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CA Salary In Canada

CA Salary In Canada

An average CA salary in Canada is $72,500 (43.8 lacs) per year. This salary ranges from $53,000 (lowest) to $145,300 (highest) based on 133 salaries reported. Since chartered accountants (CA) are highly-skilled professionals, they receive various employee benefits other than their basic salary, such as medical insurance, paid leave, child care assistance, retirement savings plan, etc. 

An entry-level Chartered Accountant (0-1 year experience) earns an average total compensation of $60,550. An early career CA (Chartered Accountant) (1-4 years experience) earns $66,899 annually. A mid-career level CA (5-9 years experience) makes nearly $70,350 per annum. A senior or experienced CA (10-20 years experience) earns $87,000 per year. And in a late-career (more than 20 years), a CA earns $102,000 a year.

What do Chartered Accountants (CA) do?

Chartered accountants (CA) offer financial services, such as auditing, taxation, accounting, financial advice, etc., for businesses to achieve their financial goals. On a daily basis, they resolve complex accounting issues, prepare financial audits, analyse annual statements, assist in financial reporting and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Apart from that, they keep themselves up-to-date, give lectures in business schools, and a lot more.

Chartered Accountants possess accounting and commerce background in their bachelor’s or master’s degree with a strong knowledge of accounts and business maths. They develop analytical and problem-solving skills to meet contemporary needs. Be able to multitask. And, have proficiency in Microsoft Excel and accounting software programs. 

CA Salary in Canada based on Companies

In the recent decade, employers in Canada are attracting professional CAs with the best salaries. To explore the leading companies offering the highest salaries for CA in Canada, refer to the wage data given below.

  • KPMG - CA$95,000 per year (CA$7,916 per month)
  • PwC Canada - CA$98,000 per year (CA$8,166 per month)
  • RBC - CA$100,000 per year (CA$8,333 per month)
  • Deloitte - CA$105,000 per year (CA$8,750 per month)
  • EY - CA$74,000 per year (CA$6,166 per month)
  • HLB International - CA$100,000 per year (CA$8,333 per month)
  • BDO - CA$92,000 per year (CA$7,666 per month)
  • ChinesePod - CA$78,000 per year (CA$6,500 per month)
  • City of Toronto - CA$82,000 per year (CA$6,833 per month)
  • Ontario Securities Mission - CA$117,000 per year (CA$9,750 per month)
  • ScotiaBank - CA$103,000 per year (CA$8,583 per month)
  • Capital One - CA$87,000 per year (CA$7,250 per month)

CA Salary in Canada based on Provinces

To know how provinces affect the CA salary in Canada, refer to the following table.

Provinces Salary in CAD
Ontario $56,926 per annum
Yukon $41,456 per annum
Prince Edward Island $65,329 per annum
Quebec $43,187 per annum
Alberta $55,993 per annum
British Columbia $69,227 per annum
Newfoundland $71,285 per annum
Saskatchewan $43,298 per annum
New Brunswick $67,411 per annum
Nunavut $78,384 per annum
Nova Scotia $57,821 per annum
Northwest Territories $49,018 per annum
Manitoba $47,204 per annum

CA Salary in Canada based on Experience

Check out the information below that contains the actual CA salary in Canada based on experience, as it’s critical for chartered accountants during salary negotiations.


CA Salary in Canada based on Education

It’s obvious that education plays a crucial role in CA salary in Canada. Let’s see which level of education attracts the highest salary. 


From the above infographic, it’s clear that higher education leads to better salary. A CA professional with the education level of Certificate or Diploma earns an average salary of 67,000 CAD per year.

While a CA with a Bachelor’s degree makes an average salary of 102,000 CAD per year. It’s more than 30% that of someone who has a Certificate or Diploma degree.

A Master’s degree gets its candidate an average salary of 122,000 CAD per year, which is 20% more than someone with a Bachelor’s degree.

CA Salary in Canada based on Skills

A recent trend reveals that CAs’ salary increases based on their skills upgrade. Here is the list of skills and their corresponding salaries. 

  • Financial Analysis - $85,091 per year ($34.05 per hour)
  • Financial Reporting - $78,238 per year ($31.23 per hour)
  • Accounts Management - $74,257 per year ($30.00 per hour)
  • Financial Auditing - $73,209 per year ($30.12 per hour)
  • Tax Compliance - $71,205 per year ($29,55 per hour)

Candidates with Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis skills earn more than the average salary. Whereas skills that get less pay than the market rate are Auditing, Tax Compliance and Account Management.

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This post covered all the information about an average CA salary in Canada and how different factors - education, skills, work experience, etc., affect the base salary. If you’re a chartered accountant planning to move to Canada, you must know how much money you can make in a year. For specific information, refer to the FAQs given below.


1. How much does a CA earns in Canada?

According to Canada's Labour Force Survey, a CA earns $90,153 (54.09 lacs) in Canada on average per year. This salary varies based on the factors like education level, skills and the number of years of experience, job location, company profile and so on.

2. Is CA in demand in Canada?

Yes. Chartered accountants (CA) are in high demand in Canada. Almost all business firms hire CAs to boost their financial status. 

3. What is the highest pay for Chartered Accountants in Canada?

The highest pay for Chartered Accountants in Canada is $110,000 per year, excluding the employee benefits. 

4. What is the lowest pay for Chartered Accountants in Canada? 

The lowest pay for Chartered Accountants in Canada is $47,000 per year. This is without the employee benefits offered by the companies.

5. How can Chartered Accountants increase their salary?

A chartered accountant can increase their salary by changing the company, upgrading their knowledge and skills, adding relevant experience, or moving to a new location that is suitable for CA professionals. 

6. What are the CA’s related job salaries in Canada?

The CA’s related job salaries in Canada are as follows:

  • Accountant - $75,000 per year
  • Financial Analyst - $80,000 per year
  • Staff Accountant - $65,000 per year
  • Office Manager - $70,000 per year
  • Administrative Assistant - $55,000 per year
  • Senior Accountant - $81,000 per year
  • Financial Controller - $112,000 per year
  • Finance Manager - $106,000 per year
  • Accounting Manager - $95,000 per year
  • Tax Manager - $110,000 per year
    Auditor - $45,000 per year

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CA Salary In Canada


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