most Universities recognised that although both the exams differ in format and grading, they test for the same which is English language proficiency.

Converting PTE Score to IELTS Band Score

The two different methods to test candidates' English language proficiency are IELTS and PTE. The table given below shows PTE to IELTS score conversions.

PTE - A Score Range IELTS Band Score
86 & above 9
83-85 8.5
79-82 8
73-78 7.5
65-72 7
59-64 6.5
51-58 6
43-50 5.5
35-42 5
30-34 4.5

Concordance Table between IELTS and PTE Section wise

IELTS Band Score PTE-A (overall) PTE-A (listening) PTE-A (reading) PTE-A (writing) PTE-A (speaking)
8.5 88.1 84.7 83.7 89.5 85.5
8 82.3 79.4 78.4 89.4 80.9
7.5 74.6 73.9 73.7 87.5 75.3
7 66.3 66.2 67.6 82.3 65.3
6.5 58.5 56.8 60.6 74.1 53.5
6 51.6 48.1 53.5 62.2 46.2
5.5 45.4 42.7 47.9 51 42.2
5 40.8 40.2 43 43.1 40.2

What is the difference between PTE and IELTS Exam?


  • Test modes: In IELTS, candidates can choose between paper based and computer based tests, whereas PTE can only be given on a computer. Hence, applicants who are uncomfortable using computers prefer the IELTS test.
  • Test duration: The duration of the IELTS exam is 2.45 hours, and the PTE exam is 2.15 hours.
  • Exam pattern: Questions in the PTE exam are integrated and involve a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. In contrast, IELTS evaluates each section separately without linking them.
  • Evaluation assessment: PTE uses artificial intelligence to award scores (offering an error free approach), whereas IELTS is evaluated manually. For speaking test assessment, candidates speak into the microphone in the PTE exam, and in IELTS, they will have to face the examiner to demonstrate skills.

Refer to this article PTE vs IELTS to learn more about the difference.

Wrapping up

Most of the universities abroad use English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, etc. for admissions. Candidates must be aware of the fact that specific organisations accept PTE to IELTS converted scores but not the reverse, however, candidates are advised to check with the university admission guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IELTS 7 equals to PTE?

By converting PTE score to IELTS score, PTE score range 65-72 is equal to IELTS score band 7.

2. What is the difference between PTE and IELTS?

PTE and IELTS are two different tests to check the English language proficiency of candidates for immigration or education abroad. IELTS scores are graded between 0 and 9, whereas the PTE overall score ranges between 10 and 90 based on performance in each skill. For international students seeking admission, some universities accept PTE to IELTS converted scores. 

3. What is a PTE 43 score?

In the PTE academic exam, if the test taker's score range is between 43-58, he can understand the main points of the common topics encountered at work, school, leisure, etc. and can also handle most situations in the language spoken area.

4. What is 6.5 IELTS score in PTE?

An overall PTE Academic score of 58.5, with individual scores in sub-skills as listening - 56.8, reading - 60.6, writing - 74.1, speaking - 53.5, when converted to IELTS score it will be 6.5 overall.

5. Is 50 in PTE is 6 in IELTS?

The Pearson Test of English - Academic (PTE-A) score ranges between 45.4 - 51.6 when converted to IELTS, the band score is 6.





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