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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Art


IELTS Speaking test part 1 Art comes under Introduction and interview section. Examiner will ask general questions on topics related to Art. The IELTS speaking part 1 Art test will last 4-5 minutes during which the examiner will also ask various aspects of the topic.  To develop your speaking skills, we have created 15 questions with answers for this IELTS speaking part 1 with vocabulary that will help you to answer. 

Art IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

1.Do you like Art?

I've always been very interested in the arts, even when I was a child. Both my regular art teacher and the teacher of the class I took at The Children's House were very happy with the work I had done. I also took part in a few art contests at that time. Even though I don't have as much free time as I used to, I still like to draw whenever I am free.

2.Do you think art classes are necessary? 

I would have to say yes. Studies have shown that early exposure to the arts has positive effects on cognitive development and creativity in youngsters. Considering their youth, their thoughts can become authentic and beautiful.

3.Are you good at art? 

I believe that art is a vast realm, and if it only entails drawing random things, I can do it very effectively. However, I can confidently assert that I do not belong to the group of individuals capable of producing works of art. Because I attended art classes as a teen, I like to think I'm rather skilled at it. They taught me a great deal about imagination when I was growing up. Simple, everyday items like pencils and faces are now within my reach.

4.What kind of paintings do people like?

Landscape paintings, in my view, are highly popular for home design. The inclusion of natural figures makes it easier to unwind at the conclusion of a hard day. Portraiture is also popular among most people. It may be photos of renowned individuals with their adorable pets.

5.What benefits can you get from paintings as a hobby?

I think we should start by talking about how well mediation works. Colours are a very unvarnished reflection of how we feel inside, and this can motivate us to do something positive when we're feeling bad. My favourite thing about painting is that you never know how well the colours will go together until you try them.

6.How often do you visit art galleries?

To be quite honest, I have never set foot in an art museum. Art galleries would be a waste of time for me if I didn't have a tour guide to point out interesting pieces.

7.What kinds of things do you like to draw?

The majority of my inspiration comes from Japanese manga. While there are other things to draw, manga has shown to be the most successful for my ability level. I maintain a significant amount of work at home, and when I sometimes review it, I can see how far I've progressed as a writer.

8.Is it easy to learn how to draw?

I believe it's fair to say that it's fairly difficult for many folks. Unfortunately, I'm dreadful at sketching still-life topics such as flowers and fruit. I believe that people that attain creative achievement have a natural gift and then devote a great deal of time and effort to perfecting their skill.

9.How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Art education is important for kids because even though they are naturally creative, they need to keep that spark alive and maybe even strengthen it as they get older.

10.What can you learn from western paintings?

We may learn about culture, historical events that provide a vivid picture of the past, and symbols communicating essential messages from western art.

11.Do you want to learn more about art? 

No. Rather than investing significant time, energy, or resources into it, I see it as a pastime on par with sculpting or paper cutting. As was previously said, crafting takes a lot of practice and time to become proficient at. Therefore, I'd prefer not to make such items and instead focus on singing and listening to music.

12.Did you learn drawing when you were a kid?

Yes, we did have an art class where we learned about different painting techniques and studied colour theory.

13.Do you think children should learn drawing?

Fundamentally, the future is hazy. Motivating kids to pursue artistic interests like sketching is a positive thing. The best thing a parent can do is encourage their kid to pursue their interests. However, forcing every kid to take art classes is pointless.

14.Why do primary schools have a painting classes?

Painting and other creative activities have been shown to have a lot of benefits for elementary school students. Art is a way for young people to show how they see the world, and many of them like to use colour in their work. The kids will also choose the tools they will need to draw or paint their chosen subject. When kids paint, their minds run wild with ideas.

15.Have you ever bought any paintings?

I have an artwork sold at a school fundraiser that was the only item I acquired. Everyone contributes to the silent auction and silent bidding during the yearly event. Students from low-income families will be the recipients of the donated monies. In hindsight, I see that the painting was a copy of the famous "Playing Shrimps" by a new student with whom I became acquainted.

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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary for Art

1.Exposure - The act of making something public.
Eg: Exposure to the sun can cause serious skin diseases.

2.Cognitive - Connected with the processes of understanding.
Eg: To study mathematics, we need to have a better cognitive capacity.

3.Authentic - Real or Genuine.
Eg: I am being authentic when I say that I love you.

4.Realm- an area of activity.
Eg: When it comes to outer space and aliens, the realm of possibilities is vast.

5.Entails -  to involve something.
Eg: The job entails a lot of responsibilities.

6.Unwind - it comes away from something that it had been put around.
Eg: I like to unwind with a good book before bed.

7.Portraiture - the art of painting or taking portraits.
Eg: I am a photographer who specializes in portraiture.

8.Unvarnished -  not covered with varnish.
Eg: The unvarnished truth is that I don't like her.

9.Inspiration - the person that makes you want to do something.
Eg: I was filled with inspiration after listening to my favourite singer’s new album.

10.Manga - a style of Japanese comic books.
Eg: I like to read the manga Naruto Shippuden.

11.Dreadful - very bad.
Eg: I had a dreadful cold last week.

12.Attain - to succeed in achieving something.
Eg: I hope to attain my goals in my late 20s.

13.Devote -  to give a lot of time to something.
Eg: I devote my time to helping others.

14.Vivid - having or producing a strong, clear picture in your mind.
Eg: The vivid blue sky was a beautiful sight.

15.Proficient - skilled.
Eg: I am proficient in English.

16.Techniques - A particular way of doing something.
Eg: I used various techniques to improve my programming skills.

17.Hazy- not clear.
Eg: The sky was hazy and the sun was setting.

18.Pursue - to follow something.
Eg: I will pursue my dreams no matter what.

19.Auction - a public sale at which items are sold to the person who offers to pay the most money.
Eg: I am going to auction off my car.

20.Acquainted - knowing something.
Eg: I was acquainted with the man who lived in the house.

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I hope the sample questions and answers given for the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Art are helpful for you to create original sentences. Now that you also have the knowledge of vocabulary, which could help you in the IELTS speaking test.


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