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Jobs in USA for Indians 2023

Jobs in USA for Indians 2023

Whether a warehouse attendant or a software engineer, there are 1000+ jobs in USA for Indians available. The US job market is growing rapidly in the field of technology, finance, business management and healthcare etc. The United States is well known for its academics as well as post-study work opportunities. With aligning skills and profile strengths, jobs in USA for Indian freshers are also available which will help them to achieve their career goals.

If you are an Indian citizen planning to shift to the USA, having a clear idea about job application details, work visa and other paperwork is necessary. Keep reading this blog till the end as we have listed out the highest paying jobs in USA for Indians.

This Blog includes:

How to get a job in USA for Indians?

  1. Application process to apply for a job in the US
  2. Websites to find specialized jobs
  3. Best Job Recruiting agencies

Highest paying jobs in USA for Indians

Jobs in USA for Indian Freshers

Part-time jobs in USA for Indians

Work visa in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a job in USA for Indians?

To get a job in USA for Indians, the first step is to apply for a job and a work visa. There are many other alternate ways, like connecting with the persons who were already employed overseas or seeking a transfer to the US branch of the Indian company that you’re currently working in. Let us deep dive into the bifurcations given below that explain how to get a job in the USA. 

1. Application process to apply for a job in the US

There are many job portals in the USA to search for work and many of them can be contacted before your arrival. Follow the below instructions that will help in your job application process in the United States of America (USA). 

Step-1: Start your job search on sites like CareerBuilder, Flexjobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and other USA job portals.

Step-2: Have thorough research about the company's profile, working domain and understand what they are looking for.

Step-3: Prepare a cover letter which conveys your purpose of application to the company. Also, bring forefront your passion and communication skills in the letter.

Step-4: Your resume should be shared with the company to which you are applying for. Make sure that your profile meets the said job description.

Many Indian companies have established their branches in the USA. Graduates can even apply for internships abroad. Companies like BUNAC, CIEEE, CI, Intern group etc. provide internships to candidates. In addition to this, preference is given to Indian students with scholarship programs like Fulbright which extends short-term employment opportunities for candidates holding one year of work experience.
Hence, This is the process to be followed by Indian citizens to find a job in the USA. 

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2. Websites to find specialized jobs

Here is the list of websites based on the category that will help you to find specialised jobs and vacant positions along with salary structure and other relevant details. You can customise your search based on the date posted, salary estimate, job type, experience level, etc.

  • Technical Jobs - Dice, GitHub, Stack, Overflow, Hired.com, Angel.co
  • Hospitality - Hcareers.com, LinkUp, Hospitality Online, iHireHospitality, eHotelier
  • Design - Dribbble, Carbonmade, Coroflot, Behance, AwesomeWeb
  • Sales - SalesJobs.com, SalesHeads.com, Sales Gravy, SalesTrax, Rainmakers
  • Freelance jobs - Freelancer, Upwork, craigslist, fiverr

3. Best Job Recruiting Agencies

Candidates often feel confused about how to get a job in USA for indians? Here is the list of the best employment agencies to connect with that can aid you with job placements.

Company name Job opportunity category Number of offices
Robert Half Creative & Marketing, Accounting & finance, administrative, technology and legal 325 offices across 42 states
Kelly Services All specialised fields including Education, science, Government, Engineering and Industrial 148
Randstad Engineering, IT,Finance and Accounting 4,700 offices across 38 markets
Adecco Legal, technical and industrial sectors 5400 offices across 60 countries
Korn Ferry multiple job industries and job functions at organisational levels 50 countries
Aerotek Manufacturing & production, Warehouse & distribution, maintenance and facilities sector 200 offices in USA
TEKsystems IT recruitment firm including project management, database administration, network engineering, architecture etc. 100 worldwide
Lucas Group Senior to Executive level job opportunities, special service to military veterans 10
Kforce Technology, finance and accounting sector 50
Insight Global IT, Accounting, Finance and Engineering 61 regional offices

Highest Paying Jobs in USA for Indians


Indians aspire to work in the US due to the country’s highest-paying jobs for skilled professionals across the globe. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the coming years 2021-31, there will be a 30-50% growth rate in job roles like nursing, wind service technicians, waiters and attendants, chefs, general managers, IT, software web developers, testers and research analysts.

Learn more about the highest-paying jobs in USA for Indians from the table below.

S.No Job category Job Role Average Salary
(USD) Per Year
Conversion in Indian Currency (INR) Per Year
1 Health care workers Doctors, Nurses, Lab technicians $208,000 ₹17195880
2 Chief Executive Driving the company’s profitability $185,950 ₹15372951
3 Nurse Practitioners Undertake Patients examinations, and diagnostic tests, look after treatments including prescriptions $183,580 ₹15177017
4 Dentistry Dentists, Dental doctors $183,300 ₹15153869
5 Paediatricians Medical care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults $177,130 ₹14643779
6 Airlines Pilots, Co-pilots, Flight engineers $160,970 ₹13307792
7 Architectural Manager Overseeing all technical activities related to architecture and engineering projects $149,530 ₹12362018
8 Information Technology IT Managers $139,220 ₹11509665
9 Business & Financial Manager Managing Industry investment activities, financial planning $120,644 ₹9973941
10 Software Developer Design, monitor, develop and test new software programs and applications. $103,560 ₹8561564
11 Data Scientists Analytical data specialists in the field of Big data enterprises $107,801 ₹8912178
12 Social Media Planner Content creator for the company’s social media channels, and social media strategist $110,080 ₹9100588

Indian Graduate freshers looking for jobs in the USA can find a handful of job opportunities to work in. Below is the list of most common occupations in the USA for Indians.

