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  • 30-10-2021
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IELTS exam fees in India 2022 is Rs. 15,500. The IELTS test fee in India differs as per the The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test type. Please refer below for detailed information on IELTS test fees in India.

1 Computer delivered IELTS 14000 One time registration fee
2 IELTS for UKVI 15150 am fee can be paid via online
3 Life Skills 10000 Limited time exam cancelation refund available
4 Pen and Paper based IELTS 14100 Ielts exam reschedule fees is included. 

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is planned to test the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where english has been used as the language of communication.An  IELTS certificate plays an important role for the IELTS exam aspirants to study, work and migration in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. Each country has its own criteria.

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Students who have got a plan to do graduations or master’s should stick with the IELTS exam as their admission is based on the results. The general training version (give internal link) is usually taken by those wishing to study, work in an english speaking country.

We at Kanan International are partnered with well over 200 Universities and we also specialize in training the students and make them well prepared to crack the tough IELTS exam easily. The institute provides all resources to help you to score well and guarantee admission to top foreign / abroad universities.  

Top reasons to choose IELTS is many opportunities might rise up on having the high  IELTS score qualifications. Many top universities ask for english language test on their admission and the IELTS score you obtain will be a deciding factor on which university you’d like to attend.

High IELTS score will enable you to get admission in a top notch university. ( Some of the  multinational companies also use IELTS score card while recruiting.). Your results on listening, reading, writing and speaking speaks about your ability and shows where you stand when it comes to your English language proficiency,  as the results would be accurate.

You might be aware of American english and british english. IELTS covers both american and british english, so no matter what environment you use your english in, the english you learn for your IELTS test will be relevant. What is the age limit for IELTS? The age limit for the students to write IELTS should be above 16 and exam takers must hold a valid passport. 

All about IELTS Exam fees

IELTS registration

If you have made up your mind to write the test, the next step is to register for IELTS. The first step is understanding the format and the type of questions relevant to the exam. There are 2 types of IELTS tests available, one is for those who have plans to study abroad - IELTS Academic and other one is for people who have plans to work abroad or migrate - IELTS General.

Once the type of test has been selected you’ll be encouraged to look out for exam dates.IELTS exam registration in India can be done in online mode or download the registration form to fill in your details. Students need to select a convenient test location near you to write the exam. Once you complete the registration process, you may do an online course for enhancing test preparation (not mandatory, but highly recommended). 

Where can I take the IELTS?

IELTS exam fees 

What are IELTS exam fees in India?

In India, IELTS test fees in India 2022 are Rs. 15,500, payable at the time of registration. You can pay IELTS exam fee in India INR by means of a demand draft. Candidates required for TRF ( Test report form) have to pay additional TRF postage charges of Rs.400. Candidates will only receive one copy of their TRF, unless applying to citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC), or United Kingdom Border Agency(UKBA) in these cases, the candidate can receive two. Proof of application to both must be provided by the candidates.

IELTS cancellation fees

If you want to cancel your IELTS test, you need to do that five weeks before your scheduled  test date. You will receive a full refund amount minus a 25% administrative fee. You will be pushed to wait for four to six weeks for the refund amount to get processed.

If you cancel your IELTS test in less than five weeks no refund amount will be received. If you fail to attend the test that would be considered as cancellation and subjected to the issue of no refund.

You can receive the refund providing the evidence document within 5 days if you have been affected by serious illness or any other unavoidable cause.You must complete “Request for Refund” by attaching the evidence.

To know more information on refund policy contact your local IELTS test centre. You must register and pay again if you feel like taking up the test on another date.

IELTS rescheduling fees

If you need to reschedule your IELTS exam by  postpone or prepone your test , you can request a test day transfer before five weeks of your original test date. Please note that the new test date must be within three months of the original date.

Test takers who want to take up the test more than three months away should apply for refund and apply again. If you reschedule your test date after five weeks of your original test date that would be taken as cancellation with no refund unless providing evidence of a cause.

