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IELTS Speaking Part 1 - Gifts


In the IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Gifts, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the examiner and then you are likely to answer general questions on topics related to Gifts. The timing of IELTS speaking part 1 Gifts test will last 4-5 minutes. Test examiner will also ask general questions on familiar topics such as home, family, work, studies and interests.  To improve your English speaking skills, we have given 15 questions with answers for this IELTS speaking part 1 with vocabulary. 

Gifts IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

1.Do you like giving or receiving gifts?

Actually, I enjoy both. I like the joy of opening presents on special occasions, and I take pleasure in making other people happy by giving them gifts and seeing their faces brighten up when they open their gifts.

2.What kind of gifts do you prefer?

When it comes to gifts, I like to give things that the person can use right away instead of using them once in a while. The expense doesn't matter to me, but how someone feels and how much my gift helps them does matter to me.

3.When do people give gifts or presents in your country?

Now, obviously, people give presents on special occasions like birthdays, marriages, and many other joyous occasions like carnivals.

4.Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home?

If it's the first time you're visiting someone's home, then it's a very nice gesture to bring a small gift. If you have a few extra minutes to wrap it, even if you only use tissue or a decorative bag, it adds to the gesture.

5.When did you last receive a gift?

On the celebration of my birthday this year, my mother gave me a stunning new pair of sneakers called Air Jordans.

6.Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people?

I like looking for gifts, but the pressure to find something that the receiver will like or not and whether it will be useful to them or not, makes the experience a little stressful.

7.Do you give expensive gifts?

In all honesty, most people like the gifts I give them because they are affordable and are very much useful to them in their daily life.

8.What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?

However, in India, people's gift-giving practices vary greatly according to cultural norms, social occasions, and individual tastes. Electronics, sweets, money, and often valuables like jewellery all seem to have great popularity in my country.

9.Why do people give gifts?

On significant occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, we offer presents to demonstrate our love for the receiver and to commemorate the significance of the event for that person.

10.What gifts did you receive in your childhood?

I received a really good book that stands out in my mind as the most memorable gift. This book was a present from my father on my eighth birthday, as I clearly remember. Having a book portrayed my father's affection for me and he wanted me to develop a good habit of book reading.

11.How often do you buy a gift?

I like to get gifts for the people I care about when there is a big event, like a birthday or a wedding. I think that completely depends on the number of occasions in a month but roughly 5-6 gifts per month

12.Who do you usually get presents from? Why?

My sister or my father usually buys me a present. My sister is very affectionate, and she shows it by showering me with presents at least twice a month. In addition, my dad frequently gives me gifts to encourage me to explore new interests. A month ago, he tried to pique my interest in computer science by giving me a laptop to code on.

13.Which days are common to give gifts to others for you?

Like many other people, I like to celebrate the big moments in the lives of my loved ones by giving them extraordinary gifts on their birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals like Diwali.

14.What’s the best present you have ever received?

As for me, the finest present ever is my mobile phone. My elder brother lives in Canada, so on his return to India, he brought us all some presents of which mine was remarkable and it was an Iphone13. When I opened the package, I really gave him a big and tight hug for the best present ever.

15.What do you give others as gifts?

I like to give gifts like sneakers, smart watches, sweets, and branded clothing to the people I care about most. I think it's noteworthy to give gifts that will make people recognise us when they use them.

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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary for Gifts

1.Occasions- A particular time when something happens.
Eg: I have a plethora of occasions lined up to dress up.

2.Pleasure - The feeling of being happy or satisfied.
Eg: I take immense pleasure in knowing you.

3.Expense - The cost of buying something.
Eg: I have to be careful with my expenses.

4.Obviously- Clear.
Eg: Obviously, he didn't seem happy about my decision.

5.Joyous - Very happy or full of joy.
Eg: I woke up early today and am already feeling joyous about the day.

6.Carnivals- A public festival that takes place in the streets with music and dancing.
Eg: Carnivals are usually held in the summer.

7.Gesture- A movement of the hand, head, etc. that expresses something.
Eg: He raised his arm and that gesture was his reflex in his self-defence.

8.Sneakers - Soft shoes worn for sports or casual occasions.
Eg: I love wearing sneakers because they are so comfortable.

9.Affordable - Able to afford.
Eg: The cafe we selected for our date was affordable and pocket friendly.

10.Cultural Norms- Rules or expectations of behaviour and thoughts based on shared beliefs within a specific cultural or social group.
Eg: Cultural norms are the expectations that a culture has for the behaviour of its member.

11.Anniversaries- A day that is exactly a year.
Eg: We have many anniversaries to celebrate.

12.Commemorate - To exist or take place in order to make people remember a special event.
Eg: We commemorate Independence day on 15th August every year.

13.Portrayed -  To describe somebody/something.
Eg: The movie portrayed the life of an astronaut who leaves his daughter on earth to travel across interstellar space.

14.Affection - A feeling of loving or liking somebody/something.
Eg: I show my affection by hugging and kissing my loved ones.

15.Frequently - Something that occurs often.
Eg: I frequently check the status of my visa.

16.Encourage - To give hope.
Eg: I encourage you to do your best.

17.Extraordinary - Very unusual.
Eg:  The extraordinary thing about her is that she always seems to be happy.

18.Remarkable - Surprising in a way that people notice.
Eg: The remarkable thing about her is that she is only five years old.

19.Noteworthy - That is worth noticing.
Eg: I found her most noteworthy in her ability to be so humble to others in any situation.

20.Recognise  - To know again something that you have seen or heard before.
Eg: I recognise her face because she seems very beautiful to me.

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I hope the sample answers given for the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Gifts help you to develop your speaking skills. Now that you have the answers and vocabulary, you may use them to construct your own sentences while speaking.

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