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Top 10 PG Diploma Courses in Canada 2023: Best Colleges, Fees, Eligibility & Jobs

Top 10 PG Diploma Courses in Canada 2023: Best Colleges, Fees, Eligibility & Jobs

A post graduate diploma in Canada is a 1-2 years career oriented course offered to the students to gain specialization and skill development in the field of their choice. International students often prefer these courses due to affordable investment, short course duration, and good teaching methodologies that involve practical application in a market approach. The average study cost of PG diploma courses in Canada ranges from CAD 8000 to CAD 20,000 (5 lakhs to 12 lakhs INR). 

Students can pursue 1 year or 2 years post graduate diploma in Canada after completing their undergraduate studies. Enrolling in full-time PG diploma courses in Canada will give you eligibility for a one-year post study work visa, which will help you find the highest paying jobs in Canada. Another advantage is that obtaining PR after completion of a 2-year PG diploma and being placed can earn you additional CRS points. 

After completing a PG diploma from Canadian colleges, depending on the stream and sector you have chosen, the average salary can be around CAD 35,000 to CAD 90,000 (21 lakhs to 55 lakhs INR).  Let us explore in detail top 10 PG diploma courses in Canada 1. Business Analytics 2. Operations Management. And so on.. for making the right career decision.  


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Top 10 PG Diploma Courses in Canada: Best Universities, Fees, Career Paths

The top 10 PG diploma courses in Canada are

  1. PG diploma in Business Analytics
  2. PG diploma in Operations Management
  3. PG diploma in Financial planning
  4. PG diploma in Project Management
  5. PG diploma in Supply chain Management
  6. PG diploma in Global Business Management
  7. PG diploma in Marketing
  8. PG diploma in HR Management
  9. PG diploma in Accounting
  10. PG diploma in Information Technology (IT)

Here we have given in detail about most popular PG diploma courses in Canada offered for international students to pursue.

1. Business Analytics 

Post graduate diploma in Business Analytics is 1-2 years long program which will equip you with necessary skill sets and quantitative methods that meet the business insights. The best universities providing this course along with their tuition fees is

University Name  Tuition fee (CAD)
McMaster University 40,000
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 20,000
Cape Breton University 15000
Douglas College 21,200
University of calgary 19000

There is an extensive range of job prospects with a very good pay after completion of course. Here are the few job domains with Annual average salary earned.

Job role  Average salary (CAD)
Business Analyst 77,982
Business Economist 69,729
Business Intelligence Analyst 64,765
Senior Business Insight Analyst 1,39,952

2. Operations Management 

 This program focuses on making you learn more on managerial requirements, project planning and quality assurance etc. The average salary for a newbie after pursuing the course ranges from CAD 25000-CAD 50000. The top colleges that teach pg diploma in operations management are 

University Name  Average Tuition fee (CAD)
Durham college 15000 
Conestoga college 14,163
Algonquin college 15,800

3. Financial Planning 

This PG diploma focuses on fundamentals of financial planning and students learn to identify, manage risks with appropriate solutions.Top universities with average tuition fees are as follows

University Name  Average Tuition fee (CAD)
Centennial college 17,130
George Brown college 15,480
Humber college 18,048
University de Montreal 29,400
McGill University 20,350

Let us have a look at how careers post PG diploma in finance look like

Job role  Average salary (CAD)
Financial controller 57000- 1,13,000
Tax advisor 105,000
Chartered Accountant 104,000
Risk Management Director- 209,000
Financial Manager 60,000- 100,000

4. Project Management 

This course will provide you necessary knowledge on managing complex projects, budgeting, risk identification etc. Here is a list of best colleges to study pg diploma in project management along with the average tuition fee price

University Name  Average Tuition fee (CAD)
Douglas college 18,360 
Vancouver Island University 23,142
University of winnipeg 19,415
Centennial College 22,135
Humber college 17,608

The salary of a project manager in Canada for newbies ranges CAD 71,500- CAD 2,16,000 per year. The job domains you can expect to be hired with annual average salaries are as follows

  • Commercial project Manager- CAD 1,47,000
  • Project Coordinator- CAD 107,000
  • Construction project coordinator- CAD 1,19,000
  • IT project coordinator- CAD 1,25,000

5. Supply chain management 

Comprehensive understanding of all aspects like logistics, transportation, procurement and inventory control can be learned on a global scale. The popular universities along with tuition fees are 

University Name  Average Tuition fee (CAD)
Centennial college 15,652
Thompson Rivers University 21,216
Douglas college 18,997
McGill University 25,511

Industry level job positions and their average salaries after pg diploma in supply chain management are

Job role  Average salary (CAD)
Supply chain Manager 2,26,000
Material planning specialist 63,500
Warehouse Assistant 42,600
Supply chain analyst 1,50,000

6. Global Business Management

This 1-2 year global business management course makes you learn about practical skills that can be applied to real-world scenarios to run a business globally. The best universities in Canada with their tuition fees are

  • Humber college- CAD 17,608 per year
  • Centennial college- CAD 15,385 per year
  • Seneca college- CAD 15,133 per year
  • Algonquin college- CAD 18,052

Career pathways after studying the course are like Business advisor, Business consultant, Business Analyst, Actuarial Analyst etc. The salary will vary as per company and experience. Candidates can earn around CAD 102,000 per year, While the lowest salary being CAD 73,968 and can reach up to CAD 152,970 with experience and job domain.