Scholarship Fee

A lot of scholarship foundations look at IELTS scores. Your IELTS score can help you to get scholarships at individual universities. IELTS scholarship fee covers full fee payment of an IELTS exam as per British Council. The scholarship fee will be paid to your bank account within 45 days of your result declaration. 

Mode of IELTS exam fee payment in India

  1. You can pay your IELTS exam fees in the following ways,
  2. You can pay the fees online using net banking, E-wallets or Card(Visa, master card)
  3. You can pay the fees at any branch of ICICI bank by filling the payment slip with no extra cost..
  4. You can also make payment through Demand Draft(DD) drawn in favour of educational consultant name payable at Delhi. You will be pushed to pay the extra charges for DD along with the fees.
  5. Once the payment is done, candidates who have registered and paid through online payment mode doesn’t required to send any documents.
  6. Candidates who have registered through online and paid the fees through DD should send the copy of application acknowledgement and the evidence of payment as per British Council.
  7. Candidates who have registered through offline and paid fees through DD should send the evidence of payment as per British Council.  

NOTE: Few consultants don't accept cash, credit/debit card payment at their offices. The IELTS exam fees in India differs as per the test type you are going to choose. 

IELTS Test type and corresponding fees

What is the exam format for IELTS?

IELTS is a test covering the four aspects of English language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Where listening,reading and writing sections of all IELTS tests are completed on the same day and speaking sections can be completed up to a week before or after the tests.

Reading Reading 60
Writing Writing 60
Listening Listening 30
Speaking Speaking 15

Total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes, Listening and Speaking have the same format for both the tests whereas in reading and writing the subject matters. It depends upon which test you take. Latest IELTS exam fee in Indian rupees 2022 is Rs.14,000 for both IELTS general exam and academic exam.

IELTS training fees in India

IELTS coaching fees in India is reasonable one. Students should make sure about their IELTS exam preparation before giving an attempt as IELTS score directly impact admissions. Some academies like Kanan International offer coaching programs effectively in order to make you ready for the exam in the shortest time.

Their dedicated and experienced trainers will give all techniques necessary to pass IELTS with flying colors. The course has been well designed that gives students at beginners level sufficient practice for taking the IELTS test confidently.  Apart from the training, Kanan is #1 Study abroad consultancy in India with well over 200+ foreign university collaboration, 20+ years of experience. 

You will be provided with a number of worksheets, books, online classes, Grammar videos, Tips, mock tests , evaluations and test preparations which will overcome your fear and help you to crack the IELTS exam successfully with good results. IELTS coaching fees in India ranges from Rs.4000 - Rs.14000( Indian currencies) with regular and weekend classes. If you’re looking for a reliable IELTS center you need to stick with comfortable classrooms, reasonable fee, well designed courses that fit your goal.

University admission consultancy fees for our IELTS students

Apart from IELTS coaching , you might also need advise, help and consultancy in choosing the correct University, immigration, placement etc. This is where Kanan International comes into play with our huge network and vast experience.With excellent Student counselling, you will be in safe hands regarding your study and earn abroad dreams.

Students always face the difficulty of choosing the right country for their studies.Reliable consultancy like us will mark their presence there and provide help to the students in identifying the best universities and colleges. The students can expect things like

  • Reliability
  • Trust
  • Good Staff behaviour
  • Great Assistance
  • Good Hospitality
  • Follow up and updates ,   from us

All these things have been provided to the students at “KANAN INTERNATIONAL” . We have been providing students with the right guidance and support to help them to achieve their goals. With 23 years of experience they help 1000 of students in terms of services ranging from coaching, student visas, college and course guidance and selection, visitor visas and immigration visas.

We even help students in pre departure services like ticket booking, documentation, medical insurance guidance etc.

The consultancy fee is Rs.12,500 including 18% GST in first installment and 2nd installment of 12,500rs including 18% GST before visa filing lodgement.We ensure in maintaining no doubts in the mind of the students before they depart for their studies.   

