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Average HR Salary in Canada 2023

Average HR Salary in Canada 2023

The average HR salary in Canada is ‘$79,426 per year’ and ‘$34.48 per hour. The annual Human Resources manager Salary in Canada usually depends upon various factors such as experience, organization, location, specific role, etc. The Canadian national occupation classification code (NOC) for the HR role is 1223.
A Human Resource Manager (HR) who is at the entry level with less than 1 year of experience can expect an annual salary (including bonus, and overtime pay) of C$56,412 on average. HR in their early career with 1-4 years of experience can earn an average of C$64,6712 per year.
HR Managers at their mid-level career with 5-9 experience earn around C$75,005 per year and experienced HR with 10-19 years get a compensation of around C$80,436 annually. The highest HR Salary in Canada is for people who are highly experienced for about 20+ years. They get an annual compensation of C$85,076.

What do Human Resources Managers (HR) do?

The designation of a Human Resource Manager varies depending on the company, expertise, etc. But, the key responsibilities of an HR professional include recruiting employees, payroll processing, onboarding and orientation, compensation and benefits, performance management, training, and development, looking after compliance, labour relations, record keeping, etc.

The minimum qualification people need to get an HR position in Canada is getting a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Previous working experience or internship is needed as well. The necessary skills of Human Resource Managers are leadership qualities, multi-tasking, better communication, and problem-solving skills.

HR Salary in Canada based on Companies

HR salaries vary based on the companies in Canada. Below is the list of Canadian companies and their average HR salary per year.

  • Government of Canada - $82,037 per year (Range: $54k-$116k)
  • Rogers Communications - $60,245 per year (Range: $44k-86k)
  • Paladin Security Group - $46,641 per year (Range: 33k-63k)
  • Amazon - $25 per hour (Range: 21-72)
  • TD - $56,515 per year (Range: 42k-135k)
  • Hudson’s Bay Company- $57,668 per year (Range: 35k-138k)
  • RBC- $51,560 per year (Range: 40k-80k)
  • Canada Post- $71,072 per year (Range: 54k-88k)
  • Scotia Bank - $73,026 per year (Range: 44k-155k)
  • Department of National Defense - $55,987 per year (Range: 40k-69k)
  • ABC - $81,745 per year (Range: 46k-100k)
  • Confidential - $65,629 per year (Range: 50k-100k)
  • OMERS - $85,000 per year (Range: $75k-$100k)  

HR Salary based on Provinces in Canada

Human Resource Managers, Personnel and Recruitment Officers Salary in Canada can vary depending on the regions. In the table below, a few provinces and the equivalent HR salary range are offered.

Provinces Salary ($) per annum
Northwest Territories $111,345
Nunavut  $91,695
Alberta  $74,408
Yukon   $73,808
British Columbia $70,134
Ontario $69,379
New Brunswick $65,000
Manitoba  $63,401
Quebec $62,240
Saskatchewan $60,938
Nova Scotia $57,953
Prince Edward Island $50,700

Human Resource Manager (HR) Salary based on experience

The below image explains the salary range based on the experience level of HR Managers. It is classified from entry-level candidates, HRs in their early career, mid-level, and late-career to experienced.


Similar Jobs related to HR and their salaries in Canada

The below-mentioned job roles are similar to HR but may vary in their responsibilities based on companies’ requirements. The name of the designation and the average salary per year is given below for your reference.

  • Human Resources Generalist  -    $67,500/ year
  • Payroll Specialist                         -    $62,944/year
  • Training Specialist                       -    $77,669/year
  • Employee Relations Manager -    $82,283/year
  • Recruitment Manager               -    $75,327/year
  • Employee Relations Manager -    $82,283/year
  • Human Resources Specialist   -    $63,983/year
  • Development Coordinator      -    $61,911/year
  • Recruiter                                        -    $60,975/year
  • Skills Trainer                                 -    $45,500/year

Topic Related to Canada


This article explains in detail the role of Human Resource Managers, and the details about the Salary offered in Canada based on their experience, the company they work in, location, etc. Similar jobs related to HR have also been listed along with the average annual salary. This article HR Salary in Canada will be helpful for readers and  professionals who wish to work as an HR in Canada.


1. How much an HR earns in Canada?

The average Human Resource Manager salary in Canada is $79,426 per year and $34.48 per hour. Entry-level HRs can expect C$56,412 per annum whereas experienced HRs have an annual compensation of C$85,076 per year.

2. Do HR jobs pay well in Canada?

The average Human Resource Manager salary in Canada is $79,426 per year. And, the HR Salary in Canada differs based on experience, location, company, etc. As you are getting more experienced, you will be paid higher.

3. What is the salary of an MBA HR in Canada?

Here are the job roles and the average annual salary offered to MBA HR.

Job Roles     Average Annual Salary
Human Resource Manager 74,327 CAD
Human Resources Coordinator       59,197 CAD
Senior Human Resources Generalist 60,418 CAD
Senior human resources business partner 107,954 CAD
Vice President of Human Resource 53,114 CAD

4.     Is HR in demand in Canada?

HR is the most in-demand job for 2023. The roles of HR Managers, recruiters, and HR generalists are the most sought-after in Canada.

5.     Can an Indian become HR in Canada?

Canada is termed an immigrant-friendly nation across the globe. Hence, they welcome skilled immigrants from diverse backgrounds to work in their country. The HR jobs in Canada for Indians offer growth and steady careers.

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