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May (Summer) Intake in Canada: Universities Requirement, Process

May (Summer) Intake in Canada: Universities Requirement, Process

Students planning to take admission for May intake in Canada can find details of universities, courses, and the process to be followed. Canada is a popular choice for many international students due to its top notch universities, quality education, affordable tuition fees, easy immigration process, and friendly environment. Since Indian applicants are willing to study in Canada, Canadian universities and colleges offer three intakes throughout the year and ensure a seamless admission process. The three intakes are:

  • Fall (September) intake: admission deadline around December to March
  • Winter (January) intake: admission deadline will be around september to November
  • Summer or spring (May) intake: admission deadlines in January and February.

The May intake in Canada offers very limited courses, majorly, diploma certifications and summer vocational programs. So, students must research all available programs and universities for the Summer intake. This research should be done in the month of July of the previous year.

What is May intake in Canada?

May intake in Canada is also called spring/summer intake happens in the month of May. It is the final intake of the academic year in Canadian universities. A very few universities offer admissions for this intake with limited programs, mostly short-term courses, diplomas or certifications, and summer vocational programs. 

The key highlights for May (summer) intake or spring intake in Canada 2023 are

Application Deadline: January to February 2023
Classes start on : May 2023
Classes end on : August 2023
Programs offered: Diploma courses in management, languages, business, engineering, medicine etc.

The Canada summer intake is least popular and is preferred by international students with applications postponed due to delayed results or any personal reasons.

Benefits of May intake in Canada

  • The first advantage is pleasant weather conditions compared to extremely cold winters.
  • Another benefit is that it offers interesting short term courses to pursue and provides sufficient time to apply for full-time courses in the upcoming intakes in Canada, that helps to set a successful career path.
  • Due to less competition, the acceptance rate for May intake in Canada is high, and students can easily get into top Canadian universities.

Admission Timeline for Upcoming May Intake

The application deadline for the May/summer intake is scheduled at the end of January, February, or the beginning of March, depending on the course/university. Hence, students are advised to check the university’s website to know the last dates.

Here is a step-by-step guide to plan and secure admission for upcoming May/summer/spring intake


Detailed Steps to apply for May/Summer Intake in Canadian Universities

1. Select the University (Previous year April to May) : Perform detailed research and compile a list of universities offering your preferred course. Also check the DLI registration status of your chosen university, which is marked as trustworthy.

2. Check admission requirements and start preparation (May to August): Most universities grant admissions on a first-come-first-serve basis. After selecting your desired universities, keep track of necessary admission requirements like eligibility, tests required, etc. 

3. Schedule for standardized tests (September to December): Prepare for standardised proficiency tests like IELTS,TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT as needed by your selected university by the end of December. Make sure to complete this test taking process promptly and keep the scores ready at least three months in advance.

4. Start applying for universities (coming January to March): After getting your scores, be ready with documents like SOP, LOR and start applying for your selected universities. Also, attend interviews (if required) as a part of the admissions process. After applying, wait for the university’s acceptance letter, which you should accept or decline before the assigned deadline. 

5. Apply for visa/study permit (March to April): After receiving your acceptance letter, applying for a student visa is the next step. Apply for a study permit at the Canadian Visa Office through an online or paper application. Complete your visa interview process soon.

6. Get ready to fly! (April to May): After acquiring your visa, make your accommodation and transit arrangements ready, book the air tickets, and depart a month before your academic session begins. Make sure to carry an international debit/credit card to take care of your expenses before departure.

Top universities that offer admissions for May intake in Canada

Check out the Canadian universities offering admissions for the May (Summer) intake 2023-2024 in the table below.

Top Canadian Universities offering May (summer or spring) 2023 admissions
College name Annual Tuition fee Final Application deadline
Ryerson University $38,457 March 1
University of Waterloo $47,560 December 1
Vancouver Community College $19,900 March 31
Northern College $15,451 March 27
Centennial college $28,742 February 24

Other top universities in Canada that accept May (summer) intake applications are

The exact application deadline can differ based on the university guidelines. It is better to keep an eye on the university's official website for the latest updates.  

