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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Music


In the IELTS speaking part 1, you are required to speak about yourself and your interests. In this article, you will get the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Music topic which will be conducted for about 4-5 minutes. For your review, we have included 15 questions with answers. Moreover, answers to IELTS Speaking Part 1 Music consist of vast lexical resources which you can refer to enhance your speaking part 1 questions and score. 

Music IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

1.Do you like listening to music? 

Everyone enjoys listening to music. However, when the workload is excessive and demands me to maintain a high concentration level, music is a major distraction. The majority of individuals listen to instrumental music as it aids focus. But, music makes me feel tired.

2.What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

There are myriad types of music to choose from. Some individuals love classical music, while others choose rock and roll. I enjoy various types of music, but classical and jazz are my favourites. I like how they make me feel, and I find them to be really palliative and delightful to listen to.

3.Do you play any kinds of musical instruments?

Due to my absolute lack of rhythm and musical ability, I would never consider embarrassing myself by playing a musical instrument. 

4.Has the music that you listen to changed since you were young?

In reality, when I was younger, people listened to slow-paced music on the radio and on cassette tapes. With the advancement of technology, people love to listen to fast-paced rock music which is now available on mobile phones, computers, and many other devices.

5.What is your favourite song? 

My favourite song is Night Changes sung by my favourite band (artist) One Direction. I like this song because of its lyrics and rhythm.

Have you ever been to a concert before?

As much as I enjoy music, I have never attended a performance because tickets to my favourite singer's concerts are always expensive. Since I am always on a tight budget as a student, I cannot afford a ticket.

7.How much time do you spend listening to music every day? 

As previously stated, I prefer to work in silence. Simply told, music is not permitted during my work hours. After a long day at school, I may want to listen to music for about a quarter of an hour to help me stay energised so I can return to work later.

8.Do you like any foreign musicians?

Yes, I follow numerous musicians, but my favourite is Zayn Malik, a British singer who formerly performed with One Direction. Because his songs are usually profound and his voice is so melodious, I listen to them whenever I am bored.

9.Would you like to become a widely-known musician? Why?

Even though I've never considered it, I'm fairly certain that becoming famous would never be one of my life goals. I respect all the efforts that celebrities do every single day, regardless of their field of expertise. I don't wish to be a famous musician, however, because I lack musical talents and expertise.

10.Do you think music has an effect on people’s lives?

I believe that music has an effect on people's lives. When you are anxious or depressed about anything, it usually makes things simpler. Aside from this, music is a great way to unwind and feel positive about life.

11.What kinds of music are (most) popular in your country?

People in my country favour Bollywood music the most. So, you may see them dancing to the beats of Bollywood music, but there are also very popular regional songs and performers. In addition, with the advent of the internet, young people listen to an increasing number of overseas artists.

12.Did you often listen to music when you were a child? (If yes give details.)

Since my parents are music enthusiasts with excellent taste, I was exposed to music from an early age. My mother occasionally sang me to sleep with lullabies. Although I was unable to comprehend the message at the time, according to my mother, I was elated while listening to them.

13.Is music an important subject at school in your country?

In my country, music is one of the required subjects for elementary and secondary schools. However, singing was the main focus. We may also add movements to the tunes to make them more lively. Those chosen for the huge performances were the only ones permitted to utilise musical instruments.

14.If you could learn a musical instrument, what would it be?

I wish to study guitar. Although I have no understanding of this instrument, I have high expectations that I will one day learn how to play it, as I have witnessed numerous people who have played it well and gained notoriety.

15.How do you feel when you listen to your favourite music?

I'm the type of person whose mood is quickly influenced by the music I'm listening to. Consequently, as the music changes, so does my mood. The majority of the time, though, music helps me boost my energy and relax.

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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary for Music

1. excessive - more than necessary.
Example: Due to excessive usage of chemical fertilizers the plant quality has been reduced.
2. myriad - a countless or extremely great number of people or things.
              Example: There were myriads of fish when I was scuba diving in the ocean.
3. palliative - relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condition.
Example: Laughter can be considered a palliative for heart disease as it keeps you stress-free.
4. delightful - highly pleasing.
Example: With just 2 ingredients my friend made a delightful dish.
5. rhythm - a regular repeated pattern of movement or sound.
Example: I cannot think of music as my career option as I have no sense of rhythm whatsoever.
6. embarrassing - causing a feeling of self-conscious confusion and distress.
              Example: The speech he gave was quite embarrassing.
7. preferences - a greater liking for one alternative over another or others.
              Example: When it comes to music I have my own preference.
8. contemporary - characteristics of the present period.
              Example: Everyone in the contemporary world is busy on their mobile phones.
9. conventional - based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed.
              Example: In the countryside, people still wear conventional clothes.
10. energised - give vitality and enthusiasm to.
              Example: Individuals can follow their hobby to energise their productivity.
11. profound - having or showing great knowledge or insight.
Example: Learning science can profoundly affect one’s imagination towards world creation.
12. melodious - pleasant-sounding.
Example: She sang the song in a soft, melodious voice.
13. numerous - great in number; many.
              Example: He had been accused numerous times due to his criminal behaviour.
14. expertise - expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.
              Example: My friend impressed everyone with his cooking expertise.
15. anxious - feeling or showing worry.
              Example: Due to her low scores his family was extremely anxious.
16. depressed - in a state of unhappiness.
Example: Due to his father’s death he was depressed thinking about his memories with him.
17. unwind - relax after a period of work or tension.
Example: You can easily unwind from your hectic schedule and relax by going on a trip.
18. overseas - in or to a foreign country.
Example: By studying at an overseas university you can easily build up your career.
19. lullabies - a quiet, gentle song sung to send a child to sleep.
              Example: Her mother was singing a lullaby to her child.
20. notoriety  - the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed.
              Example: The movie has garnered some notoriety in the press.

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IELTS speaking part 1 topic Music consists of 15 questions with answers. You must go through them one by one and practice similar questions to improve your speaking ability. Similarly, you can use the vocabulary section to improve your lexical resources. Furthermore, we have given links above to other speaking part 1 topics, so don’t miss it. 

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