IELTS exam dates and fees

IELTS exam date in India 2022 may differ for the Academic and General Module. In order to create flexibility and convenience, tests are mostly held on saturdays. Listening, reading, writing tests shall take place on the same day while speaking test a week prior / post of your exam date Your preferred location IELTS exam date may differ from other city IELTS exam dates.


5-OCT-22 Academic 14000
25- OCT-22 General Training 14000
1-NOV-22 Academic 14000
1-NOV-22 General Training 14000
7-NOV-22 Academic 14000
7-NOV-22 General Training 14000

You can preview your IELTS test results online. Results are available online 13 days after your exam date. Your IELTS results will remain available for 28 days from the IELTS result date. To check the results you need to log in using IELTS online results link.

If you are not happy with your results you can apply for a review of your scores through EOR(enquiry on results). Which would take a long time and quite expensive. Do believe the score changes might happen. However an increase of IELTS academic band score listening or reading is rare. Still giving a try for revaluation is nothing wrong. 

Once the payment is done for revaluation through debit or credit card, an invoice will be sent to you within 2 business days and the remark will be sent for processing within 5 business days from the receipt of payment. The deadline for sending EOR(enquiry on results) is 6 weeks after your test.

If the result of the revaluation is higher than your original result, you will receive a new test report and you need to return the old one. The new test result will be sent in mail. 

If the result after the revaluation remains the same like your original result you can make enquiries regarding the remarks to your original test centre.  The score can’t get decreased after revaluation. How many times can a student take an IELTS test?

The best part about the IELTS exam is there is no limit for writing the exam, you can take as many times as you can till you achieve your dream score. But you need to pay the fees each and every time when you have planned to write the exam.  

NOTE:  IELTS partners has launched a new online test to support students impacted by COVID -19 restrictions.IELTS has introduced IELTS indicator, an online english language test for students not able to attend an IELTS test due to COVID-19 related restrictions.IELTS indicator will assess students english language skills in listening, writing, reading, speaking ina timed, online test from their home comfortably. 

To ensure that the test focuses on real life conversation skills, students will have their speaking test face to face via video call with trained IELTS examiner.

IELTS indicator content has been designed with the high quality standards for all IELTS tests and has the same IELTS exam pattern and timings like the original test. Tests will be marked by higher IELTS official examiners. This would benefit the students who cannot reach the IELTS test center to take IELTS for the serious COVID -19 cause.

Refer above for answers to questions like Can I take IELTS during COVID-19?

Checklist to be prepared before paying IELTS exam fees

If you have decided to write the IELTS exam you need to keep a list in your mind before paying IELTS exam fee

  • Select your test type.
  • Make sure about your availability on the given exam date.
  • Type your personal details.
  • Give your address where you currently reside.
  • You need to have your scanned passport to upload the copy of it.
  • Keep the number of universities' names in hand for admission.

The above things are common for IELTS registration IDP, IELTS conducted by British council etc.Make sure to have all things in hand before paying a fee for the IELTS exam.

After making the payment you’ll receive the acknowledgement and save it in your computer. And carry your admit card, original ID proof and valid passport used to book your exam and colour photo along with you while writing the exam.

What is the procedure to register for IELTS? Please check answer to this question in the first section of this blog. 

IELTS general and IELTS academic coaching fees in India

You cannot find anyone taking the IELTS exam for pleasure. Everyone takes the IELTS exam when they are in need particularly to apply for a university program or a Visa. IELTS fees for the academic and general training fees are the same.IELTS fees for general and academic are the same. Fees depend on which country you will be taking the test.

If you need to write an IELTS exam and you are thinking about avoiding paying high IELTS fees, your best chance is to prepare well before registering. You would definitely land on a low score without joining a coaching class.

The IELTS registration for Canada or IELTS exam in Canada cost around $300. Both pen and paper, computer based versions have the same amount as well as general and academic training versions.

The IELTS registration USA or IELTS test cost in the USA ranges between $215 - 250 USD. Both pen and paper, computer based versions have the same amount as well as general and academic training versions.    

