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IELTS Academic Reading Practice test 2- Answer

ielts academic reading practice test 2 answer
Answer for reading passage 2 : Superman
  1. B (or) D
  2. D (or) B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. B
  8. NO
  9. NO
  10. YES
  12. NO
  13. YES
  14. YES
Answer for reading passage 2 : Domestic Violence 

15. iv. Domestic Violence and its wide-ranging impacts
16. vii. Rigidity as a factor in psychological harassment
17. i. Two triggering notions
18. vi. Some common perceptions are to blame
19. ix. A planned measure for self-help
20. iii. Perpetrators themselves as targets
21. A. Differs greatly and is abrupt
22. G. Are primarily responsible for continuous abuse
23. C. Encounter physical and mental abuse from partners
24. I. Unable to admit their estranged relations
25. E. Assists victims as well as offenders
26. c. To point out typical expectations of society from men and women
27. c. Throw light on the severity and causes of domestic violence

Answer for reading passage 3 : Hunger

28. False
29. True
30. False
31. False
32. Not Given
33. True
34. False
35. True
36. c. To point out an existing irony in the country
37. d. Annual food exports are phenomenal in spite of its people going hungry.
38. d. Inadequate infrastructure and support
39. d. All of the above
40. c. The world population continued to increase.




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