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UK Visa Interview Questions and Answers

UK Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Traveling to the UK as a student or tourist requires visa approval. The applicants need to submit an online visa application form with the necessary documents. After paying the necessary fee, a visa interview round is scheduled by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) where UK visa interview questions are asked by the consular officer which is the final stage of the visa application process. It determines whether or not you are eligible to receive an immigrant visa.
The consular officer asks specific questions related to the category of visa. The Entry Clearance Officer must be satisfied that your answers are genuine whether you are a student or tourist visitor. If you aspire to go to the UK and want to prepare for a UK visa interview this article is for you. It covers the frequently asked UK visa interview questions with answers for various categories and also includes tips to crack the interview.

Visa Interview Questions for Tourist Visitors

The following are the frequently asked questions during tourist visa interviews:

visa interview questions for tourist visitors

1. Have you been to the UK before?

Answer YES/NO to this question according to the situation. If yes, mention the year you visited, purpose, duration of stay, etc.

2. What do you do?

Mention your profession/occupation such as employee, self-employed or retired person.

3. What is the duration of your stay in the UK?

Mention the duration of your stay. Explain briefly about your plans, and the places you are going to visit in the UK if you are planning to visit multiple places.

4. Why do you want to visit the UK?

Answer this question honestly. Explain the purpose of your visit and its importance. You can also mention the places that you are interested to visit. If the officer asks further questions about your plans, answer without hesitation.

5. Where will be you staying in the UK?

Mention the address and place you are going to stay as mentioned in the visa application form. The Consular officer may ask further questions to check whether you have sufficient funds for your travel expense.

6. What is your current status single or marital?

Mention whether you are Single/Married.

7. Do you have relatives/friends in the UK?

Answer YES/NO. If you have friends/relatives mention where they stay and your relationship with them.

8. Who is covering your expenses?

If you are covering your expenses the consular officer may ask further questions related to your finances. If someone else is covering your expenses, you need to mention your sponsor.

9. Do you intend to work in the UK?

Since you are applying for a tourist visa, answer “NO” to this question and stress your intention of coming back to India after your travel plan.

10. Where do you stay in India?

Mention your city and address. The officer may ask further questions such as how you traveled to Embassy/Consulate etc.

11. Will you be traveling alone or with a group or family?

Answer it according to your travel plan. If you are a married person the officer may ask a further question such as “why your spouse didn’t accompany you?”.

Visa Interview Questions for Students

Applicants who are planning to do higher studies in the UK need to obtain Student Visa. To qualify for a student visa, applicants need to clear a student visa interview. An email will be sent by the embassy asking you to attend an interview as a final part of the application process where the consular officer asks UK visa interview questions.

UK Student Visa Interview Questions

uk student visa interview questions

1. Why did you choose the UK for your higher studies?

Mention the reason for choosing the UK. Explain the advantage of choosing this country and align it with your future professional goals.

2. Why did you select this college/university?

Explain why this university is best. Highlight the benefits and achievements of the university you are applying to. You can also mention if your friend or known person studies at that university.

3. Why do you choose to study this course?

Explain the reason to pursue the particular course. Express your strong interest in the subjects and align it with your long-term or short-term career plan.

4. What are your future career plans?

Mention your future career plans. Think about how the knowledge and skills gained from the particular university will help you to achieve the type of work you desire to do. If completing this course provides a recognized qualification that will be useful to get a particular role in an organization you can also mention that.

5. Do you plan to work in the UK during or after the completion of your studies?

If you have the permit to work according to your student visa go ahead and mention you will be working during your studies. Otherwise, stress your intention to work in your own country after your studies.

6. Who is going to cover your expenses in the UK?

If your parents are covering your expenses, you can mention it clearly. Be prepared for questions about the annual income of the person covering your expenses. Otherwise, if you are taking a student loan or Scholarship you can mention that too.

7. Where is the university located and where will you be staying in the UK?

Mention the place where the university is located and the address of your stay in the UK as per the visa application process.

8. What do your parents do?

Mention the occupation of your parents and be prepared for the questions that can be asked about your family.

9. Do you have any relatives/friends in the UK?

Answer YES/NO. If your answer is yes, mention your relationship with friends/relatives and how long you have known them.

10. Why do you wish to study in the UK and not in the USA or your home country?

Provide the reason to study in the UK than other countries. Explain the perks of the UK education system and why it is preferred by international students across the world. You can also compare the cost of living and study in the UK with other study-abroad countries.

11. Why are you starting your studies again now after such a long break?

Prepare your response according to your life experience and explain it with achieving your long-term professional goal.

12. What have you studied in India?

Mention the degree you have completed in India. Explain your college/university and the program/course you have studied. You can also mention how the course studied in India would help in preparing for what you are going to study abroad.     


1. How do I prepare for a UK visa interview?

Keep in mind the details that you fill in the application. Your answers in the interview should be similar to the ones you have mentioned in your application. Do background research about the country, course, and the university you have applied to and gather the necessary information.

2. What questions are asked in the UK interview?

The embassy/consular officer shall ask questions about your application process such as how you arrived at the embassy, and why you chose the course/country. The officer may ask further questions to check whether you have sufficient funds to support your living and travel expenses.

3. Is there any interview for a UK visa?

Yes. UK visa interview is the last part of the application process. The UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) will interview you in person to verify your identity and ask questions about your application.

4. How can I introduce myself for a UK visa interview?

You can start by stating your full name, where you live, your qualifications, and your professional aspirations. Next, you can mention why you are here at the embassy.

5. How do I pass an interview in the UK?

Hear the questions carefully and think before you answer them. If you can’t able to understand ask the officer to repeat the question or explain it for better understanding in a polite manner. Give honest answers and be confident while speaking.

6. How long is the UK visa interview?

The UK visa interview takes around 10 to 20 minutes depending on the circumstances of the applicant.


After the submission of your necessary documents, check your emails regularly including your junk folder to avoid refusal of the interview. Interviews are conducted in English. The officer must be satisfied that your answers are genuine and your English language ability is at the correct level. The above given UK visa interview questions and answers will help how to answer them.

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