GRE Exam

GRE Exam

The GRE Exam is one of the standardized tests taken by international students for university admissions. ETS conducts the GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests. Students who register for GRE and attain a good score in GRE Quantitative Reasoning, GRE Verbal Reasoning, and GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), can easily get selected for a master’s degree. If they didn’t get the minimum GRE requirement for MS in Canada, Australia, etc., ETS allows them to retake the GRE test immediately after 21 days. Don’t forget that your GRE score validity is up to 5 years from the date of your test. So once you receive the score, send it to the requested universities at the earliest.

GRE Sample Papers 2022

Considering the amount of time and effort you put for the GRE preparation, we have given the GRE Sample Paper for 2022. It is evident that the GRE exam is becoming competitive day by day. To tackle this eligibility test, you need to take more practice questions. Here are some of the GRE practice questions with answers.

GRE Analytical Writing Practice Questions - Set 1 GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions - Set 1
GRE Analytical Writing Practice Questions - Set 2
GRE Analytical Writing Practice Questions - Set 3 GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions - Set 2
GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions with Answers - Set 1 GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions with Answers - Set 2

Souce: ETS

GRE Exam Pattern 2022

gre exam pattern 2022

ETS outlined the GRE Exam Pattern for 2022, which is most likely the same as before. To help universities choose the right candidate for the master’s program, ETS conducts the GRE that consists of 5 sections (1 unscored) and follows patterns and content as per the following table:

S No Sections No. of Questions Type of Questions GRE Score Range Duration Time in Minutes
1 Quantitative Reasoning 2 sections (20 questions each) 4 130 - 170 (1-point increment) 1 hour 10 minutes 35 (per section)
2 Verbal Reasoning 2 sections (20 questions each) 3

130 - 170

(1-point increment)

1 hour 30 (per section)
3 Analytical Writing (AWA) 2 Tasks 2 0 - 6
(0.5-point increment)
1 hour 30 (per task)
4 Unscored Varies NA NA Varies Varies
5 Research Varies NA NA Varies Varies

Top 12 Effective GRE Preparation Tips 2022

top 12 effective gre preparation tips

  1. Know your GRE score requirement. 
  2. Fix your target score. 
  3. Develop an effective strategy.
  4. Fix achievable deadlines.
  5. Start practising with the best books.
  6. Take short notes for mathematical formulas, vocabulary, etc.
  7. Revise the short notes every day.
  8. Focus on the weak points.
  9. Track your progress. 
  10. Maintain positivity throughout the process.
  11. Make a checklist considering all essentials in mind.
  12. Take sufficient time to test before attempting the test.

Best GRE Exam Preparation Strategy

The best GRE exam preparation strategy for 2022 would be section-wise preparation. Since the GRE General Test contains three sections: GRE Quant, GRE Verbal and GRE Analytical Writing (AWA), you must give equal attention to each section. Next step is, follow the sought-after tips and tricks from the GRE toppers and experts. Above all, don’t hesitate to buy the best books for GRE that offer the complete GRE syllabus, sample question papers with answers, tips, strategies, and many more. 

For section-wise preparation, take the best books as follows:

Best books for GRE Quant
Best books for GRE Verbal
Best books for GRE Analytical Writing


The GRE Exam is known more than GMAT for its wide acceptance among top universities. That’s why many students take the GRE test before applying for a master’s degree abroad. If you’re planning to study MBA, Computer Science, or any Master’s in Engineering, attain a Good GRE score and apply to your desired university. 


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