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Business Analyst Salary in USA

Business Analyst Salary in USA

An average business analyst salary in USA is $81,300 (66,70 lacs) per year. This salary ranges from $50,270 to $116,380 depending on the company profile, location, experience, skills, etc. Other than the yearly compensation, business analysts also get a $3,700 cash bonus, non-cash benefits like 401(k) and more. To know how much a business analyst makes in the United States, read this entire blog that has information from 20K salaries reported.

Business Analysts’ (BAs) responsibility is to process, interpret and document business processes, products, services and software through data analysis and help businesses maximise their efficiency. They serve as a bridge between IT and business. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for business analyst jobs may rise to 11% in the US by 2029.

Business Analyst Salary in USA based on Experience

As employers consider a candidate’s experience during recruitment and salary negotiations, you must know the recently-updated business analyst salary in the USA based on experience. It helps you to make an informed decision. 


Year of Experience Salary in US dollars
  Per Year Per Month  Per Week Per Day Per Hour
Less than 1 year $40,000 $4,345 $1,105 $275 $25.50
1 to 2 years $56,700 $5,007 $1,250 $382 $33.00
3 to 5 years $75,000 $6,500 $1,549 $462 $40.27
6 to 9 years $87,340 $7,385 $2,100 $600 $50.71
More than 10 years $110,289 $10,682 $4,764 $940 $72.35

From the above wage data,

  • An entry-level (less than 1-year experience) salary is between $40,000 and $65,000 with up to an 8% bonus
  • A mid-level career (2 - 6 years experience) salary is between $75,000 and $90,000 with up to a 10% bonus.
  • A senior-level career (more than 10 years of experience) salary is between $95,000 and $115,000 with up to a 15% bonus.
  • The overall business analyst average salary in the US is from $45,000 to $110,000 in a year with up to a 10% bonus.

Business Analyst Salary in USA Based on Companies

Based on a company’s size and profile, one can predict a business analyst’s salary in the USA. Below is the list of companies and their corresponding salaries for business analysts. 

  • UKG - $111,394 per annum
  • Moody’s Corporation - $115,598 per annum
  • Sabre - $100,345 per annum
  • Enterprise Holdings - $87,373 per annum
  • TCS - $104,000 per annum
  • Cisco Systems - $90,503 per annum
  • SunTrust - $88,744 per annum
  • Merck - $94,207 per annum
  • Bank of America - $89,230 per annum
  • Ford Motor Company - $93,091 per annum
  • TIAA - $94,450 per annum
  • Philips - $92,106 per annum
  • Pacific Gas and Electric - $97,509 per annum
  • Amgen - $92,304 per annum
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - $89,034 per annum
  • Deloitte - $87,002 per annum
  • Mckinsey & Company - $1,20,461 per annum
  • Infosys - $82,409 per annum
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co - 87,285 per annum
  • Accenture - $79,321 per annum

Note: In the case of business analyst consultants, they earn an average compensation of $90,509 per year in the USA.

Business Analyst Salary in USA Based on Location

A business analyst's salary can be determined based on location in the USA. For instance, a candidate working in a metropolitan city can earn more than someone working in a remote area. Now see which are the highest-paying cities for business analysts in the USA.


  • New York (NY) - $97,201 per year
  • Houston (TX) - $92,840 per year
  • Plano (TX) - $85,659 per year
  • Chicago (IL) - $79,947 per year
  • Tampa (FL) - $76,750 per year
  • Atlanta (GA) - $$73,232 per year
  • Dallas (TX) - $72,309 per year
  • Phoenix (AZ) - $71,873 per year
  • St. Louis (MO) - $70,276 per year
  • Frankfort (KT) - $70,099 per year
  • Boston (MS) - $69,700 per year
  • Trenton (NJ) - $69,450 per year

Business Analyst Salary in USA Based on Skills

Recently, skills have played a crucial role in a business analyst’s salary in the USA. Here are the latest skills that promise increased salaries for business analysts.

