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Salary of Software engineer in Canada, 2023

 Salary of Software engineer in Canada, 2023

How much does a software engineer earn in canada?

Average salary

$ 85,953

The average salary of software engineer in Canada is $85,900 (70.1 lacs) per year. Employment prospects were very good for a software engineer in canada. Over 57,000 software engineers and designers were working in Canada and the common health benefits including medical, dental, vision and others were provided. This occupation is also eligible to apply for express entry immigration with a federal skilled worker permanent resident visa. In this blog we shall discuss the requirements, necessary skills and prescribed salary of  software engineer in Canada.

Scope of Software Engineers in Canada 

The provinces of Canada have a high demand for software engineers as Canadian businesses require qualified Tech professionals. Software engineer job is listed as one of the 29 target occupations under the prestigious BC PNP Tech Pilot. This profession has the highest pay compared to other domains. On an average, the salary of software engineers in Canada is around $85,900 per year. Experienced software engineers can earn up to C$ 163,466 per year.

Highest-Paying Cities for software engineers in Canada


City Name Average salary base for software engineers
Vancouver, BC $96,673 per year
Toronto, ON $90,650 per year
Waterloo, ON $90,236 per year
Ottawa, ON $87,744 per year
Mississauga, ON $81,881 per year
Montréal, QC $81,091 per year
Markham, ON $84,633 per year
Calgary, AB $81,784 per year
Edmonton, AB $75,717 per year
Ontario $1,09,620  per year
British Columbia $1,10,000 per year

Software Engineers Salary in Canada based on Experience


Increasing your pay as a software engineer is possible in different ways like upgrading skills, managing experience which increases the likelihood to earn more.

  • For an entry level software engineer with less than 1 year of experience, average total compensation (including tips, bonus, overtime pay) expected to earn is around C$ 67,402.
  • Software engineer in his early career stage with 1-4 years of experience can earn an average total compensation of C$ 77,018.
  • A mid-career software engineer holding experience of 5-9 years earns an average total compensation of C$ 89,639.
  • Software engineers with 10-19 years of experience earn an average total compensation of C$ 96,871.
  • Employees with more than 20 years of experience as software engineers can earn an average total compensation of C$ 163,466.

What are popular skills required for software engineers?

There is rising demand for skilled software engineers in Canada. With the advent of new technologies, the demand for the latest skills is in boom and every software engineer needs to stay updated with the trend. 

The average salary for software engineer with technical skills like Java, Python,SQL,C# will be around $76,486- $80,263 per year. However, Learning advanced skills like Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications, Google cloud platform (GCP), Continuous integration, iOS, Go programming language and other mobile applications development will boost your salary by around 18-25%. 

What is the average salary that other similar professions get in Canada?

Here is the basic information about how much is earned by the other closely related professions. The average salary earned per year is given below

  • Full stack developer - $87,898
  • Java developer - $92,597
  • Developer - $75,421
  • Application developer - $74,047
  • Front end developer - $83,437
  • Back end developer - $94,240
  • Web developer - $69,231
  • Business Analyst - $79,433

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Canada is currently on a recruitment drive for technical skilled software engineers. If you are the one planning to shift abroad, hope through this article you have an overview of average earned Salary of software engineer in Canada.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much are the software engineers paid in Canada?

The average software engineer salary in Canada is $85,900 per year or $37.21 per hour. For entry level software engineers pay is around C$ 67,402, while most experienced workers can earn up to C$ 101,772.   

2. What is the highest software engineer salary in Canada?

While there is no minimum salary constraint in Canada, the average compensation can be up to C$ 101,772.  Instacart is the highest paying company for software engineers with an average total compensation of CA$296,647.

3. What is the fresher salary in Canada for software engineers?

The entry level software engineers with less than a year or zero experience can be expected to earn up to average compensation of  C$ 67,402 including tips, bonus and overtime pay.

4. Is Canada a good country for software engineers?

Yes, all the Canadian regions have a good demand for software engineers. The top 5 regions that have a huge market for IT and software engineers are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

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Salary of Software engineer in Canada, 2023


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