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Web Developer Salary in Canada

Web Developer Salary in Canada

A web developer salary in Canada ranges between $51,555 and $95,402 with an average annual salary of $67,500 (40 lacs). Salary estimates are based on the 1.5K reported salaries. In Canada, there are three types of web developers: front-end, back-end & full-stack web developers. Each average salary is determined based on their skills, specialisation, work experience (entry-level, mid, senior), location, etc. To get full information about how much a web developer earns in Canada, please read this entire post.

Based on 215 reported salaries, an entry-level web developer earns a low of $50,000 per year, a mid-level web developer earns an average salary of $63,408 (median), and a senior web developer (above 20 years of experience) earns a high salary of $117,075 per year. Thus, it’s clear that throughout their career, web developers get a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum salary of $117,000 in a year.

What Do Web Developers Do?

Web developers will design, develop and maintain websites on a daily basis. Optimise web pages and fix errors like broken hyperlinks, etc., for maximum speed & scalability. For effective implementation, web developers work with SEO teams, web designers, and content writers. Update the site as per recent trends in web development. Finally, they travel to clients’ offices or vendors for project discussions.

A web developer must have a computer science background, proficiency in HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, SASS, and PHP, and then be capable of problem-solving and providing technical support. Besides coding, they give lectures and also attend many workshops & online courses. 

Web Developer Salary in Canada based on Companies

Since web developers mostly work in big technology-based companies, it would be beneficial to know the leading companies that offer the best salary in Canada.

  • isgSearch - $142,012 per year ($11,834 per month)
  • One Soft - $124,000 per year ($10,333 per month)
  • Annex IT Solutions - $100,000 per year ($8,333 per month)
  • Shopify - $96,334 per year ($8,027 per month)
  • Fortinet - $95,200 per year ($7,933 per month)
  • Hexoskin - $95,000 per year ($7,916 per month)
  • University of British Columbia - 93,486 per year ($7,790 per month)
  • Lambton College - $89,237 per year ($7,436 per month)
  • Toronto Public Library - $86,224 per year ($7,185 per month)
  • Ubisoft - $85,928 per year ($7,160 per month)

Web Developer Salary in Canada based on Cities

Since the geographical location of a city is a key factor in determining a web developer's remuneration, let us check the top 10 cities with the highest web developer salary in Canada. This information about compensation is based on 110 salaries reported.

City Salary in CAD
Mississauga, OT $74,837 per year
Victoria, BC $72,223 per year
Edmonton, AL $71,445 per year
Ottawa, OT $69,347 per year
Calgary, AL $68,219 per year
Toronto, OT $67,561 per year
Richmond, BC $67,231 per year
Vancouver, BC $63,884 per year
Montréal, QB $62,246 per year
Regina, SK $60,854 per year

Web Developer Salary in Canada based on Experience

Below is the list of web developers’ salaries in Canada arranged based on the number of years of professional experience.  


  • Entry-level Web Developer (less than 1 year experience) - $46,956 per annum ($12.05 per hour)
  • Early Career Web Developer (1 to 4 years experience) - $52,359 per annum ($15.75 per hour)
  • Mid-Career Web Developer (5 to 9 years experience) - $59,397 per annum ($21.00 per hour)
  • Experienced Web Developer (10 to 19 years experience) - $67,471 per annum ($31.55 per hour)
  • Late-Career Web Developer (over 20 years experience) - $80,327 per annum ($39.89 per hour)

Web Developer Salary in Canada based on Skills

Here, let us see how a web developer’s skills become a game-changing factor for salary negotiations. 

  • HTML5 - $53,200 per year
  • CSS - $53,287 per year
  • JQuery - $52,386 per year
  • PHP - $54,109 per year
  • Jason - $57,801 per year
  • JavaScript - $55,743 per year
  • Web Development - $56,137 per year

The recent trend of web developers’ salaries reveals that those with Javascript and Web development skills tend to earn more, while others with HTML5, CSS, PHP and JASON programming languages earn less.

 Other Competitive Skills That Affect Web Developer Salaries

To have a competitive edge, web developers must consider the following skills. These skills ensure some of the highest paying jobs in Canada

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • NET
  • Go (Golang)
  • Backbone.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • REST
  • Mobile application development
  • Salesforce
  • TypeScript Programming Language
  • Apache HTTP Server

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Now considering a company’s profile, experience level, skill sets, and other factors, you know how much a web developer salary in Canada is. The average salary of a web developer is $67,500 (40 lacs) per year, with a minimum base salary of $40K. Moreover, bonus ranges between $4K and $7.5K and 10% of profit sharing. If you’re negotiating salary with the employer, we hope this wage split-up will be helpful for you.


  1. How much does a web developer earn in Canada?

An average web developer’s salary in Canada is $67,500 per year ($5,625 per month or $34.54 per hour). Entry-level positions’ average compensation is $53,734 per year, while experienced web developers make up to $102,000 per year. This salary is in addition to their employee benefits like profit sharing, performance bonuses, and gift vouchers.

2. Are web developers in high demand in Canada?

Yes. According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System reports, web development skills are highly demanded in Canada. It is estimated that there will be a 55% rise in demand in the near future.

3. Is Canada good for web development?

Certainly! Canada is good for web development. To fill the employment gap in IT and web development fields Canadian universities offer professional courses, and firms offer high-salaried jobs for web developers. An entry-level position starts at $53,113 per year and raises to 90,346 per year depending on their skills, experience, etc.

4. How much does an HTML CSS developer make in Canada?

The average HTML CSS developer’s salary in Canada is $76,409 per year. However, it varies based on the experience and job location.

5. What is the web developer’s salary in Canada based on region?

Below is the list of web developer’s salary in Canada based on region.

  • Ontario - $72,394 per year
  • Quebec - $71,290 per year
  • British Columbia - $65,812 per year
  • Manitoba - $61,641 per year
  • Alberta - $57,388 per year
  • New Brunswick - $54,752 per year
  • Saskatchewan - $52,321 per year
  • Nova Scotia - $50,097 per year

6. What are the other related salaries?

There are certain professions that are closely related to web developers. Let’s find out their salaries.

  • Software Development Engineers - $123,301 per annum
  • Java Developer - $111,900 per annum
  • Software Engineer - $101,234 per annum
  • NET Developer - $96,389 per annum
  • Front End Developer - $89,811 per annum
  • Software Developer - $85,841 per annum
  • Business Systems Analyst - $83,287 per annum
  • Data Systems Analyst - $78,943 per annum
  • Web Developer - $66,947 per annum
  • Programmer - $60,260 per annum

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