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Minimum IELTS Score for UK Universities, Student Visa & Courses

Minimum IELTS Score for UK Universities, Student Visa & Courses

If you want to study in the UK, you need to showcase your English language proficiency. Many UK universities accept IELTS test scores as language proof for admissions. IELTS score for UK is an important requirement that international students need to provide while applying for universities and for visa application. 

You can study in the UK with a Tier 4 visa which can only be obtained if you showcase your English language skill to the university. In this article, you’ll find the complete details of the minimum IELTS score for UK universities, student visa, and courses.

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Minimum IELTS Score Requirements for UK Universities


Following are the IELTS requirements for UK universities that are ranked by the QS world university rankings and Times Higher Education rankings. The IELTS passing score for UK varies for both bachelor's and master's degrees depending on the universities. Check the following table.

QS World University Ranking 2023

Times Higher Education Ranking 2023 University Name Minimum IELTS requirement
2 3 University of Cambridge Undergraduate: 7.5
Postgraduate: 7.0
4 1 University of Oxford

Undergraduate: 7.0
Postgraduate: 7.5

6 10 Imperial College London Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
8 22 UCL Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
15 29 The University of Edinburgh Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
28 54 The University of Manchester Undergraduate: 6.0
Postgraduate: 6.0
37 35 King’s College London Undergraduate: 7.0
Postgraduate: 7.0
56 37 The London school of economics and political science Undergraduate: 7.0
Postgraduate: 7.0
61 76 University of Bristol Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
64 104 The University of Warwick Undergraduate: 6.0
Postgraduate: 6.5
78 =108 University of Southampton Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
81 82 University of Glasgow Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
86 128 University of Leeds Undergraduate: 6.0
Postgraduate: 6.0
91 =108 University of Birmingham Undergraduate: 6.0
Postgraduate: 6.0
92 198 Durham University Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
=96 114 University of Sheffield Undergraduate: 6.0
Postgraduate: 6.5
=96 201-250 University of St Andrews Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
114 130 University of Nottingham Undergraduate: 7.0
Postgraduate: 7.0
122 139 Newcastle University Undergraduate: 6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5
125 124 Queen Mary University of London Undergraduate: 6.0
Postgraduate: 6.5

What is the Minimum IELTS Score Requirement for UK Student Visa?

The minimum IELTS score for a UK student visa is 4.0 and above for all four skills. Fulfilling the IELTS/IELTS for UKVI requirement is essential to obtain a UK student visa. The Tier 4 General visa will be issued only if you meet the English language proficiency requirement set by the institution to study in the UK. 

Minimum IELTS Score Required for Courses in UK


The IELTS requirement for UK varies depending on the course and the degree you choose. Most of the top UK universities expect an IELTS score of 6.5 and above. Know the minimum score for UK IELTS for all course levels from the following:

Bachelor degree

The minimum IELTS requirement for undergraduate programs is 6.5 overall with no section less than 6.0. This IELTS cut-off varies for universities and the courses students choose. If you wish to get admission to the leading universities of the UK, you need to fulfill the band requirement they have.

Pre-Masters degree

Pre-masters degree is taken by international students who wish to improve their language and communication skills before taking the master's program. The IELTS band requirement for the pre-masters degree in the UK is 5.0 and above overall and in all four skills.

Master's degree

The minimum IELTS band score for a master's course is 6.5 overall and 6.0 and above in all skills. Apart from the IELTS score requirement, you need to fulfill certain criteria to pursue a postgraduate degree in the UK. You need to complete a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution to be eligible for the master's course.

IELTS test type required by institutions

If you want to study in the UK, you need to know the IELTS type preferred by the institute for different courses. The two types of IELTS band required for UK are IELTS Academic and IELTS UKVI.

  • Undergraduate Course
  • Postgraduate Course
  • Foundation course
  • Pre-sessional course
  • Below degree-level course
  • Language course

IELTS Score for Countries


1. What is the minimum IELTS score for UK work visa?

The minimum IELTS score for UK work visa is 4.0 and above. To work in the UK, you need to get a work visa either a Tier 1 visa or a Tier 2 visa. 

2. What is the IELTS score for UK nurses?

The IELTS score required for UK Nurses is 7.0 in reading, listening, and speaking sections, 6.5 in writing, and 7.0 overall. The IELTS academic score will be accepted by the NMC.

3. How much IELTS band is required for the UK?

The minimum IELTS band required for the UK is 6.5 overall with no less than 6.0 in all skills for both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

4. How many bands are required for England?

The IELTS band score required for England is 6.5 overall and 6.0 in all skills for both bachelor's and master's degrees.

5. What is the IELTS score validity for UK?

The IELTS score validity for UK is 2 years.

6. What is the lowest IELTS score for UK?

The minimum IELTS score for UK visa is 4.0 overall and for all skills. Securing less than the 4.0 band score is the lowest IELTS score for UK.

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