IELTS fees discounts and coupon codes in India

If you have planned on doing IELTS then it’s a good option to prepare yourself properly by completing an online course. Online courses are the best way to give confidence on securing good marks. Preparing courses will get you acquainted with the style of the IELTS, you have many practice tests to do in the online courses. So many practice tests will make you relax while writing the final exams. 

A best online preparation course is the most efficient way of ensuring that you get successful results for IELTS.There is no option for free IELTS. You need to pay a fee to do the course. There comes in finding discounts on courses.  

This plays an important role for the students of not approaching the bank and breaking head for loans. A discount code should be searched for before you make any payments for the course or IELTS test fees in India.

To use a discount code you need to get the payment page on the course website and you will have the option there to enter the discount code. Use the code and get reductions on the cost of a course.

Difference between online and classroom IELTS coaching fees in India

Before registering for IELTS coaching, many have doubts on registering for a course at a nearby coaching centre or should get enrolled for online coaching. Maybe knowing the difference on both can give you an idea of choosing the best. IELTS Classroom coaching IELTS online coaching
1 More students can be accommodate Only 1 can be there
2 Doubts can be clarified in groups One to one clarification
3 Feedback for one not given  Personal feedback is given
4 Specific tips is not given General and specific tips is given
5 Not all doubts can be cleared All doubts cleared in every class
6 ravel time makes time consuming Time saving
7 Cannot find where to improve Students know where to improve
8 Low score  High score
9 Chances of missing the  classes  Can attend class from home
10 Wastage of time,money Worth of investing

In general, online IELTS coaching is preferred over offline for many reasons. You can frame your training program by yourself. Once you register you get all study materials. If you select offline coaching you need to pay high when compared to online coaching.

In addition, you would be pushed to have physical as well as mental stress. Through online coaching, you can save time and save money. Why do you need to spend more money when you have a better option?

IELTS in Kanan

Kanan International is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced foreign education consultants in India, with a prominent pan-India presence. Kanan has 23 years of rich experience in overseas education and more than 25000 students immigration journey.

Kanan has a tie up with former senior visa officers, top immigration officers in order to provide their students stress free.

Kanan has also created an online IELTS test preparation portal “Kanan prep”.  This portal is 97% stimulated by the IDP and british council online IELTS exam portal.

Provision of Mock tests, Grammar lessons, IELTS preparation books and materials, IELTS exam tips, Ielts exam syllabus, live IELTS classes make the students secure the highest mark in the exam. With the determination of sending the students abroad for higher education by helping them with financials, documentation has made them fly high with colors.

Kanan International has been named as the best IELTS Academic coaching institute. Having experienced trainers the students are being trained with the three batches namely PECK, Beginners and the Advanced. Batch is allocated to students based on the level of the students and training has been given accordingly to make them score well. 

Kanan International also provides IELTS coaching offline with a reasonable price and computer lab to practice. Online IELTS academic and general classes in different timings so that students can join IELTS live class according to their convenient timings.

Kanan Coaching price is categorized in three different ways, the first is freemium with the validity of 7 days for free. The second one is Fast track with the validity of 180 days for the  price 4000 rupee. And the last one is Fast Track +  with the validity for 360 days for the price 7500 rupee. 

The price of the courses at Kanan International sounds to be a very reasonable one when compared to other educational consultancies.The institute provides all resources to help you to score well and guarantee admission to top universities. Register now to crack the exam. For enquiry feel free to visit the websites. 

How can I clear the IELTS?

Some might have questions in mind like “how to prepare for IELTS at home” . IELTS coaching is the place where you can prove yourself in tests and score well. Ielts coaching class tests your skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. You can achieve this only through constant Practice and continuous feedback. 

When you opt for an online coaching you get all updated materials every time as they can be readily updated.

There is no chance of rising IELTS coaching doesn’t work because they help your understanding and reciprocating skills to enhance more inorder to make your dreams come true. Not only goals but also paths are important. Choose the right path before you step forward.

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