7. Marketing 

PG diploma in Marketing in Canada covers modern marketing techniques, advertising and digital marketing strategies that aids to maintain business relationships with customers & stakeholders. The universities offering this course are

  • Algonquin college- Fee is CAD 18,694 per year
  • St. Lawrence college- CAD 16,950 per year
  • Centennial college- CAD 15,693
  • Bow valley college- CAD 18,369
  • George Brown college- CAD 15,190

Salary for a Canada’s digital marketing professional stands at CAD 57,322. However other job roles like Marketing specialist salary package ranges around CAD 45000.

8. HR Management 

PG diploma in HRM prepares you in handling organisational restructuring and in maintaining a diverse management. The average fees ranged between CAD 13,179- CAD 18,048. The colleges offering this course are

University Name  Average Tuition fee (CAD)
George Brown college 15,480
Humber college 18,048
Niagara college 17,875
Mohawk college 18,808

The average salary after course completion is around CAD 42000/year. Here is the overview of job domains and their average annual salary

Job role  Average salary (CAD)
Recruiter 44,906
Human Resource Advisor 54,850
HR Generalist 55,721
Talent Acquisition specialist 38,603

9. Accounting 

PG diploma in Accounting covers skillsets about financial statement analysis, taxation, auditing etc. It has been one of the most chosen programs by the study abroad aspirants to gain relevant knowledge and experience. The universities offering this course are

  •  University of Toronto- Annual program fee is approx. CAD 30,000- CAD 60,000
  • Centennial college- CAD 17,388
  • Red River college- CAD 16,490- CAD 18000

After completing a PG diploma in Accounting you can pursue CPA and become a financial analyst, auditor, tax specialist to a company with average pay around CAD 57,100. you can also start a business or venture of your own.

10. Information Technology (IT) 

A PG diploma in one of the fastest growing sectors of IT will give you a deep understanding of database management, programming languages, networking, web development, security systems and latest technologies in software development. Most popular IT courses include Information security, Big data and data analytics, Artificial intelligence, web development & design etc.

The average fee for PG diploma in IT courses ranges from CAD 9000- CAD 26000 depending on course duration, college etc. The top universities offering IT courses are

  • Lakehead University
  • Conestoga college
  • Centennial college
  • Humber college
  • Regina university
  • Lambton college

After the course completion there are several career paths like Data Analysts, IT support analysts, web developers, AI designers, cyber security specialists etc. with an attractive pay range around CAD 25000- CAD 50,000.

After gaining more than 3 years of experience in your chosen stream, you can apply for permanent residence (PR) in Canada. There are enormous opportunities for a foreign graduate in the Indian job market as well if you plan to return to your home country.

Post Graduate Diploma Course Types: Difference

PG diploma programs vary based on specialization and course duration. Post Graduate Diploma course types include

One-year PG diploma course in Canada: Comprises 2-3 semesters that impart specific skills and knowledge in your chosen field. It costs around 6.18 to 9.28 lakhs INR. If you are enrolled for one year of a PG diploma course, you will be provided with a one year post study work visa.

Two-year PG diploma course in Canada: Thesis oriented program containing 4-6 semesters that trains students to conduct independent research in a chosen field. It costs around 7-11 lakhs INR. The additional advantage is that if you have opted for a 2-year PG diploma course, you will be given 3 years of post study work visa provisions.

Top Colleges to Study Post Graduate Diploma in Canada for International students

Admission to postgraduate degree programs usually occurs in two main intakes- fall intake in September and winter intake that starts in January. However, application deadlines vary across institutions. The below table tells you about the PG diploma courses offered for upcoming intake along with application deadlines.

S.No College Name Popular Specializations Application deadline Fees per year (CAD) Fee Conversion
1 Durham College PG diploma in Accounting & Business October 1, 2023 14,184 8.53 lakhs
2 Centennial College Advanced PG diploma in Biotechnology Rolling 18,444 11.12 lakhs
3 George Brown College PG diploma in Computer programming and analysis Starts from April 3, 2023 17,841 10.75 lakhs
4 Seneca College (Newnham Campus) PG diploma Accounting & Finance Rolling 16,011 9.65 lakhs
5 North Island college (Comox valley) PG diploma in Global tourism & hospitality management  April 1, 2023 14,045 8.46 lakhs
6 St. Clair College PG Diploma in Business Administration & Finance September 15, 2023 15,987 9.64 lakhs
7 Mohawk College Advanced PG diploma in Mechanical engineering & Technology August 16, 2023 16,510 9.95 lakhs
8 Niagara College PG diploma Computer programming & Analysis June 6, 2023 16,575 10 lakhs
9 Algonquin College PG diploma in Advertising & Marketing communication Management February 1,2023 (applications accepted on first come first serve basis after Feb 1,2023) 18,694 11.27 lakhs

Why Do International Students Prefer PG Diploma Courses in Canada?