  • SAP Finance & Controlling - $170,000 per year
  • SAP ERP - $167,498 per year
  • ERP Systems - $162,421 per year
  • Salesforce - $158,809 per year
  • Hybris - $147,563 per year
  • Oracle EBS - $147,340 per year
  • SAP S/4HANA - $130,985 per year
  • Magento - $128,217 per year
  • JD Edwards - $109,483 per year
  • Confluence - $101,557 per year
  • Jira - $100,000 per year
  • NetSuite - $95,333 per year

Apart from the above, certifications such as Certified Information Systems Auditor, PMP, Chartered Financial Analyst and so on are equally important for business analysts to improve their knowledge and performance. 

Important Factors Affecting Business Analyst Salary in USA

After reviewing various businesses and organisations, experts highlight the following important factors that affect a business analyst’s salary in the USA.

  • Location - Companies pay more for business analysts working in a city than someone in a remote area to meet their higher cost of living, like house rent, electricity, transportation, etc. So location becomes an important factor for determining the salary.

  • Working hours - A business analyst works 8 - 9 hours a day (40 - 50 hours a week). If the job demands the business analyst to work more than 50 - 60 hours a week, they may get a higher salary. So working hours matter in determining their salary.

  • Company size - In a company with 10 - 50 employees, a business analyst’s salary is $50K to $75K, whereas, in a company with 200 - 1000 employees, the business analyst earns $75K to $110K. So company size is crucial in determining the salary. A 2019 report reveals that employees working in top MNCs earn 7-25% more than employees working in small companies.

  • Taxes - If an average business analyst’s salary in the USA is $10,000 per year, then following would be the tax deductions.
Salary $10,000
State Income Tax Social Security Medicare Tax -$90 -$650 -$155
Total Tax -$895
Net Pay $9,105
Marginal Tax rate 11.75%
Average Tax rate 8.85%

If a business analyst earns more, they need to pay more tax and vice versa. 

  • Skills and certifications - If a fresher possesses relevant skills and certifications, companies may offer them more salary for having more knowledge. For instance, a business analyst with three years of experience may get a higher salary and bonus than their counterparts after completing a certification course.

  • Professional experience - A business analyst in their early career (1-2 years experience) earns a total compensation of $55,932 a year. When they gain experience and reach mid-level (5-7 years) and senior-level careers (above 10 years), they start to earn more.  

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Since business analysts are among the top 10 highly demanded jobs, a “business analyst salary in USA” is always higher than the average salary of other professionals. This post has covered all factors affecting salary, including company, experience, skills, taxes, and more. This detailed information is helpful for candidates who are professional business analysts planning to move to the US.


1. How much is a business analyst paid in the USA?

A business analyst salary in USA ranges between $52,856 and $120,550 with an annual average salary of $81,300 (66,72 lacs). Salary estimates are based on 20K latest salaries received from business analysts. 

2. Is business analyst a high paying job?

Yes. Business analysts are high paying jobs with an average salary of US $80,000 per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than $90,000 and the top 1% of employees earn more than $120,000 per year.

3. What is the salary of a fresh business analyst in the USA?

The national average salary for a fresh business analyst (entry-level) in the USA is $55,987 per year.

4. What is the highest salary of a business analyst in the USA?

The highest salary of a business analyst in the USA is ranging from $52,389 to $116,387 with a median salary of $81,551.

5. Is business analyst demand in the USA?

Yes, the demand for business analysts in the USA has increased. This demand for business analyst jobs may rise to 11% in the US by 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

6. What is the salary satisfaction for business analysts in the USA?

Based on 1,445 feedback, 65% of business analysts in the USA are satisfied with their salary. Their salaries are enough to meet the expenses and bills.

7. What are the similar professions to business analysts in the USA?

The similar professions to business analysts in the USA are as follows:

  • Data Analyst (average $71,375 per year)
  • Analyst (average $68,397 per year)
  • Operations Analyst (average $65,128 per year)
  • Business Intelligence Analyst (average $80,340 per year)
  • IT Analyst (average $78,203 per year)
  • Business Systems Analyst (average $89,357 per year)

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