Note: Only a few colleges are open for May intake admissions. International students intended to enrol in the upcoming Summer intake Canada 2024 can refer to the above universities.

Courses available for May intake in Canadian Universities

Canada Summer (Spring) intake or May intake programs are available at a few institutions. Majority of them are limited to short-term courses, diplomas, and certificates.

For this May intake, students can apply for Management, History, Engineering & Technology, Arts, Medicine, Languages, Business, Environmental sciences, and Management programs. 

Let us explore different types of courses offered by universities for this summer intake 2023:

  • Concordia University- Chemistry, Biochemistry, Journalism, Exercise science, communication studies
  • University of Alberta- Anthropology, History and classics, interdisciplinary studies
  • University of Manitoba- Architecture, Agricultural and food science
  • University of Ottawa- Neuroscience, cellular and molecular medicine, Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry
  • Lambton college- Marketing and finance, IT, Tourism and culinary, Design & creativity, Business, Engineering, Hospitality, science courses

The exact deadlines for applying to these courses vary according to the university's guidelines. It is better to visit the official university’s website for upcoming application dates.

Documents required for applying May intake in Canada

Competition is higher for the September and January intake at Canadian universities. So, the admission process will not be complex for the May intake. Along with the eligibility criteria, here are some of the documents you will need:

  • Filled application form of the concerned university
  • Application fee
  • 2-3 Statement of Purpose(SOPs) and at least 3 Letter of Recommendation(LORs) (academic and professional)
  • English proficiency test scores (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Proof of finances and health insurance
  • CV/Resume and work experience letters, if available
  • Pack immigration documents, Visa/study permit, a passport, and a national identity card during your departure.

Scholarships available in Canada Summer/Spring intake

Here are a few scholarships you can check out for Canada's Summer/May intake. 

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS): This scholarship grants $5000 (INR 2.94 lakhs) for each session (applicable for 3 sessions total). Students have to submit an online application, and the deadline is May, usually two weeks after receiving your offer letter.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: Recipients of this scholarship are nominated by the Government of Canada. They also offer doctoral scholarships of $50,000 annually (approximately INR 29.32 lakhs).

To know more about scholarships' availability, refer to: scholarships for Indian students in Canada

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Wrapping up

Though the May intake in Canada is not particularly competitive, applicants acceptance rates are higher compared to the other two intakes. They might even benefit from considering potential career options while pursuing them. 

Still have queries about Canada's admission intakes? Feel free to contact Kanan International for further information, our specialists will assist you in all key aspects, like college admissions, visa process, overseas accommodations, etc., to fulfil your study abroad and career aspirations.

Frequently asked questions

1. When to apply for summer intake in Canada?

Summer intake in Canada is also known as May intake. To enrol for this intake, students should submit their applications to colleges between October and December of the previous year. Most of the colleges that offer summer intake set their deadlines between October and February. It is advisable to check the university website frequently to be well informed about the May intake deadlines in Canada and to apply before the due date.

2. What is the deadline for May intake in Canada?

The Canada summer intake or May intake in Canada 2023 is available only at specific institutions, and for limited programs, the majority are short term courses, diplomas, or certificates. Canada's May intake is famous for various diploma courses and has admission deadlines between January and February.

3. Which universities in Canada have may intake?

  • Ryerson university
  • University of Waterloo
  • Vancouver community college
  • Northern college
  • Centennial college

4. What are disadvantages of May intake in Canada?

Pros Cons
Pleasant Weather Fewer courses are available.
Various job opportunities Long semester duration
Less job competition low admission rate
Easy availability of housing facilities Least competitive intake

5. Which month is best for intake in Canada?

The most preferred semester intake in Canada is the September or fall intake. The application window usually opens in December and goes until March of the following year. Check here to know the best intake season in Canada.

6. What is spring intake in Canada?

Spring intake in Canada is also called summer or May intake. The spring intake refers to the application window for colleges and universities in Canada that takes place in May. This period is not very popular to apply since not all colleges have courses and admission slots.




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