Describe a foreign culture that you like IELTS cue card

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Describe a foreign culture that you like

The IELTS speaking test was separated into three sections. The introduction was followed by a speaking cue card test. In the cue card test, the examiner will give you questions in the task card which you have to answer. The given time for the entire test was about 11-14 minutes. The topic describe a foreign culture that you like IELTS cue card (Speaking). In this article, we will help you understand about the test and how to answer the questions.

Describe a foreign culture that you like IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue card

IELTS Speaking Part 2 is also called an individual long turn test. You will be allocated 1 minute for preparation and the candidate will receive a cue card based on a certain topic. Here, the sample topic is given about describe a foreign culture that you like, which has some model answers and follow up questions as your guide for the test. 

Describe a foreign culture that you like Cue Card

You should say:

  • What culture it is ?
  • How do you know about it ?
  • What differences there are between that culture and your own ?
  • Explain why you like that foreign culture ?

Describe a foreign culture that you like - Model answers and Follow up questions

In the Speaking Part 3, the in-depth discussion will be held about the topic which is given in as randomly, it is the face to face conversation, the examiner will ask various questions to check your fluency in English and the way you speak, the topic to describe a foreign culture that you like, along to this, we have given the 4 model answers and 5 follow up questions.

Describe a foreign culture that you like - Model answer 1


Culture can be defined as the way of life for an entire society, they set a pattern of human activities within a social group. Here I am going to talk about the culture that I like from other cultures as an American.

What culture is it?

As I said I am from America but I love the way the Indians celebrate their marriage 
ceremony, baby shower, puberty ceremony etc.. We can say so many functions that Indians are celebrating in their country. The Traditional formalities they have are very different.

How do you know about it?

As a movie lover I used to see lots of movies in various languages like kollywood, bollywood etc. I have seen a Tamil movie which has a marriage sequence. It makes me more crazy about it, and it creates an interest in me to know about the formalities and to see it.

What differences there are between that culture and your own?

Formalities are totally different from my own culture than Indian culture, for example marriage functions are done with various formalities in India and they celebrate it for maximum 10 days and for next few days they treat the bride and groom with a royal food feast. But in my own country, marriage formalities have some documents where the groom and bride have to sign. We had a party with our friends and it is an open wedding, not that many formalities are followed in my own country.
Explain why you liked that foreign culture?

It is so interesting to see, also they will play some funny games even in their marriage ceremony. It attracts me a lot and it creates an interest in me to learn or to know about those cultures.


Even though some cultures are followed in our own country, we like to learn about other countries' cultures and sometimes we love to experience it.

Describe a foreign culture that you like ‘Japan’ - Model answer 2


I am the kind of person who loves to explore new things and new places. Likewise, long days ago with my friends. I was surprised by their celebration.

What culture is it?

It is Halloween day, which is celebrated by Italy, Sweden, Poland and foreign countries. Mostly, Halloween day was celebrated on 31 October every year. It seems totally different from our country.

How do you know about it?

As I said above, when I went to Japan for a trip with my friends. One day in Japan we got ready to explore one of the famous streets in Japan. On that day I just felt frightened by seeing the person who dressed up like Halloween. After a while I saw so many of them were dressed up like cartoon characters. Then, only we came to know that they were celebrating Halloween day.

What differences there are between that culture and your own?

It is completely different for us, to be frank, here we don't know that there is a day for Halloweens to be celebrated. Here our kids only know about the various kinds of cartoon characters.

Explain why you like that foreign culture?

It seems completely different and I enjoyed it a lot on that day. I have met various kinds of cartoon characters. Even some characters I have not seen before. The whole place was filled with lights, balloons, and cartoon characters are also designed in the shape of balloons.


They were allotted a specific day to celebrate cartoon characters. To be said, here in our country we do not celebrate children's day as much as they celebrate. But they are celebrating some unique days like halloween days.

Describe a foreign culture that you like - Model answer 3


Cultures are not the same in every country, there are some differences, like the way they dress up, the way they talk and so on.  Likewise I would like Indian culture especially the way they praise the lord. Yes, here I am going to talk about the Indian culture which I would like. 

What culture is it?

Though it is devotional, it looks different from my own country. Yes we too have gods and temples but in India there are so many temples for each god. The culture is kumbhabhishekam ceremony, the way they do the poojas to the idol deity and change the powerfully deity.

How do you know about it?

