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Summer Intake Universities in USA with Deadlines for 2024

Summer Intake Universities in USA with Deadlines for 2024

Students who want to join the college in the summer intake in the USA can find details of universities like deadlines and courses offered. Find detailed steps and admission requirements to apply to the May intake. The US degrees offer a diverse curriculum and professional success.

The summer intake in USA is the intake that starts in May and ends in August. The number of applicants in the May intake is usually less. Fewer universities offer courses in the summer intake. The courses offered are usually short-term courses.

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When is Summer intake in USA?

The summer intake in the USA starts in May and ends in August. You have to apply by March to be eligible for admission in the May intake.

Advantages of taking Summer Intake in the USA

  • Fewer students apply for the summer intake, so lesser competition and a higher acceptability rate.
  • US universities offer short-term, certified, and vocational courses during the summer intake.
  • Online classes are available for summer intake in US universities.
  • Internship programs are also offered in the May intake.

USA Summer Intake 2024 Timeline

Timeline Activity
April - August 2023 Take details of deadlines, eligibility criteria, scholarships, and shortlist universities.
September - November 2023 Prepare for an English proficiency test. Get the paperwork started for your student visa.
November 2023 - January 2024 Check and apply for the shortlisted universities.
February - March 2024 Shortlisted students will get mail from the university for an interview.
April - May 2024 Start the application process for student visa, education loan, or scholarship.
May 2024 Plan your travel.

Step-by-Step Process to Apply for Summer Intake USA 2024


Step 1: Research and Plan (April to August 2023)

The first step to study in the USA is to shortlist the universities to apply for admission. Check if they provide the desired course, placement opportunities, student support, and other needs. Learn about their admission procedures. Check the application deadlines of each university and note them down. Most universities open their application for the May intake between January and April.

Step 2: Prepare for Exams (September to November 2023)

The next step is to prepare well and clear the tests as required by the universities. Score well in standardised tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT, and also English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo. You have to attempt these tests well before you apply to universities as it will take some time to get the results.

Step 3: Apply to Universities (November 2023 to January 2024)

You can start applying to the shortlisted universities. Most universities will start their application process during this period. You may be asked for your test scores and to pay an application fee.

Step 4: Attend Interviews (February to March 2024)

The university will ask selected applicants to attend an interview. You have to wait for the mail from the universities you applied. It may take the university up to a month to give you an intimation about your application. If you didn't receive any notification from the university you can email them about it.

Step 5: Apply for US Student Visa, Education Loan, Scholarships (April to May 2024)

Once the college accepts you for the applied course, they will send you an acceptance letter. The university must be a SEVP-approved institution to get a visa. The visa will take almost 5 weeks to process. You should get an F1 visa to enter the US as a full-time student. If you want financial support you may also apply for an education loan or scholarships during this time.

Step 6: Get ready for Departure (May 2024)

Once you have completed all your paperwork, you can book your tickets to the United States of America!  You will need to arrange for your accommodation. You can either stay on campus or outside the campus.

Top Summer Intake Universities in USA 2024

University Courses Application Deadline
Boston University Arts, BS Finance, Education, Engineering, History April 7
Bridgewater State University MS in Finance, BS in Accounting, MS in business law, MS in American Studies, BS in Computer Science, MS Economics Rolling admission
Cleveland State University MS Biomedical Engineering, MBA, MS Chemistry, MSW April 1
Illinois State University Agriculture, Art, Biological Sciences, Information Systems, MBA, Social Work May 1
Lamar University Applied Arts and Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Hospitality April 15
Stanford University Mathematical foundation of computing programming abstractions, banking, money, and machine learning May 12
University of Central Missouri Anthropology, Aviation, Cybersecurity, Legal Studies March 1
University of Michigan-Dearborn Applied and Computational Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science April 1
University of North Texas Specialist in Aging Certificate, Philosophy, Kinesiology, Musicology April 15
University of Oregon Journalism, Business. Design March 1
Western Illinois University BS in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Business in Accounting, BS in Biology, MS in Chemistry March 31

Documents Required for the Summer Intake in USA 2024

  1. Scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and GMAT/GRE.
  2. Passport
  3. Passport size photos
  4. Academic Transcripts and Marksheets
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Letter of Recommendation
  7. Resume or CV
  8. Extra-curricular activities certificate
  9. Experience certificate (if available)
Spring Intake in USA Fall intake in USA


1. When should I apply for summer intake in USA?

For most universities in the USA, the deadline falls in March for the summer intake. You have to visit the official college website to know the exact dates.

2. What are the upcoming Intakes in the USA?

The upcoming intakes in the USA are:

  • Fall Intake 2023:  It begins in September and ends in December
  • Spring Intake 2024: The Spring intake begins in January and ends in April or May.
  • Summer Intake 2024: The Summer intake begins in April or May and ends in August.

3. What exams to take for the summer intake in USA?

The universities look for good scores in tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, and English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo.

4. Is May intake available in the USA?

May intake is available in the US. But universities don't provide all the courses in the summer intake.

5. What is the acceptance rate for summer intake in the USA?

Compared to other intakes in the US, the acceptance rate for summer intake is higher.


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