Upcoming Intakes in USA 2024

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Upcoming Intakes in USA 2024

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The USA is the most famous study-abroad destination for international students. Every year, universities and colleges offer courses in three intakes in USA: 1. Spring or January intake, 2. Summer or May intake, and 3. Fall or September intake. Many Indian students prefer to study in USA in either intake because of the quality education, the latest curriculum, cultural diversity, and various job opportunities.
To pursue an undergraduate, graduate or PhD program, you can select any one of the intakes in the USA. While choosing the intake, consider the program availability, academic records, acceptance rates, entrance test scores, etc. This blog describes each intake, including benefits, scholarships and application deadlines, to help you make an informed decision.
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Intakes in the USA

There are three intakes in the USA that are same for every academic year. Intakes are referred to as “terms” by some academic institutions. The three intakes offered by the US universities are in the table below. 
Three Intakes in the USA
S. No Three Intakes Timeline of the Application Applications open
1 Spring intake or January intake January to May July - December
2 Summer intake or May intake Starts from May January - March
3 Fall intake or Autumn intake or September intake September to December November - May

Since application deadlines for each intake are a few months before the start date, it is recommended to apply at the earliest. Also note that intakes vary based on the institution and the study program. 

Now, let’s delve into each intake in detail.

1. Spring Intake in USA (January - May)

The spring intake in USA starts in January and ends in May. Its timeline is five months or 22 weeks a year. The spring intake (also called January intake) is the second preferred intake in the USA. 

Duration to apply: January to May

Benefits of Spring intake in USA

  • The important benefit of spring intake in the United States is the higher chance of university admissions for students.
  • If you miss the September/Fall intake, you can enrol in the January/Spring intake.
  • Many 1-year or 2-year diploma courses and scholarships are available this Spring semester.
  • During this January intake, students have the advantage of increased staff support from the department. 
  • More part-time work opportunities and internships are available.
  • Non-native English speakers get more time preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE to join this session.
  • Future students can plan their higher education six months in advance and apply for this January intake. 
  • Due to less competition for the Spring intake, the application and visa processing time is reduced.

List of Universities in USA for Spring/January Intake

Overseas students can refer to the list of universities in the USA for Spring/January intake given below.

List of Universities in USA for Spring (January) Intake
1 University of Kansas 22 University of South Carolina
2 Texas Tech University 23 University of Central Florida
3 University of New Mexico 24 Carnegie Mellon University
4 Cornell University 25 Texas A&M, College Station
5 Virginia Tech 26 Western Michigan University
6 University of Wisconsin - Madison 27 George Mason University
7 Rice University 28 Oklahoma State University
8 Case Western Reserve University 29 Arizona State University
9 New Jersey Institute of Technology 30 Howard University
10 Brown University 31 Purdue University
11 University of Louisiana - Lafayette 32 University of Tennessee Knoxville
12 Kent State University 33 Northeastern University
13 Iowa State University 34 University of Texas, Dallas
14 Florida International University 35 University of Alabama, Huntsville
15 University of Florida 36 University of Houston
16 Vanderbilt University 37 Wichita State University
17 University of Arizona 38 Michigan Technological University
18 University of Southern California 39 University of Nevada, Reno
19 Stevens Institute of Technology 40 University of New Haven
20 University of Cincinnati 41 University of Bridgeport
21 Rochester Institute of Technology 42 California State University, Long Beach

2. Summer Intake in USA (May - September)

The summer intake in the USA begins in May and ends in August. Its timeline is four months or 20 weeks a year. The summer intake (also called the May intake) is the shortest intake, with limited American universities open for admissions. 

Duration to apply: Starts around early May or June

Benefits of Summer Intake in USA

  • The biggest benefit of summer intake in the US is accepting most students’ applications who have missed the fall and spring semesters. 
  • Mostly language and cultural programs are offered in May intake.
  • Some language programs last only two or three months to aid non-native English students. 
  • Students aspiring for MS or MBA must apply in the next intake of the calendar year. 
  • Another pro of the summer semester is less competition. 
  • Overall, the summer intake is less advantageous than the other intakes.

List of Universities in USA for Summer/May Intake

The list of US universities for the Summer/May intake is in the table below.

List of Universities in USA for Summer (May) Intake
1 University of Florida 12 University of Houston
2 New York University 13 University of Illinois at Chicago
3 Mississippi State University 14 The University of Texas at Austin
4 University of Texas at Dallas 15 Virginia State University
5 Florida Atlantic University 16 Delaware Valley University
6 Indiana University Bloomington 17 Stockton University
7 Hendrix College 18 Southern Utah University
8 St. Edward’s University 19 Kean University
9 University of Washington Tacoma 20 Marietta College
10 Winthrop University 21 The University of New Mexico
11 University of Nebraska-Lincoln 22 Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

3. Fall Intake in USA (September - December)

The fall intake in USA starts in September and ends in December. Its timeline is four months or 18 weeks a year. The fall intake (also called September intake or Autumn intake) is the primary and most popular intake in the United States of America. 

Duration to apply: September to December

Benefits of Fall Intake in USA

  • Fall intake in the USA is considered the best intake for offering more courses and scholarships.
  • The fall intake marks the beginning of the academic year. That is why most students, especially from India, apply for master's and PhD programs in the Fall (September) semester admissions.
  • This September intake promises more job opportunities (both on-campus and off-campus).
  • Sports and extracurricular activities are available in this Fall intake. 
  • Almost all USA universities enrol the first batch of undergraduate students. 
  • More research and teaching jobs are available during fall intake.
  • Fall intake sessions make almost all students highly competitive and employable.
  • Fall semester students get more job offers in the university’s placement drive.  
  • Funding and financial support are easily available for this September intake in the USA.

