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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisement


In this blog, we have provided IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisement questions with answers. In the IELTS speaking part 1, you have to answer in 2-3 sentences. The examiner will ask you questions on a specific topic and you have to express your views. In order to enhance your lexical resources you can refer to the vocabulary section that we have included with the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisement. 

Advertisement IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

1.Are there plenty of advertisements in your country? 

Certainly, there are. The roadside is lined with large banners and posters for advertising. Furthermore, many advertisements are shown during television programmes, and there are numerous radio advertisements. Indeed, online advertisements are popular in my nation.

2.Why do you think there are so many advertisements coming nowadays?

I believe that in today's period of fierce competition, businesses launch new items on a daily basis in order to increase profits and maintain a competitive edge. As a result, firms are promoting their products more and more in order to remain profitable and competitive. Consequently, there are currently numerous commercials.

3.What are the different places where we often see advertisements?

There's nowhere left where we cannot see advertisements. We can see advertisements everywhere, such as on the internet like websites, and social media. Newspapers and magazines also contain a great deal of advertising, and we can also see advertisements on television, radio, and billboards.

4.How do you feel about advertisements? 

Honestly, ads have both benefits and drawbacks. From a positive perspective,  advertisements not only provide information about a new product but also explain its operation. Before buying, individuals are able to compare the quality of several products. On the other hand, some companies mislead consumers by displaying qualifications that do not exist in the product.

5.What kind of advertisement do you like or prefer the most?

Well, I like commercials for fashion and technology equipment since I am inclined towards trends, and companies' debut new styles and equipment daily. Therefore, these advertisements always offer something new.

6.Do advertisements influence your decision or choice of product?

Yes, it does. Before making a purchase, I see advertisements for similar products from other companies and read customer reviews of the product.

7.Have you ever bought something after seeing its advertisements?

Yes, I bought a cell phone after seeing its commercial online. The advertisement was crystal clear, in the sense that everything was defined in great detail.

8.What are the main differences between advertisements on television and those in magazines?

Well, television ads are in the form of video, but ads are printed in magazines. Many individuals, especially young ones, prefer to watch advertisements on television than read them in magazines and newspapers. People can easily comprehend the item's manufacturing, but sometimes magazine advertisements fail to convey the product's functionality.

9.Are you interested in watching TV ads (advertisements) or advertisements from the internet?

Internet advertisements are more appealing to me than television. I rarely watch television, thus the majority of advertisements I see are online while watching YouTube videos or visiting other websites.

10.What kinds of advertisements do you dislike or not interested in? 

Actually, I despise some intrusive advertisements, since I believe that we are inundated with advertisements today. I notice these annoying advertisements on my social media feeds, internet pop-ups, and junk mail. When I have to close or delete them, they are a mere waste of my time.

11.Do you share advertisements with others like family, friends, etc?

Yes, I share advertisement videos or blog posts with my friends and family, as they prefer watching advertisements and learning about new trends and features.

12.Do you want to work in an advertising agency in the future?

I would not say anything as it is not something that I am interested in. Therefore, I should do something that I am good at, such as working as a computer engineer. Furthermore, given the declining cost of advertising, even if I were interested in it, I would not pursue it in the future.

13.What kind of advertisements would you like to watch?

Well, I do not actively seek out advertisements. However, most of the ones I see on videos I watch are for clothing or books, as these are my most common internet purchases. The internet then displays advertisements depending on my browsing history.

14.Do you like it when actors or celebrities advertise products?

Actually, I do not agree. I believe celebrity endorsements devalue the celebrity and insult the intelligence of the audience. It is very evident that the celebrity is merely endorsing the product to earn a large sum of money, and frankly, even if he or she uses the product, it does not indicate that it is right for me or will make me more like the celebrity.

15.What do you think or understand the purpose of advertising?

First and foremost, businesses would be keen to inform their customers about forthcoming products. This is the primary objective of advertising; nevertheless, they also provide quality-related information within the commercial itself in order to acquire clients' trust.

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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary for Advertisement

1. fierce - having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.
Example: The climbers were unable to continue their ascent of Mount Everest due to the fierce storm.
2. competitive edge - the fact that a company has an advantage over its competitors.
Example: In order to maintain a competitive edge the business company needs to innovate its policy of advertising its product.
3. consequently - as a result.
              Example: He didn't like the food; consequently, he gave it all to needy people.
4. commercials - a television or radio advertisement.
              Example: My friend was inspired by the cooking commercial and found his goal.
5. billboards - a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements; a hoarding.
              Example: Opposite my house, there was a large billboard of a mobile phone.
6. perspective - a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.
Example: Everyone in the debate has their own perspective that they wish to defend and argue for.
7. inclined - likely or wanting to do something.
              Example: No one seemed inclined to help the old woman to cross the street.
8. crystal clear - unambiguous; easily understood.
Example: The participants were given a crystal-clear explanation of the game's rules.
9. comprehend - grasp mentally; understand.
Example: He did not comprehend the significance of the course.
10. functionality - the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well.
Example: Before buying any technical equipment we should consider its features and functionality.
11. intrusive - making disruptive behaviour or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited.
Example: Without being intrusive, he was assisting him with the project even by due date.
12. Inundated - overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with.
Example: After the advertising aired, thousands of contracts were inundated with the company.
13. annoying - causing irritation or an unpleasant moment.
Example: I found it really annoying not to be able to communicate due to the language barrier.
14. declining - becoming smaller, fewer, or less; decreasing.
              Example: Due to deforestation animal numbers are declining rapidly.
15. actively - in a deliberate and positive way.
              Example: The company is actively hiring due to the opening of a new branch.
16. browsing - survey goods for sale in a leisurely and casual way.
              Example: I was browsing through fashion magazines to find a unique jacket.
17. endorsements - the act or process of endorsing.
              Example: Nowadays companies hire celebrities for their product endorsement.
18. devalue - reduce or underestimate the worth or importance of.
              Example: I feel mistreated by the way people seem to devalue my achievement.
19. evident - clearly seen or understood; obvious.
Example: The number of people visiting tourist destinations is an evident indication of the increased money generated by the tourism industry.
20. objective - a thing aimed at or sought; a goal.
Example: The objective of the NCC is to prepare young people to aid those in need and serve their country.

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15 questions with answers on the IELTS speaking part 1 topic Advertisement are made easy for you. You can now practice the questions to enhance your speaking skills. Apart from that, you can review the above links in order to gain knowledge on different topics. 

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