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PostGraduate Diploma in Canada- Eligibility Requirements

To get admission into postgraduate diploma programs in Canada, you need to meet the academic requirements set by the specific universities you are applying to. You can apply for a postgraduate diploma in Canada despite having only a three-year bachelor’s degree. Most common eligibility requirements include:

  • An Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in a relevant subject at least 65% or more aggregate marks from recognised universities. 
  • Having 2-3 years of work experience will be an added advantage if you are applying for PG diploma in courses like Management, Marketing and Business administration
  • It is mandatory for International students to provide proof of English proficiency such as IELTS and TOEFL.
     IELTS: An overall score of 6.5 & above is required
    TOEFL: Minimum overall score of 80-110 is required
  • Having an acceptance letter given by their respective college or university is necessary. Through this, you can apply for a Canadian student Visa which should be shown to management if required.

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Student Visa

According to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) data for 2022, around 3,19,130 Indian students enrolled in Canada for study visas for programs of duration of 6 months and more. The major documents needed are proof of acceptance, proof of identity, a letter of explanation, proof of financial support, and an SOP for a student visa. Along with this:

  • Candidate should be enrolled in Designated Learning Institute (DLI)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to pay tuition fees, living expenses and return travel expenses should be shown by the applicants
  • Candidates must be a law abiding citizen with zero criminal records and must not be a threat to Canadian security.
  • Students might be asked to submit a police clearance certificate.
  • Medical Certificate is also required that states your health condition
  • Candidates should make immigrant officers believe that he/she will leave the country after their stay duration ends.

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Documents required for admission in Post Graduate Diploma

As a part of the admission process, international students will be asked to submit copies of the following documents to the university where they intend to study.

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Study Permit
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Proof of Finances
  • Updated Resume (if necessary)
  • A valid Passport
  • Photographs (passport size)

5 Best Scholarships to pursue PG diploma courses in Canada

There are many scholarships available for Indian students in Canada as part of a study grant. Some Canadian universities that offer postgraduate diploma programs also provide financial assistance to international students. Here is a list of popular scholarships available.

Scholarship Name Permitted to Benefit granted
Paul Foundation Indian students with financial aid who wish to study overseas 26,900 CAD
Niagara Colleges Scholarship International students who enrols in one of Niagara’s colleges  2000 CAD
Fork tip Women Innovation Women who want to study abroad 2000 CAD
Brokerfish International students scholarship To assist students in paying health insurance costs 1300 CAD
Humber College International Entrance Scholarship 20 new international students joining Humber college for their first semester 2000 CAD

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Winding up

With various PG diploma courses and multiple advantages offered by each, the choice becomes tough, and one requires a lot of research about pursuing a Post Graduate diploma in Canada. Hope this article helped you with cross-referencing. For additional information and guidance, feel free to reach out to our Kanan counsellors.

FAQs on Post graduate Diploma in Canada

1. Is post graduate diploma valid in Canada?

Pursuing post graduate diploma in Canada provides you with practical knowledge, including a valid specialized graduate certificate. When compared to master's degrees, course fees are relatively less, and these professional courses help you get jobs in your chosen field of study.

2. Is post graduate diploma equivalent to Masters degree in Canada?

Post graduate diplomas are one year programs that work as additional qualifications for bachelor degree holders, which helps them get a job in their chosen specialization. Whereas, the duration of Master’s degree programs is 2 years, during which one can become proficient in a chosen field through independent research. A PG diploma is not equivalent to a Master’s degree.

3. Can I get PR with post graduate diploma in Canada?

International students who have completed their postgraduate diploma with an experience of working in a skillful position for 12 months, are permitted to apply for PR under the express entry system which is called Canadian Experience Class. Permanent residence for students in Canada means that you can live, work and study in the country permanently.

4. What is post graduate diploma called in Canada?

The postgraduate diploma, also called Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.) in Canada is considered over the level of bachelor’s academically, but under a Master’s level. This qualification is particularly popular in Anglo-Saxon countries.

5. What are 1 year PG diploma courses in Canada?

The best 1 year PG diploma courses for international students to study in Canada are as follows:

  • PG Diploma in Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Business Administration, Computers & Networking.
  • PG Diploma in Health & Environment Management, Hospitality & Tourism operations Management
  • PG Diploma in Global Hospitality Management, Food Technology, Pharmacy & Nursing
  • PG Diploma in Engineering Management, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Supply chain Management
  • PG diploma in Biosciences, Medicine and Healthcare. 

6. Is a 1 year PG diploma worth it in Canada?

A PG diploma in Canada is an excellent option for the students who do not wish to incur huge debts by opting for an education loan. This course is completely valid and most of the PG diploma programs offered provide opportunity to work as interns with various companies and institutes. 











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