List of Universities in USA for Fall/September Intake

Refer to the list of universities in USA for Fall/September intake given below.

List of Universities in USA for Fall/September Intake
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 15 Harvard University
2 Stanford University 16 Auburn University
3 University of Utah 17 Hofstra University
4 George Mason University 18 University of Massachusetts, Boston
5 University of South Florida 19 University of Illinois, Chicago
6 University of Dayton, Ohio 20 Adelphi University
7 Colorado State University 21 DePaul University
8 Louisiana State University 22 University of Kansas
9 University of Minnesota 23 North Carolina State University
10 Colorado School of Mines 24 Brown University
11 CalTech 25 UC Berkeley
12 Yale University 26 Princeton University
13 Duke University 27 Columbia University
14 University of Pennsylvania 28 Texas A&M

The Perfect Timeline to Apply for the Intakes in the USA

For students who start their application process, regardless of which intake, the general rule of thumb is to keep the documents, English scores, and visa ready. To do that, we will go through the timeline common for all intakes in USA.

  1. Mostly, the intake applications open by the mid of December or January in the new year. Hence, prepare for your English assessment tests, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and visa interview during the month of June or July.
  2. By the advent of September and by late October, you can apply for financial assistance such as student loans or merit scholarships offered by universities in the US and the courses they provide for the Spring intake. 
  3. When applications are open by the end of November or early December, apply with the required documents.
  4. Respond to college emails without any delay and attend the video or in-person interviews.
  5. Apply for the USA student visa based on the intake, ace the visa interview.
  6. Book airline tickets.
  7. Get a globally-accepted debit or credit card.
  8. Finally, pack your bags, check the pre-departure checklist and move towards your destination within Jan to May.

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Documents Required to Apply for the US Universities


Students applying to US universities, at any level and for any program, must know the documents required. Below is the list of documents necessary for university admission, applicable to total intakes in USA.

  1. Previous year’s academic transcripts of the qualifying examination
  2. Official marksheet of 10th and 12th
  3. Official marksheet of UG
  4. Official mark sheet of PG (MS)
  5. Provisional certificates of every academic institution
  6. GRE, GMAT or SAT scores
  7. Admission Essay
  8. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  9. Updated resume/CV
  10. 2 or 3 Letter of Recommendations (LORs)
  11. A valid passport
  12. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or Duolingo scores
  13. Passport size photos
  14. Internship certificates
  15. Proof of extracurricular activities


Now you would know three "intakes in USA": 1. January or Spring, 2. May or Summer, and 3. September or Fall intake. The US educational system follows a batch-wise intake thrice a year for a smooth application process. It allows domestic and international students to study in the USA. If you're planning to study abroad in the USA, then "being thorough with your research and ensuring everything you need is organised and ready will save you time, money, and effort and make your study abroad experience pleasant and seamless," said by Saurabh Arora, CEO, University Living.


1. Which intake is best for USA?

Out of the total intakes in the USA, the Fall or September intake is the best for offering more courses and scholarships for students. It starts in September and ends in December. Students who have missed the Spring or Summer intake will take the fall intake.

2. What are the three intakes in USA?

The three intakes in USA 2024 are:

  • Fall (September/Autumn) intake - The academic term duration is September to December.
  • Spring (January) intake - The academic term duration is January to May. It's the best intake to study popular programs like MBA, MS and MA. 
  • Summer (May) intake - The academic term duration is May to August (It offers limited programs and colleges).

3. What is Fall 2024 intake in USA?

The Fall 2024 intake in USA starts on Monday, 02 September 2024 and ends on Thursday, 31 December 2024.

4. What is Jan 2024 intake called in USA?

The January intake is also called Spring intake. It’s the second most popular intake for international students. This January intake starts in December or early January every year.

5. How many intakes for USA universities?

There are three intakes for USA universities: January/Spring, May/Summer and September/Fall intake. New students choose any one intake for higher education depending on the course availability, scholarships and post-study work opportunities. These students graduate a semester in the second half of the academic year and start applying for internships.

6. Which intake should I choose?

Based on your interest, future goals, course availability and readiness to join, you can choose a suitable intake in the USA. For full-time courses like MS or MBA, choose the Fall intake. Similarly, for short-term courses, you can take the Spring season intake.

7. When should I apply for fall intake 2024?

All students must apply as early as November of the previous year for the Fall intake 2024.

8. Why fall intake is best for USA?

The fall intake is considered the best intake among USA universities and colleges because it provides almost all professional courses like MS, MBA, etc. And it provides more scholarships for international students.

9. How many Indian students go to the USA to study?

In a year, more than 211,900 Indian students go to the USA to study.

10. Which intake is best for MS in USA?

Fall intake is the best for MS in the USA. The US universities take nearly 8 - 10 weeks to process the applications. Unfortunately, not all universities and colleges in the US offer MS courses.

11. What is the upcoming intake in USA?

The upcoming intakes in the USA are September/Fall intake 2024 and January/Spring 2025.

12. When to apply for January 2024 intake?

To join in Jan 2024 intake in the US, you need to apply between June and September 2024. Those who have missed the Fall intake of this year can apply for January 2024 intake. 

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