Last April I visited India, to participate in my friend’s wedding, who was my classmate, in XXX university where we both had done our master degree. She invited me for her marriage, and for this reason I started to explore her place and other famous places in India. One day after her marriage she said that there was a kumbhabhishekam ceremony in her village. First I did not understand what she said but her grandfather explained to me about that ceremony.

What differences there are between that culture and your own?

Yes, there are so many differences between this culture and my own country’s culture. We would also worship god and goddess, but here they have separate temples for both god and goddess. Not only this kumbhabhishekam ceremony, they were doing different things like doing weddings to god, praying to god like they will walk in fire, etc.

Explain why you like that foreign culture?

Each and every thing what they were doing is totally different between my own country to this country, as I said not only they were doing kumbhabhishekam for temples, to be said they has a specific days to pray the particular god.


They have that much faith in God, and these are all details I learned from the elder people in India, because most of the youngsters were not interested to learn about it.

Describe a foreign culture that you like - Model answer 4


Culture means not only the languages, religion, rituals, art etc. Cuisine also comes under the culture. How they cook food, what kind of food they have,etc. So here I am going to talk about the food culture of the foreign country, yes it is Japan.

What culture is it?

Here, in India we cook food like rice, sabji, veggies etc. Even in the sabji we had lots of different kinds of sabji like sambar, rasam, aloo mattur etc. likewise here I'm going to talk about the food culture  of Japan. In Japan the famous food is Sushi also it is also one of the traditional foods in Japan. Mostly they eat raw food even though they eat fish also raw,  they consider it as the best food.

How do you know about it ?

After my degree I was searching for a job, and finally I was selected in a reputable company for a manager position and in a few days I chose to attend the meeting in Japan. The head office of the company was in Japan. The office has taken full charge of room booking, flight charge, food and for all my basic needs, I was so interested to explore Japan, so after completing my meeting in Japan. I started to explore it at that time. I heard about the food kinds in Japan. My guide friend helps me to learn about those things but asking from others.   

What differences there are between that culture and your own?

It was totally different, because they were eating most of the food raw, even they were not half boiling too. To be said, I was sick after eating their food, but in our country we used to eat most of the food after cooking and it has 6 kinds of taste. 

Explain why you like that foreign culture?

 Yes, as I said the food of their country was not cooked, but the street foods like donuts, ice cream are so good and yummy. Here, kids prefer different kinds of sabji and veggies, there they prefer ice creams, cakes etc. When I was there, I completed my dinner and lunch by eating those street foods only.


 We could not say any mistakes in their way of food, because it was their own. We are just visitors, we are going to spend just 1 or 2 weeks only. But to be frank, their cleanliness is super good while comparing with our country. I mean where they were cooking, even in restaurants and street food stalls.

Describe a foreign cultural that you like  - IELTS Speaking Part 3 follow up questions

 This last section of the IELTS speaking cue card was conducted for about 4-5 minutes. Along with some follow up questions for the topic describe a foreign cultural that you like.. We ensure that it will help you to get knowledge about the IELTS speaking part 3 test.

1. What do you think is the best way to learn foreign culture?

       The best way to learn foreign culture is through the internet, because not everyone can afford to spend money to go there to learn about their culture. Also, an Indian parent would not allow their children to move to another place to learn about that country's culture, they could feel uncomfortable.
2. What do you think is the biggest problem when working in a foreign country?

     As I assume languages and foods are the major hassle to work in a foreign nation. Because those two are important to working in foreign country, if it is not there people will get afraid to work there.

3. Some people say that reading is the best way to learn about a culture, do you agree?

     Yes, reading is one of the ways to learn about a culture in other countries. But, also exploring other countries will also help you to learn about other country’s cultures. A lot of people cannot afford to go to different countries. Thus, they can learn 

 4. How did you feel when other countries' cultures followed in our country?

       It seems good to youngsters and for kids, but older people will not like it. Because older people would not love those kinds of culture, they will say that people should live with some discipline. These activities are not good for our society and so on. They start to give advice to us.

5. What do you think does which countries culture was good and attractive?

      We should not make any mistakes on other countries' cultures, but the most attractive culture is owned by India, but they have so many formalities and many kinds in each and every thing like for prayer, food, clothing etc . Each state has a different way of food, clothes, and way of prayer.

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 Here we have given some model answers and follow up questions for the  topic “describe a foreign culture that you like ”. As we have put together some different model answers, it can help you to get an idea about the IELTS speaking cue card test. Make sure that you use your own style of conversation. 

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