Jobs in USA for Indian Freshers

  • Entry level Engineer / Fresher in pharmaceutical, automobile industries etc.
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales Executive
  • Content writer
  • Research assistant in scientific laboratories and tech jobs
  • Library Assistants
  • Catering Assistants
  • Language Translators

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Part-time Jobs in USA for Indians

International students planning to work part-time in the United States must have proper work permit authorization issued by USCIS. The benefits of part-time employment include managing additional expenses, helping to build professional networks and also develops interpersonal skills that will enhance your CV.

Indian immigrants can earn extra money in the USA in a variety of ways. The place where you choose to study has a big impact on your part-time earnings. In the USA, the average hourly wage in some states is as high as 15$ per hour and it can be as low as $7.25 in other states. Part-time jobs in the USA for Indians have been broadly categorised as On-Campus and Off-Campus jobs.

On-Campus Jobs: Popular On-Campus part-time jobs include Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Library assistant, Department Assistant, Peer Tutor, Catering Assistant and Food Runner, Barista, Campus Ambassador, and Campus Tech Support. A perk about this category is that they tend to pay in line and are often more than the minimum wage.

Off-Campus Jobs: This includes working at call centres, as store associates, Tourist guides, language interpreters etc. Paid internships in the USA also fall under this category; however valid authorization from a Designated school official (DSO) is mandatory for the above-mentioned employments.

Apart from this, other resources like the Career services office, Student unions, University Departments, and Online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. will help you to get relevant and updated information about part-time jobs in the USA.

Along with the job, you need to have an authorised work visa to stay in the country.

Let’s have a look at it.

Work Visa in the USA

Immigrants often aspire to obtain a Green card or Permanent Residence which gives boundless permission to live and work in the United States of America.


Working Professionals across the globe seeking work visas must be aware of the information that the U.S. Government has put a cap of 140,000 immigrant visas per year. As per the US Immigration Statistics 2022, The US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) issued 2.75 lakh employment-based immigration visas (Green cards) out of which 91,639 (33%) were allotted to Indians.

Work visa types for immigrants with non-immigration and immigration programs are given below.

US work visa categories for non-immigrant workers

  • H-1B: Individual in Specialty Occupation (specialised field)
  • H-1B1: Free Trade Agreement Expert (FTA); Chile and Singapore
  • H-2A: Provisional Agricultural Worker
  • H-2B: Provisional Non-agricultural Worker
  • H-3: Special Education Visitor or Trainee
  • L: Intra-company Transferee
  • O: Person with Extraordinary Achievement or Ability
  • P-1: Team or an Individual Athlete, or an Entertainment Group Member
  • P-2: Entertainer or Artist (Group or Individual)
  • P-3: Entertainer or Artist (Group or Individual)
  • Q-1: for Participants in an International Cultural Exchange Program

US work visa categories for employment based immigrants

  • Employment First Preference - E1: Priority Workers – Individuals with Extraordinary Professional Talent
  • Employment Second Preference - E2: People with Extraordinary Ability, Professionals with Advanced Degrees and Individuals having labour certification endorsed by the US Labor Department
  • Employment Third Preference - E3: Skilled Workers, Unskilled Workers and Professionals 
  • Employment Fourth Preference - E4: Particular Special Immigrants
  • Employment Fifth Preference - E5: Immigrant Investors

If you are planning to work and stay in the USA, then be cautious and review the prime information you gave during visa filing because you would be asked to give clarification sometimes for admissions.


Knowing about popular and well-paid professions is important if you plan to shift overseas. However, to get jobs in USA for Indians, factors such as academic qualification, work experience, and technical skills are crucial. Hope this article has answered your queries about how to get a job in USA for Indians.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a job in USA from India?

Yes, Getting relevant certification, work experience in your specialised domain and then finding a sponsor/employer willing to hire you abroad can help you to get a job in the USA from India. Make sure to build a proper resume and maintain social networking that will increase your interview chances.

2. Which job is best for Indian in USA?

The sectors like Healthcare, Information Technology, Finance, Engineering, Law and Management are most in demand and have the most popular highest paying jobs in the USA for Indians.

3. Can a fresher from India get a job in USA?

Freshers after completing Graduation from India, To get a job in the USA, try networking with the professionals already working in the USA. If you are an entry level employee, explore opportunities in your own company if it has a branch in the USA. The other best possible approach is by applying for jobs via linkedin or various job portals.

4. What are the tips to find work in the USA?

Here are some tips that will help your Job search in USA

  • As the US visa process is quite lengthy make sure to start your job search well in advance.
  • Check Eligibility requirements for job and work visa
  • Build relationships and Stay in touch with the official websites, recruiters, and placement organisations, and attend job fairs.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and be aware of scams like fake job opportunities asking to pay money etc.

5. Can I go to USA after degree from India?

F1 visa is required for International students that allow candidates to stay for 60 days after their graduation date in the USA. F1 visa holders can also apply for OPT (optional practical training) after completing their studies.



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